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Feb 06, 2018
Being a professional Index and Currency Futures trader for 20 years now and still going strong, I was fortunate to have been introduced to Drummond Geometry at the beginning of my journey as a full time Futures trader. I am forever grateful for Charles Drummond's insight in creating his incredible analysis of price action, and for JB Wells in making the transition from its genesis in Tradestation and getting it coded for Ninjatrader. The Trump card of Drummond Energy Bands and AXE-GPS is its ability to display future strength or weakness one bar in advance. Drummond Geometry has always been at the core of my trading arsenal and is used intuitively in seeking whether a trend will continue or not. I highly recommend anyone seriously contemplating on starting their Trading career, to stop wasting their time and money in searching for lagging indicators or curve fitted trading systems, and to put their effort into learning how to use Drummond Energy Bands. It will be the best investment money can buy!
Spiro Moisidis
Melbourne Australia
Jan 12, 2018
VEA is by far the best thing I’ve encountered and spent money on for trading over the years. JB and Charlie work tirelessly to help their traders 'get it.' Their commitment to having a business that helps traders be successful with time proven indicators and strategies is unsurpassed.
Dec 19, 2017
I have used the software for a couple of months now. Great trading software and education. Prompt response from the vendor for any questions about the methodology and software, will never turn you away because you asked a difficult question. Personal attention and support is the best part. This tool helps to create your own roadmap to fine tune the entries and exits. Now I can pull the trigger more confidently.
Dec 10, 2017
I use it with Elliot Wave Analysis. Love it.
Dec 09, 2017
I am currently leasing the Drummond Energy Bands and am very happy with the product and service although I would like to upgrade to the newer version. The energy bands are extremely good at helping find entry points as well as overbought and oversold conditions.
Dec 08, 2017
AXE-GPS software provides an amazingly accurate method of predicting future movement of price. If order flow is cutting edge, this is even better. This software actually enables you to forecast whether price will move up or down. Another innovation they have created is the GPS and GPS2 indicators. These indicators actually print a series of numbers on your screen which quantify the upwards and downwards motive forces which drive price up or down. You are able to see at a glance, whether you should be long or short. The software gives clear entries and exits. The creator, Charles Drummond and JB, who runs the company now are a great team. Charles continues to make amazing advances in development and programming, and JB, as moderator in the trade room provides detailed explanations of what you might expect to happen next, and how price interacts with the software. JB is always willing to go the extra mile in providing answers and help to anyone who asks. It is obvious that both Charles and JB want you to succeed, because they are so patient and helpful, and are always ready to share the knowledge they have acquired over years, trading in the markets. This is definitely the best software and support team I have even seen. Rating is 10 out of 10
Dec 08, 2017
I am a beginning trader and have studied a myriad of approaches to trading the markets but never felt comfortable using their direction. This system is unique and the accompanying educational materials are excellent, brief and to the point. JB is very good in his teaching of the concepts and when he says that he is accessible, it's the truth. He has been very prompt to answer questions concerning both the market and software maintenance. I am very grateful to both Charles Drummond and JB Wells both for their time and effort in sharing this method and mindset.
Dec 06, 2017
The markets represent a flow of energy and VEA allows one to decipher the flow. It also provides an area for targets and stops. I believe that attending the Analyst Room daily for at least one month is essential.
Dec 06, 2017
I believe the products and education provided by Charlie and JB to be exceptional. Anyone one from a novice to a seasoned trader can get great value from DEB. Every trader needs a plan that provides value entry points with targets and stops. It doesn't matter if you're a short, medium or long term trader, a plan with positive results can be constructed with DEB's product. As a bonus you will get tremendous service and professionalism from this group.
Dec 05, 2017
Life is about risk.Life is risk.The challenge is not to avoid risk,but to embrace and
manage it. The secret to success as a trader,IMO, is to find a very low risk method
to enter the markets,and learn to wait.This is such a method. People who use less
information, but in a focused way can be more productive than those with a lot of
information whose emphasis is on knowledge and not on results.

Tim M.
Dec 03, 2017
VEA gives you very specific and objective entry and exit points, whether you join the trend or fade the market. JB provides great support. I would highly recommend it!
Dec 02, 2017
I would recommend the AXE-GPS live program to anyone that would like to have a business as a trader. This is your road map of the markets and can be your road map to your success. The method gives you a clear path to entries, exits, stops, even when to add on, not to mention the anticipated step in the markets. JB is an exceptional mentor, he is always there to answer any questions, or even for simple advice. The theories based on Charles Drummond creation, reveling the realities of the price movement in the markets, worked in the past, present and will work in the future, as long as the markets exists. I consider this program the last stop in your carrier as a trader. Emil Sorescu, Florida.
Nov 29, 2017
After discovering VEA I have not bothered to waste any more time seeking out other trading systems. JB is an excellent instructor who ties together the report information with the real time live sessions. I found the session instruction to be key to speed up one's understanding of how to use the system. Being a previous DEB owner would have liked to have seen some more cross checking with the base system bands to add perspective.
Nov 28, 2017
After trying just about every methodology out there over the past 15 years, I came across Drummond Energy Bands about two years ago, and have been using this methodology ever since. The AXE software has completely transformed my trading as well as how I view the markets, as it allows you to see the structure behind the market; it allows you to consistently enter at the turning points as price exhausts; and it allows you to set extremely tight stop loss levels, greatly reducing your risk.

While it does take some time to become comfortable with the methodology and to learn the nuances of the patterns, that is true of any professional-level trading methodology. What really sets the Drummond methodology apart is that you have at your disposal a huge amount of information that is not available with conventional charts or methodologies. Once you have an understanding of that information, you can either use it to trade exhaust patterns as price starts to change direction, or find support areas to join the trend.

JB is a fantastic trader and an incredibly responsive and insightful teacher/coach. He is also extremely honest and open about both his profitable and unprofitable trades in his trading room, allowing those of us in the room to not only learn how to trade, but how to effectively deal with being human and making the inevitable mistakes that occur during the heat of the trading day. And Charlie Drummond is a legendary trader who has developed a unique trading methodology which he has perfected and simplified over decades to create charts that are not only a work of art, but are unbelievably accurate at showing hidden areas of support and resistance, as well as turning points on any time frame. He has simplified very complex algorithms and recurring geometric patterns into an interface that anyone can learn how to use and become profitable with. Y
Nov 28, 2017
I have been using Drummond energy bands AXE software for a year and Iam satisfied with the product but Iam still hoping to make financial gains from it. I feel that I may be having issues of not using the right time frame for my decisions also since Iam not able to get realtime data feed Iam mostly relying on inputing the data by hand .The concept and theory is very clear but making buy and sell decisions in real time can at times be psychologically difficult and taxing. Iam considering
whether I should go for the GPS live which would make trading decisions simpler.
Nov 27, 2017
The software developed by Charles Drummond is the best trading software I've ever seen by far. It doesn't get any better than boiling trading down to an objective number and simple patterns. The room is great as JB shows you how to implement the software into practice every day. It is a unique opportunity to sit with a real trader who does it for a living. I also greatly appreciate all of the hard work JB puts into the videos and training. The company is super responsive, operates with integrity and are just good people. I would highly recommend Drummond Energy Bands to anyone whether a new trader or a veteran looking for a new system.
Nov 27, 2017
For the past three months I have had very limited access and time to the internet so I have not have enough exposure to the room and to trade. No matter the software, support and everything else is excellent. JB professionalism and dedication is unparalleled
Nov 27, 2017
i believe what they offer is some of the best work out there.
Nov 27, 2017
Its great software. Its gives amazing results. On top of it JB Wells gives great solutions to answers without getting tired, no matter how many times you ask the questions.
Nov 21, 2017
I rely on this software to show the market's "intentions". Nothing else I have ever looked at indicates a reversal or continuation so accurately.
About Drummond Energy Bands
We are an educational trading company that uses crowd geometry from the 1960's invented by Charles Drummond. In 2015 Drummond simplified his geometry into Visual Energy Analysis (VEA) making things simpler to understand. In 2017 JB Wells created AXE GPS Live to further the trading and teaching process. We have traders in 44 countries world wide.
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