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Corey H
Verified Buyer
Nao 4'9'' 145cm
May 15, 2020
Delivered in 4 days! Very happy with this doll.. overall satisfied with my purchase I would have liked to see possibly extra eyelashes but other than that very happy with this! I also modified mine a little! As soon as I figure out how to leave a photo I will XD
David D
Verified Buyer
Catherine 5' 152cm
May 14, 2020
The doll is great! I bought the Catherine model which has a bigger booty and thicker thighs. She's soft and sensuous, as close to a real woman as you can get. Shipping was fast, only took a week. I would order from Sex Dolls USA again!
Brian C
Verified Buyer
Carolyn 3'3'' 100cm
May 13, 2020
Roldan was very responsive and professional. The doll (Carolyn) arrived on time and is beautiful. I'm not going to lie; I find myself talking to her already while posing and dressing her. I guess this pandemic quarantine is getting to me!

The packaging was very secure and was anonymous. I would definitely order from SD-USA again! It is nice working with a company based in the US, so you know you are going to get your order quickly and without any complications.
Verified Buyer
Shyla 5'2'' 158cm
May 09, 2020
Arrived quickly in these, the end of times. I'm very happy with the doll, it met all expectations and performs wonderfully. I know some people worry about the weight of these things but I find the weight to be satisfying and manageable. Definitely recommend.
Raymond M
Verified Buyer
Andrea 4'7'' 140cm
May 08, 2020
Excellent quality! Truly amazing work
Derek R
Verified Buyer
Jenny 4'7'' 140cm
May 06, 2020
My first time buying a doll was a bit nerve racking.. But with the help of customer support and great prices.. I was able to receive the greatest addition to my life. It was quick easy and in less than a week i was able to do the unthinkable.. Thank you..
Mathew C
Verified Buyer
Letizia 3'3'' 100cm
May 02, 2020
The Doll came in a day and a half. Roldan was very fast on replies and customer service was experienced and excellent. The Doll is very beautiful better than any photograph could show. High quality doll with no defects. This Doll is very easy to pose and work with. Excellent and very functional doll. Very pretty to the eyes. And a smoking hot body!! Easy to work with this doll. Will get another doll from Roldan and Co. Very soon. T
Eric F
Verified Buyer
Catherine 5' 152cm
Apr 21, 2020
Delivered exactly as ordered. Fast, inconspicuous, awesome quality!
Rikki E
Verified Buyer
Letizia 3'3'' 100cm
Apr 15, 2020
This doll is perfect for someone new to dolls. It it perfect size for positioning, weight and size. Package came 2 days faster than expected and the box is unmarked. The packaging of the doll was perfect so the doll does not get damaged. I would recommend this company to anyone interested in a doll. And I will be buying more!
Erik B
Verified Buyer
Jesse 4'7'' 140cm
Apr 15, 2020
From the moment I received Kathy, I’ve been in heaven. I feel like a teenager again. She is like my most favorite one night stand I had on an amazing night in 1987 after an exilerating motorcycle ride with her clinging onto my waist. I’ve dreamt of being able to relive that one incredible night...and now I am, night after night!
Verified Buyer
Jenny 4'7'' 140cm
Apr 14, 2020
Great product. Delivered as promised. Heavier than I thought but it makes the experience more real! Awesome doll!
David M
Verified Buyer
Ann 5'8'' 173cm
Apr 11, 2020
I couldn’t be happier. Shipping was quick and the price was right. Ann is absolutely beautiful. She is one of the heaviest and tallest dolls on the market. You have to really be in shape to be able to handle her. If you are not, then you will be by the time she gets done with you. I am a massage therapist and energy worker currently, and she has allowed me to keep my skills up while under quarantine.
Louis F
Verified Buyer
Nicole 5' 3'' 163cm
Apr 11, 2020
Really fast delivery! the doll is perfect. I will order again!
Shaun H
Verified Buyer
Evelyn 5' 5'' 165cm
Mar 21, 2020
Evelyn is a joy, her face is just as pictured, though the body has a slightly different shape. Not a disappointing change though her breasts are Fuller and hips and rear are a little rounder than in these pictures. The hair is not the color shown, which was fine because after speaking with the service manager I had already purchased a different wig. This doll is a truly unique experience to use, the texture and design is top quality. There was a delay in shipping, I ordered on a Thursday and didn't receive the doll until the following Friday, but given the covid19 crisis at the moment I have to say bravo to the efforts made to get this product out in a timely manner. Every question I had was answered promptly by the service manager. I will likely order again in the future and would highly recommend pulling the trigger on this purchase if you are considering it.
David R
Verified Buyer
Emily 4'9'' 145cm
Mar 13, 2020
I recieved my Emily within 5 days of the order. The customer service with Roldan is excellent. The doll is very heavy at 60 lbs, I am far from weak but this doll is a chore to handle. The doll has really nice skin and detail, one thing that I hope to change is the light colored nipples. Darken them up a bit. The doll is is stiff to move at first but it limbers up. Clothes are easy to out on after you get it figured out. Overall I am real happy with my purchase and the doll quality.
My P
Verified Buyer
Letizia 3'3'' 100cm
Jan 17, 2020
Shipping was very quick. Excellent quality. She feels really great. Would buy more products for her in the near future.
John E
Verified Buyer
Jenny 4'7'' 140cm
Dec 20, 2019
Doll is really good quality. There was a delay in delivery but it is not producer fault. Customer is quick and great. Little suprised by the weight and tight joiny. I put a pair of skates so that i can move around
Joseph M
Verified Buyer
Letizia 3'3'' 100cm
Dec 02, 2019
I'm in a long-term relationship with a girl I met in college who is from Thailand, which is basically the other side of the planet from me in Texas. Unfortunately, temptations are everywhere, and this doll is what helps me be faithful. Anyway, that's what led me here in the first place. Enough about me, let's talk about Letizia!

I'm 100% satisfied with her! The doll's skin feels very realistic. If any of you folks have a Fleshlight, then you'll find that the material feels extremely similar. She's got curves in all the right places. She is a little bit heavy, but I don't mind that. I think it's just that the weight is uneven, as it would be if you were lifting an actual person. The eyes are quite beautiful. The wig looks great, but does tangle easily. I haven't used the clothes that she comes with, but other people have posted pictures of her with that on. I went ahead and bought her some new clothes - for the record, if you want to buy her clothes, I found that bottoms sized 3T and camisole tops in youth girls' XS seem to fit her well, as you can see. Anything other than a camisole might fit differently because of the unnatural bust. I appreciate the details for the fingernails, as they makes her hands and feet look more realistic. If there are any downsides, then one would be that it's hard to find cute clothing (e.g. lingerie) in such small sizes. The skin does get a bit cool to the touch, too. She comes with a device to warm her orifices, though. I haven't used that yet. Other than those two minor things, she's a perfect ten.

The customer service was awesome. They gave me great instructions on what you should do when she arrives. They shipped it faster than I anticipated. I think it took less than a week.

I'm seriously consider getting one of the 5-foot+ dolls in the near future! They're not cheap, so I guess I'll have to wait.
Verified Buyer
Christina 4'9'' 145cm
Nov 29, 2019
Amazing! Fast, discreet delivery. The doll was adorable and stunning. I am very happy with it and it's feel much very close to real.
Jeffery A
Verified Buyer
Jesse 4'7'' 140cm
Nov 27, 2019
Love the doll. A little heavier than I expected, but not a problem to move around. Posing is great, and of course using the doll is awesome!
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