Drew Smith – CEO TrustSpot

“As a life-long Alabamian, I moved to Birmingham over 20 years ago to be part of the rebirth of a city with a vibrant food scene and amazingly rich history. To be asked to lead the TrustSpot team is a dream come true! With my experience, I know what marketers need and how TrustSpot can help them collect and publish through our platform. Give me a call or connect and Roll Tide!”

A few questions:

– Who is your hero? “Batman, just because it’s Batman.”
– What is your favorite family vacation? – “We were able to take the whole family to Italy a few years back and that was so much fun watching my young adult children being exposed to such a rich history and culture.”
– How many pairs of shoes do you own? “Too many! I’m a bit of a sneakerhead so I have a collection that I typically don’t touch but like to look through. Jordan 1’s and dunks are probably my favorite styles.”
– What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten? “I had a dish once in Denver that was a pasta sauteed with Lemon Head ants and they would explode and sting the inside of your mouth. It was strange and I am glad I tried it but won’t try it again.”