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Jan 10, 2019
Easy to use for those who don't know CSS or anything fancy. Good variety of tools available, and was easy to customize and embed in our website (SquareSpace).
Jan 10, 2019
Super easy to use and implement!
Jan 10, 2019
I have not had any problems at all, it’s user friendly and I am not tech savvy at all !
Jan 10, 2019
I love Cognito Forms! They gave us a great solution for order placement through our website. It's easy to edit the forms! I also enjoy that I hit save and the form is updated in real time! Tracking is also easy. Thank you Cognito Forms!
Jan 10, 2019
I love Cognito Forms!! It was so easy to create my own forms for my small business. The clients love that They can just fill everything out right online. It makes it very convenient and super simple!
Jan 09, 2019
Very flexible and easy to use with a comprehensive range of tools.
Jan 09, 2019
Dear Jennifer, I would like to express my happiness I have these possibility to use platform COGNITOFORMS in preparing and managing forms of our Parish Office. This is very helpful knowing that representatives are effectively at our request to share the knowledge on regular basis in creating and finding the quick resolution for issues arising in my case especially with logical conditional statements. Conditional logical processing in created forms and easy intuitive approach give much satisfaction in necessary productivity in service of our community ( Using COGNITOFORMS We save much time in our work which is more professional. Thank you very much. Leszek Wiecaszek
Jan 09, 2019
Extremely easy to use and make forms with. Very enjoyable experience!
Jan 09, 2019
Coming from Typeform and Survey Monkey, Cognito forms is a breath of fresh, logical air.

Performance is a bit weak, with rather excessive lag and slow loads on forms, the builder, even the UI. It should not take more than 1 whole second to gather all the components to render a form. The UI is far too spacious and lacks a dark mode. Seriously, I don’t want to stare into the sun for hours as I build a form.

The interface is a bit wonky, with a side-control that doesn't scroll independently of the main form layout making it easy to lose your place for some of the more involved field controls. Field control overlays get in the way and obscure field names. Copy and paste is a great feature, but is both limited and powerful at the same time. You can only copy one object, but if you move several objects into a section, you can technically copy as many (theoretically) as you want.

The lack of styling control (forced embedding) is annoying. It wouldn’t be difficult for CF to implement a custom CSS block so that users could add their own fonts, styles, etc. It would be great for adding classes that can differentiate similar sections, headings, groups, etc.
Styling should be available in the Help Text property of fields. Color, bold, underline, etc. are all useful for conveying meaning to users.

The lack of structural control is appalling. Not everything fits in a broken flex grid. Sometimes tables work amazingly well. Push and pull functionality would help, but doesn’t cover all flow needs. I should not need to build a table in Photoshop just to include one in my form.

CF lacks a lot of control, like the ability to password protect a form (out of the box, without building a “security system” into the form manually). Some arbitrary restrictions are placed on things like radios where you can’t specify 3 column layout until your field is over 1/2 the grid width, even with very short radio labels. Many UI/theme kits offer button groups for checkbox and radio fields—bootstrap and jquery ui come to mind.
Jan 09, 2019
just email the entire damn message instead of making us log in!
Jan 09, 2019
Nice interface, good offering.
Only functionality I miss is delayed sending of confirmation emails (avoids people using throwaway email addresses).
Jan 09, 2019
I find Cognito to be quite powerful and is integrated into multiple systems on our school website. We use it for basic contact forms, all the way through complicated summer camp signup forms, catering to multiple attendees registering for multiple camps. Of course, no system can do everything you want, but Cognito gets close to it for my needs.

The company is open to suggestions and ideas, and their technical support is great.
Jan 09, 2019
Building the form and publishing works pretty well and is pretty straightforward. I've had one glitch, where I can't seem to change the country (it comes up as US by default for my clients when they enter their address). I would rate Cognito higher if it was easier to copy (and paste) directly from the entries instead of having to create a PDF first.
Jan 09, 2019
Love the product and the support has been amazing!
Jan 09, 2019
It's made my business life 100% easier... Customer bookings fully automated!
Jan 09, 2019
It just works! We have tried other form solutions but Cognito is the easiest to use and has been a great addition to our business.
Jan 09, 2019
Easy to use and looks great.
Jan 09, 2019
I love the forms. They aren't the easiest to make but they are the easiest to use, and that's where it counts.
Jan 09, 2019
The platform is extremely versatile and if you've got a mind geared towards systems - you can get the platform to do what whatever you need it to.
My only complaint is that the automated number displayed with the commas in between the numbers, ie. 1,234. I use the Number as an automated number and I would the ability to remove the comma if need be.

A part from that - I love the system - it is awesome.
Jan 09, 2019
So far so good. No issues at the moment, took some time to get used to the software.
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Cognito Forms enables you to collect and manage data online - without having to know code or hire third-party programmers. Easily make great looking forms for all devices - even complex forms with calculations, multiple pages and conditional fields. Use it for sales forms, IT service requests, HR functions and more. HIPAA-compliant plans available for healthcare providers.
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