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Apr 17, 2021
ITNA is a great USA based game room company. I read all their reviews and will make my purchase for Rock Ola as soon as I can.
Apr 17, 2021
I received my cherry master and pot o gold games 2 weeks ago and already I have made more money than what I spend on them. I am going to need to make room for a few more!
Apr 17, 2021
I bought a few games from a place called Prime Arcades and they were absolute Chinese garbage. Total junk. If I can get my money back, I will order from IN THE NEW AGE next time. These guys have so many great reviews too.
Apr 17, 2021
The wife decided to surprise me with the NEW AGE ARCADE slim cab. It has over 5,000 classic games, a racing wheel and 2 light-guns so I can play Big Buck Hunter. Dam, this is such a cool game.
Apr 17, 2021
Me too, I waited about 4 months, but mine was the walnut vinyla-45. And from what I can tell, my jukebox is worth $1,000 more than what I paid for it. I couldn’t make this kind of money from any investment.
Apr 17, 2021
I finally got my Rock Ola CD jukebox delivered after waiting 4 months. It is the Rock-Ola Elvis in gloss black. Boy oh boy she is a real doozy! Thank you ITNA!
Apr 17, 2021
I had been renting the QRS 101 PEMF from a place for the last 3 months. I spend $1,200 already. Finally, I was able to buy my own from this company. Thanks for the great deal!
Apr 17, 2021
Thanks John at IN THE NEW AGE for the great deal you gave me on those Pot of Gold casino games for my bar. The customers are putting lots of money into them.
Apr 17, 2021
My husband was abroad in Afghanistan and served 2 tours. He came home with PTS and was out of control. So, I bought home a PEMF device sold by IN THE NEW AGE and he seems like the same man he was before he was ever deployed, what a life changer!
Apr 17, 2021
I have been going to a chiropractor for 10-years and he has been charging BIG MONEY to use his While Body Vibration machines. However, I discovered the Power Plate vibration machines sold by ITNA, and now, I have using a better machine than my doctors and saving tons of money.
Apr 17, 2021
I am a naturopath in the Midwest USA and have been using the Beamer PEMF machine. However, all it does was break down. Therefor, I purchased some QRT 101 machine from ITNA and they work and product AMAZING RESULTS for my patients!
Apr 17, 2021
Both of my parents came down with Covid-19 last winter, and I wasn’t sure if they would even survive it, after all, they are in their mid-70’s. Therefore, I head so many great things about “Pulsed electro magnetic therapy” PEMF machine helping people BOOST their immune system against viruses, so I purchased 2 unit from ITNA. No more changes like this ever again!
Apr 17, 2021
After suffering a stroke six months ago, I was faced with some serious consequences. I encountered difficulty speaking and I could barely move on my own. Doctors’ predictions weren’t great. I started my rehabilitation but the entire thing was rather slow and frustrating. Then, I heard about the Platinum Mat 7224 and decided to give it a try.

I was quite skeptical but I didn’t really have anything to lose at that point. To everyone’s surprise, I noticed some improvement after a while. After using the mat for a few months, I slowly started to feel better daily. Bit by bit, I became more mobile. Now I can even move around the house on my own and I don’t require anyone’s help when it comes to performing simple tasks such as going to the bathroom or making my bed.
Apr 17, 2021
I was in deep pain after I walked for 15 hours supporting her arm in mine while she was in labor. It left my neck with a slight bulge and I had pain shooting down my arm out through my elbow and shooting out through 3 of my fingers. It was terrible. Specially to try to find a position to sleep in. So, I tried the Beamer but it lit me up. So, then I bought the Healthline mat with a PEMF option at a much less intensity. I would lay on it for 2 to 3 hours a day, and usually after about 30 minutes the pain was gone. I’m not sure how long are used it daily to keep the pain away but as time has gone by me do it just to keep things in check. I now use it daily to keep myself healthy and when I have a hard time sleeping at night, I will lay on it for a few hours before I go get in bed which seems to calm my body. I am so thankful to have found this mat.
Apr 17, 2021
My wife was diagnosed with MS and we heard that PEMF could help. We searched and many companies out there were awfully expensive. Finally found Healthline and with their 45-day trail, upgrade, and trade-in options along with 5 technologies (PEMF, photon, negative ions, far infrared rays, gemstones with heat) vs 1 we decided this looked like a particularly good mat to try.
We bought the TAJ Full 7224 two years ago. We both used the mat almost daily. We loved it! Now they offered the platinum model and really like that now there are many more options with the PEMF. We just had to upgrade and get this one. The upgrade process was extremely easy and Jade is always extremely helpful.
We just got the Platinum 7224 now and started using it. It is great with the advance PEMF feature. We work out all the time and it is great for all those aches and pains and helps my wife with her MS.
The Healthline mats are a must to help with your overall health journey along with eating healthy and getting exercise. You cannot go wrong with this company.
Apr 17, 2021
I really enjoyed working with the sales staff at this company. I think the gentleman’s name was Jimmy and he helps me decide on a virtual pinball and a 4-player arcade for my basement. Thanks
Feb 19, 2021
Great selection! Easy to deal with, great support and very fast to ship. I've purchase Pinballs machine from IN THE NEW AGE Guys and everything was perfect. No problems with the shipping company either. Will buy from them again. Oh yeah, their pricing is some of the cheapest you'll find.
Feb 19, 2021
Excellent customer service with speedy delivery! We’re very pleased with the availability of parts and the knowledge this company has!!
Feb 19, 2021
These guys are amazing. Quick shipping and great prices. I have order pinball parts multiple times for WE CAN SHIP IT The orders are here normally in two days and are always quality parts. Me, and my Bally Creature From the Black Lagoon pinball game, thank them for the service.
Feb 19, 2021
Authentic classic arcade game play. Excellent value for a retro gaming experience.
We sell game room products including but not limited to; Arcade machines, virtual pinball machines, slot machines, jukeboxes, game tables.
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