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Barry H
Verified Buyer
Dec 03, 2019
Very sturdy, yet beautiful looking bike which makes swift work of all the hills where we live. Has renewed my wish to cycle instead of using my car. One very minor thing; on the lock case there is a small black fastening button to hold the cover shut, but it is loosely attached and flies off very easily, it's only a matter of time until it flies off again and cannot be found. Needs securing permanantly on the case?

I have also bought some rear view handle bar mirrors. When travelling at speed on this bike, which is easily done, any attempt to glance behind can be quite dangerous if the wheels hit something in the road. I would suggest that a pair of handlebar rear view mirrors would be a sensible accessory to offer, perhaps even as a provided part of the cycle kit. On roads these days anything that can be done to reduce the hazard of cycle on main roads would be welcome I am sure.

Christiane K
Verified Buyer
Nov 30, 2019
Ich bin super zufrieden - leichtes Handling, tolle Handhabung, schickes Rad. Verbessern könnte man noch die Anbringung des Rücklichtes (an der Sattelstange bei längerer Jacke oder Gepäck nicht gut zu sehen) und der sehr niedrig am Rohr angesetzte "Schaltknopf" - warum nicht 20-30cm höher? Dann wäre die Bedienung während der Fahrt deutlich einfacher/bequemer.
Mir macht das Fahren totalen Spaß damit - bis jetzt (der 1. Sommer mit dem Ampler wird noch kommen) alles gut.
Matthias S
Verified Buyer
Nov 27, 2019
Could use a little bit of power
Matthieu E
Verified Buyer
Nov 26, 2019
Super vélo, finition parfaites
Charles H
Verified Buyer
Nov 24, 2019
Perfect bike.
Sarah P
Verified Buyer
Nov 22, 2019
I love it ! A real joy to ride..
Luca B
Verified Buyer
Nov 20, 2019
I love my Ampler Curt! Easy to ride the ups and downs or my city (Genova - Italia). Great bike also without the electric assistance. Its light weight is one of the most important assets/qualities (even because I live on the 4th floor - no elevator). Easy and fast to recharge the battery. Nice app for the smartphone (I want to buy a phone support because I need and like changing the electric assistance settings quite often while riding - often I want a help just when i'm riding a hill. For now changing settings while riding is slower and less easy than other e-bikes). Not very comfortable on irregular road surface (maybe in the future I will change the saddle with a more comfortable one). Riding experience very responsive and fast. The conclusion is that I LOVE MY CURT! Thanks Ampler
roland l
Verified Buyer
Nov 18, 2019
I line to ride my ampler it is a versatile bike lightweighted and smart ebike. I doesn’t let peiple indefferent when one crosses an Ampler. So use it is to adopt it
Tom D
Verified Buyer
Nov 18, 2019
Nice bike.
Saskia B
Verified Buyer
Nov 17, 2019
This is definitely the best bike I ever had. It gives you a great feeling and freedom and makes you think about the most stupid reasons to go places: Just so that you „have“ to use the bike.
I love it!
Cornelia T
Verified Buyer
Nov 17, 2019
Ein neuer Blick bei kleinen Touren: “Fahr ruhig noch etwas weiter“ schmunzeln.
Andreas H
Verified Buyer
Nov 15, 2019
Das Fahrrad ist spitze. Ich bin super zufrieden, die Motorleistung ist vollkommen ausreichend und entspricht den Angaben. Das Fahrrad lässt sich super fahren, ist wendig und sportlich.
Das leichte Gewicht für ein E-Bike ist sensationell im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen E-Bikes.
Florian S
Verified Buyer
Nov 15, 2019
I really like the bike. It is great to be able to use it as a normal bike, too. The performance is great and it is a lot of fun.
There are two minusses. The pannierrack is much too narrow to put something bigger on there and the backlight would be hidden then. This is not practical and limits the opportunities to use the bike without changing the rack and buying a reserve backlight, wich is a minus at this price point.
Stefan I
Verified Buyer
Nov 14, 2019
Ich benötigte ein Pendler-Fahrrad für die 8 km zur Arbeit und ich kann sagen, dass das Ampler Stout dafür sehr gut geeignet ist!
Der Zusammenbau ist sehr einfach; ein Imbusset wird in einem schicken Kästchen mitgeliefert, man benötigt nur einen Schraubendreher, weil leider die nicht so schönen Reflektoren montiert werden müssen. Man sollte bedenken, dass der sehr große Karton, in dem das Rad geliefert wird, aufbewahrt werden muss, falls es aufgrund eines Defekts eingeschickt werden muss.
Auch ohne Motorunterstützung ist das Rad schon sehr gut zu fahren, weil es leicht und wendig ist. Schaltet man jedoch den Motor hinzu, wird es geradezu himmlisch! Die Automatik arbeitet immer genau richtig und der Motor ist absolut flüsterleise. Genauso habe ich mir ein Pedelec vorgestellt, dass nicht aussieht wie ein Pedelec.
Einziger Schwachpunkt, wie bereits von anderen erwähnt, ist der Lack! Ich benutze normale Fahrradtaschen, und bereits nach der ersten Fahrt ist der Lack am Gepäckträger zerkratzt. Das muss unbedingt verbessert werden!!!
Alles in allem bin ich aber sehr zufrieden mit dem Rad und nutze es jeden Tag!
kenny b
Verified Buyer
Nov 13, 2019
Very good on the whole, bit of a hard ride on some roads. Suggestions:
- adjustable handlebar height
- chain guard, surely essential on commuter bikes?
- built in security system (cf VanMoof)
- option for mirror
- ability to connect an electric horn to the electrical system
- nicer colours for the stout (why not those for stellar too?)
- offer insurance valid in all European countries
Daniel S
Verified Buyer
Nov 11, 2019
Usefull, select and high quality product
Philip F
Verified Buyer
Nov 10, 2019
It quickly become apparent that the Ampler Stout I bought recently is a very good investment. It’s beautifully designed and an extremely practical and durable bike. It’s also a lot of fun to ride and for me the extra assist you get from the electric motor is a game changer. I now use my car significantly less and use my Stout much more because it’s really enjoyable using this bike. Getting outdoors, exercising and reduce my emissions are all taken care of. I imagine using my Stout for years and years to come.
Geert L
Verified Buyer
Nov 09, 2019
Very happy with this bike!
I have it four weeks now and use it for going to work. It is 8 km one way. Since getting it, it is running without any issues.
I like the one button simplicity.
I also bought the lock which also works very good.

I'd recommend it to everyone who is thinking about buying one!!
Ryan W
Verified Buyer
Nov 05, 2019
Love it, best commuter bike I've ever owned.
Daniela S
Verified Buyer
Nov 01, 2019
Ein sehr cooles Fahrrad, das hält was es verspricht. Schön, wenn der an-aus Knopf in Nähe des Lenkers beim Fahren bedienbar wäre.
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Ampler is a light electric bicycle for the urban commuter. We are on a mission to solve the urban commuting puzzle of traffic, no parking spaces, sweat-breaking distances and stress. Our light e-bike removes physical barriers, such as hills and wind from cycling, making it more accessible and enjoyable.
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