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Verified Buyer
25mg 30ct PCR Soft Gel Capsules
Jul 25, 2020
I like it, not sure if I'm taking the right dose
Sarah Stewart
Verified Buyer
2000mg Everyday Balm
May 28, 2020
I have used the product before and it is very helpful. I rub in on before bedtime and it relieves the stiffness I experience on the right side of my neck/shoulder area.
Erin Grennan
Verified Buyer
25mg 30ct PCR Melatonin Soft Gel Capsules
Oct 25, 2019
So far, these are working better than anything I’ve tried before to help me calm down at the end of the day and sleep better at night. I do have residual grogginess well into the next day but again, not as bad as other things I’ve taken. Every few nights, it doesn’t seem to have any effect at all, but most nights, it definitely helps.
Linda Hackett
Verified Buyer
25mg 60ct PCR Curcumin Soft Gel Capsules
Oct 16, 2019
After a month and a half of taking the capsules I notice an improvement in my arthritic knee. There is less pain and less stiffness even though the knee shows on an Xray bone on bone. I have not taken an NSAID in all that time.
Allison Ferrante
Verified Buyer
25mg 30ct PCR Melatonin Soft Gel Capsules
Oct 12, 2019
I had previously purchased the PCR with Curcumin, but it increased my hot flashes and disrupted my sleep, so MPG was kind enough to send me a bottle of PCR with Melatonin and Chamomile. I love it! It helps me sleep soundly and comfortably. Would highly recommend this product.
Dina Bryndina
Verified Buyer
1000mg PCR Tincture
Aug 27, 2019
I love PCR Tincture, I purchased it for my mom. My mom has been having problems with her sleep almost all her life. The very first day she used this product she was finally sleeping well all night. I could not be any happier! She also has been having high blood pressure and PRC Tincture helped her to feel much better. It also helps with stress. This product provides peace and relaxation to your life. I am strongly recommending it and I will be purchasing more for my friends and family. God bless!
Kristine Guerra
Verified Buyer
2000mg Everyday Balm
Aug 09, 2019
I recently bought it for a client. He was very happy to find a natural cream with such a high dosage of CBD. He has only been able to find salves with 10mg-30mg CBD.
Leslie gaylord
Verified Buyer
25mg 60ct PCR Soft Gel Capsules
Aug 09, 2019
Really helped w my chronic pain Took the edge off
Thank you
Rebecca Moore
Verified Buyer
25mg 30ct PCR Curcumin Soft Gel Capsules
Aug 08, 2019
I have ABSOLUTELY noticed a marked decrease in the hip pain that I experience after exercising!
Zelda Stern
Verified Buyer
Hand and Foot Ball Massage
Aug 07, 2019
Martha Farrell
Verified Buyer
1000mg PCR Tincture
Aug 05, 2019
About MPG Essentials
MPG Essentials is a CBD and Wellness company based in New York City. When we set out to create MPG Essentials, we wanted to accomplish two things; 1-Enhance our clients overall well-being by offering you the highest quality CBD products and PT products. 2- Give back to the community in areas we are passionate about. Our foundation is based on integrity, innovation, leadership and consciousness. Our commitment is to all our clients, our dance communities, our scientific communities and the charities we support. Everything we do, we do for you.
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