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Johnny Smith

Verified Buyer

Apr 06, 2019

They were quick to solve my issue with my game server.


Verified Buyer

Apr 01, 2019

Great server company. They are large and have a lot of servers, but for some reason their support responds like they only have a few. I think its because they care....The customer service is rapid, polite and helpful. Game switching and backups are easy and fast. They are also cheaper than anyone else i have found for a I7 server. Ill nvr use another host service again.

Kimberly Lawson

Verified Buyer

Mar 25, 2019

We are not getting aswers to questions we have asked repeatedly and others problems just being ignored. I have practically begged for help and still not running correctly.


Verified Buyer

Mar 25, 2019

It was a quick response once I got through the little I'm not a robot thing (it took way too long) .I guess when I updated 1 mod it placed it in the wrong position of the mod list and caused issues. I wish yall had a phone number or something where I could speak to a person but I understand business is money.

Eric Hargis

Verified Buyer

Mar 22, 2019

Short and sweet... Top notch customer service, y'all are on it like soy sauce on sushi I mean come on.... Thanks for doing what you do, and thanks for doing it well. Take care. Lurch

Jason Crawford

Verified Buyer

Mar 21, 2019

Justin Karmolinski was prompt, courteous, and very knowledgeable! He solved my issue in minutes! I had been working on the isssue for days.


Verified Buyer

Mar 16, 2019

Servers work well, customer support is generally fast and extremely helpful.


Verified Buyer

Mar 16, 2019

The server is stable and they're quick to respond to tickets.

Michel Hussey

Verified Buyer

Mar 10, 2019

always good support

Jeff Garchow

Verified Buyer

Mar 09, 2019

Top notch instant service. Absolutely no hassle with great pricing. I will be using this service again without question.

Norm Poulin

Verified Buyer

Mar 03, 2019

You guys are awesome. I wont go anywhere else unless you dont support the game im wanting to have hosted lol.


Verified Buyer

Feb 26, 2019

Very good service, always available and fast!

Jason Brookshire

Verified Buyer

Feb 25, 2019

lenora was very helpful and was able to answer all questions asked of her.i appreciate her patience and willingness to help me out.

Alina Tudor

Verified Buyer

Feb 24, 2019

no need to write here ^_^


Verified Buyer

Feb 18, 2019

WOW! These servers are perfect! They even setup cluster for you! So many options! Servers run great, customer service is fast and amazing! Best of all, they have the best prices!!!!!

Aaron Pickle

Verified Buyer

Feb 15, 2019

greatest support around....Chris is the man.

Nathan D Mendonca

Verified Buyer

Feb 10, 2019

Chris Lane was a fantastic customer support member of this company. Not only did Chris answer all my questions quickly and effectively, but also with detail. I was able to upgrade my server and have all contents compressed anf transferred over with little to no interference. In my server community's gameplay. I'm extremely happy with the service provided by this company.

William Cline

Verified Buyer

Feb 03, 2019

After hosting with ActiveGamehost for over a year, I can attest that the price and customer support is top-notch and second to none! Fast customer support and extremely stable servers! The best there is!

Debra S. Hamilton

Verified Buyer

Feb 01, 2019

Your service is great

Ashlie Long

Verified Buyer

Jan 28, 2019

Chris in support has been super helpful and wonderfully responsive in getting my issue with getting a mod installed fixed as quickly as he could. I highly appreciate both the questions they answered before I bought my servers, and how they've been so quick to respond and work on fixing this for me.