Dec 05 2023

I called to order another device as a gift for a family member. When I called for any reason I find the staff to be knowledgeable, patient and helpful. I talked to my niece, who received, the device as my gift and she was very, very pleased with the service when she called to set-up the device. I appreciate the service your company provides.


Nov 13 2023

Very easy setup Customer Service excellent so far


Oct 24 2023

I actually don’t remember the interaction. I’m sure it was fine. If there were a problem, I would remember.


Sep 17 2023

Great service and friendly help!


Aug 27 2023

Excellent company and device for my Dad. Works exactly as promised by the company for a very remote area with no landline in the home.


Aug 08 2023

Customer service was responsive, very polite. It is nice to know you can wear a watch instead of a pendant. That always seemed so obvious what you were wearing.


Jul 25 2023



Jun 09 2023

Great service and caring people to talk with on the alert

Deidri A

May 23 2023

Everything is ok and we received the new device in a timely manner.


May 14 2023

Dispatcher spoke slowly and clearly and calmly. Thank you


Apr 11 2023

Very courteous, friendly, and professional.


Mar 25 2023

Very helpful


Feb 27 2023

I accidentally engaged my Medical Alert device. Medical Alert responded quickly. They were so polite. I hated that I had enabled the device, but I was happy to know how quickly they responded.

Natalie H

Feb 15 2023

Great customer service.


Jan 09 2023

Lisa was a great customer service representative and was very helpful!


Dec 13 2022

Patient has hearing aids and had difficulty understanding commands. She knows she must identify herself first. I’m not sure if she will answer the following questions accurately however. Overall she’s happy with the size of the device and ease of use. She feels much safer when she’s left alone for short periods of time. Thank you!


Oct 15 2022

Everything was just as described and works fine


Sep 07 2022

Handled well


Aug 22 2022

I told the gal what my issues were, she had me try a couple of different things which didn’t do the trick. So she ordered a replacement for me. It came and I sent the old one back. Just one question. The older one had an account number on the device itself. This one does not. Why?


Aug 13 2022

It has always been working well for my folks when they have tested it. Thank you for this service. Can a new credit card be billed through my Mom? I paid for the first month only. She would like continue this service but on her card. Thank you!


Aug 03 2022

Bought it but I don’t need it.


Jul 21 2022

Good and professional


Jul 08 2022

Process was easy and all my questions were addressed


Jun 16 2022

Very likely to recommend.


Jun 03 2022

This was cheaper than what my loved one had before and I love that it comes with fall notification and the lock box for the door so emergency providers can access they house now matter what.


Nov 27 2023

Debbie was friendly and didn’t act put out that I called several times with questions. It was easy to install/setup. Paperwork was relevant and not repetitive.


Oct 27 2023

I was pleased speaking with Debbie & very reassured when I placed the order for my Aunt who lives in Chicago, but when the device came to my Aunt Emily Malinowski the wrong paperwork was sent & fortunately when I called they added other contacts over the phone. Had an event on Thursday 10/26 & EMT’s were dispatched but they were not given the code for the lockbox. I talked with the fire department when they were at her apartment &!they said they did not know the code; however my Aunt was able to answer the door. Thank goodness it was a false alarm otherwise they would’ve knocked down her door, I spoke to Brandon in the call center with my complaint’ he advised he would notify the supervisor. I hope this doesn’t happen to anybody else.


Oct 15 2023

Easy and helpful


Sep 16 2023

Debbie and the other woman did their best I live so rural that a cellular signal frequently goes off with heavy clouds rain wind. I told them thank you but am no feeling safe That’s the same problem any company like yours would have and I wasn’t aware of this challenges


Aug 22 2023

great customer service


Jul 28 2023

Easy process. Good information and forms for first responders. Helps one to think ahead. Hope we never have to use it.


Jul 07 2023

Person I spoke to did not look at the account before telling me her usual "speech," insisting that I needed to fill out the form and return it when I had already done that electronically and returned it before the package was shipped, because we are in KY. I had to tell her more than once that I had already done that.


May 31 2023

Debbie was professional, polite, and very helpful! Thank you!


May 22 2023

Support was easy to work with and issue was resolved that day. New replacement was shipped. Item was easy to set up. It was delayed it shipment to me due to a USPS issue and not Medical Care Alert.


May 05 2023

all went great. the only problem I had was a phone call saying the backup battery wasn’t charging properly. they would keep an eye on it & send out another base unit if needed. I do not live in the same state as my Mom, so have to rely on someone else taking care of that for her.


Apr 07 2023

Set up was easy and customer service is outstanding!


Mar 21 2023

We are new with medical care alert. Fortunately no falls However we have had a few false alarms and the response has been rapid. Everyone we have talked to has been friendly and polite


Feb 26 2023

Excellent. We tested the system and the representative responded quickly.


Feb 10 2023

The lady was SOOO helpful to me! She helped me really understand how this new device would work. I could see by all she said that THIS device would be perfect for ME and my particular needs (and the stage of life I am in!) I REALLY appreciate her guidance! I am THRILLED with my new device AND I feel even safer than before because I can take it everywhere! Sincerely, Ann


Jan 05 2023

The lock box would not open. Called customer support they said that it did open, it was checked before it left their facility. I suggested that the code number was transposed. Impossible. Guess what, the code number was transposed.


Nov 29 2022

Excellent customer service! Friendly and extremely helpful!


Sep 28 2022

Great people to work with and a wonderful well thought out service.


Sep 03 2022

I had a good experience with the representative who helped me with my device. It came quickly and was easy to set up. I like the GPS system, letting the EMS find me if I'm outside or in my car.


Aug 18 2022

I gave her and how she represented your company a 5 star.


Aug 11 2022

Everyone was so friendly and sounded like they really cared, which meant a lot to me.


Jul 28 2022

So far we are very pleased. My mom accidentally set off her pendant alarm and the operator was very kind and helpful.


Jul 15 2022



Jul 08 2022

Great customer service


Jun 15 2022

I was overwhelmed receiving the device and all the instructions. I then called to see if someone would walk me through each step and she was outstanding and patient answering my questions . She took away my anxiety and fear.


May 30 2022

It works, and that's the bottom line.


Nov 18 2023

Had a little problem setting up the unit but Lisa talked me through it. She was patient, knowledgeable and very helpful.


Oct 25 2023

So far so good, We will be setting MedAlert system up this weekend. We needed a longer phone line. Debbie Ellie has touched base with the family regularly. Eric Beck

Teri W

Oct 13 2023

We have always been taken care by you! It’s so reassuring that you are there when needed! Everyone I’ve spoken with has been so kind and helpful! You all are a treasure to us!!


Sep 01 2023

Easy system to purchase online and install. The product came on time and was setup and tested. The customer rep was helpful in answering questions. The system was just set up so we cannot speak to the service itself but everything up to this point was great. Thank you!


Aug 14 2023

Response was immediate and friendly. Just wish the automatic fall alert button was smaller and the lanyard easier to change the length.


Jul 27 2023

I feel much safer with the medic alert button.

Janis H

Jun 26 2023

That battery lost some of its life and it was replaced quickly and easily. Thank!


May 30 2023

Up to expectations


May 22 2023

The gentleman I spoke with on the phone was in very helpful and very knowledgeable. I only gave four stars, because my parents mainly, my father did not like the way the button worked, and he got quickly frustrated with it. But the gentleman I spoke with on the phone would get five stars with his knowledge and helpfulness.


May 02 2023

We are so happy to have found a company with great customer service. Thank you for what you do.


Mar 28 2023

very efficient, fast and essay to follow instructions.


Mar 11 2023

Sue was extremely helpful and patient. She was pleasant, professional and kind and reflects great service upon herself and Medical Care Alert. My customer service experience while researching and ordering the service was excellent. I patronize family owned, private businesses when possible due to service and professionalism. Medical Care Alert did not disappoint. ~Boyd - Indiana


Feb 23 2023

Excellent service


Jan 31 2023

So far so good.


Dec 27 2022

My main reason for wanting the system was for in case I fell getting out of the shower. I’m so disappointed that I can’t wear it in the shower.


Nov 29 2022

Very helpful!


Sep 21 2022

Everyone has been very friendly and informative


Aug 27 2022

If I could give zero stars I would! Ordering the system was not a problem. However, my loved one died before he was able to actually use it. The website says “risk free 14 day free trial with full refund .” When I called to return it I spoke with a guy named Brett. He was extremely rude! He told me there was no such thing as a 14 day free trial and that I would be billed for the monthly cost up until the date they received the return. I told him that was not correct - the website clearly advertises a free trial, a full refund if returned within 14 days. He. Again told me no and reiterated I would be billed. I called the next day to again attempt to tell them exactly where the free trial is started (it’s on the main page by the way)and I got Brett again! He argued with me again and placed me on hold while he talked with a manager. He then told me I was required to”keep the system for a specified number of days in order to get that.” I again read him EXACTLY what the website said in two different places! He continued to be rude and told me he would send me the steps to return it and that it is “up to billing “ what amount they refund me. When I got the steps to return it, it said I had to hook the system up and test it or else I would be charged $50. I called and explained the package was never opened and I assumed they would not want me to open it since I was returning it. I actually got Brett AGAIN and he was even more rude and insulting. He told Me I was “being ridiculous and it is policy” when I said it makes no sense to make a customer open and set up a system they are returning for a full refund, especially when it is in the original packaging from the company. Needless to say, I opened it and made the test call, packed it back up and returned it. Now I guess I “wait and see” what kind of refund I get. So, I suppose my advice is this is probably an ok company so long as your loved one doesn’t die and you have to return it! Fingers crossed you do not have to talk to “Brett.”

Darlene L

Aug 17 2022



Aug 09 2022

I stumbled upon MedicalCare alert after attempting to make contact with the other 2 competitors. Thanks, their "salesmanship" was abysmal and their websites are a joke! so far your test went great, seems like excellent product.


Jul 22 2022

i feel more secure knowing that what i wear around my neck 24 hours a day will summon help when needed.


Jul 11 2022

Quick and professional


Jul 07 2022

Purchase was extremely easy. Had trouble with land line unit (didn’t realize it would not work with a landline phone system that required a #9 before dialing out. Call Med Care and they immediately sent a replacement (cellular) before I even sent the old one back. They even paid for the return of the landline unit. The cellular unit arrived within a few days and worked immediately... very easy. Also great sales person. Very please!


Jun 11 2022

The entire process of ordering the system is easy. The people providing information and answering questions are knowledgeable and helpful. Help and testing when initially setting up was excellent also.

Debra A

May 23 2022

We had trouble with our system. I had to make a few calls, and an email, but everyone was very helpful and sent us a new system. Everyone is always helpful when I call.


Nov 18 2023

I have been very pleased.


Oct 24 2023

Very positive experience, answered all questions and very helpful in the set up of watch.

Jeanne S

Oct 03 2023

I have been paying close to $400 a year and I just found out the system is not working beyond 1 foot! I switched back to the "fall detection" and it went off when I was standing still and again when I was sitting down. That is when I contacted customer support and found out, if I was more than 1 foot away the syrup would not hear me to say I was okay.


Aug 28 2023

Medical Care Alert had a great variety of emergency medical devices at very reasonable cost. They were very helpful in suggesting what was best for me, and the delivery of the item was as told. I felt very confident that I chose the right device and the right company to make sure that I can get the best response from first responders no matter where I am in the US.


Aug 11 2023

Everyone wAs very helpful and patient as I worked through the options that were best for me. I selected the watch and wear it daily in my home ( I live alone) even in the shower and in bed.


Jul 26 2023

Absolutely best investment I made to date. It was easy to hookup to with the help of your friendly and utterly wonderful people. This granny feels safe and secure and have more confidence in whatever I do…I AM HAPPY!


Jun 10 2023

Gives piece of mind if there is a problem. Would recommend them to others.


May 26 2023

Great to work with. Answered all my questions quickly and shipped the product in a timely manor.

Rebecca S

May 19 2023

my Husband and I accidentally ordered 2 systems for my father, I cancelled the 2nd system within an hour of the order being placed, the order did not get cancelled though I spoke with a representative at length on the phone.When the 2nd system arrived I mailed it back the next morning. My checking account was debited for the system and when I called to check on my refund I was told it would take up to 30 days. It is amazing to me they can get their payment instantly from my account but they can not refund my money for 30 day when they already have their equipment back and I should never have received it in the first place. If I had not already set this service up for my father I would cancel and find another company. I am extremely dissatisfied and will not recommend to anyone.


Apr 25 2023

So far the process of ordering and setup has been very easy Happy with the fact that there isn’t a long term contract and have options for contacting during emergency’s


Mar 28 2023

I've noticed that the button to call for help is quite sensitive. I accidentally called for help twice since I got the device. Fortunately, I received a call, and I could explain I didn't need help.


Mar 07 2023

Thank you for helping us test our new system and for answering a false alarm.


Feb 15 2023

Way too cumbersome for residents of American House Sterling meadows. Residents need to press an alert and be taken care of by the existing 24/7 medical team instead of going through Medical Care Alert. I would be happy to discuss further with you.


Jan 26 2023

I called to exchange my Mom’s fall alert button for a regular button. The woman was very helpful and explained the process for returning the button and receiving the new device. Very satisfied with the company’s service


Dec 26 2022

I have not had a need for assistance but I feel safe knowing you are there to make sure I am cared for. Thank you, merry Christmas and a wonderful year ahead.


Nov 07 2022

I had Debbie help me with getting my mother hooked up with the medical alert and it was so easy and Debbie was able to help me with all questions I didn’t understand .


Sep 10 2022

Aleen was very helpful. Phone answered quickly with a real person!


Aug 24 2022

I have not actually used the system yet or filled out the Paper for the local people. I’m working on it. I do not like the size of your pendant at all. Too large!!! Will be In Touch when I have it all together.


Aug 16 2022

I love that I have a system to help keep my mother in touch with medical care if I am not with her and she is in need. Our only problem thus far is that she has accidentally set off her necklace button when she bent over (we shortened the necklace length to prevent this from happening again). However, she also accidentally set it off while sleeping as she must have rolled over on it. I would love suggestions you might have to help us not have the similar incidents happen again. Is the button set at too sensitive a level?? Thank you for your help!!! Everyone has been so wonderfully kind and forgiving when the alarm has been alerted!!


Aug 06 2022

Excellent and professional service on the phone. My mom is happy with it. She feels safe with it.


Jul 22 2022

Very professional, helpful staff!


Jul 11 2022

thanks to Deb for all her help in getting this for my 90 year old mother. Already got it set up and paid for a year


Jun 16 2022

Excellent customer service. Thank you for being there for my mom


Jun 03 2022

Very pleased from ordering, fast shipping to the set up procedure. I looked at 4 other similar providers and Medical Alert had the best features for us. It also works well in our rural location. Very pleased with the experience so far.

Priscilla B

May 13 2022

I recently had to switch from a system that would accommodate a cell phone since we switched from a landline. Lisa helped walk us through the process. The new system arrived in a timely manner and directions enabled an easy setup. Thank you!!