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Verified Buyer

Dec 12, 2018

Fast response times, always offer to fix things for you after they tell you whats wrong. Only provider I have seen that offers a discount for clusters.

Maxim-Olivier Hardy

Verified Buyer

Dec 09, 2018

Your service was amazing and your servers were almost flawless. When I had a question, you guys answered in about 10 minutes, which is incredibly fast compared to other services I've seen. The only thing that makes me rate you 3 stars is the fact that I got charged for a whole month again without actually asking to be charged. If that didn't happen, I'd give you 5 stars. I can't really recommend your service either because of that, but like the 3 star rating, if this didn't happen, I'd gladly recommend your service to my friends who are looking to create their server.

steven ross

Verified Buyer

Dec 08, 2018

the support team was wonderful

Jason Hastings

Verified Buyer

Dec 05, 2018

Today was the beginning of a new friendship. I just purchased my very first server to host for 7days to die. I had issues from the beginning, like my life. I was reluctant to use your online chat. Thats when I met..... CHRIS! (Ok its not that dramatic! LOL) Anyways, he helped me figure out the issue after a lot of soul searching on his part. I wanted to personally thank him for his tremendous efforts to get me online again. Thank you again Chris, if I were in the military, Youd get the purple heart!. (Again with the exaggeration!) lol


Verified Buyer

Dec 04, 2018

Great. helped every-time i need them.

Andrew Clemmer

Verified Buyer

Dec 03, 2018

great quick support


Verified Buyer

Nov 17, 2018

Great experience so far. My only complaint is the inability to add mods to my game myself. I guess I get the need to make sure things are secure but mods in asking about are widely used and as far as I can see have no security issues. I play 7 days to die. The website seems to say ppl playing Ark can do mods on this own so why can't I?


Verified Buyer

Nov 12, 2018

100% service and uptime. Easy to use. Thanks a bunch guys.

Craig Johnson

Verified Buyer

Nov 11, 2018

If you know Ark you know it's anything but reliable. I'd had problems, but they've all been because of Ark. Any time I sent a ticket to support it was answered in 5-15 minutes and even the times when it was an obvious solution, they were quick to resolve it for me.

Jody Williams

Verified Buyer

Nov 05, 2018

The games are running very well and the service has been superb. The response time has been excellent and ActiveGameHost has been able to help me get the Ark servers running very well.


Verified Buyer

Nov 01, 2018

I simply can not see why the cost for a Rust server is over $10.00. I am retired disabled veteran and can not afford $27.00 for Rust and Ark. Make Ark $12.00 and Rust $8.00 or $9.00 and I would LOVE to keep both.

David F

Verified Buyer

Oct 14, 2018

Lenora was absolutely fantastic in helping resolve my issues. Adding mod lines, a MOTD line, figuring out I was using the wrong command line, and assisting with changing passwords and server names! Fast response times, and so far 0 lag on the server!

Mohamed Taha

Verified Buyer

Oct 10, 2018

really helpful ,super quick to respond and just down to earth chill people


Verified Buyer

Oct 05, 2018

Quick answer to my question and provided all the information I needed.


Verified Buyer

Oct 05, 2018

Quick and easy, answered my question.

Antonnie Wylepski

Verified Buyer

Sep 28, 2018

Great customer service! I will be using Active again.

Raymond Tharp

Verified Buyer

Sep 16, 2018

Customer Service responds quickly and seems knowlegeable about the issue we were facing.


Verified Buyer

Sep 15, 2018

Great and fast service.

Kyle Wallace

Verified Buyer

Sep 07, 2018

Got back to me fast


Verified Buyer

Aug 27, 2018

Excellent Customer Service!! Highly Recommend!! Very knowledgeable.