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John H

Verified Buyer

Dec 27, 2022

40 day dry aged ribeyes out of this world. Bags were easy to use - next bag going in the frig this week.

Chris R

Verified Buyer

Dec 22, 2022

Makes dry curing meat simple!

Stanley D

Verified Buyer

Dec 20, 2022

Excellent overall experience!

Dennis M

Verified Buyer

Dec 19, 2022

Pepperoni was just done today, it turned out better than expected.

Aaron M

Verified Buyer

Dec 19, 2022

Great experience. First try was very successful.Will use again

Lyla H

Verified Buyer

Dec 11, 2022

Made a NY Strip roast using the UMAi bag, followed the directions.....and this was the most unexciting hunk of meat that I have ever tasted. Granted there are variables to be taken in to could have just been a crappy roast that was purchased. I found it to be tasteless, and a bit chewier....I was expecting concentrated flavors. I will try it again, as this process was an experiment.

Marc-Olivier M

Verified Buyer

Dec 04, 2022

Excellent product

Brian C

Verified Buyer

Dec 03, 2022

Worked well very difficult to get the bag to vacuum tho.

Steve S

Verified Buyer

Nov 26, 2022

I’m a first time user so haven’t tasted results yet but up to this point everything’s been easy to follow and there was plenty of knowledgeable help if I had questions

Darian D

Verified Buyer

Nov 15, 2022

This couldn’t have been easier! The online videos they offered were a tremendous help for an over-thinker such as myself. The Picanha I dry aged came out extremely well 👌 I’m holding off on buying a charcuterie bag, but this is my next endeavor. Can’t recommend this kit enough!


Verified Buyer

Nov 03, 2022

No problems Good recipes. Easy

Joseph C

Verified Buyer

Nov 01, 2022

Makes curing meat so easy!

Michael M

Verified Buyer

Oct 29, 2022

I have to admit there was quite a bit of trepidation on my part as to the quality of job these bags would do. My first standing rib roast was a little over 15 pounds, $300 prime subprimal cut from a specialty supplier in Tennessee. It came out of the UMAi bag at 10-1/2 pounds after 35 days. I lost 2 pounds to pellicle, so approximately 32% of the roast to the aging process and 45% total loss. I cooked a regular steak from the same supplier and included a bite of that with each of my dry aged steaks. Boys night had a total of eight guys and everyone agreed the taste was much better and it was the best steak they ever had in their life.

Vincent M

Verified Buyer

Oct 27, 2022

Works great!

Paul M

Verified Buyer

Oct 25, 2022

This is my first trial I did a 5lb batch of pepperoni, a 5lb batch of soppressata, and prosciutto it has a couple more weeks to go yet and the sausages need to loose about another ounce or two they have been in 4 weeks.all three show miner traces of white mold spots which they say are normal. As for the taste I'll let you know when they are completely dry.

John L

Verified Buyer

Oct 16, 2022

As advertised. I aged a choice ribeye for 40 days and it turned out just like every video I watched on YouTube. Hands down the best steak I've ever had. Thanks Umai Dry!!

Michael C

Verified Buyer

Oct 09, 2022

This waa awesome. Will definitely be doing this again

Tom S

Verified Buyer

Oct 03, 2022

Very easy to understand directions and appears to be very good product. have 3 different salumi and 5 charcuterie roasts on and 2 chunks of pork belly started. Will let you know how everything turns out for Christmas

Christopher C

Verified Buyer

Sep 25, 2022

Fantastic product, worked exactly as advertised. Customer support was also great. Very prompt and helpful.

Arnon R

Verified Buyer

Sep 19, 2022

its a difficult to sill the bags