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Verified Buyer

May 27, 2019

Thank you for the tutoring lesson yesterday. It greatly helped in my preparation for my exam.


Verified Buyer

May 24, 2019

My first session was very helpful and I can’t wait for the next one. I absolutely love this program.


Verified Buyer

May 23, 2019

It was a great experience for my son. Thank you.


Verified Buyer

May 23, 2019

We honestly loved your service. A special thanks to your tutor who taught my son Calculus.

Natalie Chueh

Verified Buyer

May 21, 2019

We took the SCAT practice test. The quantitative test contained numerous errors in the grading sheet. Unclear questions, and completely wrong probabilities. I have detailed 5 questions out of 55 that were wrong, and there are probably more to your customer support. Terrible product.

Alex K

Verified Buyer

May 17, 2019

Hubert did an online lesson and my son liked it. How do we find out Huber’s schedule, we want to buy the lesson package. Please call me at 6464567787. Thanks.


Verified Buyer

May 11, 2019

Ms. Abirami is an excellent math teacher Dr. Dubey Pooja's dad


Verified Buyer

May 08, 2019

My benefited a lot from etutorworld! Tutors are very knowledgeable and works at the pace of student.

Ashwani Dhaul

Verified Buyer

May 06, 2019

Your team answered our questions satisfactorily and were very prompt in responding to our calls and requests for scheduling the classes. We feel they could have done slightly better with their instructions on how to set up the EMeeting via Zoom app and provided some more hands-on support in connecting prior to the sessions.

A'hmad Jalloh Jalloh

Verified Buyer

Apr 12, 2019

My first experience with them was very satisfying. My kids seem to love it as the tutor also knows the subject. So far although it's my first session, if it continues as it has started or even get better, my three kids will be with this program through high school.

Alaina Desdunes

Verified Buyer

Apr 02, 2019

So far the experience has been good.

brianna shrull

Verified Buyer

Mar 30, 2019

We greatly appreciate all of the help. Especially the problems she could work on her own during the season to test her understanding. Thank you!

augusto canet

Verified Buyer

Mar 25, 2019

Anand our tutor is doing a great job teaching my 10 year old in a way that is easy to understand and keeps him motivated for the entire hour session. He has successfully completed 2 review worksheets, proving he is learning the new and challenging concepts.

Jakin Jordan-Brangman

Verified Buyer

Mar 25, 2019

Easy to use and website was easy to navigate. So far I am happy with the purchase.

Michael Samuel

Verified Buyer

Mar 13, 2019

etutorworld, have been there to assit my son Michael, with the issues within his academics very quickly And has been very persisitance on assiting him,thank you etutorworld

Sam gupta

Verified Buyer

Feb 19, 2019

I bought the SCAT Practice Tests for my son appearing for Intermediate Level for the CTY-JHU. The practice tests helped him to clear his concepts and manage his time as well. Thanks a lot eTutorWorld.

Neelam Agnani

Verified Buyer

Feb 16, 2019

This is an amazing program that has helped my son learn so much. His grades have been going up and I love the schedule and how flexible every tutor is.

Pranav S

Verified Buyer

Feb 09, 2019

Ease of learning from their tutors and quality/reliability of service offered by them

Leo Kong

Verified Buyer

Feb 07, 2019

It was very helpful for scat preparation

Gia Puri

Verified Buyer

Feb 06, 2019

Great job. Kids loved having the extra support