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Verified Buyer
Veronica 4'7'' 140cm
May 09, 2022
Product came faster then expected! Love the feel of the doll. Can’t wait to start playing with her!
Prakhar S
Verified Buyer
Thorpe 5'5'' 165cm
Mar 23, 2022
It’s pretty realistic. A tad uncanny.
It is heavy so take care of it.
Antonio F
Verified Buyer
Naomi 4'7'' 140cm
Feb 13, 2022
I'm a new customer and my experience has been so-so.
1. Delivery was fast! I live in California so I'm sure that helped!
2. Customer service was fantastic. All my questions were answered within 48 hours via email.
3. Am I satisfied? Not totally, hence the 3 stars.

1. Dolls appear to be a very low model (no jelly breast, no standing feet, etc). These details are missing on all the dolls on the website. I speculated this prior to buying but I figured it wouldn't be a big deal. But the non-jelly boobs are too hard imo; still fun tho!
2. The asshole is too tight imo (100cm doll)
3. Heavy and skeleton is hard to move around. Maybe not all dolls move alike? I know there are premium skeletons that are easier yet firm to move.
4. Storage. Prepare for a big ass box in your closet or garage. This box won't be hiding so be ready lol.

Thats it. Have a nice day.
Cameron E
Verified Buyer
Jewelz 5'2'' 158cm
Feb 04, 2022
Amazing doll! Love her ! Great quality product! Fast delivery
Nicholas S
Verified Buyer
Foxxx 5'5'' 166cm
Feb 02, 2022
Amazing Doll. The delivery was as fast as advertised, and the quality is just superb. The ability to put her into positions as posted in this review show just how great this doll and company are. Will order again
Lamar B
Verified Buyer
Dorothy 5'3'' 161cm
Jan 15, 2022
Doll has some soft lips to kiss little Heavy but can get moved skins perfectly placed but it gets colder than normal fast part's Missing like heating rod
Aubrey B
Verified Buyer
Jenny 4'7'' 140cm
Aug 20, 2021
The realism of the doll and texture is awesome
Daniel L
Verified Buyer
Japanese Emiri 4'7'' 140cm
Aug 07, 2021
The delivery was exactly 5 days from when i ordered it. From what I can tell the customer service was good. I emailed them about whether or not extra heads were available for purchase and the reply came back that evening. Considering the price point of the dolls on this site the quality was as expected. I was worried about the 140cm being too small but was I wrong. I'm 5'8 and on the skinny side. If I went any bigger I probably wouldn't be moving the doll too much during the session due to the fact i had to be smart to not to get carried away with the 140cm. 57lbs doesn't seem like a lot until your flipping and bending her trying out every position known to man. Maybe it was the fact I was a little to excited and got carried away but after I felt like I had an all night session with a high dollar hooker lol. The skin tone was a little darker than what the site pictures lead me to believe but she still looks good. To answer what all you all came to find out, she feels great and looks great doing it. I would buy from them again and of course my next doll will more than likely be less than 140cm variety. Then maybe I could take her on business trips with me!
Matthew G
Verified Buyer
Rene 5'2'' 158cm
Jun 17, 2021
I am most pleased with my purchase. It arrived in 5 business days as promised. It was a definite improvement over the other sites I've visited before. I would certainly consider buying from her again in the future.

I thank you for your time and excellent service and ask only that my first and last name be keep confidential.
alfred C
Verified Buyer
Sasha 5' 5'' 165cm
May 25, 2021
Awesome doll! She feels great and is very life like.
Deon M
Verified Buyer
Jesse 4'7'' 140cm
May 14, 2021
It took 10 days to get here becasue they were out of stock however they gave me an upgrade from a 140cm to a 160cm. The doll is heavy but it is still manageable and very much flexible.
Jayson T
Verified Buyer
Letizia 3'3'' 100cm
May 11, 2021
Did not receive the wig that was supposed to come with doll. I called service. I'm very disappointed
Alex D
Verified Buyer
Andrea 4'7'' 140cm
Mar 28, 2021
The delivery was on time. Customer service was very helpful. When I finally took her out the box I noticed how firm and smooth she was and I decided to clean her up and put a different wig on her. I would definitely Oder from these guys again.
Mario G
Verified Buyer
Tori 5' 5'' 165cm
Mar 23, 2021
- How fast was the delivery?
The doll arrived 6 days after it was ordered.

- What do you think about our customer service?
There was a response by phone and also by email

- How is the quality of the product?
The doll is very heavy. Soft skin, the head is very beautiful. Very difficult to move. My next doll will be a small one.

- Are you satisfied with your purchase?
Considering how difficult is to move the doll, It will be very challenging to have fun with the doll. The Doll's mouth is sealed. I was not expecting that.

- Would you buy again from us?
Tori is my first doll. I was afraid of a scam but the company is very serious. Yes, I will use my discount to buy another smaller doll.

Please share a photo of your doll in a sexy position ;D

John K
Verified Buyer
Barbara 5' 153cm
Mar 22, 2021
Really fast shipping! All my email questions were responded to quickly and patiently. I'm very happy with her and recommend this product!
Tyler S
Verified Buyer
Jenny 4'7'' 140cm
Mar 16, 2021
Wonderful service, she arrived so fast and the quality is excellent. I definitely recommend for anyone looking for a top quality product and reasonable prices. Thanks again!
Phill M
Verified Buyer
Rebecca 5'2'' 158cm
Mar 08, 2021
Excellent quality and service !!! The doll is very life like and can be posed in so many different positions. Well worth the money !!
Hona C
Verified Buyer
Carolyn 3'3'' 100cm
Mar 06, 2021
Admittedly this was bought on a whim, but after a few days, I'd say it was a good buy overall.

There was a bit of a delay sending it out, but that was on the shipping company. When it was shipped it arrived within like 3 or 4 days. I did email asking about it and I got a quick and concise response, which was nice.

Quality overall is good. Pretty much as described. Don't know if I'll get another one of these, but if I do, i'll probably give this company another shot.
Mark B
Verified Buyer
Cindy 4'7'' 140cm
Feb 22, 2021
Shipping took longer then expected but well worth the wait. She is gorgeous and exactly as pictured.
James S
Verified Buyer
Letizia 3'3'' 100cm
Feb 08, 2021
When it finally arrived was amazed and surprised by the weight of "Diane" My choice! The skin tone was a bit darker than I thought it would be but overall pleasantly appeased with the level of quality and the safe handling of her! Wife and I struggled to move her into the bedroom and un package. Really glad that I got the larger replacement than the one I ordered. At first I didn't think I would be but what a doll!! The life like texture after cleaning her up and coating her with some fine baby oil was she ever hot to look at!!! Will be spending a lot of cold winter nights in hot pursuit of her tender but firm little pussy and titties!!! Sucked them both and was amazed at the lack of any smell or odor from her as I've read some reviews that said that was a problem but I was gladly disappointed that that was not the case at least with "Diane" . Thanks, yes will possibly be looking for a future purchase. Only complaint I see is your pictures online are not true to life of what you receive but that is my only complaint. Maybe it's the shade of tone but the pictures on the internet where so much hotter and life-like and this doll although quite a bit lower in actual beauty. Are the pictures you show actual models taken of real women and then this as close to a real representative as they can make or is it that I didn't shell out a higher amount for her??? Just the same am pleased at a 7 out of 10 of my rating of her in general. Nice everything but her framework is quite difficult to maneuver from one position to another without a work out to some degree. And oh yes one final complaint is the thin wires in her hands which to easily poke out of her skin when shaping her hand for holding something or trying to dress her or adjust to any normal hand position other than just letting them lay limp or bent over in a non-human position or manner! How do I attach my picture files to receive my free gifts? Mostly looking for the hanger for her!
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