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Jeffery A
Verified Buyer
Jesse 4'7'' 140cm
Nov 27, 2019
Love the doll. A little heavier than I expected, but not a problem to move around. Posing is great, and of course using the doll is awesome!
Adam W
Verified Buyer
Sarah 5'2'' 158cm
Nov 11, 2019
Amazing product! She is just as sexy irl. Keeping this one a secret because she will be my sweet getaway😉
michael r
Verified Buyer
Gloria 4'9'' 145cm
Oct 17, 2019
Wow! Fast, discreet delivery... Excellent customer service... My doll was perfect... She is absolutely stunning... I will most definitely be using this company again in the future. Could not by happier with my experience... Cheers gents...

Melvin D
Verified Buyer
Catherine 5' 152cm
Oct 16, 2019
Thank you for the Discount and thank you for the Beautiful Doll.
I Plan on Telling some People about your Really Good Dolls and Great service.
I am not sure about sending Photos I will have to think about that, but I will
Be buying Products from you for my Doll. Thanks again Melvin
Mark T
Verified Buyer
Christina 4'9'' 145cm
Sep 02, 2019
Delivery was fast. Came before scheduled. Very realistic. Customer service was great. Only criticism would be that the doll is extremely heavy and stiff. Suggest making the skeleton(frame) lighter. If you make the skeleton thicker out of lighter material and only an inch or two of the TPC flesh that might help.
Robert G
Verified Buyer
Catherine 5' 152cm
Aug 06, 2019
She arrived in 5-days and it's been really hot seeing my wife with her. We're having a lot of fun!
Jim N
Verified Buyer
Christina 4'9'' 145cm
Aug 01, 2019
The delivery was fast, the package was plain, no one knew what was in the big box.. The play toy. will nothing but good thoughts, nice to have around helps with the lose of my wife. (from cancer)
Jeff M
Verified Buyer
Letizia 3'3'' 100cm
Jul 24, 2019
Hello There,
I'm happy to review my recent purchase from I'm a satisfied customer all around. I'm brand new at this and did a ton of research. I picked SDUSA based on good reviews that seemed genuine and my budget. The company is easy to communicate with and their guy, Roldan, will get right back to you if you need something. My doll arrived in 9 days, which SDUSA and FedEx kept me updated about status and travel. It arrived in perfect condition and I couldn't be happier.
As for this particular doll, it's exactly as described and even as a newby I find her very sexy. She is amazing to touch and, to me, extremely realistic feeling. Her skin is nice to touch and her openings are ultra realistic. It's even nice to kiss her. I'm 65 and in good shape but her weight is pretty hefty to move and pose, for me. Which is a good thing because she's all the more realistic. I'm really glad I got "Leticia" for my starter doll so I can see what makes sense for me if I want to get a larger doll. When that time comes I'll definitely be coming back to SDUSA to see if they can help me. I can tell you even after a week, this doll is turning me on a lot. She is hot. I'm looking forward to getting to know her and having this be part of my life.
Steve B
Verified Buyer
Head & Body replacement for Steve- Cindy 4'7'' 140cm
May 20, 2019
SexDolls-USA excels in customer service and satisfaction. The doll arrived quickly and in excellent condition. When the price of the exact same doll is compared to other companies, SexDoll-USA wins. The manager Roldan is knowledgeable and able to handle any questions or problems that might develop. I highly recommend this business for your doll desires and am considering what my next purchase will be from them.
Robert H
Verified Buyer
Letizia 3'3'' 100cm
May 14, 2019
I ordered on a Thursday and received package on the very next Tuesday. FedEx left the package at the door standing upright when exterior of box specifically indicates otherwise (lol). I checked exterior for any identifying markings and/or damage and none could be found. After opening box, I found all items appropriately packed and present.

The doll, while not completely blemish-free, exceeded expectations in appearance. The included instruction card provided valuable insight on what to expect as far as doll flexibility. Otherwise, verbiage used in the translation is a bit comical but they manage to get the point across.

In preparation of package arrival, I put together a care kit that included:
* liquid hand soap
* spray bottle
* baby oil
* petroleum jelly
* tampons
* bath sponge
* cornstarch
* makeup brush
* cotton squares

I wanted to follow the recommended best practices as outlined on the website but one of the pages had some missing text and I wanted to make sure I followed instructions to a tee so I started a chat. Roldan quickly replied with the needed info so I'll give customer server an A+.

I used the spray bottle to make a soapy water mixture and sprayed the front of doll up and down, wiped with sponge, then brushed on some cornstarch and lastly a rub down with cotton squares to remove excess powder. I then turned her over and repeated.

I then attempted to dress her in the clothing provided. After a few tries, I managed to get her dressed. The clothing did not fit well but that can be expected considering the measurements that the doll has. It will be tough finding clothing for the body type. I would have went for a larger size but since I have a bad back, I felt it prudent to go with lightest available and even with that it was a struggle to re-position.

Personal physical infirmities excepted, first impression with purchase is very positive. I highly recommend and I plan on being a repeat customer.
Joshua B
Verified Buyer
Cindy 4'7'' 140cm
Apr 21, 2019
I have done extensive searching for the best price versjs quality and this is it! High quality for the lowest possible price! Roldan is awesome! The customer service is unmatched! The delivery was PERFECT, I chose pickup and the box was completely unidentifiable and discreet! I have 2, and I have already picked out my next 3! I have never had trouble with real women, but when it comes down to it... this is the way to go. I can say these are real high quality dolls, and the price is as low as it goes. Be careful buying from other retailers, usually this would be too good to be true, but take my word for it.. this is the real deal. Check my pics out, no photoshop, just my phone cam. 5 stars, thanks Roldan and sexdolls-usa!
Greg V
Verified Buyer
Julia 5'2'' 158cm
Apr 11, 2019
The doll came in 5 days as promised. The problem I had was that I did not get the one ordered. Julia is dark skin dark hair. The one I received looks like an albino, white as can be with blonde wig. She is still a beautiful doll and very realistic appearance. I tried to contact the company by chat and received no response. Also by email with the same results. Instructions to upload a photo are nowhere to be found. Will I receive my free stuff as promised before I placed my order? Although I believe my experience was not great I am still HAPPY with the doll.
Michael K
Verified Buyer
Ann 5'8'' 173cm
Apr 11, 2019
Fast service, helpful support, great quality and exactly as described. Would for sure buy again with no hesitation. They were very good to work with...
Steve B
Verified Buyer
Letizia 3'3'' 100cm
Apr 10, 2019
Quick delivery-ordered on Wednesday night and the package arrived Monday. The doll was in good condition and without defects. All joints worked well and the doll was fully functional. After performing the initial washing and powdering of the doll, I found the skin texture and feel to be much better than silicone. There was not any offending odor. I'm satisfied with my purchase and would recommend to others looking for a good quality doll without waiting more than a few days.
James P
Verified Buyer
Letizia 3'3'' 100cm
Mar 28, 2019
I did my homework on what I wanted, and my price range. The best information I got was from
Many other sites will give some, but not all the specifics of the dolls.
This site tells you everything, including the depth of the orifices, which is important.

I decided to order "Letizia" and got a deal on her, but the order ended up getting delayed, as they didn't have the doll in stock. I instead was offered the next size up at no additional charge. It took an extra week to get delivered because of this issue, but that was of little consequence, the doll arrived undamaged, and easily assembled.

These dolls are heavier than you would think by their weight, and the joints take some convincing to move and position. This is not a complaint, just an observation to pass on. Also, considering all the various ways you might take your doll to "pound town", this rigidity and weight is actually in your advantage.

The warming stick that's included works well and quickly, about 30 min or so should do. Cleanup is easy, look online for guidance, I recommend water flush and then tampons (this site supplies an irrigation device with the doll that works very well).

As far as the 'use' of the doll. Comparing the feeling of the orifice to that of an actual woman, easily 7/10, so far better than most women. I also purposely chose a doll with small orifices for better sensation.

The breasts are comically firm, but very nice looking and a lot of fun to play with. The face is beautiful, and the eyes are easily re positioned.

If you want your money's worth, look hard at these dolls, they're worth the asking price. I don't know that I will buy again, simply because I'm so satisfied with this product, and it has so far proven to be very durable. If I do purchase again, it would be filling orders for friends who either can't have it delivered to their home, or can't purchase it online.

Here is an image of me waiting for her to warm up.
Robert N
Verified Buyer
Patricia 5' 1'' 155cm
Mar 26, 2019
Arrived in 5 days just like they said. Called on a Saturday they picked right up. Answered my questions Doll looked real nice. Was as advertised. Would recommend. These dolls are nice. Wanted to send a picture but It would not work.
Larry G
Verified Buyer
Jesse 4'7'' 140cm
Mar 19, 2019
I ordered and received a tpe sex doll jesse in December 2018 which only took 1 week to receive and would like to thank you for the unexpected surprise of the beautiful doll I received.She is well made and can be positioned for anything and the matererial is so very realistic to the touch also the face is so beautifully done I will always be a greatful customer the weight is no problem if you carry her the right way here are some pictures of her the price is so low for a doll of her quality. A very happy customer.
Mike T
Verified Buyer
Mary 4'7'' 140cm
Mar 16, 2019
Roldan from the company has been fantastic! My first doll was beyonds my expectations but very heavy due to the 5.7 inch height I wanted. After a few uses a problem arised and the doll could not be bent properly. I told him about it and he told me the warranty covered that. Needless to say I was thrilled to hear that!. One week after that, I received my new smaller doll. I could not be happier, strongly recommend this seller. 100% highly satisfied. Better than the real thing!"
James K
Verified Buyer
Jenny 4'7'' 140cm
Mar 13, 2019
Your doll exceeded all expectations. She arrived within 5 days as promised. She was heavy and her skin feels natural. I had an issue with my discount and Customer Service fixed the problem in 24 hours. Im looking at another doll and it would be foolish to buy off anyone except Sexdolls-USA. Definitely recommend to my friends! Cheers and keep up the good work!
Steve B
Verified Buyer
Shirley 4'9'' 145cm
Feb 25, 2019
The box arrived 4 business days after ordering. Can't complain about that. The package had Styrofoam sheets on all sides for protection and the doll was covered in a clear plastic bag. There was no damage and all items were there. First thing I noticed was the weight. When I weighed the body and head together, it came to 67 pounds. I'm glad I didn't buy a larger doll. I found the skin to be tacky. Following the suggested wash and powder procedures, the skin felt more acceptable. There was a slight chemical odor but nothing overpowering and the application of baby powder did well at covering most of the smell. My only disappointment was with the mouth and vaginal openings. Both were obstructed with TPE and not just a thin sealing membrane but with about 1/2 inch of material. It took much effort with my little finger to puncture thru to the internal cavities. Clearly, these small openings were not sufficient. I contacted Roldan who provided some information. Several small snips with sharp scissors resulted in these openings appearing similar to the online images and making the doll fully functional. I guess I expected for the cost that the doll would be more Ready-To-Use upon arrival. But with that problem solved, I'm now satisfied with my purchase.
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