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Brian C

Verified Buyer

Dec 03, 2022

Worked well very difficult to get the bag to vacuum tho.

Steve S

Verified Buyer

Nov 26, 2022

I’m a first time user so haven’t tasted results yet but up to this point everything’s been easy to follow and there was plenty of knowledgeable help if I had questions

Darian D

Verified Buyer

Nov 15, 2022

This couldn’t have been easier! The online videos they offered were a tremendous help for an over-thinker such as myself. The Picanha I dry aged came out extremely well 👌 I’m holding off on buying a charcuterie bag, but this is my next endeavor. Can’t recommend this kit enough!


Verified Buyer

Nov 03, 2022

No problems Good recipes. Easy

Joseph C

Verified Buyer

Nov 01, 2022

Makes curing meat so easy!

Michael M

Verified Buyer

Oct 29, 2022

I have to admit there was quite a bit of trepidation on my part as to the quality of job these bags would do. My first standing rib roast was a little over 15 pounds, $300 prime subprimal cut from a specialty supplier in Tennessee. It came out of the UMAi bag at 10-1/2 pounds after 35 days. I lost 2 pounds to pellicle, so approximately 32% of the roast to the aging process and 45% total loss. I cooked a regular steak from the same supplier and included a bite of that with each of my dry aged steaks. Boys night had a total of eight guys and everyone agreed the taste was much better and it was the best steak they ever had in their life.

Vincent M

Verified Buyer

Oct 27, 2022

Works great!

Paul M

Verified Buyer

Oct 25, 2022

This is my first trial I did a 5lb batch of pepperoni, a 5lb batch of soppressata, and prosciutto it has a couple more weeks to go yet and the sausages need to loose about another ounce or two they have been in 4 weeks.all three show miner traces of white mold spots which they say are normal. As for the taste I'll let you know when they are completely dry.

John L

Verified Buyer

Oct 16, 2022

As advertised. I aged a choice ribeye for 40 days and it turned out just like every video I watched on YouTube. Hands down the best steak I've ever had. Thanks Umai Dry!!

Michael C

Verified Buyer

Oct 09, 2022

This waa awesome. Will definitely be doing this again

Tom S

Verified Buyer

Oct 03, 2022

Very easy to understand directions and appears to be very good product. have 3 different salumi and 5 charcuterie roasts on and 2 chunks of pork belly started. Will let you know how everything turns out for Christmas

Christopher C

Verified Buyer

Sep 25, 2022

Fantastic product, worked exactly as advertised. Customer support was also great. Very prompt and helpful.

Arnon R

Verified Buyer

Sep 19, 2022

its a difficult to sill the bags

james m

Verified Buyer

Sep 01, 2022

Good trial for one small slice dry aged for 14days, it’s turn out beautiful, taste really good👍🏾

Ethan T

Verified Buyer

Sep 01, 2022

My first attempt was a 30 day beef tenderloin. I know that it's longer than suggested but it came out great! It definitely concentrated the earthy, beefy flavor. I am a believer!

Robert P

Verified Buyer

Aug 31, 2022


Allen L

Verified Buyer

Aug 23, 2022

First attempt at making dry salami. Was nervous at first given some of the things I had read. The UNAi kit took away most of the worry. A trial making venison salami, with the Salumi spice blend turned out okay. Using my smoker cabinet I started the process but was concerned when the casings were filling with liquid. I moved them to a small fridge and within the month reached the target weight on all. Wanting to get a dryer salami, I have reserved 2 that I continue to monitor and dry. Looking forward to my next trial.

Greg B

Verified Buyer

Aug 22, 2022

I'm sold on Dry aging Meat with UMAi. Charuterie is underway, in a few months I'll know the results.

alex k

Verified Buyer

Aug 06, 2022

been making all kinds of salami and having great luck. everything has come out great have a capicola going few more weeks and I am sure it will turn out like the salami great .so happy I found UMAI

Andrew S

Verified Buyer

Jul 28, 2022

First time trying cured sausage and it went well. The tastes are good but the only thing is the videos and written instructions have different types of ingredients and amounts. So it was confusing but learned a few things so should go smoothly next time.