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Dec 29, 2012
No surprises here!

This is my second time around with Dr. Wagner and as I said in the title: expect no surprises. Dr. Wagner and his staff do no more nor less than expected. A basic exam and a few questions and you are out of there.
My only beef is that even if you make an appointment, it is a good 20 minutes later before you are actually sitting in an exam room. After that, it goes pretty quickly.
I do have to say that the new office is MUCH better than the one on 17th street and really looks and feels like the medical clinic it actually is. It is clean and well lit, and is in a very professional looking office complex.
I'll continue to return going forward.
Oct 19, 2012
Thank You

I came here with the $10 coupon and only paid $35 for a renewal. For such a great price I was not expecting too much. Walked out very impressed by the quality of care. The level of professionalism from start to finish far exceeded my expectations. Everything together took about 20-25 minutes.
I noticed that this clinic actually provides regular health services in addition to medical cannabis evaluations which is a good sign it will not disappear overnight unlike many other establishments offering recommendations for such a low price. This is my 4th year with medical cannabis in CA and I have seen many clinics come and go. I have developed a good sense for identifying legal lasting clinics. OCMC is one of them. It is thanks to great clinics like these that the medical marijuana industry in California can stay legal, allowing patients like you and me access to great natural medicine. If you come here you will be not be disappointed.
Sep 16, 2012
great experience

the process was quick and easy which i appreciated because it was my first time getting a rec and i wasn't really sure how it all worked. I called the clinic around 2 and was able to get an appointment the same day at 4:15. One of the staff members seemed a bit annoyed but i think she was just having a rough day because after i complimented her nails she seemed a lot happier(: the doctor was also very caring and knowledgable and explained everything i needed to know about the different kinds of marijuana and what was best for my symptoms. I'll definitely be going back for my renewal next year.
Aug 08, 2012
Best Doctor. Best Service. Best Prices

Without a doubt the most professional clinic in Southern California.
When I called in, I spoke to a lady who was very nice and professional, gave me a few time slot options, and provided detailed directions and parking information. The front desk staff were very friendly and helpful getting me ready. The wait wasn't that long though, maybe 8-10 minutes. Doctor Wagner is the best, actually cares about you, and has a wealth of information. 5 star experience
I used the recommendation after getting lunch and had no issues whatsoever. Even the dispensary I went to said they got a lot of patients from this clinic
Jun 15, 2012
I was skeptical at first about getting doctor's rec for medical marijuana b/c I wasn't sure what to expect but coming to Open Care was an excellent decision. I was treated with the utmost respect by everyone and my doctor was extremely helpful. They made me an appointment for the same day and the staff handled everything very professionally. I felt comfortable, respected, was in and out within half an hour, it was a lot easier than I thought.
Jun 15, 2012
amazing doctor, quick & professional

Let me first say that I first went to another clinic and the office was still not open even after 30 minutes past the time I was scheduled.
Good Pleasant experience - doctor really cared about my symptoms and what I'm going through. Basically everything you want in a doctor visit! It is my first time meeting a doctor who actually cares and is knowledgeable to do something about it. I was informed me of all of the benefits of medical cannabis. Every thing was very profesional; did not talk too much with the staff but they were helpful on the phone and when I was waiting.
This clinic has my recommendation anyone who is looking to get a legit rec at a great clinic for a great price
Jun 06, 2012
Favorite doctor!

I Was very late to my appointment and thought that it would be cancelled but they took care of me. Doctor was so nice and was very friendly and understanding. What matters is they are super professional, and do things the right way!
Jun 05, 2012
At least the med card is legit.

Hello to my third year renewing my medical marijuana card.
Its been that long huh? Dope.
My friend comes with me to renew our med cards together. We renewed it last year together at a different doctor but due to a lot of time mistakes, we weren't able to attend the original doctor.
Whatever address is listed on the WeedMaps Mobile section is completely wrong from the GPS directions. If the providers on this listing cannot claim that our directions were incorrect; well, find an address that is appropriate to the listing and update that ish. Your business would be perfect were it not for the complication of your location and the worst people-service I have ever encountered in my life.
I've worked enough hours during nights and holidays in the retail-food-beverage industry to know that a smile goes a long way. I received nothing like that until I had my Doctor interaction and that was it. When you have 5 people working in the office and you are not giving any of your customers aka patients a warm welcoming feeling, there grows a looming aura of uncomfortable feeling. There is absolutely no excuse to treat your customers like they are nothing and not worth your time. You are doing a job and your job is to interact with people and give them a happy service.
To the doctors on the job, thanks. Its great to meet a doctor that issues medical marijuana and actually enforces the law and knowledgeability that you are still doctors. Always appreciated.
They wanted to charge $10 for another copy of our high-grade and stamped medical marijuana paper. Just goes to show that not all are compassionate when they cannot forgave ten cents off their wholesale high-grade paper bulk buy. The cost is alright; I had it renewed with my friend for $40 (they knocked off the $5 charge for both).
May 06, 2012
Professional experience

This is a quality clinic that operates at the highest level of professionalism and genuine patient care of any clinic I have experienced California. The doctor is very thorough, listens and explains clearly. This is a legitimate doctors office that doesn't rely on solely doing medical marijuana evaluations. Don't cheap yourself out a doctor that may not be around. For the price this clinic has my full recommendation
Apr 11, 2012
Good vibes = loyalty

I have only great things to say about this office. The staff and Dr. are all extremely professional & most important UNDERSTANDING. any little problem just let them know. The evaluation process is thorough and conducted in a timely manner. The renewal fee costs about the same as places that advertise appointments. But I am a loyal patient due to the attitude and atmosphere
Mar 10, 2012
Go Here!

First time visitor and the experience was very good.
Took less time than planned and got some good advice from Dr. Wagner.
Will go back for my renewal.
Good job to all!
Feb 11, 2012
Thanks Dr. Wagner

I wish I could have dr. Wagner as my primary physician. It is hard to find a doctor as caring and diligent these days. Thank you
Feb 04, 2012
Thumbs up

Um, pretty straight-forward positive experience here.
Feb 04, 2012
good to see improvements here

I was here before for another program and things have improved and I must save I am happy for that. The location is not the greatest but you know that the center is legit. I was charged the renewal fee and not the new patient fee (not sure if that's normal)
Jan 27, 2012
greatly appreciated

$45 a year this access is very much worth it.
Jan 06, 2012
Fast, easy Process.

This place is very busy majority of the time so ended up going earlier in the day and got in right away for my renewal. It was only 45$ for everything legit. Highly recommend this place to get the job done.
Dec 01, 2011
good zone!

the price was pleasing,this is my 3rd rec different offices (3rd year)ive gotten and by far this has to be my all time favorite, staff was amiably pleasant, doctor powers is a really wise guy knows what he's doing, even though there was a discourteous short asian lady being a little rude, and i spent 4 hours there which took up all my time, its a really satisfying place i got my rec and i went straight to the dispensary with no hitch. i will be returning to this office. hopefully next year the wait time wont be that long.
Nov 02, 2011
legit cool place

went there on Monday with my buddy and i have to admit that this place is really affordable i love the atmosphere. the staff they were really polite,positive and they know there work pretty well. this is a must go again place, pretty legit! for sure getting my rec renewed here. though they were really hard to find gotta call and ask for directions but like i said the staff were there to help.
Oct 01, 2011
5 Stars Overall

Over the years I have received three recommendations. This place has been the smoothest overall.
The staff took excellent care of me and were very kind, thoughtful and considerate. Soon as the doctor said hello I was comfortable in knowing I was at the right place. Will be back next year
Sep 26, 2011
Dr. Wagner recommended

Professional service, friendly staff. Makes you feel comfortable. Doctor taught me some stuff I didn't know and I consider myself well versed. Could be better but still recommended.
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