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Dec 11, 2019
Soft and smooth skin, a little tight, needs some warmup. A little small and young looking for my taste but worth it because it is lighter weight. Neck is a little noisy and may need some lubrication. Mouth is really nice, all accessories good. Very realistic, not lifelike but close. You can slightly see the seams under her arms but mostly very good quality
Aug 14, 2019
Jun 19, 2019
The doll arrived in a timely fashion and is mostly
What I expected The only issues I have are with
The hands and feet the toes have no support so the
Doll can’t stand in heels and the fingers are difficult to keep
Straight but the overall quality and feel are very good
And I would consider buying from you again
May 20, 2019
very nice! Quality materials and very sexy doll. Perfect weight and packaged very well. Came exactly when they said it would arrive! I would definitely purchase from SexDolls -USA again. Thanks....
Apr 09, 2019
The customer service was amazing, fast and prompt. I had bought a doll, but had decided for another one, and they made the process so easy. I would definitely buy another one again.
Mar 17, 2019
Delivery was fast just like they said less then 5 days. Doll looks just like the photos.
Mar 15, 2019
What can I say if you're shopping for a dog. The dolls amazing way more lifelike than I ever thought feels better than the real thing and on top of that my first tile had a defect so they sent me a brand new replacement also I now have essentially $2 and I'm going to get myself a third one don't look any further this is the dog you want and the company's terrific I strongly recommend just order one they're amazing
Feb 26, 2019
First of all, the customer service and feedback from the seller is fantastic. If you have any questions or concerns they are prompt to respond and provide reliable and helpful feedback. To the product, it is absolutely well worth the cost! The details of the face are beautiful, the eyes in particular are plastic lens that are adjustible and realistic in appearance. You have to be gentle when handling the eyelashes though, as the adhesive can start to slip, but they can easily be replaced with superglue. Use care in application so you don't glue the lashes together when making repairs, also remove the eye if attempting to do some routine maintence.

The eyes are set inside the head with a wiry cotton like mesh, so submerging the head is likely a bad idea. I purchased two dolls from the seller, and one of the heads faces forward and the other backward when fully screwed on. It doesn't bug me though, since it just makes the head rotation a little more loose. Make sure when you connect the head to the doll that you apply a lubricant to the base of the neck and bottom of the head as the "skin" will stick, and likely tear if forced. The wigs are fair quality, I recommend using a hair band to make a pony tail. There is an elastic band to hold the wig on at the bottom slope of the skull, be careful as the stitching is fragile. You can also tuck the elastic under the neck-head seam for added grip, and also tuck the wig cap there as well. The doll itself is heavy, as in dead weight, but that is a good thing.

The boobs are huge and not proportionate to the body, not my thing really, but they are perky and full and a good grip. The waist is tiny, and limbs thin. Fingers and toes are very bendy and don't hold weight. Abs aren't extremely defined, but feel solid and not all flabby or squishy. The fingers feel fragile but can bend in any direction with only minimal pressure, the fingernails/toenails can also fall off, but super glue may again rise to the occasion. The movement of the dolls limbs take some getting used to, but are fairly straight forward. You don't want to move them in a way that stretches out the skin too much or you risk tears in the synthetic dermal surfaces.

The legs move horizontally and vertically, and the knee can rotate the angle. For example if you wanted it to adopt a seated position you could move both legs up so the doll makes a 90° angle, then bend the knees so the legs now create a 90° angle. You could then rotate the other leg so that the doll sits with its foot on or under the opposite knee. This technique makes it easier to open the legs to wider angles. Again, pay attention to the elasticity of the limbs in conjunction with the torso to avoid tearing. A good rule of thumb is if an average girl couldn't bend that way, don't bend the doll that way. A chart for doll movement is included in the packaging. Maintenance, care, and cleaning of the doll is quite liberating.

You can dress it up (bright or whites only! Dark and black clings to skin and ruins it), brush the hair, set the doll in funny poses, ect. Cleaning is best done with a sponge and soapy water, i suppose you could shampoo the wig too, but i haven't done that yet. I recommend purchasing a better douche than the one which comes in the package for cleaning inside the lady parts and mouth. You can apply baby powder to make the skin softer and have less of that sticky synthetic skin tecture, apply with a brush; I am still trying to find the magic amount to apply. I got one doll to assist with PTSD and loneliness as a gift to a friend who had been to war and endured alot of personal trials in and out of the sandbox. It makes a great companion to cuddle or snuggle whenever the mood strikes, or to add that extra weight to the bed. As I said before, the care process is rewarding, it is nice to have an item which you can invest time and care in as well as recieve fitness and health benefits.

I recommend treating your doll with respect and as a personal companion which is always ready to recieve, or be put aside (The doll doesn't judge). Invest your time in developing new tricks and stamina for a living companion, and use the doll to avoid betraying your chosen mate when they are away or unavailable. This doll, and others like it, can be used to increase your fitness, libido, experience, and even mental health if utilized responsibly. Take care of it, and it will take care of you. As time goes on, and if I discover new do's and don't's, I may write additional commentary All in all, this is a remarkable product for so little cost. It might seem expensive, but when you look at it as a fitness, medical, health, fashion, and relationship booster all in one..? The blasted thing is well worth enduring the cheap wig, eyelashes, nails, and clothing it comes with.
Feb 15, 2019
I have waited for 3 months to give this a review in order to make sure it was true review. I read all the reviews and watch a bunch of online videos about this kind of doll. I was looking for a doll that my wife and I could have fun with. We have bought plenty of toys before but I didn't know how either of us was going to like a full size doll so I didn't want to spend 5k on a high end doll. This was the perfect middle ground. Not cheap but not a budget killer. Patricia did not disappoint us. Shipping: The package arrived to California very quickly ( 5 days ). It came in a plain brown cardboard box with a bunch on Chinese writing on it and several shipping stickers. You absolutely could not tell what was inside it. When I opened the box I found a body without a head nestled in foam. Found the head inside another piece of foam between the legs. The head had a foam face mask on. The doll head came with blue eyes. Also included in the box was a warming wand with 6" USB cord (which is crap), a squeeze bottle with tip for cleaning out the cavities (again crap), a brown wig (biggest piece of garbage) and a white/blue sailor moon type outfit ( cheap satin material). In conclusion… I got a hair studio wig and the doll looks like a real person!!
Feb 06, 2019
The package came in a discreet plain cardboard box and I am happy with my purchase, but I have to say that the doll is heavier than I expected
Jan 29, 2019
The shipment was really fast, just 5 days as promised. Before purchasing I asked a few questions and Roldan helped me without any pressure. Thank you!!
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