Multi-Channel Marketing

Boost performances across search and social with our Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram integrations. Target customers with personalized emails based off their purchase history.

Multi-channel marketing

Choose How, When, and Where to Engage Your Customers

Publish and share your customer content across all social channels, directly through email, and to the Google Shopping Network.

Google Marketing

Increase your online traffic with our Google Shopping Ads, Google Rich Snippets, and Organic Search.

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    Google Shopping PLA

    Enhance Google Shopping Ads to showcase reviews, ratings, and UGC.

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    Google Rich Snippets

    Increase buyer conversion and display aggregated star ratings for your product reviews.

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    Organic Search

    Increase organic Google search ratings and click-through rates with our indexable review widgets.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Share your favorite customer photos, videos, and reviews directly to your social media, and curate existing content on Instagram to display on your site.

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    Leverage Social Cards to Directly Share Reviews

    Use our Social Cards to share your best text-only reviews to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter with the click of one button.

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    Schedule Posts in Advance

    Schedule visual UGC to share on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn using our social management tools.

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    Instagram Curation on Your Site

    Curate UGC from your customer posts on Instagram to directly display on your website.

Email Marketing

Leverage social proof, product recommendations, and personalization to increase engagement with our email marketing tools.

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    Show Off Your Social Proof

    Enhance emails with social proof to drive more engagement, and increase click-through rates on your website.

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    Upsell Your Most Popular Products

    Promote other products by offering recommendations in your TrustSpot emails. Images, prices, and reviews are included for each suggestion you give.

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    Personalization Matters

    Personalize emails with customer-specific data, and create campaigns and custom review flows to optimize the amount of content captured.

Email marketing

Collect More Reviews

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