Aug 11 2020

Was easy to save money when subscribing. I take all these vitamins separately so helps to have everything in one packet


Aug 10 2020

So it was very easy to use and products are very reasonably priced. Looking forward to receiving my order!


Aug 09 2020

Great shopping experience. Very clear product description and easy checkout.


Aug 08 2020

Very easy to navigate online shopping... products are super!


Aug 05 2020

This product is absolutely amazing. I had major surgery and my doctor had told me I was going to have major swelling and bruising and even prepared my husband for it. However, I took this as directed and had very little swelling and no bruising. My doctor was absolutely amazed and she couldn't believe it. She has now told all her patients this is a must before surgery. Thank you!!


Aug 04 2020

very easy to navigate through site and checkout was a wiz.


Aug 03 2020

As I have gotten older my skin has gotten thinner, so I would always get bruises on my arms after gardening, but since taking these pills everyday my arms look SO much better.


Aug 01 2020

i tried these vitamins before, they are amazing!!


Jul 31 2020

Website is great. Explains in detail and easy to order.

Chris M

Jul 29 2020

Love these vitamins! Delivery is fast!


Jul 26 2020

No more cheap vitamins for me!!! My doctor gave me the recovery vitamins to prepare for surgery and wow!!! These vitamins are the best that I will now receive monthly! Thank you!


Jul 26 2020

It was fine, had to do it twice before it went through.


Jul 24 2020

Information was helpful on each product. I've never done the recurring order thing but I'm glad you can try it for 2 months to see.


Jul 23 2020

I never take pills consistently until these! The energy support product REALLY works!!!


Jul 22 2020

Bruising is disappearing!


Jul 20 2020

Everything was so easy. I will absolutely recommend this to everyone!


Jul 16 2020

I had a face lift 2 weeks ago & by taking Bromelain & Arnaca I am so ahead in my healing. Would record is to anyone having plastic surgery.


Jul 14 2020

I recently had a tummy tuck. I had gastric bypass surgery a year ago and the tummy tuck was just necessary. However, it left me feeling extremely tired and recovery was painfully slow due to malabsorption issues. UNTIL my plastic surgeon gave me your "Recovery" package. Within days I had my color back, I was on my feet again, and the bruising was healing so rapidly! I'm a firm believer in this product now!!

Tammie F

Jul 13 2020

VitaMedica delivers promptly after submitting your order. I love taking the antiaging vitamins. My nails are growing fast and hard. While I do not need thick hair these vitamins have thickened my hair and it is growing fast as well. They are easy to take and swallow


Jul 12 2020

It is so easy to get all the information you need to make a decision on which product you need. The checkout process is painless. I wish all websites made shopping and checkout this easy.


Jul 10 2020

I used their recovery support supplements when I had surgery and I was so impressed I just order their regular vitamins. Fantastic products!

Ivan B

Jul 09 2020

I have still not received my item


Jul 08 2020

I was able to quickly go to the website and find exactly what I needed for post-procedure support. Payment process was smooth, and shipping looks like it will be very fast. Overall, took me less than 10 minutes to find what I needed and check out. Very happy with my shopping experience!


Jul 06 2020

I was excited to read the reviews-most helpful in selecting what I needed prior to my pre-op.

Rebecca C

Jul 03 2020

I wish I could tell you. I ordered back in April or May and haven't received it yet.


Aug 10 2020

I feel my skin more strong and beautiful!!


Aug 10 2020

Feeling confident with this purchase. I'm looking forward for the convincing effect and benefits of this product. Will take before and after surgery.


Aug 08 2020

I love how quickly you send the order, in the same day, amazing! Flawless in expediency and professional response.


Aug 06 2020

Good products good quality is worth it


Aug 05 2020

I am not a very savvy person but this website in order to order a product made it super easy.


Aug 04 2020

I was recommended to VitaMedica by my doctor for pre and post surgery supplements. So happy to find a one stop shop for all my vita needs!


Aug 03 2020

great experience for my first purchase


Aug 01 2020

My doctor recommended VitaMedica before surgery. I had such a positive healing experience that I have continued ordering These vitamins for over two years now.


Jul 31 2020

I'm excited to start my regiment.


Jul 29 2020

I had not heard of Bromelain until today when I was searching online for something to help with multiple (and annoying) eye floaters. Found a small study (388 people) that responded very well to actual daily pineapple slices with the core. They explained about the effect of Bromelain on inflammation. I follow a keto lifestyle (3 years so far) and therefore cannot eat pineapple. Started looking at supplements and found the vast majority of them also contain maltodextrin, which is basically a sugar. Then I checked out VitaMedica, and was really excited to see natural ingredients, no malto, plus read all the great reviews and saw responses from customer service. I'm 65 and in good health, but do suffer from osteoarthritis (plus I'm considering a mini face lift!) so apparently this is what I need to be taking for all kinds of reasons! Can't wait to try it!


Jul 26 2020

It was very easy to find what I was looking for, and it was at a good price. Arnica Montana 30X, getting ready to have surgery and this is a must


Jul 26 2020

Love your products! Appreciate how quickly your products are delivered too!


Jul 23 2020

As a first time shopper, I was able to quickly and easily find what I needed.


Jul 23 2020

Whenever I have any sort of procedure done this cuts down any bruising, swelling and pain in half the time any other product I have ever used. I know use it on any bruise that pops up to help speed up healing! My fav must have product .


Jul 21 2020

It was very easy to order and easy to look up. Anxious to try the products before surgery,


Jul 18 2020

I'm getting a BBL done as a birthday gift, and I'm soooo happy to use VitaMedica products for my recovery. I HOPE I WIN A GIFT CARD.


Jul 16 2020

These vitamins are amazing and reasonably priced - a wonderful value!!


Jul 14 2020

The website was easy, and I love that there is a coupon code section readily available! I had some minor issues with the checkout page and getting it to load properly and confirm that my purchase was successful, but that could have been my internet connection.


Jul 13 2020

I had liposuction of the legs and was bruised to the point where my thighs were totally black (no blue!) After 1 week using Arnica and Bromelain, the bruising was literally 75% gone. I truly believe that this product is of great quality and works.


Jul 12 2020

I found exactly what I was looking for - quality ingredients at a great price. Looking forward to trying out the product.


Jul 10 2020

I can add more protein by adding couple of Tablespoons of raw almonds. This is delicious and I've lost 5.1 pounds in the last 2 weeks.


Jul 09 2020

Great, I can't wait to get it and try it.


Jul 07 2020

i like the VitaMedica! i have thin skin and i bruise way too easy this helps my hands look so much better faster.


Jul 05 2020

Outstanding and very easy to purchase products.


Jul 03 2020

First time to order - no long waiting, easy to find item desired.


Aug 10 2020

First time user for this website, easy and quick


Aug 09 2020

Love it....super easy to order


Aug 08 2020

Easy to find items and good website..


Aug 05 2020

easy to navigate. Good offer and good money back guarantee.


Aug 04 2020

Worked beautifully and extremely effective!!!


Aug 03 2020

Fast and easy ordering and ships fast


Aug 02 2020

Love the detailed descriptions!


Aug 01 2020

Ordering was eassy as 123. I'm looking forward to try the product. I have a friend the uses the product before she went home to our country foe good. She auggested i should give it a try. Can't wait.


Jul 31 2020

Love this website. Full descriptions of products and very easy to navigate and I appreciate the option to buy bundles. I also relied on reviews to verify the use of the product that I'm purchasing.


Jul 28 2020

I have used so many products in the past that I have purchased from my plastic surgeon, Recovery Support Program, Bromelain and Arnica for filler and my eye surgery. I am excited to find the Anti-Aging supplements on here as well. I am loading up for a procedure on September 2nd and wouldn't think of proceeding before preparing my body with VitaMedica products before, during and after! I love that they offer a guarantee on their products and have never had to return anything!


Jul 26 2020

I am interesting in some thing that will heal my gut and help my metabolism as I have severe hypothyroidism. I am already an athlete but I have experienced waking since hitting menopause. Hopefully this is the remote that I need to clean up my diet and heal my gut.


Jul 24 2020

I received these from my plastic surgeon prior to my procedure...I had and amazing recovery the first two weeks...however noticed a decline when my products were gone...had to get my hands on more to continue a great recovery!


Jul 23 2020

very fast and smooth and profesional


Jul 22 2020

I used Bromelain and Arnica after having plastic surgery. They made a huge difference in my recovery. Now I use it after cosmetic procedures and I get excellent results!

Nancy R

Jul 20 2020

I love VitaMedica products and always happy at how fast the product delivers.


Jul 17 2020

These make me feel amazing really help with energy and my skin.


Jul 15 2020

Great website, easy to navigate.


Jul 14 2020

This order was easy for me to make and understand what to do. I can answer better about my satisfaction when my order arrives. I paid for Fed Ex 2 day ship.


Jul 13 2020

easy transaction, highest quality products and fast delivery


Jul 12 2020

Platform easy and friendly.


Jul 10 2020

I appreciate all the product information can be found easily. I have used VM products in the past after recommended by my surgeon years ago. I'm returning to these products due to their quality.


Jul 09 2020

Great product. Best tasting protein powder I've found. Love the vanilla!!


Jul 07 2020

Works great best thing I have ever tried.


Jul 04 2020

I knew some of the requirements needed to recover from surgery quicker but this website educated me on other support needed .


Jul 03 2020

Very good had what I needed able to order quickly and effectively.


Aug 10 2020

I wanted a supplement that would fill in missing nutrition and I stumbled on your product! I can't wait to try it and see if it makes me feel better so I can do more!


Aug 09 2020

I want to assist my surgery recovery with the best supplements and this website made it so easy. I purchased everything I need all in one stop shopping!


Aug 08 2020

I used to take Bromelain but got out of the habit when I ran out. I notice a difference. I am anxious to try from this company!


Aug 05 2020

Your product was recommended to me by a friend who used it for the same purpose for which I intend to use it. She and her doctor raved about the results.


Aug 04 2020

I was introduced to Vitamedica from my surgeon and I love the vitamins and recovery products! I really recommend!


Aug 03 2020

Great discounts for first time buyers


Aug 02 2020

It was very easy to navigate the site, review all of the details regarding the merchandise and complete my purchase. In addition, there's a great sale and free shipping. I'm really excited and looking forward to receiving my order.


Aug 01 2020

Dr. Recommended I take this brand before surgery. Very user friendly website! Plus I got free shipping!!


Jul 30 2020

The ordering process was easy to use and I love coupons. This is my first time using this company and so far so good.


Jul 26 2020

I had been having some stomach troubles, then I started on the Lean Biotics meal replacement. Feel so much better - every day gets better. Love it.


Jul 26 2020

the checkout and using coupons is easy, they don't make you jump through hoops to insert the coupon code


Jul 24 2020

found just what I needed. Thank you


Jul 23 2020

??? Vitamedica products!! The subscribe & save option is a great way to make sure you don't run out of your favs and a great way to save $$ You can adjust the time or even pause if needed. I started by using VM Clinical with a major surgery and it was an essential part of my healing and fast recovery


Jul 22 2020

Picking which products I needed was easy. The description were helpful. Can't wait to receive my order for my surgery that's coming up soon.


Jul 20 2020

Website is designed well!


Jul 16 2020

Easy, Quick - will buy again.


Jul 14 2020

Love how affordable these supplements are to aide in healing. Always super fast shipping also!


Jul 14 2020

Excellent quality product


Jul 12 2020

Love products helped me heal good through my surgery help me with gut issues and brought my belly down a little that was on the plus side only reason why I stopped it was cause the price but realizing I really need it u can't put a price in your help thank you so much vitamedica will pass my experience with other ?


Jul 11 2020

Good product and it also taste good compared to other shakes that I have tried. Hoping to loose some weight and keep it off!


Jul 10 2020

I was prescribed Vitamedica to take prior to a surgical procedure, and have been taking them for years! I just made 40, and (most days), I feel like I did in my 20's! Very special stuff right here!


Jul 09 2020

I have used pre/post surgery vitamins together with Bromelain and Arnica On three different occasions. Great results each time! Minimal bruising/swelling. My doctors couldn't believe how well I recovered each timr

Yadi W

Jul 06 2020

So dissapointed.i have not received my order yet. It's taking forever. I can't order any more products because the 1st has not arrived yet


Jul 04 2020

Hoping product works the way it says


Jul 03 2020

Love The Positive Reviews