Sheri L

Dec 31 2021

very easy ordering...I really liked the vitamins I was prescribed for surgery so I ordered more.

Katherine F

Dec 14 2021

Such great products. I will have to check back in on how much fast it healed from the surgery recovery pack

Winifred I

Nov 29 2021

very good products

Tom E

Oct 28 2021

Every step was easy, concise, and practical.

Kimberly O

Oct 07 2021

Item came very quickly and correctly. Highly reccomend.

Tracy N

Aug 30 2021

Recently found myself having an emergency appendectomy so I wasn’t able to begin taking VitaMedica’s recovery program vitamins, prior to surgery. But, after speaking with a VitaMedica consultant, I secured my vitamins and have been religiously taking them.

Orlando L

Jul 17 2021

This company gives very good service and the vitamins that I bought from this company are really good vitamins. I received my order within just a few days of placing my order.

Katy F

Jun 24 2021

Best products ever!!!

Stacey N

Jun 05 2021

I work for a facial plastic surgeon. We always recommend your Vitamins to our cosmetic patients having surgery. The patients that use your vitamin’s heal a week faster than the patients that do without. I myself have had procedures and can vouch that the vitamins truly work.

Lea P

Apr 30 2021

Great experience! Recommended to many friends & family!

Lauryn M

Mar 12 2021

The supplements I purchased are very high quality and easy to take! The Healthy Skin blend has really helped my acne! VitaMedica has excellent customer service and fast shipping!


Feb 16 2021



Feb 11 2021

Fast and convenient pay with PayPal


Feb 08 2021

Most vitamins are made out of soy and other oils, also non halal gelatin. I just purchase this brand and recomended it to all my friends.


Feb 04 2021

Easy to use site. And excited to get started


Feb 01 2021

will defer until I try product ordered.


Jan 28 2021

All good till re entering discount code after i changed billing address and tried to re enter discount Said i reached discount limit .which i never received on final submicron of the one order


Jan 27 2021

I'm ordering product for the 2nd time


Jan 25 2021

Easy to use but the feed back is somewhat annoying requiring all this typing.


Jan 18 2021

Please hurry with the recovery support that's the best


Jan 14 2021

Wish you still had your discounts for purchasing products, I don't like the having to be on an auto refill to get a discount.

Deborah K

Jan 07 2021

Great product. Always delivered on time and securely packaged. Great customer service.


Dec 27 2020

I was happy to find what I was looking for. Also the site is very straightforward about shipping times.


Dec 23 2020

It was nice and easy and fast


Dec 19 2020


Nicole C

Dec 28 2021

Products were excellent and they arrived when expected.

Jonathan H

Dec 14 2021

The trial product seems to had begun to work but I'm still on the fence with it, also from the time I was notified it shipped and until receipt of product was longer than expected.

Daniel F

Nov 24 2021

I have take clear skin formula plus, fish oil, and phoyto 5 pills and they have all worked miracles for my diet and skincare.

Lucelly M

Oct 19 2021


Katherine D

Oct 06 2021

I'd absolutely recommend the Recovery Support Program + Arnica. I had previous experience with Bromelain and Arnica and was already confident they would help speed my recovery. I'm glad I went with them again and added the morning and evening vitamin support. I am pleased with my recovery and I believe it is largely due to diet and supplements.

Diane D

Aug 27 2021

Package of pre and post surgery support vitamins, minerals and herbals was very helpful to my healing. I was impressed by how well researched and put together the surgery support kit was, and I felt confident that I was spending my money wisely.

Lesa Y

Jul 08 2021

So much to choose from, and convenient to use!

Terri M

Jun 12 2021

Great vitamins. Use the AntiAging and bought the surgical for an upcoming procedure.

Jessica T

May 28 2021

VitaMedica is easy to navigate and the descriptions on their products help with determining what is best to use for each individual. Customer service and attention to detail is always superior. The only thing I could complain about is the volume of emails sent. However, each email asks for a review or alerts customers to sales.

Grace P

Apr 26 2021

Products arrived very fast!

zoë f

Feb 19 2021

super quick delivery! also really like the product. and great value.


Feb 15 2021

They have a wonderful site, which is very clean and easy to navigate. Will definitely be coming back. Thanks!!


Feb 10 2021

I was searching for a product that met these particular ingredients, nothing more, nothing less. After 30mins of browsing my search ended here at your store. Thank you for providing exactly what I needed!


Feb 06 2021

Recommended by nurses to reduce swelling

Idell D

Feb 02 2021

Love the products. They keep me full of energy and looking very young!


Jan 31 2021

Products are top! Customer service is stellar. Pricing can't be beat! No need to go anywhere else, really. They've got the best quality out there.


Jan 28 2021

The receptionist spoke with also uses this product and could not say enough about it. I look forward to the new experience as I only have used one bottle and already see the results!

Jasmine K

Jan 26 2021

Ordering vitamins directly from Vita Medica was just as easy and fast as ordering from Amazon but feels more secure since you know where you’re getting the vitamins you ingest from. The omega fish oil supplements are a staple in my health routine. Will buy again!


Jan 19 2021

Quick and easy, i'll be back


Jan 18 2021

It was an easy to sign on and now I'll wait patiently for it to arrive. Hope I receive it soon.


Jan 12 2021

Thank you for the user friendly website!


Jan 06 2021

The products are of the highest quality and have kept me healthy throughout COVID. Honestly, even before COVID I am convinced I don't get sick thanks to these excellent vitamins. Thank you!


Dec 25 2020

very happy with all product

Anelisa D

Dec 21 2020

Terrible...ordered the products on 12/1. Its now 12/21 and still nothing!!


Dec 18 2020

I love these vitamins! started taking them prior to surgery and continued taking them post operative. Easy on the belly because it is plant based.

Andrew P

Dec 27 2021

Smooth transaction, no issues. Most importantly, I have high confidence in the product based on my research.

Mahly H

Dec 14 2021

Amazing supplements!!!, I def buy again. My skin looks great, my hair started to grow, I have more energy.

Jerri K

Nov 12 2021

Love that I can adjust timing of arrival of vitamins. Thanks

Missy S

Oct 18 2021


Jennifer G

Sep 08 2021

Love everything that I took. My healing process went well, not sure if it’s the pills or my genes:) Either way, I would recommend VitaMedica.

Debbie C

Aug 17 2021

Excellent service

Barbara G

Jun 28 2021

Great Product!!!

Mary-Esther G

Jun 11 2021

Great products

Kristin K

May 21 2021

Wonderful products! Not only do I rely on the regular vitamins and minerals but recently tried the surgical support, bromelain and Arnica and had a fantastic experience with all three!


Apr 21 2021

Vitamins did help with the swelling and are helping with the healing. This product was amazing. I took it before my procedure and I've never had healing results as great as this time around. I would recommend this 1000 time!

Susie A

Feb 17 2021

My husband and I love the products and we have continued to purchase more.


Feb 15 2021

Easily found and they gave me a first timer's discount. I appreciate that.


Feb 08 2021

Need fast healing! had dental surgery.


Feb 06 2021

After being introduced to Vitamedica with my plastic surgeon after breast reduction, I decided to continue buying items for my everyday life!


Feb 02 2021

appreciate ease of checkout, info on product and promo code:)


Jan 31 2021

My doctor gave these to me prior to surgery. I kept them going because I had a fast recovery and have not been sick since. Now my whole family is taking them.


Jan 28 2021

the salesperson was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, the Recovery Pack is out of stock. I ordered 2 other items in the meanwhile.


Jan 25 2021

Tabs need to be more clearly labeled. Seem nebulous. Checkout was glitching

Regina C

Jan 18 2021

Great products

Barbara T

Jan 16 2021

I ordered this product because I was having surgery and would be taking pain medications. I am very aware of what meds and anesthesia can do to the normal function of your intestinal tract and prefer more natural options. I ordered this, also the Arnica and Bromelain combo supplements directly from Vitamedica website in what I considered ample time to arrive the day of my surgery. Unfortunately I was not informed by Vita Medica that the priority mail method would take 11 business days instead of 3-5 business days. 3-5 business days would have been well in advance of my surgery. I understand shipping has been affected by the unusual events in our country. . I wish Vitamedica would have clearly stated that and I would have ordered from an alternate source such as Amazon Prime. Taking this supplement 4 days after my surgery did not yeild the needed results. So I can not accurately rate the product. I did take them as directed but see no difference.


Jan 10 2021

If I buy more than one product (e.g. vitamins and energy supplements) I could get too much of say, vitamin A. I wish they had a calculator that figured out what goes with what.


Dec 28 2020

I've been purchase from Vita Medica since 2013. When I had surgery my doctor recommended their products. First I took them for the pre and post surgical recovery effects. Great products very little bruising and quick recovery. The anti ageing vitamins are fantastic too. There is no substitute for Vita Medica products. When I tell people my age (72) they are shocked.


Dec 24 2020

I called yesterday to ask about the product that I ordered and the lady told me that if I waited until today, I could save. Yay!!! I am excited to try this because I am weary of paying twice as much for a product that I buy from a multi-level marketing company, PLEXUS.

Krista F

Dec 21 2020

Great products but awful customer service


Dec 17 2020

good ,b,bkghkhkhkghkh

Nataliya B

Dec 26 2021

I love the product and it works I feel I have much more energy when I start taking the vitamins.

Jim T

Dec 13 2021

Automatic renewal, automatic payment, automatic shipment. What’s not to like.

Donald H

Nov 09 2021

Very satisfied with the order recommended by groomer.

Eleanor S

Oct 11 2021

This product has been part of my acne protocol and has made a tremendous difference in my skin!

Maira M

Aug 30 2021

Excellent product definitely I will recommend these treatment my post surgery recovery is being such a smooth and nice thank you for the great service and product

Johanna N

Aug 10 2021

Cant go without these supplements. My skin is so happy and able to cope with the stresses of life, PMS, lack of sleep etc since I've been taking these supplements. I am so thrilled I found this brand and I'll never go elsewhere. you cant beat the quality and the price point. thank you VitaMedica!!

Jack M

Jun 25 2021

The site was a little difficult to use and was slow but I was able to place the order. You need to add an option if a customer wants overnight delivery

Georgia L

Jun 07 2021

I have been taking the Probiotic 8 for many years. It helps to regulate my digestive system. I’ve noticed bloating and more painful gas when I forget to take it for long periods of time. Of the many probiotics I’ve tried, this is my favorite and it’s affordable.

Laura H

May 03 2021

1 week post op on a sugary I have 2x prior - HUGE reduction in pain, scant amount of bleeding, barely any swelling in comparison. I story of poor wound healing with necrosis- so far so good there time will tell but was having issues by now in past. 🙏🏽🤞🏽

wes w

Apr 07 2021

Easy to find product for surgery and recovery. We ordered a bundle for my wife's knee replacement

sommer R

Feb 16 2021

I love this company!! Fast shipping and vitamins that work!!!! I have taken them for a year now and I will continue to buy from them Because in a world of gimmicks these are the real thing!!


Feb 13 2021

Great products. Easy to order.


Feb 08 2021

I have used this before when I had surgery. I feel that it has speed up my recovery and healing process. I am glad they have a product that really works. I am having surgery again and I am ordering it again. Thanks


Feb 06 2021

These vitamins are amazing. I've used the recovery and the anti-aging vitamins. They have helped with healing after surgery. The anti-aging vitamins make my skin and hair beautiful all the time.


Feb 02 2021

You advertise 25% on website on a big yellow banner and it's not clickable. I had to hunt around to find out what you meant by subscribe and save. I found the subscribe and save link at the bottom of the page. The yellow banner should be clickable and explanation should happen in a popup window. It took a while for my debit card to process. I didn't know if my card was being charged or not. Then this box popped up and it didn't say anything about whether or not my transaction was successful or not. The check out process could be made more friendly, especially to newbies.


Jan 30 2021

excellent vitamins. I could feel the difference in my vitality. Wont go without them . Ive recommended the to many others.

Jean-Marie A

Jan 27 2021

Process was easy and timely. Product recommended by a friend who used for years. I enjoy the product although because of my personal build I have to decrease the intake. Overall great experience


Jan 25 2021

You made this very easy to do because I'm not an expert on line. Thank you.

Rudy S

Jan 18 2021

I never received the shipment, when did you send it? Rudy S


Jan 15 2021

Buying was fast and easy. Great product.


Jan 09 2021

Go thankful my doctor told me about VitaMedica years ago.


Dec 27 2020

Intended to buy more but quantity kept defaulting to "1". But have use product before, which was purchased through doctor's office: the product is excellent.


Dec 24 2020

I recently had surgery and was provided the VitaMedica (pre-surgery) recovery support program. I was so impressed that now, post surgery, I purchased additional product to further assist with my recovery. While there were a number of factors that contributed to my excellent recovery thus far, I am convinced that the high quality, targeted physical/nutritional support provided by the VitaMedica products are part of that (continuing) success story. Hi


Dec 21 2020

Look forward to trying the recovery package to prep me before my cosmetic surgery to ensure less bruising and optimal healing any continue the package afterwards too


Dec 17 2020

Great products! Great service.