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Aug 06, 2019
We were very happy with our experience with Lifetime Adoption. The quick responsiveness and openness of those we worked with was comforting and assuring during the process. It eased any concerns or doubts, and made the experience more real even though we never met any one we worked with in person. We were especially pleased whenever we had a question arise, and someone was always available to help us.

Our only concern arose at the end of the process when we were working with our birth mother coordinator. We felt like we were floundering at times without much guidance. However, when we finally figured out what to ask she was helpful. And this is not a criticism, but just an observation. Our birth mother coordinator did not seem as engaged or interested in working with us as others at Lifetime did. We did not feel that she was mean, but our experience with everyone else we worked with or spoke to during the last year was so kind, engaging, and enthusiastic that she was lacking in comparison. Especially considering that it took place at a time when we could have used more assurance and support.

However, we are happy with our overall experience and would highly recommend working with Lifetime to others.
Aug 06, 2019
We feel so thankful for the opportunity to work with Lifetime Adoption. The adoption process can seem overwhelming and almost impossible to understand at times. With Lifetime’s help, we felt prepared to face each of the steps of adoption. The webinars and information found on the members website are vital tools in understanding the most effective ways to successfully adopt. The friendly staff is committed to providing a step-by-step approach to maximize the opportunities. We highly recommend Lifetime to anyone considering adoption.
Aug 02, 2019
We cannot say enough about the miracles that Lifetime Adoption gave us. Our twins are our greatest joy. Thank you Lifetime for giving us our greatest gift and for being there each and every step of the way. We are eternally grateful.
Aug 01, 2019
We were amazed by our modern day adoption! So many things could be done by the ease of email or texting. Communication with Lifetime was efficient and we got all our questions or comments replied to in a timely manner. The new portal system was a great way to track our to do list, but we had all of our things done very quickly, so we would be ready to say “yes,” whenever we got the call. We love that Lifetime truly cares about each Birthmom and their experience before, after and during adoption. Their love for people is evident! We definitely recommend Lifetime! My favorite aspect of Lifetime is the webinars they offer. I listened to more than I can count and the information was informative, encouraging and enlightening. Even after adoption, I continue to listen to Lifetime’s webinars!
Jul 29, 2019
We are so grateful that we chose Lifetime Adoption to help grow our family. Everyone with whom we interacted was warm and supportive. The webinars were extremely informative and useful. We thank God daily for blessing us with our beautiful son. It is crazy how the time has flown. Our Zachary is such a Joy!!! We are in contact with our birth mom monthly and are looking forward to her visit hopefully before the year ends. May God continue to bless her and Lifetime! We are already blessed beyond measure.
Jul 27, 2019
Our experience was unique with many ups and downs. Natalie, Tiffany, Linda and the rest of the Lifetime staff were there for us every step of the way. They took time to answer questions, calm our nerves, laugh and cry with us and genuinely care for our family. We had the rare experience of a birth mother making an adoption plan near Lifetime's FL office so I actually got to meet Tiffany at the hospital and visit the office with our sweet girl. Not only did the coordinators at Lifetime care for us, they cared well for the expectant moms we spoke with and went above and beyond for our daughter's birth mother. Passionate, compassionate, genuine, ethical, kind and loving are the words I would use to describe how the women at Lifetime approach each adoption situation that comes their way.
Jul 26, 2019
Natalie was wonderful to work with and gave us words of encouragement when needed
Jun 07, 2019
We have adopted twice through Lifetime and always recommend this facilitating agency to others. Both experiences were extremely positive and the supportive staff was caring and attentive. While they provide quality service to the adoptive parents, they are careful to include the birth family and keep the baby’s best interest at heart.

Specifically I’d like to include Libby in my review. She laughed and cried with us and feels more like a friend than an adoption worker. All of their staff is friendly and go above and beyond.

If you are seeking adoption, this should be your first phone call. There is not discrimination and Lifetime is unlike any facilitator available.
Mar 16, 2019
Lifetime Adoption helped us bring home our little angel, and changed our lives forever! We couldn't be more thankful to these ladies. They were so kind, even when things got stressful or when I started questioning if we were ever even meant to be parents. 18 months in, we had our little boy, and have continued a great connection with his birth mother. I can't imagine a more caring group to work with, for us as well as birthmom! They're an amazing group of Christian women with a lot of experience, and the support we received was top notch. When we adopt again, it will definitely be with Lifetime!
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Response from Lifetime Adoption
Mar 16, 2019
Thank you, Jennifer! So kind of you :)
Mar 13, 2019
We are incredibly grateful to Lifetime! Their support and professionalism was just over the top during the adoption process! I really can't express in words how perfect it was. They offered us exclusive coaching and on going education that put us at ease including a private membership site and a portal to help you stay on top of things! I'm a Type A person so this really helped me in being able to understand what I needed to get done. They were so great to our birth mom as well, providing the same support during the entire match with her! I would highly recommend Lifetime and getting to know them!
Mar 12, 2019
We had such a wonderful experience working with Lifetime Adoption. They truly care about everyone they work with, from birth families to adoptive families and especially the children involved. Highly recommend.
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Response from Lifetime Adoption
Mar 12, 2019
Thank you Lisa!
Feb 18, 2019
We had such a wonderful experience working with Lifetime Adoption! Every single person we worked with on their team is amazing, caring and incredibly supportive. They offer you every opportunity to learn about all the various aspects of adoption, while guiding you professionally through the process. They have mastered the ability to handle such an emotional and often times, traumatic experience, ethically and with the utmost respect to all involved, from birth families to adoptive families. Highly recommend.
Feb 18, 2019
We had such a wonderful experience working with Lifetime Adoption! Every single person we worked with on their team is amazing, caring and incredibly supportive. They offer you every opportunity to learn about all the various aspects of adoption, while guiding you professionally through the process. They have mastered the ability to handle such an emotional and often times, traumatic experience, ethically and with the utmost respect to all involved, from birth families to adoptive families. Highly recommend.
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Response from Lifetime Adoption
Feb 19, 2019
Lisa and her husband were an amazing couple to work with! They took advantage of the adoption educational opportunities Lifetime offers which helped them be completely prepared for their adoption. We are grateful for the opportunity to help them adopt!
Feb 07, 2019
Lifetime Adoption is a wonderful organization and I am extremely glad that we decided to go with them! We did a lot of research into which agency was right for us and Lifetime got great reviews and seemed right for us. We did wait longer than usual (3 years) and had two failed matches before we had the blessing of bringing our twin daughters home. Lifetime was there to walk us through heartache and celebrate with us as we built our family. Because we had been matched a total of three times, I had the pleasure of working with several of Lifetime's coordinators and they were all incredibly compassionate and professional. They gave us great wisdom during our journey and we could not be more grateful!
Feb 03, 2019
Lifetime Adoption cares for the moms making their decisions, and the adoptive parents.
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Response from Lifetime Adoption
Feb 04, 2019
Thank you, Rachael! That is so sweet of you. Hope you are doing well :)
Jan 30, 2019
Lifetime is an amazing Christian adoption agency that will walk you step by step through your adoption process. If you follow their directions and listen to their informative webinars you will be successful. We were nervous throughout our process because of fear of the unknown. However, these great coordinators will guide you from the beginning of the adoption process, finances, website and profiles, birth mother coordination and even follow up after the adoption process. My husband and I did have a year waiting period and during that time we were educated through the webinars. Our coordinators communicated with us effectively and made sure all of our questions and concerns were addressed. We would recommend them and use them again
Dec 11, 2018
I am pro life. I believe that everyone that wants a child should have that choice. too many young girls are aborting like its birth control.

good luck to the couples let this be shared with those promoting abortion.

my prayers are that young people choose to let someone adopt their child instead of abortion. I'm a mother of 3 , grandmother of 6. I promote adoption and will share your stories..
Dec 05, 2018
Lifetime helped us tremendously : from designing a profile to wait support via informational webinars, to match to finalization. We have a beautiful baby boy thanks to lifetime!
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Response from Lifetime Adoption
Dec 05, 2018
Your family was a joy to help and we are so happy for you! Taking advantage of Lifetime's exclusive webinars are such a benefit to waiting families and we are glad to hear they helped you! Enjoy each day with your beautiful boy!
Dec 04, 2018
We had a very positive experience with Lifetime Adoption. As their role is to “facilitate” a match, I feel certain that is exactly what happened on our behalf. It is true that a lot of the “work” was on us- creating and printing profiles and making the video, both of which was simultaneously exhausting and even kinda fun. Bottom line- Our profile got in front of the birth mom who ultimately chose us. We are in love with our new son and are grateful to God and for the role Lifetime played. We did feel supported throughout the whole process which began in February 2018. We were matched in September and brought our baby home a few weeks ago in November. We couldn’t be more happy.
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Response from Lifetime Adoption
Dec 05, 2018
Your short wait time to be chosen and adopt is a blessing, and we are honored to be a part of your family's story! The birth mother that chose you was a joy to help, and we are so happy for all of you in coming together through adoption!
Nov 22, 2018
I have been following their work for almost ten years. I trust the calling!
About Lifetime Adoption
Lifetime Adoption provides nationwide adoption services to women facing unplanned pregnancy and couples hoping to adopt. Offering non-judgemental, caring support as women make their pregnancy decisions, Lifetime is available 24 hours through phone and text to help answer questions about creating a custom open adoption plan. For families hoping to adopt, Lifetime guides them through every step of the process, educating, preparing, and ultimately facilitating the entire adoption. Founded in 1986, Lifetime grew from founder Mardie Caldwell's own adoption journey. We've helped thousands of families come together for a modern, open adoption. We would love the opportunity to help you too!
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