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Richard W
Verified Buyer
Stellar B-category
Mar 04, 2020
It's a good bike. There are various "tweaks " I would like to see.
1. I have to access my "speed" settings from my iPhone which is not always convenient , a small button on the handlebars would be most useful. On my Raleigh I am accessing speed control all the time
2. The spray painting is not of good quality and easily scratched . I also have a Raleigh Modus where the paint is much more resilient .
3. The gear change is great and the bike is much lighter than the Raleigh.
Olivier S
Verified Buyer
Stout B-category
Mar 01, 2020
Beautiful Bike, feels solid, not too heavy.
Only Problem is that app is not working well with Bike and Phone so i can only see total time and top speed and No other recorded parameters. I have a Samsung s10 Android phone.
So at this time the app is useless for me. I contacted support several times and they said app team would work on this. I would like an extra battery charger but they are suite expensive.
Rob C
Verified Buyer
Stellar B-category
Feb 28, 2020
I am pleased with the bike meant as a birthday present for my wife. I am familiar with the Ampler bike i own allready one my self sinds one year. No further praise necessery. best regards Rob C
Gregg B
Verified Buyer
Feb 25, 2020
I love it! Very easy to build, fast delivery and smooth ride.
Liis D
Verified Buyer
Feb 23, 2020
I am having so much fun in daily commuting with bike now, especially when going uphill with no effort. I gave up using public transport. Customer service is quick to reply, I had a question on how to attach the front reflector and they sent me a picture immediately.
mona d
Verified Buyer
Feb 15, 2020
Overall liked it until after less than a month it is started not charging anymore.... Hopefully they will be able to fix that for me real fast!
Size S is slightly too big for me. If you measure less than 160, then Ampler is definitely not for you. A size XS would be welcome.
Awesome to go uphill but frustrating downhill or on flat, you can't go fast even if you push hard...
Otherwise it is beautiful, not too heavy.
Art A
Verified Buyer
Feb 14, 2020
In the end of prev. year I felt need for a commutation vehicle between work (~15km) - Ampler Curt belt drive is the right tool to do the job:
- it is well functional even now during mild winter - I have tested it up to by -10°C ( there is no bad weather, ...)
- it needs low maintenance - mainly cleaning the frame parts
- last but not least - it looks cool ;)

So, I'm very satisfied with my choice!
Keep up good work, Ampler team! :)
Madis P
Verified Buyer
Feb 09, 2020
Love it :)
Sören R
Verified Buyer
Feb 08, 2020
Cooles Rad, ich bin schwer zufrieden mit meiner Wahl.
Schön leicht, sehr gute Fahreigenschaften, gute Komponenten. Nur die Pedalen waren für meinen Geschmack minderwertig, da sehr rutschig.
Summa summarum: ich würde es wieder kaufen. Danke.
PS: habe B-Ware gekauft und weiß bis jetzt nicht was an dem Rad nicht stimmen soll - vielleicht bezog sich das aber auch nur auf die Pedalen.
kurt f
Verified Buyer
Feb 05, 2020
This is a short review of my experience with Ampler E-bike, model Curt with belt drive.
Is it a good bike? Too early to say. A got a flat after about 250 km. After about 300 km the “smoothness” of biking disappeared and an annoying resistance could be felt especially biking with no motor assistance. I got in contact with their support and started a communication with Rasmus who has several suggestions, however
In the end, Rasmus suggested that the bike should be fixed in Berlin and arranged for a pick-up.
Suddenly, out-of-the-blue, a senior? employee, Triin (who clearly didn’t have read the correspondence with Rasmus), overruled and cancelled the pick-up claiming that the bike can’t brake and it was my pedalling to blame.
Because Rasmus at a time mention a potential problem with an incorrect tension of the belt drive I had the local bike repair guy examine the bike. It turned out the problem was a combination of tight and misalignment of the belt drive. After fixing and calibrating the belt drive transmission the problem is gone. Of note, Ampler does not provide any information (manual, webpage etc) on how to adjust/exchange a belt drive.
Would I recommend the Ampler Curt E-bike? No, I have some concerns about the quality of the bike, but more importantly, I would not trust a company who do not respect/comply to the EU regulations on warranty/consumer guarantee - so no, I would not recommend an E-bike from Ampler.
Ampler Bikes Logo
Response from Ampler Bikes
Feb 06, 2020
Hi Kurt, We are terribly sorry to hear about this negative experience! We are currently expanding our Customer Support staff in order to give our customers the best possible service. Since there are many new employees, sometimes miscommunication may happen. Unfortunately, this was the case with your reported issue and we will do our best to avoid these miscommunication mistakes in the future. In case of any regular bike problems (gears, belt tension, brakes etc), based on our experiences, the easiest solution for the customer is to go to a local bike shop and have the problem solved there. Doing it locally is a lot faster and more convenient than shipping the bike back-and-forth to Berlin. In case of Ampler specific problem, we will provide guidance that you can follow, and if needed, we will ship the bike to Berlin and have it fixed there. We’re really sorry about this misunderstanding. We completely understand your disappointment and we’re sorry for this inconvenience. We’re happy to pay the bill from your local bike shop for fixing the belt drive issue - please send it to We hope you will enjoy riding your Curt despite having this negative experience! Best regards, Ampler team
Christina B
Verified Buyer
Feb 03, 2020
Martin E
Verified Buyer
Jan 26, 2020
this bike is really great fun every day. after having had a rather heavy ebike during the last 4 years it is such a relief to handle this lightweight everyday. very well manufactured, smooth and noiseless (even the motor). I upgraded it with the daily necessities like rack, stand and higher handlebars - now it´s perfect for commuting. the only problem is that the bike attracts a lot of attention....needs a hell of a good lock!
Filipe D
Verified Buyer
Jan 20, 2020
Hello, I'm happy with the bike. Super fit, super quality. But the control button is really badly placed. I drive in a hilly city, and I often like to change the mode or without the electric mode. And having to change it only on the application is extremely restrictive. A very simple command on the handlebars or on a higher place on the bike would have been perfect. Or is there not a way to fix this?
Ampler Bikes Logo
Response from Ampler Bikes
Jan 27, 2020
Hi Filipe, Thank you for your feedback and sorry for any inconvenience with the button placement. Your feedback helps us improve our future bikes! The bikes are built to function just as normal bicycles. The idea is that you just switch on the bike and start cycling, without needing to additionally adjust the modes during the ride. However, if you wish to switch between the modes while cycling, the most comfortable way to do this is via the mobile app. You can attach your smartphone on the handlebar and use it as your bike dashboard - change the support modes, navigate, track your rides and switch the lights on and off. I hope this helps a bit! Happy riding, The Ampler team
Werner A
Verified Buyer
Jan 15, 2020
Es ist ein tolles Rad mit fast geräuschloser Unterstützung!
Lieferung war perfekt, Montage super einfach! Ich bin begeistert!
Helgard K
Verified Buyer
Jan 12, 2020
Dear Ampler-Friends, das Rad ist klasse! Mich stört nur, dass der Akku ohne Benutzung Power verliert: im Schuppen stehend bei ca 8 Grad von 90 % auf 74%. Auch die angezeigte noch zu fahrende Kilometer-Leistung stimmt nicht, meistens sind es weniger als angezeigt.
Daniel D
Verified Buyer
Jan 01, 2020
Fast delivery and until now (a few weeks) very happy.
Light, elegant bike that I use mostly without motor.
In the freezing days I do some training indoors with a Tacx setting. It can be used without wheel adapter!
Tauno V
Verified Buyer
Dec 31, 2019
Excellent bike.
Stefan G
Verified Buyer
Dec 27, 2019
Astrid A
Verified Buyer
Dec 23, 2019
Excellent bike. Power for upslope could be improved.
Laurent S
Verified Buyer
Dec 22, 2019
Light, elegant, performant, ideal for Parisian day to day commuting between home and work !
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Ampler is a light electric bicycle for the urban commuter. We are on a mission to solve the urban commuting puzzle of traffic, no parking spaces, sweat-breaking distances and stress. Our light e-bike removes physical barriers, such as hills and wind from cycling, making it more accessible and enjoyable.
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