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Polly M

Verified Buyer

Nov 26, 2022

Love this supplement! It helps my skin stay on an “even keel” from big breakouts.

Stephanie E

Verified Buyer

Nov 23, 2022

Quick and easy. Great.

Jeanne S

Verified Buyer

Nov 22, 2022

I have ordered multiple products from VitaMedica and enjoyed the results from each of them. Very simple process to order and no issues with any of them.


Verified Buyer

Nov 22, 2022

Noticeable difference in energy levels!

Allan M

Verified Buyer

Nov 21, 2022

Good experience


Verified Buyer

Nov 13, 2022

Not sure yet how well product will work so unable to give fair review.

Martha S

Verified Buyer

Oct 20, 2022

It was great

Stephanie S

Verified Buyer

Oct 18, 2022

I choose to be a continued customer because VitaMedica invests in quality products to help my quest of self-care and better health!

Veronica D

Verified Buyer

Oct 17, 2022

love the product

Christina L

Verified Buyer

Oct 08, 2022

I wanted to try fish oil for a while and saw this brand was recommended by dermatologists, so I decided to go for it and it's one of the best purchases I've made this year. I usually struggle with swallowing pills but this one is so easy!

Pamela H

Verified Buyer

Oct 04, 2022

I’ve used vitamedica products for decades now and would use any other product. The vitamins have kept me healthy all these years!

Kathy E

Verified Buyer

Sep 09, 2022

I was given your Clinical Repair vitamins by my doctor before a scheduled surgery. I took them two weeks before and two weeks after the procedure. I remarked at a follow up appointment that I really liked them, that I thought my skin looked better and I just felt better in general. Your Anti Aging vitamins were recommended to me, by my doctor, to take on a daily basis so that is what I am doing. I like that the vitamins are in a morning and night packet and so far, I am very happy with them. I have signed up for your monthly refills to be sent to me because your price is better than what I can buy them elsewhere.

Frances A

Verified Buyer

Sep 08, 2022

I recently ordered from VitaMedica and I ham very pleased. The shipment was received from across the country in just a matter of days and I have no complaints or concerns about the quality of medications.

Diane B

Verified Buyer

Aug 18, 2022

I am very happy with these vitamins, they are a good grade, my 2 issues are they are large pills to swallow, I'm don't good with large pills, Also I have so many boxes, I need to put a hold on them for a while and I don't know how to do that. Any help would be apprecciated.i

Raquel R

Verified Buyer

Aug 17, 2022

Great quality vitamins! I noticed the difference within 2 weeks. I had less hair fall and improvement in my skin!

geri a

Verified Buyer

Aug 11, 2022

Very helpful

Susan E

Verified Buyer

Aug 09, 2022

Great shopping experience.Website easy to use. Shipping and delivery easy and on time!

Brenda K

Verified Buyer

Aug 05, 2022

Great products

Christina C

Verified Buyer

Aug 01, 2022

My surgeon recommended using this post surgery and this product is worked wonders!

Sarah E

Verified Buyer

Jul 28, 2022

I love their supplements. I take Energy Support, Clear Skin, and Phyto5. I've noticed a visible improvement in my skin, mostly the reduction in acne breakouts. In fact, when I forget to take the CS one, the acne comes back. I love it, it's the only thing that works for my face. I've tried creams, serums, spot treatments, all of it... The pills are a miracle. Energy Support as well, it's a great addition and I do feel the difference between when I do and don't take it.