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Feb 02, 2023
Lifetime was such a blessing throughout our adoption process. From the first phone call to our adoption phone call, they walked us through every step with patience and kindness. They were always available for our questions and were always willing to help any way they could. When we got the phone call to pick up our baby girl they were working behind the scenes to make it as easy as possible. We are so thankful for Lifetime and the gift they were to our family!
Jan 10, 2023
Adoption is a long, complicated, emotional process, so why wouldn't you choose an agency designed by an adoptive mom who knows the kind of support and reassurance you need?

Our experience with Lifetime was great. They were there for the highs and the lows, gave us support through monthly check-ins and webinars, and even when we just needed a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on! When our birth mother needed support, they were already two steps ahead. It was really important to us to work with an agency that focused on supporting the prospective birth mothers throughout the entire adoption process, and Lifetime is excellent at that!

One of the major plusses of working with Lifetime is the network of reliable state social work and attorney contacts they have--we didn't have to worry! They did all the work for us; all we had to do was call the contacts on the list for the state we matched in.

Thanks to Lifetime's unending encouragement, support, and networking, we are happy to now be parents to a beautiful baby boy!
Jan 06, 2023
It was an amazing experience!
Jan 06, 2023
Every interaction with Lifetime was very professional.
Jan 03, 2023
This is our second time working with Lifetime. We made comments to our team about our first adoption, and things we were happy with and, some things that we were not, and they made adjustments and tailored our experience for our second adoption. We would highly recommend Lifetime to anyone looking to adopt, as they are knowledgeable and have a big pool of Moms looking to put their children up for adoption.
Jan 02, 2023
Greatest thing we could have ever done
Dec 24, 2022
Words can't describe how thankful we are for Lifetime Adoption. They were constantly in contact with us and always willing to help! Lifetime helped us with adopting our beautiful baby girl and we are extremely blessed! We highly recommend Lifetime :)
Dec 23, 2022
We had a great experience working with Lifetime. They were very helpful, knowledgeable, encouraging and professional throughout our adoption journey.
Dec 21, 2022
We love the Lifetime team! They were supportive, caring, and extremely knowledgeable as we walked through the adoption process. Even with our baby girl home now, they still are there for us to provide wisdom and support! We couldn’t recommend Lifetime enough!
Dec 21, 2022
From the very beginning Lifetime made me feel like family. They were with us through every step. The webinars we're my absolute favorite. They were a wealth of information. Lifetime, were Angels here on Earth as we waited for God to manifest his promise. Always praying for us and keeping us encouraged. We thank God for Lifetime!
Dec 21, 2022
Lifetime Adoption staff is very friendly and helpful. They will guide you in trying to make your profile very presentable. We were self matched after 2 years of waiting with lifetime. I do think a major factor on if you get picked quickly is what state you live in. From what we saw, families from more commonly known states were picked quicker.
Dec 21, 2022
We had a great experience with Lifetime and found the material and webinars to be very helpful to guide us through our journey. Our very first interaction with Jen was great and every communication with Libby was amazing. Christie was also very helpful, overall we had a great experience.
Dec 20, 2022
We had a wonderful experience with Lifetime from start to finish. In the beginning Jen helped us choosing the right plan, navigating the onboarding process and first steps, as well as answering all our questions about the road ahead. Then we met our adoption coordinator Julie who supported us during our wait by answering any questions, doing monthly check-ins, and sending Lifetime updates. Libby helped us design our web profile, printed profile, adoption cards and video and was so patient with us. We had our own vision of how we wanted our adoption materials to look, and Libby was always so kind and gracious with our requests. At the end we reached a beautiful profile, that represented us like we had hoped, while also staying within Lifetime's guidelines. But best of all, we matched with our birthmom within a half year of going "live". At that point we were introduced to Veronica. Veronica facilitated the communication between us and the birthfamily. Veronica Hofheinz was nothing short of amazing during the adoption process. While every team member at Lifetime had been wonderful to work with, Veronica was an angel sent from above. Her expertise, patience, wisdom, calmness and uplifting attitude carried our adoption to the finalization. Lifetime had educated us that the wait might seem hard, but the time from matching to adopting our baby could potentially be much harder, and that was our experience too. It wasn't an easy road, but it was fantastic having Lifetime on board with us. Without them as our agency, we might have not made it to finalization. Our baby is a couple of month old now and has been with us since just hours after being born. We are still in touch with Veronica from time to time and are enjoying the relationship that we have built with our adoption agency. We are also in regular contact with our babies birth family and are glad to have chosen a Christian adoption agency that promotes healthy open adoption practices.
Dec 20, 2022
Thank you so much to the Lifetime Adoption Team! They worked non-stop on helping to find our beautiful baby girl and what a blessing it has been so far! My wife and I couldn't be more happy with the hard work that was put in by Lifetime :)
Dec 20, 2022
Lifetime is our lifeline. We adopted two great children from lifetime. We are forever grateful!
Aug 02, 2022
Lifetime was great. They were attentive and helpful, especially during moments of doubt in the process. We highly recommend Lifetime Adoption to other families looking to adopt. We are thankful that we chose Lifetime and God led us down this path.
Aug 02, 2022
We enjoyed working with Lifetime. Everyone was kind and compassionate. The process was very well organized with lots of support.
Aug 02, 2022
I can’t even begin to express the love and gratitude I have for everyone at Lifetime. From day one , I felt such an ease as I spoke to them about our dream , which at the time felt like just a dream to expand our family through adoption. Their knowledge of everything that goes into the adoption process and the complete love and respect that they provide birth mothers with is above and beyond. That was something that truly made us want to work with Lifetime and have them guide us on our journey. While the journey is far from easy, and often some waiting time, our monthly check in calls with Robyn were great. She is so sweet and fun to talk with and I really loved the relationship we developed. She always gave me hope when I would lose it and remind me that every adoption story is unique and when it happens it will be exactly how it should be. I had the pleasure of also working with Libby who created our beautiful profile. She put together a profile for us that was my exact vision. She was always so helpful and not to mention loved listening to her webinars which were super helpful and knowledgeable during the wait period. Then when we were matched, we got to work with Diane, who truly is a earth side angel. Diane was always available when we needed her for advice or questions or just to chat. She always made sure we felt comfortable and she walked us through every step of the way, even the bumps in the road. We now have a beautiful daughter and we are so so beyond grateful and feel super blessed. She is the absolute perfect addition to our family, and is adored by all. Especially her big brother who says she is the best thing that ever happened to him. We have a beautiful connection with our daughters birth family, and we love the connection that we have. We thank Lifetime for all they do, all their dedicated hours , all their love and respect and had a wonderful experience with them. Thank you to everyone.
Aug 01, 2022
We are so grateful to be a lifetime family. From the start you have walked our adoption journey with us, encouraging us, leading us, preparing us. Then we received your call introducing us to our adopted baby girl, and you still continued to guide us step by step. Your whole staff has such a genuine loving and caring heart for birth mothers, children and adoptive families. Thank you so much for pouring your hearts to help build families and truly care for birth moms. We pray God richly blesses you and continues to increase you. With all our love and gratitude, Buck & Veronique
Dec 22, 2021
We decided on Lifetime because we specifically set out to find an agency that prioritized birth mom care and resources. Throughout our entire process pre-placement with our birth mom, she constantly told us how helpful Lifetime had been. She spoke often of our birth mom coordinator and expressed great thankfulness for the resources and wisdom Lifetime shared with her. Even after placement, our birth mom coordinator has continued communication with our birth mom and provided a personal phone number to allow her to be reached.

We are SO thankful for Lifetime's help, wisdom, and prayers through this process and are confident it was the right choice for us in our adoption journey!
About Lifetime Adoption
Lifetime Adoption provides nationwide adoption services to women facing unplanned pregnancy and couples hoping to adopt. Offering non-judgemental, caring support as women make their pregnancy decisions, Lifetime is available 24 hours through phone and text to help answer questions about creating a custom open adoption plan. For families hoping to adopt, Lifetime guides them through every step of the process, educating, preparing, and ultimately facilitating the entire adoption. Founded in 1986, Lifetime grew from founder Mardie Caldwell's own adoption journey. We've helped thousands of families come together for a modern, open adoption. We would love the opportunity to help you too!
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