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Jul 05, 2023

Our sons truly enjoy (and learn from) their lessons with Sree and Anita. They and Rajeshwari have been a pleasure to work with and have helped design curricula tailored to our children and their needs. We look forward to expanding our lessons with them to other subjects and working with them for years to come!

Kathryn Zangrilli

Verified Buyer

Jun 30, 2023

1st ACT Results are in!!! - 35 math - 35 science - 36 Reading ......Need I say more. 1 year of tutoring for the ACT. This was the best investment I could make in my child. Sandeep and his entire team including all of the tutors have been nothing short of exceptional.

Merav Sriram

Verified Buyer

Jun 26, 2023

I had enrolled with eTutorWorld because they were one of the only services that offered tutoring for a variety of different tests including the SCAT which is what I enrolled for. They provided me with various worksheets that were exam-realistic and the tutors were incredibly helpful and were even willing to stay overtime in order to get the content done with. I did well on the test and owe a lot of it to Etutor.


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Jun 23, 2023

very good support


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Jun 22, 2023

My son is being homeschooled and we needed a math tutor. I was so glad to find Shashank who was a wonderful teacher for him. My son needed a no pressure, gentle and friendly approach and Shashank was just perfect, he made my son feel comfortable and relaxed. I am very pleased with his mathematic skills and achievements and we plan to continue next year.

Ami Weissberg

Verified Buyer

Jun 21, 2023

eTutorworld has been the Greatest Educational Experience for my son. He has been using eTutorworld All year long and their teachers are truly amazing. They are the most knowledgeable Teachers I have ever met in mathematics my son is taking the Geometry Regents, Algebra 1 Regents and Algebra 2 Regents and it is truly an amazing educational experience, my son is so confident in his mathematics since working with eTutorworld. Their summer program is also amazing and you can use it to fill in any gaps as we did last summer and have a solid base for the upcoming school year. They also have an extraordinary SAT Prep Course too. Look no further they have an amazing system set up for your child’s educational needs for success.

coco wei

Verified Buyer

Jun 14, 2023

so far so good!


Verified Buyer

May 31, 2023

I appreciate Rajat and his team for taking the team to work with us. We were able to assess how we felt about the program with a free session and signed up immediately. We are looking forward to great things!

Connie Curtis (Layla's grandmother)

Verified Buyer

May 22, 2023

My granddaughter has had a wonderful experience with etutorworld. Her tutor worked with her prealgebra and she ended up with a 95%. Her tutor was supportive and very knowledgeable.

Sandra Rollinson

Verified Buyer

May 01, 2023

Great Service, the girls love their tutor and asked for more lessons! Awesome online support !


Verified Buyer

Apr 29, 2023

Our daughter was struggling completing her math work and etutorworld has made all the difference. She enjoys working with her instructor and has deepened her understanding of the material. Her instructor's knowledge and teaching ability has made the class enjoyable as well as very effective. Thank you!


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Apr 28, 2023

Excellent Teacher! Ms. Ranjita is a talented tutor. She has been tutoring my son in Math and English for 3rd and 4th grade. She can explain the material well and can explain many ways to solve math problems and teaches different writing styles and grammar. She is very pleasant to work with and she keeps her lessons effective, engaging and fun. My son received an award for Academic Excellence in 4th grade. Management and administrative staff at eTutorWorld are committed to great service and very friendly. Especially Rajat and Sandeep have been very helpful and prompt with all my requests. They work with you to meet you child’s education needs. I highly recommend them for helping your child without putting any pressure on them. -BT

Pradhita Voore

Verified Buyer

Apr 21, 2023

Ms. Yamini Saini is an amazing tutor. She gives great detail in her answers, provides good explanations whenever I have questions, and listens to my concerns and issues with any math question I have.

Claire C

Verified Buyer

Apr 20, 2023

etutorworld is a great program. The tutors present information clearly and explained problems in a way that made my learning so much easier! I have been getting science tutoring for my APs for the past year and it has helped me tremendously. Scheduling sessions is also very convenient. I would highly recommend this service!


Verified Buyer

Apr 20, 2023

One of the best thing about these classes is that they are one to one, so the entire hour is dedicated to the child and it's more like personalized instruction. Another advantage is these classes are easy to schedule, without worrying about conflicting appointments or commitments as the classes can be scheduled online as and when needed, which is a huge plus. The tutors are always available to answer your questions and flexible to change the instruction according to the student needs. Since starting these classes my child has become much more confident in solving math problems. I have noticed a significant improvement my child's math grades as well. I would highly recommend anyone looking for tutoring classes to give a try with etutorworld.


Verified Buyer

Apr 19, 2023

I started with etutorworld in December 2022 and so far it is going very well. Mr. Mallik is a great tutor! Also, Ms. Rajeshwari is very nice on phone and she was able to find books that my son's teacher is using. Thank You! Mr. Rajat is also helpful.

Kaimana Sripipatana

Verified Buyer

Apr 14, 2023

Great! The tutor made the session interactive, extremely informational, and always ensured that I completely understood the topics before moving on.

Adrian Chan

Verified Buyer

Apr 11, 2023

All the lessons and teachers are very excellent

Aarohi Zaveri

Verified Buyer

Apr 10, 2023

Thanks for the incredible support and effort from the ETutorWorld, our daughter passed the SCAt exam. We would like to thank Anand and Veena for their incredible work and dedication.


Verified Buyer

Apr 08, 2023

Abhirami is excellent tutor. My daughter loves learning from her. Her MAP scores improved with just few sessions