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Ann Hill
Verified Buyer
Pet Carrier SturdiBag
May 25, 2012
Just ordered a small sturdibag for a trip to Puerto Rico. Our 6lb toy poodle loves it. It was very simple to assemble. It is a bit short in height for him because he has very long legs. The large would be better but we were afraid the airline would think it was too big-their maximum height for a soft carrier is 11 inches. But the pad is very soft and comfortable and he sleeps in it already. The carrier is so light to carry.
Gloria Purvis
Verified Buyer
Pet Passport Australia
May 21, 2012
I was very pleased with the service I receiverd from the Pet Travel Store and I intend to order my shipping crate and any thing else I ned to make my little girl comfortable on her trip the her new home in Australia.
Verified Buyer
Pet Carrier on Wheels by Bergan
May 10, 2012
Maybe too early to review as I have not used it yet. It comes with everything it says and looks to be good. My only concern now is that it smells terribly of new material and it stunk up my entire living room. I was worried about toxic effects for my parrot so I took it somewhere else to air out. I guess I will hand wash it if the smell does not get better by the time I am ready to pick up my nine week old puppy.
Pet lover
Verified Buyer
Microchip Scanner HomeAgain
May 10, 2012
The HomeAgain pocket reader is able to read the microchip on my Coton de Tulear and the microchip on my 17 year old Dutch Warmblood that was imported from Holland to the US in 2008.
Mary Donn Jordan
Verified Buyer
Pet Passport France
May 01, 2012
Many years ago when I started travelling to Europe with my small dog, I had to compile all the necessary information from a variety of sources and I was not at all sure that I was getting the most up to date and complete information. Your service is marvelous! One stop shopping--even for the chip and scanner.
Thank you!
Verified Buyer
Pet Carrier Sherpa On Wheels
Apr 25, 2012
Bought this carrier way before my Florida trip on get ready to return, the smaller handle where the snaps meet, did not snap. Now knowing they don't do return's for a product that I bought in good faith, now makes me apprehensive in buying anything over the Internet.

Response: Hello Alicia,

I apologize about the problem you are having with your carrier. How long ago was this carrier purchased? Did you know that Sherpa has a one year warranty on all of their carriers? Feel free to contact us and we will provide details.

Pet Travel Store
Verified Buyer
Pet Car Seat
Mar 06, 2012
Make sure if you install this in the back seat you can go around the seat with the bottom strap and you have a head rest that the other strap can go around that won't slip off. Other wise use only in the front seat.
Tim Harris
Verified Buyer
Airline Forms Air Canada
Feb 23, 2012
I would like to comment on TOTALLY UNNECESSARY's message. They do not say so, but it is probable that they were always taking their Shitzhu as 'excess baggage', in which case they never had reason to present the pet to an airline cargo counter. As excess baggage all that is required is the rabies certificate, as they say. However, if you present a pet to any competent airline cargo desk that does their job properly, they _will_ require a fit-to-fly certificate, a shippers certificate and possibly a security certificate. The rules are tightening all the time. So the advice of the Pet Travel Store is quite correct, to cover any eventuality. Remember - for peace of mind on the day, the man with the piece of paper has it over the man without the piece of paper.

TIM HARRIS. Specialist Pet Relocation Consultant, Manoir Kanisha, Montreal Canada.
Joe Swanson
Verified Buyer
Leather Pet Document Holder
Aug 29, 2011
The Pet Passport holder is great for Asian and GCC country documents (A4 size), also great for CITES documents. The passport holder makes traveling easier, and the Vet and Customs inspector seem to appreciate everything in one binder.
Very durable construction.
The first reviewer may not be aware that several counties require original stamped documents, copies simply are not accepted.
Verified Buyer
Pet Crate Hardware
Aug 27, 2011
The hardware is sturdy and easy to use. It surpasses anything that I have been able to find for securing the pet crates in compliance with the airline regulations. The price is very reasonable-especially when one considers all the gas that I used trying to "piece together" hardware from a number of different local stores.
Verified Buyer
Pet Calming Treat for Cats
Aug 18, 2011
I gave my cats both two before taking them to the vet, and I did notice a little bit of a difference, especially in my male cat. He seemed calmer and less stressed about being at the vet. My other cat generally has a much more relaxed temperament, but she has never liked going to the vet and still growled most of the time. I bought them because I'm going to be moving overseas, and I'm hoping that they at least help out on the flight. We'll see.
Verified Buyer
Pet Carrier Sherpa American Airlines
Jul 22, 2011
I have used this for my 9lb Chihuahua on several intercontinental and international flights. He likes it. It is well made, easy to carry, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Verified Buyer
Pet Passport Germany
Jul 20, 2011
First of all, this kit is kind of a waste of money as all this information and forms are available online. However, for convenience, this could be worthwhile -- if it was accurate/up-to-date. According to the USDA, the APHIS Form 7001 is only required by countries who don't provide their own form. Germany has the EU Form 998, so a APHIS Form 7001 is not needed according to the USDA.

Pet Travel Store Response:

The 7001 form is recommended to have alongside the EU Veterinary Certificate as some U.S. domestic airlines request to have it as well.

In response to the information being available elsewhere. It is. However, it's a question of the validity of the information that is provided. The amount paid for the forms is not necessarily for the paperwork itself but for the time and effort that is required to make sure that you will have all the accurate instructions and forms necessary to enter a foreign land. We also provide phone and email support for any questions or concerns that a customer or vet may have.
Verified Buyer
Pet Water Bottle Top
Jun 30, 2011
I picked up one of these while traveling and it is a fantastic idea. I do have some leaking problems from time to time, but I wrap a towel or napkins around the seal and it is fine.

My do had no problem learning how to use it. I didn't have to use the suggested peanut butter trick.
Virginia W.
Verified Buyer
Pet Travel Bowls
Jun 25, 2011
very useful, like all Pet travel store product I got, the only thing is that my cat does not eat much during flight and I take him in-cabin, which doesn't leave him any room for anything, but i guess for those who travel cargo in a pet crate these would be ideal, especially for an adult cat. In turn, they are so useful when we reach at the place where we'd spend about a 3 wks or a month, as we could then fold them and carry them back to US. These, together with travel cat litter tray are ideal, therefore we would still give them 5 stars!
Virginia W.
Verified Buyer
Travel Cat Litter Tray
Jun 25, 2011
Great product, though I got the small one. I folded it as much as possible, and wrap it with an elastic band (like those for money, the big size one, to stay folded.)It is the forth trip overseas, actually 4 USA- Europe and this would be 5th USA-Asia, so quite along one.My male cat is an old blind burmese (about 16-17 y.o,imagine!!) so I take him like at every 2 hrs to bathroom, and carry a little bag with sand from his tray at home, from which I "pour" a bit in the tray, so that he could feel comfortable and to "know" the "territory". I don't have to fill the whole tray for him to use it. He doesn't us e it of course at every 2 hrs, we'd go to bathroom for him to move and stretch, but it just calms him to know he smells smth familiar in a non-familiar environment: his "momma" and his tray :) Sometimes he would use the tray in the airport bathroom, or at the home/hotel we would stay.. He wouldn't eat much dry food in the plane, but he would drink a few sips from the little cup in the lavatory area that the flying company provides(we flew LH as they allow pets on international flights). Have a safe flight with Pet travel store products, all of them (and the knowledgeable staff) helped us very, very much every time.
Virginia W
Verified Buyer
Pet Passport Airline Veterinary Certificate
Jun 25, 2011
I have been using it in each of my 4 trips so far and the 5th is coming next week!
Verified Buyer
Squishy Pet Travel Bowl
Jun 01, 2011
I've had several collapsible bowls, and this is the best. It never leaks, and the flat bottom, with slightly inward sloping sides, means that it's tip proof, but wide enough that my dog can easily drink. It folds easily to fit in a pocket or pack. Silicon is easily washable and hygenic.
Verified Buyer
Hotel Door Hangers for Pets
May 20, 2011
These are better than expected. Thank you for shipping so fast.
Verified Buyer
Pet Crate Water Bottle
Apr 13, 2011
I persistantly searched for such an item and here it is! Terrific! An Airline Standard issue Pet Carrier! This is great! From the selections you have here, your company is not only genius, but so well thought out in the merchandising and needs for all animal types. I love that your company ALSO has a natural supplement of sedatives rather than the hard-nosed type. This is fantastic!. Thank you for the examples shown in your photos for determining varying heights. This is a fantastic website. The idea of the waterbottle gets an A Super + ++ (I have not been able to find this for canines--only for ferrets, etc..) but this idea to place peanut butter at the edge is clever. This website is custom designed for the serious Animal Lover who cannot leave the country with out their Caninebabe! Thank You Pet Travel I am so excited that I must take my time to sort through all of the products that you carry. I agree with Jason, this gives us a peace of mind as we were a bit intimidated by the regulations. You Carry EVERYTHING for Pet Lovers! Thank You so very much. And Please stay in business. I am going to pass the word to my other pet loving groups!
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