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Lawrence Marvaso

Verified Buyer

Jan 24, 2022

Outstanding. Very easy to follow yet detailed and informative. Highly recommended!

Ronald A. Zain

Verified Buyer

Nov 29, 2021

SSGI’s programs prioritize one’s learning from a real-world perspective, underscoring breadth, depth, and application of the material as it relates to the respective topic. As a professional in the continuous improvement, manufacturing, and corporate community, I understand the importance of learning multiple subjects in-order to apply the best methods and tools to ensure the greatest outcome for the organization. Having taken several certifications at SSGI and having worked with personnel from many certifying bodies, I can attest to the quality and structure of the programs offered at this organization. SSGI represents an exemplary platform for personal and professional development.

Wayne Lee

Verified Buyer

Nov 08, 2021

I learned so much from this course! From the way it was presented to the final exam, all I can say is thank you for creating this program. I look forward to completing my Black Belt in 2022!

Allen Holston

Verified Buyer

Oct 06, 2021

I love this course. Its taught me a ton and will make me more valuable to my position. I hope I can always have this course to reference. Great templates also!

Sedrick Bowser

Verified Buyer

Sep 07, 2021

Very well put together! After much research on the different certificates offered, I chose SSGI because of 2 things: -The creator of the course was clearly represented and had experience. -The emphasis on hands-on practical application vs an ambiguous certificate. I believe that where the information on LSS comes from is less relevant as long as you can demonstrate practical application, and this course delivers, ensuring you are comprehending the concepts and giving opportunities for applying them as well. I look forward to continuing on!

Reynaldo Flores

Verified Buyer

Aug 23, 2021

Amazing course, very simple to understand and I will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues

Jody Klann

Verified Buyer

Aug 13, 2021

Convenient and easy to follow. The online yellow belt course was convenient to take the course at my own pace. It was easy to pick up where I left off in the course and the testing method throughout provided excellent feedback to my understanding of the material.

Michael Mills

Verified Buyer

Jul 23, 2021

I just passed my SSGI Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Exam and I'm not only extremely happy but also very impressed with the SSGI curriculum and teaching methodologies. I completed the course after four solid weeks which is in line with the recommended amount of time for completion. The material was clear, concise, and presented in a manner that I was able to understand and retain. Needless to say, I'm continuing my professional development with SSGI and enrolling in the BlackBelt Course today. I anticipate achieving that milestone by the end of the year. Bravo SSGI and keep up the great work! Mike M.

Jaycee Williams

Verified Buyer

Jul 16, 2021

Very transparent and easy concept to grasp. I really appreciate the templates provided. Challenging test but great dictator of knowledge retained.

Eshwara Nidadavolu

Verified Buyer

Jun 24, 2021

Highly satisfied with the structure of the course with attention to detail.

Blake Afolabi

Verified Buyer

Jun 17, 2021

I am loving the flow of the materials and syllabus for this course. It is a lot easier to process the information and retain the information. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking a green belt certification.

Christopher Heckley

Verified Buyer

Jun 07, 2021

Easy course to follow, with lots of actual business stories to relate to the concepts.

Arnold Kern

Verified Buyer

May 31, 2021

The course was very well constructed and it built upon the material covered in the Yellow Belt course. The instructor explains the material in a very clear and common sense manner which put you at ease. The material is well defined and systematic.

Richard Ito

Verified Buyer

May 12, 2021

This course was well organized and presented. Concepts were clearly communicated, and included several case studies to see them in practice. Well done. I enjoyed taking this course very much!

Ricardo Valdivielso

Verified Buyer

May 07, 2021

Highly recommended for those looking to get this important knowledge for any industry. i got both green and black belt and enjoyed both.

Michelle Wells

Verified Buyer

Apr 14, 2021

Very concise, well layered and delivered with relevant examples to clarify the concepts. I think it prepares one well to participate in a project and put these two processes into action.

Angel Rivera-Reyes

Verified Buyer

Mar 29, 2021

Step by Step thorough course. Carefully explained with very good examples. Math calculations and formulas couldn't be better explained.

Christina Nance

Verified Buyer

Mar 12, 2021

Great Introduction. As someone who is new to the methodology, I found that the instruction and implementation of real world scenarios made it easier to understand the topics covered. Thank you!!

John David Hunt

Verified Buyer

Feb 24, 2021

Informative, Well Done! Thank you for composing this course and material. The tools made available are fantastic!

Dave Pattelli

Verified Buyer

Feb 04, 2021

Great job assembling the material and equally important, the videos that accompanied the learning material. Viewing your video for each chapter made the definitions, reasoning and formulas much easier to understand. Thanks! Dave