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Tuesday Reese

Verified Buyer

Oct 16, 2023

This is hands down one of the best companies I’ve ever dealt with. Customer service is outstanding. They are ready and willing to help with the product knowledge to back it up.

Linda Andrews

Aug 29, 2023

I have used e collars to stop dogs worrying sheep. ( Not my dogs.) However I recently took on a rescue English Pointer X from Spain. She has a VERY high prey drive. Broke through my dog rack and out through the open car window. Took 36 hours to catch her. I bought the educator and trained her to know what it is. Different dog. She can now go off leash in a vast area, comes to call without using the collar majority of the time. Today, for the first time she walked off leash by me, back to the car. Minimum use of the collar on a low setting. (4) Very impressed with the ease of use, well worth the money.

Tricia Bowman

Aug 07, 2023

No go. Sometimes the pups feel the collars, other times not. Sometimes feels it at 14, other times not until you jack it to 70+, which is way to high and hurts em. Collar is tight, can fit 2 fingers between collar and pup, bought the contact points that were recommended for hair type. Collars slip around, even though the 2 finger between is tight. No better then the cheap collars and would really like to send it back for a refund since it doesn't help.

steve fisher

Verified Buyer

Mar 22, 2023

E Collar has tamed one strong spirited australian shepard. W/o it "Domino" would be an inside dog as no fence, canal, war zone, force field, tornado or other act of god can get him to stay where he belongs. His most recent event was a full blown heist with his sheepadoodle sister robbing a Fed Ex truck of Chewy.


Jan 31, 2023

LOVE my Educator. I previously used another brand. I have the Easy Educator, it's less bulky and more options for training. Love the bungee collar--much easier for me to put on and off! I bought my first Educator off Amazon (NOT recommended--please buy straight from Educator site), and when I had trouble with it, customer service from Educator Collars helped me right away and had a new collar in the mail right away!

Kathy Kalayci

Verified Buyer

Dec 21, 2022

Amazing! I work with a 501c3 rescue and a donor gifted us the collar for a very difficult 169 lb Kangal. It’s a gamechanger! Thank you so much for such a great product. Thanks Byron for the help and advice about the fencing as well!

Jimi DePietro

Verified Buyer

Nov 22, 2022

After conducting extensive research on e-collars, I purchased the Educator ET-300 Mini bundle. After watching countless hours of video tutorials and reading several e-collar training books, there was zero doubt in my mind that the ET-300 was the product me. I would personally like to thank Byron for assisting me with my purchase. Byron is a consummate professional with tremendous product knowledge. The exceedingly high degree of customer focus that Byron exhibited was exceptional. He skillfully addressed all of my questions and concerns. Byron brings significant contribution and value to Educator and, to those fortunate enough to interact with him on the subject of e-collar training.

nichole peters

Verified Buyer

Nov 11, 2022

I am giving 5 stars based on customer service the collar I chose doesn’t work for my specific needs and even though I have been hit with a dying family member and a hurricane in the past month they were still friendly and helped me adhere to their return/exchange policy. They didn’t even make me explain why I called a week late, this is by far the best customer service you will receive for a product. Choose a product from them that works for you and their support team will be able to make it work for you.


Verified Buyer

Mar 03, 2021

We recently purchased the Ez 900 for our 6 month old border collie and 7 month old dutch shepherd. Both are highly active and highly distractable pups and we want to be able to have solid off leash reliability with them. After just one session using verbal cue and tone only and following the training suggestion in one of the training videos (separate from the collar) our border collie is already at a 75-80% recall! Our dutchie is at about 60% but still needs leash guidance occasionally as even in a low distraction environment he still finds a distraction 😄. We will continue following the 101 and 201 training series with the collars as we know it is already making a huge difference in our pups!


Verified Buyer

Mar 02, 2021

Great service! Great people! Great product! Thank you!

Neil Miller

Verified Buyer

Jan 12, 2021

I have an Educator 400 series, which was recommended by a dog trainer friend. I have two White Swiss Shepherd dogs and I am sure that many of you with two dogs know, trying to get them to pay attention to you is a challenge especially in difficult situations. We live in the Scottish Borders and our walks are mainly in the surrounding countryside. We have a lot of sheep and sometimes these are free roaming. We also have deer, squirrels, hares and rabbits. So the challenge is to essentially control the dogs prey drive. Using a distance control collar makes this easy. I started off with squirrels and the dogs very quickly learned not to chase them. They now check in with me with a look and just leave them alone. I then moved on to sheep, with the blessing of my local farmers. We had a couple of episodes of chasing, which were halted by the collar, on a level high enough to stop the chase immediately and see an immediate return to me. Basically this was end of story. I now walk regularly through sheep, in the absolute certainty that the dogs will not chase the sheep. I have done the same thing with deer and hares, but don't tend to see these so often, so I can't be absolutely certain that they won't show interest, but I am certain that I can control this quickly and easily. My young dog is also quite nervous and is reactive with other dogs, Again I can now control this well with taps on the collar and low level: this just ensures that she pays attention to me and not the other dog. Recalls and heels are made a breeze with the collar and it is possible to walk along with both dogs at a very acceptable heel without any other lead. I wouldn't do this in a town or other more dangerous situation but this is really only for other people's peace of mind. The Educator has given us a totally stress free life with the dogs, because I know that I can control any undesirable behaviour at a distance. This makes me relaxed and hence my dogs are relaxed.


Verified Buyer

Jan 08, 2021

Grateful for the wonderful customer service from Byron (Myron?). He gave me excellent guidance for figuring out which products would best serve my training needs. Thank you!


Verified Buyer

Nov 19, 2020

I received our E collar super fast after ordering and have been obsessed with it ever since. I’ve seen amazing improvements with my dog’s recall with the help of my dog trainer (I recommend working with a professional if you’re not 100% sure how to properly use the collar). We also ordered a bungee strap that ended up getting lost but luckily we received a refund from Educator Collars. Definitely recommend!

Robin Eales

Verified Buyer

Aug 20, 2020

Today I received another customers E-Collar. Rather a bummer for the both of us really. However; the customer service at E-Collar Tech is over the top helpful!! Everyone I spoke with was extremely helpful in trying to correct this situation. I have always had positive experiences with this company and will continue to purchase their products!!

Patricia Helsley

Verified Buyer

Jul 27, 2019

Im very satisfied with customer service and my new e-collar. I will certainly recommend this collar to friends and family.

Steve Ralph

Verified Buyer

May 01, 2019

The mini educator is a phenomenal tool for helping me get my dogs to "off leash" status. I have one for both my dogs and they work great. Customer service is next to none. Emailed one question in the evening and had an answer within an hour. Definitely a company to business with!

Response from Educator Collars

Jun 14, 2019

Thanks for the wonderful review, Steve!


Verified Buyer

Apr 07, 2019

Our dog trainer used an ecollar and sent it home with us. We use it daily and put it to rugged use - lots of swimming and rolling around in god knows what. It charges faithfully every night and is ready to start a new day faithfully and flawlessly.

Response from Educator Collars

Jun 14, 2019

Awesome! Thanks for the review, Steve!


Verified Buyer

Mar 25, 2019

I have had 3 of the 900ez collars for 5 years. These are the best training collars out there. The quality is phenomenal, plus after 2 year warranty is over, replacement parts are readily available if needed. Someone stole my remote believing it was something else. I replaced the remote without having to spend money on a complete new system. I have replaced the batteries and they continue to work perfectly. Love the bungee collars for long wear comfort plus like the fact you can purchase different color collars, makes knowing which color set fits which dog without burning my brain cells. Quality of collars can’t be beat! Plus! customer service personnel are extremely patient. I had many questions to get my purchase customized to my needs. Thank You!

Response from Educator Collars

Jun 14, 2019

Hi Cathleen, thank you so much for the wonderful review! We love it ;)

Stephenie Clifton

Verified Buyer

Mar 22, 2019

I love your training tools! They are the best that I have seen and I was at a seminar with Jeff Gellman, who introduced me to that collar and it has made a big difference in training and very nice for the dogs to use the tool. Thank you for all that you do!

Response from Educator Collars

Jun 14, 2019

Hi Stephenie, thanks for the great review. We love it!


Verified Buyer

Mar 20, 2019

This product really works and I have tried many to get my dog to stop barking. I am going to work with him on all of the other commands as well. Customer service is exceptional. I had trouble placing my order and they were closed for the day but someone sent me an email to let me know there was a server issue and then they let me know when it was fixed so I could place my order. Great response.

Response from Educator Collars

Jun 14, 2019

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this wonderful review, Donna!