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Samantha M

Verified Buyer

Jul 14, 2021

Although unable to help me find a loan that worked for me, the agent was patient, kind and realistic while being supportive.

Carmela M

Verified Buyer

Jun 21, 2021


Aleczis P

Verified Buyer

Jun 10, 2021


James K

Verified Buyer

Feb 22, 2021

Very helpful and friendly. very honest great help.

Mike C

Verified Buyer

Jan 13, 2021

Colin was insightful to my needs, pointed me in the right direction and not pushy like other companies. Thank you.

Nancy C

Verified Buyer

Nov 26, 2020

the person that i communicated with was very helpful and took the time to give me good advice on how to increase my credit rating. he is a five star!! As for recommending someone or a friend, well i usually don t get involved in other people s financial business.

Jeremy N

Verified Buyer

Nov 21, 2020

After our email correspondence I feel a little more equipped to deal with my debt problems. Would definitely recommand.

Corvina T

Verified Buyer

Oct 28, 2020

Colin was very nice and helpful with all of my questions!

Anna G

Verified Buyer

Oct 07, 2020

Above and beyond personalized support

Melanie J

Verified Buyer

Sep 08, 2020

This was really helpful to me. He helped me look in detail at many different options available to me and even went above and beyond and described alternative options to those. He asked the right questions that got me to organize and see what my current situation is as a whole. Responses were timely and heartfelt, I really felt like he cared about me rather than just seeing a stranger, a number or a sale. I can even message him still anytime in the future with more questions if I have any. Thank you!

Annette S

Verified Buyer

Aug 27, 2020

Colin help me with his knowledge and customer care attention and attitude. Colin's work with my matter was fast and really left me feeling positive I made the right choice. This is why I am so greatly appreciated. I would recommend Loan Connect immediately to anyone that may need help or looking for help to solve matters. Loan Connect with Colin one is in great hands. Thank you Annette S.

Meagan E

Verified Buyer

Aug 26, 2020

Colin was great

Daniel F

Verified Buyer

Aug 21, 2020

I would like to say that although, I was not approved for any loan, nonetheless the quality of service I received was nothing short of exceptional. I really, REALLY was NOT expecting service at this level from your type of company. Let's be honest, your type of industry is not held in the highest of regards. However, I would like to point out that Mr. Colin Buehler-Buchan was UNBELIEVABLY so helpful. I had to say something. He offered me advice, some direction and most importantly if EVER I was to encounter someone that would need your type of service LoanConnect would be HIGHLY recommended from me. All my expectations were exceeded Mr. Healy. So although, you didn't gain my business you did gain a loyal customer from a referral standpoint - THAT MUCH I can guarantee you. Thanks again for the best quality service ever. I am & have always been in the Customer Service field and this is the type of service I always give to my customers and rarely do I see the same level of service I offer given from others. I think (for the first time) I have been outdone by one of your staff members by the name (as mentioned earlier) Mr. Colin Buehler-Buchan. Great! Great! Great person to have on your team. Can't say enough about him. Adjectives like personable, empathetic, going over and beyond the call of duty, offering every possible solution & assistance he could think of, just to help me out, is so appreciated. I will NEVER forget LoanConnect & Mr. Colin Buehler-Buchan as its representative. Well done sir and thank you much. Regards, Daniel Filion

Rob M

Verified Buyer

Mar 03, 2020

Colin has the best advise and doesn’t hold back from this previous life problems just like me at the moment. It really helped me out and sent me in the right direction. Thank you again for everything

Inna T

Verified Buyer

Jan 27, 2020

I was extremely surprised to receive such personalized service. Colin from Loan Connect really brings the human touch into this difficult process. With his help I was able to see my financial situation clearly. The best part was that he made me feel that I wasn’t alone in this situation. Thank you Colin, keep up the great work!

Keith G

Verified Buyer

Oct 05, 2019

Colin was very helpful in our conversation yesterday. Colin was well spoken an made sure I understood everything

Michelle S

Verified Buyer

Sep 10, 2019

So helpful and understanding and willing to help. You could tell she actually cared. I had called someone else before this call and they were very pushing. I really like who I spoke with today from your company.

Robert H

Verified Buyer

Aug 14, 2019

They like to help ppl to get loans

Lee B

Verified Buyer

Aug 02, 2019

The experience was the best they were very helpful I highly recommend your services thank u

Shaun H

Verified Buyer

Aug 01, 2019

Excellent custome pick a time for the loan advisor to call you and they call you promptly at that time. My loan advisor Colin was very understanding of my situation. I was very satisfied with tthe treatment i received.