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Jun 19, 2016
Great price, just as described. Worked great with my IKEA.
Jun 05, 2016
Easy to install. Goes well with my white Ikea Kallax.
Jun 03, 2016
Perfect size and price
Jun 02, 2016
Legs look great and were easy to install. I used them on a kallax shelf unit. You have to figure out the drill bit to use to make the post for the legs fit (I believe I used a 5/16). I appreciate that they have furniture pads on the legs already.
May 31, 2016
Beautiful! Love these legs. Company was so nice and easy to communicate with!!!! Would definitely use again for future leg purchases :)
May 29, 2016
Legs are AMAZING! Great upgrade for my IKEA piece. Will by again.
May 24, 2016
Product worked great!
May 22, 2016
I ordered these in white. I don't know why I thought they were made of wood but they are not. They are still nice and make suitable replacement legs for a mid century modern piece, if the fact that they're made from a hard plastic doesn't bother you. However I don't think I would purchase these again. I will update this review with photos once I am able to.
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Response from Legheads
May 23, 2016
tj says: Hi Victoria, Thanks for the feedback. I will try to make the description more clear. We have the material listed as the third bullet point although I can see it may get lost in all the text. I think you will find the Thermoplastic/Acrylic legs are a great alternative to wood. They will never fade or scratch and make shipping lighter and therefore cheaper, you can even get them wet or use them outside and they will not rot. I am really pleased you are going to give them a go though and look forward to you posting a photo. My personal goal is to make sure you are completely happy with Legheads, so if, in the end you do change your mind and you don't like the legs please let me know and I will give you a 100% refund on the product. All the best TJ - Legheads owner and Designer
May 21, 2016
Oh, I got plans. :)

When I was offered this at a discount I grabbed it. Do a Google search (or image search) using words like add new legs old furniture and you'll see the appeal. I had read some article on it and wanted to do this to some stuff I have. You can add a little height and a lot of interest to bookcases, dressers, even vintage luggage, all sorts of things. Or you could swap out legs on something else. Anyway, to get it it's best to see it. When that low, flat-on-the-floor bookcase next to my bed that I hate gets redone I'll add a picture; I plan to turn it in to a mid-century piece, maybe using some of this Modern Masters Metallic Paint as well.

I have no concerns about the strength or the quality of these babies whatsoever. You will need a drill to prepare some holes for the screws then you're good to go. I got the green/teal and they look exactly like the picture provided by seller.

I purchased this at a discount in exchange for my inspection and this review.

May 11, 2016
these look great for plastic legs although it took me awhile to get them on..they made my table look good and i have 100 pond planter that sits on it and so far so good,,i received this product in exchange for my honest opinion
May 07, 2016
Great legs for various types of furniture

I used these to replace broken legs of my tufted storage bench. The legheads came with a link to their online video tutorial. It is very easy to install and seems to be very well made and durable. So far it has been doing great holding up atleast 50lbs to 150lbs. They definitely change the look of certain furniture pieces and add much needed height.
May 07, 2016
I used these to replace broken legs of my tufted storage bench. The legheads came with a link to their online video tutorial. It is very easy to install and seems to be very well made and durable. So far it has been doing great holding up atleast 50lbs to 150lbs. They definitely change the look of certain furniture pieces and add much needed height.

They are a serious competition to prettypegs, especially since prettypegs is very expensive. I have had both prettypegs and legheads, and while legheads is very easy to install and much cheaper than prettypegs, prettypegs has a wider range of colored and different shaped legs.
I hope legheads can introduce more colors, and brass or wood tipped legs, as well as different lengths and shapes of legs.
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Response from Legheads
May 09, 2016
Hi Monica, Thankyou so much for the lovely review. It really feels good to get this feedback. We have had a week where competitors are trying to attack us online, so it is much appreciated. My partner and I built the Legheads brand from an inkling of an idea through to selling across the US, Australia and soon to launch in Europe. It is a very exciting time for us and to get validation from you when you obviously know the market and appreciate the concept is awesome. We started Legheads for exactly the reasons you pointed out, a need to access affordable but stylish replacement furniture legs. Thanks again and all the best - you really made my day! TJ - Legheads
Apr 25, 2016
The metal mounting bracket for these is made so that the leg leaves 1/4 inch gap. If the legs inner structure was concave to fit the convex bracket it would be ok, but such is not the case. That does not allow the outer perimeter of the plastic leg to support the weight of your furniture and is now subject to sideways motion, i.e. wobble. To top it off, there is a price label on the package of $14.95 and Amazon charged nearly $30? That's some handsome markup.
Legheads Logo
Response from Legheads
Apr 30, 2016
tj says: Dear Tea for two, Thanks for the feedback. Please let me know your order number and I will refund you in full. This situation seems very odd and not to question your authenticity, but Legheads never have price tags on them as we sell globally and we only sell direct. So if there is a price tag it is a random mistake and we would like to know how it got there. Maybe you do not have our product, a hijacker sold to you, or it is an error by Amazon. My products go directly from our manufacturer to the Amazon warehouse. There is no chance for anyone to add a price label. Please help by sharing a photo of the tag so we can investigate. If you do use the free attachment plate (not required for IKEA or Natuzzi), there is a small gap, (less than 1/4 inch). If installed correctly and screwed in fully, the hangar bolt area sits flush and the installation is very solid. The legs are superior quality, rated to hold 440 lbs each, we have never had any issues reported. If this continues to be a concern, I will send you flat attachment plates as a simple fix, free of charge. If you would like to discuss this in person, please reach out via our website www.legheads.com or via Amazon. I hope you can see, I will ensure this gets resolved for you. All the best TJ - Legheads
Apr 10, 2016
I have a love seat sofa that came with 2 inch brown pegs

I have a love seat sofa that came with 2 inch brown pegs. The sofa was too low to the ground, didn't make using tv trays comfortable, and took more energy to get up from the sofa. These 6 inch pegs have made an incredible difference. The tv tray level is almost perfect, sitting up higher makes getting up much easier, and its easier to vacuum underneath the sofa. The pegs are hollowed plastic but do the job very well. The size of the pegs is is a common size but check just in case. These legs will give you a better perspective and taller people will love the extra height.
I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion.
Mar 29, 2016
Great product

I ordered these furniture legs to be able to lift my cutting table in my sewing room. I had previously searched for products that would raise my table, but all I found were the plastic risers. When I saw these, I jumped at the chance to try them. Using the included hardware, we attached these legs to the existing table without any issues. I love that my cutting table is now 4 inches higher. These furniture legs have truly saved my back! I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.
Mar 21, 2016
Product was just as described and shipped fast.
Mar 21, 2016
Product was just as described and shipped fast.
Mar 20, 2016
Perfect for my bookshelf redo!

I bought the 6" replacement legs for a short bookshelf that I chalk painted in antique white. The legs were easy to install and I was an,e to paint them in the chalk paint to match the bookshelf. They’re made of ABS acrylic thermoplastic and chalk paint sticks to just about anything so they were easy to paint. The legs are 6" high, 2" in diameter at eh top and a little over 1" 2 in diameter at the bottom. I also received in this same shipment 4 leg converter T-plates and 4 felt floor protector furniture pads. I didn't need to make a trip to the hardware store to buy plates or floor protectors so this made my husband happy as I seem to always be asking him to make a trip to the store. The furniture legs were easy to install onto my bookshelf as I just predrilled a hole then screwed the legs into the wood. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase and the only think I would have liked different was if they were made of wood. I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest and unbiased review.
Mar 16, 2016
Great mid-century look

I purchased these replacement legs to give a boring chest a mid-century look. I love the look of mid-century pieces so much that I collect them. The chest looked out of place amongst my other pieces, but it fits in so well now. The old legs were nailed on, so I had to use the provided hardware to fasten these. They're made of a very strong plastic, but they don't look like plastic unless you really study them up close. The bottoms are felt to prevent scuffing up your floor. I'm very please with these legs and I can recommend them to anyone looking to update their furniture.

I purchased these legs at a discount in exchange for an honest and non-biased review and I was not compensated in any way. Like you, I rely on honest reviews when making a purchase. Nothing I have said in this review is fabricated and I only accept products I can truly use and therefore honestly review.
Mar 16, 2016
My sofa was sitting on 3.5” legs that just does seem to give me the height I need anymore. Since I’m not ready to replace it I decide to find legs that will give a little more height. I purchased these as they are 6” high and will lessen the stress on my knees. I order the yellow legs as they were the closest to my décor and would not through it off. I received four legs, four t-plates and the furniture protective covers, all the necessary pieces to attach them to the sofa. It appeared to be pretty easy to assemble and install. It took me about 15-20 mins. I now have the desired height without the stress. Recommended for those who like DIY projects and looking for a little change without the cost. I was provided Legheads 6" Replacement Furniture Legs at a discount for testing and review during a promotion. I was only asked to give my honest review. No compensation for a positive review was provided or promised. All words contained here are based on my own experience of the item I received and used.
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