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Jul 31, 2019
Hannah from the Great projects is a fantastic coordinator! She has found the best solution for me and all my special wishes! Thank you so much! ))
Jul 31, 2019
I love this website and i advise everyone to use it.. everyone who needs to explore the world and go to farther places, this is the right place
Jul 29, 2019
Volunteer world is great! They always answer your questions and help you on anything you need.
Jul 29, 2019
I think Volunteer World is a great platform for whoever would like to do a volunteer experience but doesn't know exactly where and how. The overview of the projects and the possibility to filter them by duration, location and type of volunteering was amazing! Highly recommended!
Jul 27, 2019
Hi. My experience wasn't the best as I've tried to message my volenteer placement. And have still heard no response back
Jul 27, 2019
We are not happy about the host family.
They drove six of us in a car for four passengers. We never had seatbelt. Their driving is dangerous (don't respect the speed limite, passe in the red light in 100km/h, don't respect stop, braking suddenly in front of the radars, using Phone frequently when they are driving ) we need to seat in back of a car without seat (obviously without seatbelt). And they clain they are cheaper than uber but it's rarelly the case and moslty the difference in price in not worth our safety. They are often late (at the morning and at the afertoon). The first week, we were waiting twice for 45mins and once for 20 mins in the cold weather and fortunately it was not raining.

They want us to pay for a wifi service (100rands/week = 7€ approximately) it's too expensive for the low wifi (everytimes the wifi doesn't work and always too slow). The electicity cuts of three times a Day and the wifi cuts with it).
We tried to take about driving and wifi with our host Mother but nothing has changed.

It's forbiden to wash our underwear by ourself. Even if we have just this to wash, we need to pay a for a wash machine.

However, we are happy about the project. Our supervisors are very Nice and they are able to help us with the dogs.

To summarize, we recommended the project but not the host family.
Jul 26, 2019
The website takes a long time to load. In addition, it is sometimes a bit confusing because you have so much choice. However, I think it's great that there are such platforms and you can relatively easily make a volunteer program.
Jul 26, 2019
I thought than volunteer organization process is extremely complex, but with you this important step was simple and complex. Thank you!
Jul 26, 2019
vous êtes une grande association à mes yeux qui permet de changer de grande chose et j'espère que dans l'avenir vous pourrez faire des choses encore plus grande pour notre planète
Jul 26, 2019
Great help so far in helping to organise my help
Jul 25, 2019
Good platform to find volunteering. Hope there can be more non paid options
Jul 24, 2019
They made it simple and easy to connect to a project at an affordable price!
Jul 24, 2019
Jul 24, 2019
Very helpful
Jul 23, 2019
It is a very good platform to search for a volunteer project. Otherwise it would be impossible to find the little foundations.
Jul 23, 2019
Amazing and easy to navigate also very helpful
Jul 22, 2019
The experience is great so far! will see what happened after
Jul 22, 2019
Hi Linda,

Volunteer World is a great platform. I am more concerned on the volunteer programm " Stay Wild". May you share the link where I can do a review about the program?

Best regards,
Jul 22, 2019
I have had a smooth, wonderful experience so far with Volunteer World! Communication has been prompt and clear. I would give five stars but the process in not complete yet but I cannot see why everything else would be any different.
Jul 21, 2019
Just booked everything and this site made it SUPER easy, my volunteer program had super fast responses and helped me through the entire process.
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