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Verified Buyer
Pet Passport Oman
Jul 26, 2013
this document was absolutely necessary and I thank Pettravel very much to have respond so fast to my need.
With this passport I could get Oman permission to enter the country with my cat.
Verified Buyer
Airline Forms Ethiopian Airlines
Jul 26, 2013
Ethiopian airways in Gabon was not sure how they could transport a cat, and the paper I showed made it very easy to convince them. Thank you!
Verified Buyer
TSA Fast Pass® Leash & Harness for In-Cabin Airline Travel
Jul 16, 2013
I ordered two of these for my cats, one small and one medium. The difference in the neck size is a problem though - 5" for small, 9" for medium. That's a HUGE difference, and moreover, 5" is REALLY small. I feel like it's cutting off my smaller cat's circulation. Unfortunately the medium is not an option for him, he would easily slip out of it in the airport. We'll just keep in on him when we are going through security and will probably remove it as soon as we're past it and he can stay in his carrier without it. It just seems like the neck should be adjustable to fit all pets.
Verified Buyer
Airline Forms American Airlines
Jun 21, 2013
Received email with attachments promptly
Verified Buyer
Pet Passport Greece
Jun 10, 2013
They are we professional at what they do and I recommend to anyone that is traveling to get your information from pet travel store. Jason, provided all of the required documents and reviewed them with me after I received them. We have an excellent Veternarian who should be able to easily read and execute the requirements for Greece. I am delighted with the forms and support provided.
Pet traveler
Verified Buyer
Pet Microchip
Jun 09, 2013
great chips, very small and easy to insert, the dog did not even know that it was done and he was awake.
Verified Buyer
Pet Travel Collapsible Cup
Jun 04, 2013
This cup is really great. It's completely flat when folded and, when collapsed, it's the perfect size for my cat's water or food. Love it!
Verified Buyer
Happy Traveler Calming Chewables
Jun 04, 2013
I'm sorry to say my cat didn't like them so she wouldn't eat them. I tried to break them up and add to her food but then she wouldn't eat her food...bummer
I did find homeopathic drops in the pet store. There is no flavor so she will take it. I put it on her food and no problem for worked good.
Verified Buyer
Pet Crate Hardware Accessory Kit
May 18, 2013
I added the travel pad option to this order. I wish the listing would have give images or details about the pads. They are simply the disposable pads you would get for a puppy. I expected them to be a bit thicker and absorbant. I'll have to tape these to the crate, they won't stay down on their own. I would have invested in a better travel pad had I known this is what I was getting, but now it's too late to order the pad I want.
Verified Buyer
Pet Microchip
May 17, 2013
Thanks to, I was able to get this microchip delivered to Nigeria in a timely manner.
The fact that it was ready-to-use with the syringe made it easy for the vet to implant the microchip. It was quick and easy.
Great product!
Marths Ciupa
Verified Buyer
Pet Passport France
May 16, 2013
Just the same as the papers for Germany, only in French. The EU has made their new forms difficult to fill out. My vet was not amused and has never come across anything like this before. the previous forms were much better. I think the person who set up these forms should try to fill one out, especially the tiny spot for the 15 digit micro chip. Thank you Jerry for sending me an example of one filled out. We found that to be most helpful.
Martha Ciupa
Verified Buyer
Pet Passport Germany
May 15, 2013
Not happy with the new forms at all. Neither is my vet. Took a full twenty minutes at least to fill them out. Lots of wasted space that we don't need. Previous forms were very specific and easy to read and understand. New ones leave very little room, especially for the 15 digit microchip. New forms are bordering in ridiculous. But muchthanks to Jerry for sending me an example copy or we would still be trying to fill them out.
Only the forms were the problem. Your service is excellent.
Jane Montonen
Verified Buyer
TSA Fast Pass® Leash & Harness for In-Cabin Airline Travel
May 13, 2013
I just purchased the TSA Fast Pass Leash & Harness for my cat who will travel with us in the cabin on Air France to go to Paris in June.

It was easy to put the harness on her the first time and she seemed comfortable. She does not like to be restrained but I make it a positive experience by giving her a treat every time I put the harness on her so that se gets used to it.

It i a very good product.
Harry Sr
Verified Buyer
Pet Passport & Medical Record
Apr 26, 2013
Would have given this product a 5 Star rating if I would have included more information as requested. Since my wife, dog "Ollie", will be making a trip to Canada this summer I now have not only the information I require to bring a pet into Canada, but I also have a very nice package which includes my dogs photo, name, address along with medical information and a place to store his Rabies and other shots along with a Certificate of Health that I will be obtaining from his vet. Gillian was very helpful to me in requesting information that I failed to submit, I should have provided more information regarding Ollie's Vet.
Verified Buyer
Airline Forms Transavia Airlines
Apr 19, 2013
Excellent info and material.
Needs a little improvement, especially on the Vet Certificate since it comes out as just a blank piece of document. Other than that service as promissed and much information and data released. Thank you
Verified Buyer
Microchip Scanner HomeAgain
Apr 19, 2013
got tired of tattooing our pygmy goats, hard on the animal and hard to read. Bought this scanner and some datamar chips, reads these chips and the avid chips that some of our goats already had fast and easily. would definitely recommend this scanner
Alexandria Palmer
Verified Buyer
Microchip Vet Breeder Bundle 5 Registered
Apr 13, 2013
I bought these to microchip my litter of puppies. I wanted a cheaper and easier way to get microchips other than through my vet. These where great! Pre-sterile with there own injector so I could do it myself and the price with shipping and registration was so much cheaper than what my vet had charged. It was also very convenient to get prepaid and all my buyers had to do is enter there info and they where good to go.
Dr. Elaine T. Yaffe
Verified Buyer
Pet Passport Israel
Apr 04, 2013
Eventhough I clearly ordered the document from israel to the USA I received the opposite docs. When I wrote to ask for the correct ones I received them immedietly. Great service. Now I can't wait to see whether they work and what the rest of the process will be like.
Verified Buyer
Pet Microchip Unregistered
Mar 28, 2013
I ordered the microchip because my vet didn't have any in stock. It arrived in 2 days. I took it with my dog to the vet and she had it installed and scanned...everything was in order! A very easy process. Thank you very much!!
Verified Buyer
Pet Microchip
Mar 12, 2013
I recently bought two of these microchips for our cats to travel to Europe. The vet was able to inject them, even though they already had another chip, and they scanned perfectly.
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