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Sep 28, 2022
Memm is an excellent product that helped me achieve a stellar MCAT score. Would definitely recommend it.
May 08, 2022
This app is a lifesaver for the MCAT. This is the most efficient way to learn the material and has prepared me to do quite well. I am scoring well on practice exams, and that is thanks to Memm!
Mar 20, 2022
Memm is the perfect resource to supplement to your MCAT study resource. Utilizing Memm + practice problems has made my study game efficient.
Mar 12, 2022
Absolutely perfect. Literally all you need for content review in a friendly and digestible manner. Much better than standard content review books!
Jan 10, 2022
Memm is a great resource at any stage of MCAT studying. They cover a lot of the essential material and condense it down into nice sheets. You also get to plan out what subjects you want to study when. I love the user-friendliness and the interactive aspects (and their mnemonics are cool too)
Dec 04, 2021
Love it! It is helping me on my MCAT journey!
Dec 03, 2021
Great interface, very easy to use and straight forward! In the early stages of MCAT prep but looking forward to continuing to use memm. Great customer service as well.
Oct 05, 2021
As a Canadian non-traditional applicant, I can't say enough about how crucial Memm was to my studying. Lacking most of the prerequisites, I had an extensive uphill journey to MCAT success. Memm had my back since Day 1. Their focus on high-yield info, broken down in sheets, was a concise way to refresh what I learned before doing cards. When I reviewed the cards, I knew they were high quality flashcards made with best practices. Adding my own content to existing cards made it even easier to customize Memm to reinforce my weak points. I never took most of the prerequisites, but I wrote the MCAT and scored a 514 on my first write. I owe the entirety of my success to Memm. Thank you for making my dream a reality!
Sep 29, 2021
I highly recommend Memm to people studying for the MCAT. It's really nice to have someone decide what the proper yield is so that you can get right to studying. At first I was skeptical, but I am happy with my choice to use Memm. The SRS was a great way to internalize the information, and the sheets where an approachable format. Even the mobile browser was a feasible option at times. In summary, Memm in combination with Uworld, Reddit, Jack Westin, and Official AAMC materials helped me achieve a 98 percentile score.
Aug 09, 2021
I used Memm extensively through my MCAT review process and found the flashcards extremely helpful as I had not taken anatomy nor had I taken sociology or psychology. The spaced repetition method is really helpful in memorizing concepts with the minimum amount of time, which will help with problems that require both recall of many concepts and the application of these concepts. It saves so much time & definitely contributed heavily to my success.
Jul 27, 2021
Excellent product offering an intuitive understanding of the material with great cards. If you could expand the customizability of the cards, the product would be even greater.
Jun 15, 2021
Absolutely amazing. The things are streamlined focusing on the important things. Has to link to external lessons and khan academy videos. Worth the money spent. Thank you guys.
Jun 13, 2021
Memm and AAMC official practice questions/exams were the main reason my MCAT went from a 501 to a 515.

After reviewing other resources extensively (TPR mostly), I scored a 501 the first time I took the MCAT. Two months before my second try at the MCAT, I decided to give Memm a try.

The first month, I just reviewed all the Memm sheets and note cards every day. On the second month, every week I would review the Memm sheets and note cards five days a week. I would use one day to take an AAMC FL practice exam, and the next day I would review my right and wrong answers.

My AAMC FL scores were the following:
-AAMC FL #1 = 509
-AAMC FL #2 =512
-AAMC FL #3 = 511
-AAMC FL #4 = 514

Actual MCAT = 515

I definitely recommend Memm to anyone taking the MCAT. If I could do it all over again, I would just have used Memm and the official AAMC materials.

Memm has two advantages over other MCAT prep companies: it really does focus on the material that will be on the exam (meaning, it does not obsess over the little stuff; it doesn't waste your time) and ,most importantly, it makes use of active recall and spaced repetition so that I was able to retain gigantic chunks of information like I couldn't before.

I, honestly, was very skeptical about this study method at first, but now I'm glad I gave it a try, seeing the results I got. I plan to continue using active recall and spaced repetition through medical school. If it wasn't for Memm, I wouldn't have known the power of these tools.
Apr 10, 2021
Memm is a total game changer!! I wanted to start studying for the MCAT early and give myself 8 months to prepare because I'm working full time, but my self-studying for the first 3 months was so inefficient. I was just SO overwhelmed by how much material I needed to review and didn't really know where to start or how to track my progress. I was using review books but there's just so many details to get caught up in, that I knew I wasn't studying high-yield material. I also tried Anki but the learning curve really did take up a ton of time and the pre-made decks literally left me memorizing random facts without a way to connect everything together. I was so stressed out. But Memm totally changed that. I used Memm's free trial for 7 days and THANKED God someone finally created an affordable MCAT studying tool that was efficient and incredibly helpful. Memm has all the science subjects and topics clearly organized so I can manage my time and make the most of my study sessions, given my crazy schedule. I can also see everything I need to get done in one place, which is huge for me.

My favorite part about Memm though is the sheets and the cards!!! They are fabulous and concise, with the important information I need so I don't have to read through tons of detailed chapters on info i'm not going to be tested on. I love that I can test myself with the pre-made flashcards after I finish studying my sheets each day. I also really appreciate being able to track my progress at the top of the screen while I do it (I'm someone who likes to see the big picture and how much material I have left to study, in order to best manage my time). The video links attached to each topic on the sheets has also been so helpful and really useful. I have covered and learned more material with Memm in the last two weeks than I have in 3 months trying self-study with other resources. I am so grateful to have found this study resource and to not have to feel so overwhelmed anymore.

I am also using Memm along with UWorld for practice questions and my score has already started to increase very quickly. I would 200% recommend Memm to anyone trying to study for the MCAT while being in school, working full time, or just anyone who wants high-yield quality content review. If I could give Memm 6 stars instead of 5, I would. I can't thank the creators of Memm enough for such an invaluable resource.
Apr 05, 2021
I’ve only just started using Memm and am already loving it!!! I'm so grateful I found this and even more grateful for the hard work that went into creating such an awesome tool.
Initial thoughts: I love having all my study materials in one place that is well organized, keeps me on track, and doesn’t feel overwhelming. The way the topics are broken up makes it feel like I am making tangible progress with every study session. Plus having access to Memm from any device with internet makes quick study sessions during downtime a breeze. Highly recommend!
Apr 01, 2021
Memm is the most organized MCAT aid material I have seen. Everything in it is very efficient and productive. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to crush MCAT.
Mar 27, 2021
In my opinion, Memm has revolutionized studying for the MCAT; there's no other tool out there that's as effective in helping students understand and memorize high yield content for the MCAT. Using Memm definitely helped me a ton, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to achieve a stellar MCAT score.
Mar 15, 2021
Memm is a 5-star tool that let me get to full lengths faster. I’ve used pre-made Anki decks but I mostly sifted through and shifted between them, as opposed to maximizing my study time. Memm won me over because everything I needed was in front of me. Plus, I had the flexibility to chose which content (my weak areas) to address first; the schedule function was a “must” for me because I previously had trouble with staying organized. Knowing what I didn’t know and when I first started the subject helped me keep track of my weak areas. I was further impressed with the inclusion of mnemonics and graphics, as well as it’s integration with Khan Academy. Overall, Memm is special. It’s a sure fire bet for your MCAT success.
Feb 28, 2021
Overall, I had a very positive experience with Memm! I appreciated being able to craft my own schedule and prioritize the subjects that I felt least comfortable with. I thought the flashcards were very comprehensive, and I was still able to add information if I felt the need. I thought the "streak" function was really effective in keeping me accountable for reviewing at least a bit every day; by the week leading up to the test, I had reviewed nearly all the material I was hoping to cover. Also, I found the ability to label cards with varying levels of difficulty a huge help. I think the staggered repetition greatly facilitated my recall of information, and it ensured that I was maintaining knowledge of past material while I learned new terms. Memm was a great supplement to my other study materials, and I'm very glad I decided to use it!
Feb 27, 2021
I love Memm! The "Sheets" method is genius. It gives a concise review, while not leaving out important information. The "Review" Flashcards are great as well, especially because there are photos in the answers. I have been reviewing my flashcards daily and have noticed significant improvements in recognizing and recalling material. My only advice would be to have a way to categorize the flashcards, without compromising the simplicity of Memm. I love how there is sheets and then review tabs. This simplicity helps me not stress out! Please don't add more tabs! haha But I do wish there was a way to have separate flash card banks. What I am trying to do is keep my biochemistry, organic chemistry, and biology in one section bank. Physics and gen Chem in another. And psych and sociology in its own bank. I know I could go to the sheets section and find the flashcards for each section of the subject, but its not the same as having them in a spacing manner like the review section does. That is my only advice. I love this software. Thank you!!!
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