Lynn M

Feb 04 2023

I am very impressed with the anti aging vitamins I have been taking for quite a while. They give me so much energy, allowing me to do Pilates, even tho I’m getting up there with age. I seriously will never stop them!

Eno A

Dec 14 2022

I being recommending the product already

Jeanne S

Nov 22 2022

I have ordered multiple products from VitaMedica and enjoyed the results from each of them. Very simple process to order and no issues with any of them.

Martha S

Oct 20 2022

It was great

Pamela H

Oct 04 2022

I’ve used vitamedica products for decades now and would use any other product. The vitamins have kept me healthy all these years!

Raquel R

Aug 17 2022

Great quality vitamins! I noticed the difference within 2 weeks. I had less hair fall and improvement in my skin!

Christina C

Aug 01 2022

My surgeon recommended using this post surgery and this product is worked wonders!

Sarah Q

Jun 22 2022

I've been on Clinical Support vitamins for several years following a major surgery, and loved them. I recently tried the Anti-aging formula vitamins and discovered they they upset my stomach and they have an odor/taste for a few hours after taking them. I'm not a fan of them. I'm going back to the tried and true Clinical Support vitamins!

Tracy P

Jun 02 2022

Good quality products .

Lori A

May 02 2022

Great products and easy ordering.

Marilyn L

Apr 21 2022

Love It!!

Theresa W

Apr 01 2022

Great product-Great price-speedy delivery! Thank you

Rafael D

Mar 11 2022

I have not seen any change in my skin, I want to cancel my subscription

jaime n

Feb 28 2022

Is great to have a Company like VitaMedica who's is quick in the delivery of the products I order, I got before the promise delivery date.

Drew R

Jan 28 2022

the subscription was easy to set up and easy to cancel

Portia R

Jan 03 2022

Easy ordering and fast shipping.

Nataliya B

Dec 26 2021

I love the product and it works I feel I have much more energy when I start taking the vitamins.

Jim T

Dec 13 2021

Automatic renewal, automatic payment, automatic shipment. What’s not to like.

Donald H

Nov 09 2021

Very satisfied with the order recommended by groomer.

Eleanor S

Oct 11 2021

This product has been part of my acne protocol and has made a tremendous difference in my skin!

Maira M

Aug 30 2021

Excellent product definitely I will recommend these treatment my post surgery recovery is being such a smooth and nice thank you for the great service and product

Johanna N

Aug 10 2021

Cant go without these supplements. My skin is so happy and able to cope with the stresses of life, PMS, lack of sleep etc since I've been taking these supplements. I am so thrilled I found this brand and I'll never go elsewhere. you cant beat the quality and the price point. thank you VitaMedica!!

Jack M

Jun 25 2021

The site was a little difficult to use and was slow but I was able to place the order. You need to add an option if a customer wants overnight delivery

Georgia L

Jun 07 2021

I have been taking the Probiotic 8 for many years. It helps to regulate my digestive system. I’ve noticed bloating and more painful gas when I forget to take it for long periods of time. Of the many probiotics I’ve tried, this is my favorite and it’s affordable.

Laura H

May 03 2021

1 week post op on a sugary I have 2x prior - HUGE reduction in pain, scant amount of bleeding, barely any swelling in comparison. I story of poor wound healing with necrosis- so far so good there time will tell but was having issues by now in past. 🙏🏽🤞🏽

Donna K

Jan 30 2023

Great products.Fast shipping

Zachary K

Dec 01 2022

I've used the Health Skin formula for couple years now and am really please with the results. The automatic refill is also a great feature!


Nov 22 2022

Noticeable difference in energy levels!

Stephanie S

Oct 18 2022

I choose to be a continued customer because VitaMedica invests in quality products to help my quest of self-care and better health!

Kathy E

Sep 09 2022

I was given your Clinical Repair vitamins by my doctor before a scheduled surgery. I took them two weeks before and two weeks after the procedure. I remarked at a follow up appointment that I really liked them, that I thought my skin looked better and I just felt better in general. Your Anti Aging vitamins were recommended to me, by my doctor, to take on a daily basis so that is what I am doing. I like that the vitamins are in a morning and night packet and so far, I am very happy with them. I have signed up for your monthly refills to be sent to me because your price is better than what I can buy them elsewhere.

geri a

Aug 11 2022

Very helpful

Sarah E

Jul 28 2022

I love their supplements. I take Energy Support, Clear Skin, and Phyto5. I've noticed a visible improvement in my skin, mostly the reduction in acne breakouts. In fact, when I forget to take the CS one, the acne comes back. I love it, it's the only thing that works for my face. I've tried creams, serums, spot treatments, all of it... The pills are a miracle. Energy Support as well, it's a great addition and I do feel the difference between when I do and don't take it.

Daniella K

Jun 17 2022

This is dr gave me this before surgery. It helps so much with inflammation!!!!

Marie S

May 26 2022

I had the best customer service experience. I placed a double order by accident and was contacted the next day to make sure that I really wanted two of the orders. The customer service rep had noticed the mistake on a Sunday evening Amazing.

Carrie S

Apr 29 2022

My son just started using the Clear Skin product this month and we are already noticing improvement. It’s so great to have found a natural alternative to the harsh Rx’s prescribed by the dermatologists.

Janet N

Apr 20 2022

Quality products and service

Tamra E

Mar 28 2022

Had a breast reduction last week and started to take the morning/evening vitamins 2 weeks prior. I am still taking them now. No stomach upset! I feel healthy and my surgical wounds are healing well so far! I have also been taking the arnica and bromlein which have been helping with swelling, bruising and discomfort. The ice packs have been great as well. Highly recommend the regimen to anyone going through a surgical procedure (with your doctors recommendation of course).

Ray B

Mar 10 2022

Ordering was very easy, received my order faster than stated , great price

larry E

Feb 28 2022

Excellent selection and service as well as fast delivery. Will order again.

Karen P

Jan 25 2022

Once I was able to talk with a live human, experience was great! Person who helped me was helpful, patient and informative! Purchase was easy and receipt of product was quick!

Sheri L

Dec 31 2021

very easy ordering...I really liked the vitamins I was prescribed for surgery so I ordered more.

Katherine F

Dec 14 2021

Such great products. I will have to check back in on how much fast it healed from the surgery recovery pack

Winifred I

Nov 29 2021

very good products

Tom E

Oct 28 2021

Every step was easy, concise, and practical.

Kimberly O

Oct 07 2021

Item came very quickly and correctly. Highly reccomend.

Tracy N

Aug 30 2021

Recently found myself having an emergency appendectomy so I wasn’t able to begin taking VitaMedica’s recovery program vitamins, prior to surgery. But, after speaking with a VitaMedica consultant, I secured my vitamins and have been religiously taking them.

Orlando L

Jul 17 2021

This company gives very good service and the vitamins that I bought from this company are really good vitamins. I received my order within just a few days of placing my order.

Katy F

Jun 24 2021

Best products ever!!!

Stacey N

Jun 05 2021

I work for a facial plastic surgeon. We always recommend your Vitamins to our cosmetic patients having surgery. The patients that use your vitamin’s heal a week faster than the patients that do without. I myself have had procedures and can vouch that the vitamins truly work.

Lea P

Apr 30 2021

Great experience! Recommended to many friends & family!

Maria A

Jan 30 2023

Quality made vitamins.

Polly M

Nov 26 2022

Love this supplement! It helps my skin stay on an “even keel” from big breakouts.

Allan M

Nov 21 2022

Good experience

Veronica D

Oct 17 2022

love the product

Frances A

Sep 08 2022

I recently ordered from VitaMedica and I ham very pleased. The shipment was received from across the country in just a matter of days and I have no complaints or concerns about the quality of medications.

Susan E

Aug 09 2022

Great shopping experience.Website easy to use. Shipping and delivery easy and on time!

Nancy H

Jul 12 2022

Awesome customer service and fast delivery!

Susan S

Jun 14 2022

Fast response time when I have reached out and I also appreciate the fact that when I send in an order I get it pretty quickly.

Elsa F

May 10 2022

Great results!

Lisa C

Apr 27 2022

I have had no problems purchasing items with VitaMedica. Shipments arrive on time and in great condition. Easy product system to look through.

Bethany M

Apr 15 2022

I'm already noticing a difference 1 week in!

Diana M

Mar 24 2022


Rachel T

Mar 09 2022

I emailed you with no response. I paid for expedited shipping and received my order in over a week. Just a day before my surgery.

Dian C

Feb 02 2022

I love these vitamins. My skin, hair and body are noticeably doing great!

Carole G

Jan 20 2022

Love the Clear Skin Vitamins!!! Will definitely purchase again.

Nicole C

Dec 28 2021

Products were excellent and they arrived when expected.

Jonathan H

Dec 14 2021

The trial product seems to had begun to work but I'm still on the fence with it, also from the time I was notified it shipped and until receipt of product was longer than expected.

Daniel F

Nov 24 2021

I have take clear skin formula plus, fish oil, and phoyto 5 pills and they have all worked miracles for my diet and skincare.

Lucelly M

Oct 19 2021


Katherine D

Oct 06 2021

I'd absolutely recommend the Recovery Support Program + Arnica. I had previous experience with Bromelain and Arnica and was already confident they would help speed my recovery. I'm glad I went with them again and added the morning and evening vitamin support. I am pleased with my recovery and I believe it is largely due to diet and supplements.

Diane D

Aug 27 2021

Package of pre and post surgery support vitamins, minerals and herbals was very helpful to my healing. I was impressed by how well researched and put together the surgery support kit was, and I felt confident that I was spending my money wisely.

Lesa Y

Jul 08 2021

So much to choose from, and convenient to use!

Terri M

Jun 12 2021

Great vitamins. Use the AntiAging and bought the surgical for an upcoming procedure.

Jessica T

May 28 2021

VitaMedica is easy to navigate and the descriptions on their products help with determining what is best to use for each individual. Customer service and attention to detail is always superior. The only thing I could complain about is the volume of emails sent. However, each email asks for a review or alerts customers to sales.

Grace P

Apr 26 2021

Products arrived very fast!

Lynda S

Dec 29 2022

Wonderful, caring, personnel, at this company!!

Stephanie E

Nov 23 2022

Quick and easy. Great.


Nov 13 2022

Not sure yet how well product will work so unable to give fair review.

Christina L

Oct 08 2022

I wanted to try fish oil for a while and saw this brand was recommended by dermatologists, so I decided to go for it and it's one of the best purchases I've made this year. I usually struggle with swallowing pills but this one is so easy!

Diane B

Aug 18 2022

I am very happy with these vitamins, they are a good grade, my 2 issues are they are large pills to swallow, I'm don't good with large pills, Also I have so many boxes, I need to put a hold on them for a while and I don't know how to do that. Any help would be apprecciated.i

Brenda K

Aug 05 2022

Great products

Faustina O

Jul 11 2022

This Anti-aging formula is very effective I’ve seen a big change in my hair and skin

Scott E

Jun 08 2022

Great experience

Carletta I

May 04 2022

I have just been taking the clear complexion pills for about 3 weeks , I see a improvement in the texture and brightness off my skin . I also have dark marks that are looking a little lighter.. I will continue to take the pills to see if it continue to keep fading my dark marks . Overall I am satisfied so far …

Michele P

Apr 25 2022

great experience

Syreeta W

Apr 15 2022

I ordered the ULTIMATE SURGERY RECOVERY BUNDLE & surgilax. I am 7 days post op. I had a breast reduction with lift, tummy tuck with muscle & hernia repair oh and lipo of the waist and flanks. I started taking the program only 1 week before surgery and still taking as directed. When I went for my 5 day post op check up. The doctor said “wait when did we do your surgery” “you’re healing very fast and beautifully. I had almost no bruising, the swelling is minimal and pain is very minimal. I know it was only because of these products!!! I’ve had 3 other major surgeries and I’ve never recover at a rate like this!!! I’ve been recommending this to all of the ladies that I meet and are considering surgery. The key is to follow the directions, use the different products as it says on the directions

Eve B

Mar 12 2022

Wonderful company!

Anne G

Mar 03 2022

I have been using for 3 months now and have noticed some positive changes.

melissa d

Feb 01 2022

I love their products , the subscriptions programs is a great deal and the referral program really pays off .

Alaina D

Jan 11 2022

Although I like the product, I’m starting to receive my product later and later via USPS. I still haven’t received my shipment from December. Very frustrating, and starting to think it isn’t worth the hassle.

Andrew P

Dec 27 2021

Smooth transaction, no issues. Most importantly, I have high confidence in the product based on my research.

Mahly H

Dec 14 2021

Amazing supplements!!!, I def buy again. My skin looks great, my hair started to grow, I have more energy.

Jerri K

Nov 12 2021

Love that I can adjust timing of arrival of vitamins. Thanks

Missy S

Oct 18 2021


Jennifer G

Sep 08 2021

Love everything that I took. My healing process went well, not sure if it’s the pills or my genes:) Either way, I would recommend VitaMedica.

Debbie C

Aug 17 2021

Excellent service

Barbara G

Jun 28 2021

Great Product!!!

Mary-Esther G

Jun 11 2021

Great products

Kristin K

May 21 2021

Wonderful products! Not only do I rely on the regular vitamins and minerals but recently tried the surgical support, bromelain and Arnica and had a fantastic experience with all three!


Apr 21 2021

Vitamins did help with the swelling and are helping with the healing. This product was amazing. I took it before my procedure and I've never had healing results as great as this time around. I would recommend this 1000 time!