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Sep 12, 2019
Dimi is cool and always keeps me up to date, sometimes he calls to much lol but I cant complain coming from a company that spoke to me once every few months and had nothing to show for it. Keep up the good stuff.
Jul 20, 2019
Going okay... just waiting until we start converting social media followers into customers... keeping my fingers crossed but seeing a good following growing.... keep good contact with me as you have been Peter and lets make something out of this...
Jul 03, 2019
Would recommend this company with their marketing. They do a great job for our online store, and we've been doing really well since they took over.
Jun 15, 2019
Greg helped us with our marketing campaigns with a lot of effort from his side personally. I would recommend Why Unified and the marketing plans that they create. Very personal, goals oriented and focused on meeting milestones in specific periods of time. Great to work with a company of this size that is still personalized.
Apr 30, 2019
Love this company! Highly recommend for any small business since they did a great job through our marketing campaign in a short period of time. A++++
Apr 27, 2019
For some strange reason clients in different countries are reporting that they cannot visit my website and this has been a pain for us for some time and your support team has lookee into it and found no issues but I am still getting reports of this happening. I need help here and I know it's just a few people here and there but it is costing me money. They are clicking the search result and finding an error. I just don't understand how you are letting your work go to waste.

Tyler Collins
Apr 21, 2019
We had good seo rankings while we were with them but after we cancelled because we wanted to try google ads, our search engine rankings went down several months later to page four. Not sure what's going on but when we called them they wanted to restart our subscription so we can get back up to the top of page one when we were before. Isn't this like paid ads then? I was under the impression that once we were at the top that it would stay there, is that not the point since you already optimized everything? Would be nice to have someone from management to call me about this or at least compensate me.
Apr 21, 2019
We would like to give a big thank you to Emily and Peter at Unified for rebuilding our business after nearly having to close our doors. You guys were our last hope and the last ounce that we had in our budget to make our business model work. You took the time, had passion and went above and worked tirelessly to create an marketing approach that would work for our business model. We cannot thank you enough and you have won us as life time customers!
Apr 08, 2019
I am happy with the marketing plan that they created for our landscaping company. Very professional group that knows the ins and outs of how we are going to gain traction in our local market. So far they have gone above and beyond with giving us recommendations on how we can create recurring revenue with having regular weekly landscaping subscriptions through their applications. I am a very happy customer and I look forward to the results that you are going to provide for our business with your plan.
Apr 08, 2019
we have seen a decent incline in our search engine rankings. Good backlinks, on-site optimization, overall they did a good job. Would recommend them for anyone looking for a SEO provider that they can trust which is quite hard to find these days
Apr 01, 2019
I tried calling my account manager to provide the information that was requested but I am unable to get ahold of him. I know it's a Sunday night, but in marketing the clock never stops. I guess this is one of the downfalls of being open until 5 PM. I will wait it out but I can tell you that I am pretty frustrated since I did have a few questions that I won't be able to get too until tomorrow afternoon since Monday's are busy. I would highly consider improving in this aspect or providing direct numbers to cell phones of account managers so that we can reach them at anytime in the day or night.
Mar 30, 2019
This agency takes great care for us on a weekly basis and we would recommend them for any small business looking for digital marketing services. Amy in marketing treats us like gold and does wonders for us!
Mar 24, 2019
I want to recommend Unified Marketing to anyone who has a business and want to attract more clients and improved their sales rates. I own a small business and never thought about doing digital marketing, we didn’t even have a business Facebook account, but our competitors were leaving us behind because they had more clients than us due to they do all kind of marketing and that’s why we decided to enter into the marketing world.
We hired Unified 8 months ago, they have been working with us to create and execute a marketing strategy.
Mar 08, 2019
I'm the owner of a roofing company in Cleveland, and we were having a hard time trying to attract traffic to our social media platforms and to our website, I never thought about hiring a marketing company, but I realized that our website wasn't functional or attractive for clients in comparison to our competitors in the roofing industry.

Last year I broke down and started looking for a marketing company and spent so much time searching online because there are so many places to choose from, and I started receiving their overviews and contacting them, but at the end I picked Unified because they offered me the most reasonable price and a complete service. I wanted to be very straight forward since the beginning so I talked to Mike and told him I wanted a great looking website and wanted to be on the first page of top results on google, he was not surprised and he took me seriously.
Feb 12, 2019
Happy with what were seeing so far with the marketing program but you could extend the customer support past 5 PM EST because you know some of us are in PST which is three hours behind.
Jan 26, 2019
We used you guys for social media and we are in love with what you have done with social media. Our timeline of posts is meaningful and describes our products with such professionalism and with purpose. We used to just publishing anything and everything until you told us why it would do nothing for us. Great organization! Increase in followers, clicks and orders. I would recommend to any business owner!
Jan 13, 2019
Definitely a different company from what's out there. Been with them for a short period of time of two months and I can already see that they do have marketing programs that are defined to work for our business model in a specific way because other companies I have worked with just provided generic marketing services and there never was a "why things are done a certain way" when I asked questions. So far so good, happy to see this and working with our marketing consultant has been productive.
Jan 02, 2019
After my previous developer ended up being a complete disaster, taking a lot of money from me and leaving me nothing but more trouble I was so disappointed by the marketing industry that I didn’t want to know anything about development, website and stuff. Madhur ruined my site, disappeared and left it incomplete and malfunctioning. After leaving many bad reviews about him all over the internet and letting all my friends know about this terrible experience finally, I saw the light and I’ll tell you why.

Fortunately, my friend Rosita that has a wedding planning company found a marketing team that was actually giving her the results that she wanted, she explained to me that they also offer web development services and since I needed to fix my website ASAP, she thought It would be a good idea to hire Unified to work on my website. I was very skeptical, when you go through such a difficult situation like the one with Madhur you become paranoiac. She said that she had been working with them for a year and everything was going fine, and they also offered a guarantee where if you’re not happy with the results they can give you your money back so after a few weeks stuck with my site I had enough time to thing and I finally decided to give them a chance because after all what else could I’ve done?

Unfortunately, they didn’t offer one service at the time so you have to get the complete package, but for that price I was not going to find anything like it, they included social media, website design and development and SEO optimization for a price that was even closer to the amount I paid to Madhur for only one service where I didn’t get anything. So, signed up with them, I have to mention they were really professional since the beginning they always answered all my questions (that were a lot) before signing up. They assigned me an account manager to keep me updated, they design a strategy for my company focusing on my website primarily, they presented a design for my new website which I approved after suggesting a few small changes and it took a few days for my site to be ready and functional, I felt so relieved they resulted to be my saviors, and I’m so happy that they didn’t let me down like Madhur did, so this is my way to show them my gratitude towards all the effort they put in my site, and I highly recommend their work.
Dec 07, 2018
I have been testing Unified as a certified beta tester for the last several months and all I can say is the team behind this movement is really defining the future of the workplace. Having the ability as a small business to have predictive analytics and use nearly a hundred applications that save thousands of dollars will really jumpstart entrepreneurship. I’ve personally met a few of the developers at tradeshows and they are very inspirational, talented and are determined. Keep up the great work and the continuous improvements and feedback that you always consider.
Nov 25, 2018
Service is king at Unified and it’s a great company to work with especially for a fast track growing business like ours. No complaints but the long call queues can get annoying.
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