Oct 30 2020

Just made my 1st purchase 1 minute ago on VitaMedica, have yet to receive product, but website was easy & friendly. liked the discount


Oct 24 2020

Every time I tried to correct the item number in cart it wouldn't refresh and. I had to do it 5 times before it worked


Oct 21 2020

Have used this product several times and it is wonderful. Feel great on them! Recommend to all my friends


Oct 18 2020

I'm an esthetician I recommend to all of my clients


Oct 14 2020

I love the products and the shipping is always so fast.


Oct 10 2020

Trying this product for the first time.


Oct 03 2020

I use this before injections and surgeries. The supplements significantly improve healing while minimizing bruising.


Sep 30 2020

I was excited about the free shipping and the time I will be receiving product.


Sep 13 2020

I hade a great experience


Sep 09 2020

Elena was awesome to work with.


Sep 07 2020

The Labor Day deal for free Full sized product with Purchase was a no-brainer! Thank you Vita-medica!


Sep 03 2020

Simple and easy! Thanks!


Aug 31 2020

I found the website helpful and easy to use. I appreciated the discount for the first time use. Karen W


Aug 30 2020

Great results!. I used VitaMedica Recovery Support Program pre-surgery and noticed immediate results in healthier skin and hair and more energy. I experienced minimal bruising and swelling post-surgery. I was very impressed and have decided to continue using VitaMedica via the Anti-Aging Formula. So thrilled to finally find a vitamin that truly works!


Aug 28 2020

easy to navigate on website


Aug 26 2020

The product is great. I love it


Aug 25 2020

I have used Arnica for years and finally convinced my husband to use it. He has and after his replacement for the 15th surgery. Arnica is the difference. He is doing outstanding.


Aug 21 2020

Just ordered prior to upcoming surgery and looking forward to the support! Thanks for making it so easy to get information and order.


Aug 19 2020

I consider myself a newfound Minimalist. I'm 63 yrs young, and Recently Widdowed. Sense my Husband passed away last year, I'v been on a mission to decluttrr and simplify my lifestyle and my thought life too. VITAMEdica has made my health life Ideal. I love the quality AND convience of A 1 stop Shoping site online. And the free delivery is a real savings Bonus . Thank You for Your Great Products, and Timely service. I will continue to be a Happy Customer! ***Christa in Arizona***


Aug 17 2020

Was supposed to get 15% discount on first order. I did not get it. Not happy even though it's not a lot of money just the principle


Aug 16 2020

Used this product before and it works great!


Aug 14 2020

I have been using VitaMedica products for some time now. I have yet to be disappointed and I love the results! Highly recommend this company!


Aug 13 2020

I found this website and ordering process really clear and easy. There was even a discount that was automatically applied for me with no code needed!


Aug 12 2020

Love how fresh the vitamins are and how quickly they arrive!


Aug 10 2020

I feel my skin more strong and beautiful!!


Oct 30 2020

Easy to understand product


Oct 23 2020

I love this brand and products excellent quality


Oct 21 2020

Before surgery I was determined to lose weight so I tried the Meal Replacement. In one week I actually lost pounds which motivated me to continue. I've lost 8 pounds so now ready to schedule surgery.

Kristin B

Oct 16 2020

I've already recommended you to a friend! She also purchased the vitamins I've purchased. I appreciate your newsletters, too... I'd love to know what products, if any, you have available for men as I trust your products and would like my boyfriend to start taking vitamins. Thanks!


Oct 13 2020

Very helpful at explaining the different products and very courteous!


Oct 07 2020

comparing am/pm products, would like to see a sheet showing all ingredients/totals for each day.! thanks.

Bonnie H

Oct 02 2020

The VitaMedica Arnica+K Cream and Tablets work great to minimize facial bruising.

Rachelle P

Sep 25 2020

I have used These products for years with excellent results!!! Thank you VITAMEDICA!!


Sep 10 2020

I've been using probiotics for 10 years. This is the best product out there!


Sep 08 2020

website kept rejecting my attempt to purchase. Apparently because I already had registered on your site with that email...but there no message to alert me of that. Just some red question marks Bizarre.


Sep 07 2020

I cannot recommend VitaMedica enough! Absolutely superb customer service, fast shipping, and product quality! Great prices for very quality supplements that have really improved my life. Thanks a million! I'll continue to buy from here :)


Sep 02 2020

Website was easy to navigate and products don't break the bank!


Aug 30 2020

Wonderful products. I used this product for eyelids surgeries. The bruise and swelling around my eyes are gone in a week. Thank you for the best product.


Aug 30 2020

All the product information was well explained and easy to understand.


Aug 27 2020

A nurse used the Arnica and Vitamin K cream on my after injections and usually I always bruise. This time there were no bruises, so I'm ordering this product myself for next time.


Aug 26 2020

Ordering couldn't have been easier for amazing quality products. Thanks VitaMedica!


Aug 24 2020

I realized I felt like a billion bucks while taking the surgery recovery vitamins. I am now ordering the immune support in hope of keeping my energy level up.


Aug 21 2020

Looking forward to receiving!


Aug 19 2020

Extremely easy shopping experience.


Aug 17 2020

The site is very easy to use, unfortunately I wasn't able to order what I had hoped because it was out of stock, but the other item I believe will be a great alternative. I'll keep checking back . I have used this company's product in the past and am very happy with how I felt . Looking forward to trying this one out


Aug 15 2020

Site was easy, but I entered my email address when prompted to get a 15% discount, but I did not get the code to enter when ordering. I am somewhat disappointed not to get discount.


Aug 14 2020

I talked to Yvette because I wasn't sure if I should order the Clinical Immune or Anti Aging. She was very helpful. I just ordered and can't wait to try these vitamins.

Linda P

Aug 12 2020

I felt that my long-term bruises were fading. Sadly, the price is prohibitive for what I need to treat- both arms and legs. I was glad to find this product- just can’t afford it.


Aug 11 2020

Was easy to save money when subscribing. I take all these vitamins separately so helps to have everything in one packet


Aug 10 2020

First time user for this website, easy and quick


Oct 27 2020

I have been battling adult pre menopausal acne for the better part of a year now. The Heathy Skin formula has completly cleared up my skin and it looks better than 20 years ago. The company has been amazing, too.


Oct 22 2020

I've always been very happy with VitaMedica products and the efficient service provided by the staff.


Oct 21 2020

and it make me feel healthy!


Oct 15 2020

The multivitamin are my favorite. Thank for making a good quality product that lives up to its claims.


Oct 13 2020

I am 63 years of age and I work 10 hours a day in a warehouse and taking Vitamedica helps me to heal my joints quickly and maintain my flexibility. Great product!


Oct 07 2020

Great and easy to use!


Oct 02 2020

Online shopping was convenient and easy!


Sep 17 2020

Purchased for my three procedures and it looks like it will be the ticket for speedy recovery. I'll update after use!


Sep 10 2020

been using for years. Great products


Sep 08 2020

You don't need my telephone number and email address on top of my mailing address- its just a bit much.


Sep 06 2020

I am very satisfied with the quality of VitaMedica supplements and chose this company due to its rigorous ongoing testing and commitment to customer service and satisfaction. My go to supplement is VitaMedica's Anti Aging formula and am now going to start their Collegen product.


Aug 31 2020

I have had several friends recommend these products, all with glowing reviews.


Aug 30 2020

Having surgery in 2 weeks and just learned about this product for fast recovery, can't wait for a fast recovery!!!


Aug 29 2020

I love this brand ..... everything is top of the line


Aug 27 2020

Love this product, awesome results

Leslie M

Aug 25 2020

Love the products - especially the Arnica - both the tablets and the cream - works great.


Aug 24 2020

I've been using Vitamedica for years now; arnica, anti-aging, b complex, lean biotic, liver detox and fish oil. No comparison to retail store brands. I'm so excited to have access to new collagen powder!! I just ran out of another brands, which tasted and smelled gross. I can't wait to get the vitamedica brand! I know I won't be disappointed based on my years of experience with them! Thank you!


Aug 20 2020

Fast efficient when ordering. Quick delivery promised

Robert M

Aug 18 2020

I haven’t received the pills I ordered.


Aug 17 2020



Aug 15 2020

I received an email regarding a promotion being held by VitaMedica, and I was able to effortlessly place an order via the link provided in the email (with no need to manually enter a promo code myself). I am very satisfied with the experience!


Aug 13 2020

Easy to find, easy to order and hopefully just as easy to zap my zits goodbye.


Aug 12 2020

After countless visits with several dermatologists, all of which wanted to put our Son (15yo) on Accut@ne, I started Probiotics and Healthy skin formula and within a month his skin was clear!!


Aug 11 2020

Great products and prices plus free shipping.


Aug 10 2020

I wanted a supplement that would fill in missing nutrition and I stumbled on your product! I can't wait to try it and see if it makes me feel better so I can do more!


Oct 27 2020

My friend really loves this product


Oct 22 2020

So far so good.. I just ordered.. Read alot of the reviews... Alot of longtime user and some that a state that it was recommended to the by their surgeon... So hopeful for this product to be as good as the reviews strate that it is...


Oct 20 2020

Email pricking was misleading


Oct 14 2020

Thanks Yvette for the wisdom. I have loved using the surgery support system and am excited to transition into the B and Bone support.


Oct 13 2020

Easy to navigate and fix errors.

Nathan M

Oct 06 2020

I've enjoyed your products since 2007

Patrice S

Sep 30 2020

This is the best Pro Biotic that I ever have purchased.


Sep 15 2020

Love the website..fully explains the job of each product and how to use it!


Sep 09 2020

Very easy to find products and information about products. Easy check out.


Sep 08 2020

Coupon code on website doesn't work,


Sep 06 2020

I took Recovery Support last year after my tummy tuck and I recovered very well. I felt awesome and I wasnt drained. I took my pills as directed and I was just amazed how I was feeling. I just ordered the biggest package again because I'm having another surgical procedure done and I know that recovery support will definitely have my back and have me recovering very well as before


Aug 31 2020

I'm very satisfied with my purchase Arnica 30x. I was surprised. I had eyelids surgery, I took arica 30x four days before my surgery no bruises or swelled. I really recommend all the Vita Medica products. 100%


Aug 30 2020

I used it before and makes a difference in my recovery process


Aug 29 2020

Super easy to search and order on this site!! Can't wait to try the products!!


Aug 26 2020

Healthy site. Easy to navigate. Good product

Christina T

Aug 25 2020

Fast response time and very fast shipping. These vitamins seem to be helping my skin!


Aug 22 2020

Easy to order. I hope to experience good results!


Aug 19 2020

Products do what they say they will.


Aug 17 2020

Very easy to order ! Thank you for helping get the supplements quickly!


Aug 16 2020

I'm glad I found this. I wish it was before my sons surgery so he could recover faster. Hopefully he will continue to recover faster once he starts his supplements.


Aug 14 2020

Easy to shop, taking advantage of anniversary discount. Have used these supplements in the past and I liked the results and support I received from them.


Aug 13 2020

Introudced to product from a physician to heal from surgery, still taking them 5 years post-op


Aug 12 2020

I buy the Vita Medica Arnica+K Cream. This time, looked at your products and decided to find out more about your products. I purchased one of the health and wellness products.


Aug 11 2020

ordered products online was very easy. Have bladder surgery planned and not looking forward to recovery period. Need to get back to worl asap. Hoping these products live up to there expectations. Will give review of outcome next month


Aug 10 2020

So it was very easy to use and products are very reasonably priced. Looking forward to receiving my order!