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Yousef D

Verified Buyer

Jul 12, 2022

I really like the concept of UMAi Dry, its a cheap and high quality way to dry age meats. The only issue I had was sealing the bag. I got around this issue by using the submersion method with zip-ties to close the bag. It worked great. Will do it again

Mevan P

Verified Buyer

Jul 11, 2022

Did a 35 Day dry aged prime rib and it was just fantastic

chris b

Verified Buyer

Jul 03, 2022

The hardest part is the waiting, so much waiting but it will be worth it in the end.

Tony N

Verified Buyer

Jun 23, 2022

I used these bags for a prime rib and brisket. Both weighed around 14 lbs each. I used the immersion method and dry aged both for 30 days. The results were spectacular. I never received so much positive feedback.


Verified Buyer

Jun 14, 2022

Excellent results 28 day Dry aged prime ribeyes earn rave reviews from everyone I serve

Alexandru B

Verified Buyer

Jun 10, 2022

So far no result, the bags are impossible to vacuum as polimer is not that good on adhesing, and frankly speaking I am regreting I bought that many based on youtube reviews, now I doubt they were hones and not payd by you...

Response from UMAi Dry

Jun 10, 2022

Hello, Alex. We are very sorry to hear that you are experiencing frustration with the sealing. It is a common first time user error. Please understand that UMAi Dry® bags do not require a perfect vacuum seal. The membrane will stick to the moisture on the meat, and you can simply twist and tie the bag closed, if you find it difficult to vacuum seal. UMAi Dry genuinely works. We have strong reviews because we have a a true product. Please give it a chance. This video may help:

Perry F

Verified Buyer

Jun 04, 2022

I have used the 30, 50, & 70 Cure Casings and they work great.

Chengguang X

Verified Buyer

May 31, 2022

The result is awesome! Will come back for sure!

Calin S

Verified Buyer

May 28, 2022

Excellent product, I aged NY strips for 36 days. The result was amazing, it might be that this product beats some classic dryage specialized equipment, I like that the water loss is gradual and the steak is very moist. great product and I will explore others items Umai have.

Michael S

Verified Buyer

May 16, 2022

Great product! Have aged 2 NY strip loins, 2 Ribeye roasts, and currently have a 20 pound brisket going. Choice cuts seem like prime after aging! Tenderizes and intensifies the flavor of the meat. Highly recommended!

Bernadette C

Verified Buyer

May 10, 2022

I made bacon/pancetta and it came out perfect. I am excited to try other products from UMAI.

Rohn R

Verified Buyer

May 08, 2022

Not sure how I feel

martin z

Verified Buyer

May 03, 2022

I’m not sure what’s better the product or the customer service. I’ve been extremely well taken care of and I love the results I’m getting.

anthony v

Verified Buyer

Apr 28, 2022

Great product easy to use.

Jamie G

Verified Buyer

Apr 27, 2022

Works great!

Alvaro F

Verified Buyer

Apr 26, 2022

The ribeye that I dry aged for 45 days looked amazing, as a traditional dry aged one, however it was not so much intense in flavor as the traditional dry aged meat in chamber.

Keith C

Verified Buyer

Apr 26, 2022

Great product, have used it numerous times for dry aging steak and making capicola. Strongly reccomend!

Anthony A

Verified Buyer

Apr 23, 2022

Product is of good quality. It's also a lot of fun to use. Trying Aged steaks to peperoni.

jeffrey w

Verified Buyer

Apr 21, 2022

Works as it should, will never wet age again!

Max E

Verified Buyer

Apr 19, 2022

I dry aged a 22 lb Prime Rib Roast for 45 days, and the steaks came out incredible. Very easy process with top quality results.