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Diana Benedicto-Jimenez

Verified Buyer

Feb 23, 2021

Etutorworld is the best! Their staff and tutors are excellent. I really enjoyed learning straight from the first trial lesson. I bought a package right away! Would highly recommend.

Anelys Torres

Verified Buyer

Feb 22, 2021

Ms. Sharpa is an amazing tutor, my daughter has learned so much in a few days I don't even have the words to describe my appreciation, this tutoring site is worth every penny.. Thank you eTutorWorld for having excellent tutors to help our children, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Tyron Lai

Verified Buyer

Feb 21, 2021

Overall, I think that my learning has been great with etutorworld. The website was easy to navigate, booking a lesson was easy, and I was able to listen to the lesson recordings after each lesson.

Alysse Nazaire

Verified Buyer

Feb 09, 2021

that was a great experience

Elias Garcia

Verified Buyer

Feb 07, 2021

I am very happy with the tutoring my son receives through etutorworld. He was falling behind in reading and I have seen so much improvement. My tutor is patient and warm. It is a wonderful service. Thank you.

Daniel Zhang

Verified Buyer

Feb 01, 2021

The teacher is good at teaching. Clear and logical.

Calvin Weiner

Verified Buyer

Jan 27, 2021

Excellent session today. The lesson was engaging as well as informative. My son really enjoys learning with eTutor.

Dalia Shulman

Verified Buyer

Jan 20, 2021

Excellent tutoring session. Very easy to connect and schedule. I appreciate the flexibility. The tutor was excellent with my son.

Gregory Spyropoulos

Verified Buyer

Jan 19, 2021

So far we are so pleased!!!! Staff is experienced and willing to help!!!

Sania Phillips

Verified Buyer

Jan 13, 2021

My daughter's tutor is great, she really helped her understand her homework better.

Prachet Damani

Verified Buyer

Jan 12, 2021

Great tutors and experience working with eTutorWorld. I was very impressed with our tutor. She was very patient and in tune with my son’s emotions. She went at his pace and was enthusiastic yet calm presence. The experience met my expectations and the tutor was friendly and patient and professional. The website is user friendly and organized and prices are reasonable.

Amitesh Senthilkumar

Verified Buyer

Dec 30, 2020

It was really good, wish I could go back and see my tests though. All the tutors I've learned from are really great!


Verified Buyer

Dec 10, 2020

Hi, I was wondering if there is sheet or homework can share it with my sone. Thanks Nagha

Nehad Fattah

Verified Buyer

Dec 09, 2020

I want to thank etutorworld for being so accommodating. A quick email resolved scheduling limitations. My son and I really love your service.

Laila Anderson

Verified Buyer

Dec 08, 2020

Just getting started but very pleased so far.

Aaliyah Salami

Verified Buyer

Dec 07, 2020

Flexible to accommodate your needs and patient with the kids. Will update my review after further experience.


Verified Buyer

Nov 30, 2020

Tutor was knowledgeable and explained well


Verified Buyer

Nov 23, 2020

The kids loved the tutors and said they were very easy to understand

Morenike Allen

Verified Buyer

Nov 22, 2020

Mr Anan was thorough and engaging.We are pleased with the session.

Emma Tartarelli

Verified Buyer

Nov 18, 2020

Very good and clear explanations, good examples were used and very straight to the point