Wendi Uptegraft

Jan 27 2022

Never delivered my order from November and I can’t get anyone to respond to me when I send in an inquiry

Thomas Aldrich

Nov 20 2021

Great product at an exceptional price.

Thomas Sheridan

Sep 29 2021

I received my package on 9/24; however, not only was it 2 weeks for delivery, the order was incomplete. The bottle of norexx was not included, though listed on the packing notes and being charged for it. I've reached out 5 times using the various methods offered on your website, and have yet to receive a response. This is unacceptable. I would like the product I paid for shipped priority, asap and an acknowledgement of this message.

Vance Szubinski

Aug 21 2021

Great products the delivery is a little slow but well worth the wait.

Stamati Lagoudis

Jul 27 2021

I still haven’t received my order weeks after I paid for it 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Erin Brown

Jun 25 2021

Terrible customer service. They sent the wrong item, Androxx instead of Norexx. I’ve sent them three emails, a text, and left a message via their website. It’s been almost two weeks now and no one from from Vaxxen labs has even responded, let alone correct their mistake.

Joshua Lingenfelter

Jun 05 2021

Got the product within a few days of ordering, good quality reliable, I'll be using then again.

Kriston Jervis

May 14 2021

Did not ship everything I paid for. I have tried numerous times to contact them and they will not respond.

Christine Lapp

Apr 03 2021

I love the Keto creamer! My favorite is the Moca Cafe followed by the Salted Carmel. Plus ordering directly from Vaxxen Labs instead of Amazon I saved money! Thank you for making such a yummy keto creamer!

Kyle Bauer

Feb 21 2021

Great product! The only thing I would change about this company is the contact method. They’re impossible to get ahold of. Great products though so I’ll be a returning customer

Timothy Matuska

Nov 18 2020

This is a great product that arrives in decent amount of time. My only suggestion would be to immediately acknowledge the order.

Michelle Shufelt

Aug 26 2020

Tastes great. Pricey but worth it in the end

Ian Berry

Jun 10 2020

1. I never received a confirmation email after ordering 2. I reached out via phone to inquire no response 3. I reached out via email to inquire no response Customer purchase flow, engagement and service need work. Due to lack of response I was/am not sure whether or not the company is legitimate and refused my item because of it. Otherwise, checkout was fine and product looks cool. Just the lack of responsive and engagement was concerning

Stacie Brooks

Apr 15 2020

Still love this company.

Julie Savarino

Mar 19 2020

I never received a confirmation email after my order and it was hard to get a response from customer service to find out if there was an issue. I finally received a response after I received my order. I was not a fan of the taste of the product and will not order again.

Vincent Abney

Feb 06 2020

I placed an order on January 22nd and it is now Feburary 6th and I have yet to recieve my product. The tracking says it was delivered, but it has not been delivered to me. I attempted several modes of contacting the company and have heard 0 response. I am very disappointed and am feeling I need to just be okay with my money being considered a loss.

Anthony Kline

Jan 04 2020

Excellent product, excellent service, excellent delivery time.

Darla Gray

Sep 10 2019

I’ve tried several other brands of exogenous ketones. None of the others compared with Keto1. Keto1 has the best taste, the most BHB of any other brands I’ve tried, including the brand my Dr just had formulated. I have so much more energy and I find that I can go longer periods of time without feeling hungry. I love the Mint Chip and Chocolate Raspberry flavors. I just bought the Orange Dreamsicle but I haven’t tried it yet.

Nicole Scheibner

Mar 10 2019

Products are excellent (3 wisemen) for lean muscle gains. Only negative thing to note is that a lot of these expensive tablets were crushed and thus useless.

Shawntee Black

Jan 17 2019

I love what ketones have done for my energy! I have never been able to find the option to upload a picture of my experience though. I would be happy to share. Thanks

... ... ...

Susan Russ

Dec 01 2018

Always quick shipping

Christina Heath

Aug 24 2018

Super fast shipping. Amazing product! I ended up purchasing the mint chip and all i have to say is WOW! It tastes amazing and it’s easy to mix. I recently had to go Keto and Keto1 has helped with the transition! Highly recommend Keto1 and thank you Ben Greenfield for suggesting this amazing product!

Andrew Kucewicz

Jul 21 2018

Quality products and fast shipping. I’ve only ordered stuff a handful of times, but I’ve never had an issue. Always provided answers to my questions regarding cycles, too.

Gary Lowery

Jul 20 2018

Great service

Henrik Elling

Jul 20 2018

It works👍🏻😉💪🏼

Christy Hart

Jan 11 2022

I love everything from here

Sandra Schleher

Nov 09 2021

I absolutely love the keto creamer, and when I place an order, it arrives quickly and the free delivery bonus is fantastic. This company rocks!! I'm hooked on the salted caramel, but I also love all the other flavors as well. You won't be disappointed!!

Todd Dawson

Sep 07 2021

Took over a month to get the product.

Charles Morris

Aug 17 2021

I still have not received my full order almost 3 weeks later even though I was charged for it. I have sent many text to the number as requested because no one manages the phone line. I have been making purchases with this company for years and this is very disappointing for me.

Nathaniel Butler

Jul 21 2021

Vaxxen Labs has been reviewed by a trusted source before, which prompted me to give it a try. However, as a first time customer myself, they have truly disappointed me. I didn't even get a chance to try the products, we are currently at the stage where I don't even get the products that I paid for, literally. The simple fact that i'm writing this review instead of getting a chance to receive and enjoy my products is that they care more about a fluff piece than answering an email in regards to an error they made. Their customer service is lacking. My order was incomplete, there are products missing from the shipment. It's already been seven business days with no response at all besides this, I was patient enough. One star...

Lisa Trbovich

Jun 10 2021

Last order took almost a month. No reply to emails or messages. Love the product!!! Not a fan of poor customer service. Had I been told it was back ordered I would have waited patiently or changed my selection.

Bryan Paul

May 27 2021

I was shorted 2 products and have emailed and called and texted everything and everyone possible and haven’t heard back!

Patrick Cameron

May 11 2021

Easy to order. Fast delivery.

Stephanie Slusher

Mar 29 2021

Super great product and very fast delivery time!

AJ Martinez

Dec 10 2020

Good morning, I don't usually give my option on things but you asked. I was so excited when finally making a decision to buy this stack. Its been over a week and I feel no difference. What a disappointment. I might just ask for my money back. This stack came highly recommended from Ben Greenfield which is one of the reasons I made the purchase. thanks for the 20% coupon but why would I need it??

Matthew Reilly

Nov 12 2020

Everything has been great - shipment was received early, everything correct and great results

Valery Jules

Aug 25 2020

Excellent service fast shipping

Ralph Ortiz

May 20 2020

great experince with purchacing- easy reading- to the point and what's in it just what I've been looking for

Dan Cadalora

Apr 15 2020

4 Star for the prompt product ordering processing and shipment. Started using using product a week ago and still assessing the results in real-time. Thanks! Dan@BioMedX

Michael Dowd

Mar 04 2020

Order arrived missing two bottles out the 6 I ordered. I can't get a hold of anyone at the company through the phone, email, or website. Very frustrating.

David Ochal

Feb 01 2020

I never received my package. After my initial purchase, I received a message stating that the order was in review. I was unable to log into my account to find out more. I tried to contact Vaxxen several time via email and phone. They never returned my messages. I found out later there was an error in my address from a default in my browser. So, the package was shipped to the wrong place. If someone would have take just 1 minute return any of my messages, this small issue would have been resolved. I would have received my package and if I liked the product would certainly buy more in the future. I am now a costumer for another company with similar products. They were helpful when I had questions about their products. I will be ordering from them from now on.

Ike Sedberry

Nov 13 2019

And fox helps with the workout. The order was filled as promised, and in a timely manner.


Jul 30 2019

Awesome product. Easy to use website and ordering process. Kudos to vaxxen labs!

Travis Wyant

Mar 07 2019

Super quick shipping

Leo Ferrari

Jan 14 2019

Really great customer service when I had an issue with applying a discount to my order. I will continue to do business with this company

Vince Estrada

Nov 28 2018

I love it so happy tht I found you guys it make me work out longer an I can see a change loving it thank you so much

Kurt Kastner

Aug 07 2018

Shipping is fast and the staff is very friendly and seems more focused on pleasing the customer than just selling product. I love that this company tries to use as many natural ingredients as possible and doesn’t feel the need to add artificial colorings.


Jordan Branca

Jul 21 2018

Best DHEA supps out there!

Robert jones Jones

Jul 20 2018

Great products would refer them to anyone looking for quality products. Shipping is another plus very fast and efficient I give 5his company and customer service 5 stars!


Jul 17 2018

Great product !

Cole Nagy

Dec 02 2021

Great service! Super quick delivery

Wendie Cadwell

Oct 20 2021

Makes my coffee taste amazing (mellows it out a bit)! I love the taste (salted caramel) and there is no chalky texture. I received my package within a few days and the order was correct. They even sent me a shaker bottle for free, which I love. I will order through this company many more times in the future.

Beje Jones

Sep 06 2021

I have really enjoyed the Keto Delight Creamer but the Customer service dept of the company has been less than satisfactory. I can't get through with a phone call or have anyone return my messages or even when I have emailed or filled out their form online needing assistance, there is no response. My last shipment didn't ship 2 of the creamers that I ordered, it only shipped the one flavor and the other flavor was an error. Still haven't received a replacement.

Rainer Schoellhammer

Jul 31 2021

Incomplete delivery.

Jonathan Buchowski

Jul 14 2021

Only received part of my order and have had zero response from customer service about any solution which is disheartening to experience from any corporation

Brad Smith

Jun 10 2021

Accurate and fast.

Sam Clyde

May 19 2021

I did not receive everything I ordered and I cannot get a hold of customer service

Keith Floyd

Apr 30 2021

I am still waiting for your product to arrive. What is the delay?

James Taneri

Mar 24 2021

I have ordered twice and the customer service is outstanding!

Bren Leek

Dec 08 2020

I ate chips and was still in ketosis when I did the urine test. I’m a huge fan

Allen Jones

Oct 14 2020

I am in my early 40's and started to get serious again about working out. I wanted something to give a little boost to my training and I was pleasantly surprised. General overall feeling of wellness also increased. A bit more expensive than I would like but worked great.

Robert Kurita-Goudlock

Aug 21 2020

No customer service, no working phone number, ordered two weeks ago and still waiting for my goods to ship, not responsive to email. Altogether the worst experience I’ve had making an online purchase in my entire life.

Brandon Procell

May 08 2020

Great service, fast shipping! Will update with results soon.

Kristin vonKlein

Apr 10 2020

Excellent service and product! Thank you so much for getting my order to me despite the pandemic! It's the little things that count! Thanks again and hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Phyllis Reed

Feb 21 2020

I am very dissatisfied with the customer service I placed my order on January 20 did not receive it until February 18 I did everything possible to reach you I called I text I emailed I even called my credit card company to see if I had been charged because I hadn’t received anything once I receive my product I tried to contact you again by text by email to find out the return policy they said it must be returned within 30 days of the purchase it’s already 30 days when I look at 10% off the next order I will not make another order because the customer service is not good can never talk or reach anyone this really should be free because of the time wasted without anybody responding to me anything I could’ve went to Amazon and bought the product and had it in two days this is ridiculous for the customer service alone I won’t do business with you all again.

Ryan Liguori

Jan 24 2020

Customer service is nonexistent at this company for questions about there products. As for there products I have yet to try the 3 wisemen I bought.

Alonza Ray Price

Nov 07 2019

Great products and great prices!

Michelle Flynn

Apr 19 2019

These ketones are excellent!! And the price is very good!!

Charles Hamilton

Feb 23 2019

The supplements from Vaxxen Labs are amazing


tommy clark

Jan 13 2019

I had my doubt but the lean stack is a must if you want to put on lean mass without the water weight. My muscles are much fuller. My lats have opened up so much. Im finishing my 6th week and may do the full 8 before i start my pct.

Rachael Roush

Oct 16 2018



Justin Watson

Jul 24 2018

Great products super fast shipping couldn't be happier

John Torrillo

Jul 20 2018

Vaxxen Labs is a wonderful company. They will personally go out of their way to help you with your experience and usage of their products. Be sure to give them a try as I know you will not be disappointed with them.

David Robinson

Jul 20 2018

Vaxxen Labs Wheyxx tastes delicious and mixes well with foods like oatmeal, prefect formula. I’m waiting to see what is up the sleeves for more possible flavor variety and the same for the BCAAS! Definitely would recommend any day for sure.


Jul 17 2018

Great company!

Erick Rhodes

Nov 24 2021

Great product! Problem is, with my last order, I ordered Descend and Pillar, and only received Descend. 3 emails and 3 busy signals later, no response, no Pillar, and no refund.

Robinson.Reginald@Gmail.com Robinson

Oct 13 2021

Shipped me an incomplete order. I’ve contacted customer service, so far it has been an entire week with no reply. Terrible 1st impression.

Steve Floyd

Aug 22 2021

The products are a game changer. Definitely brings results if you put in the Work

Benjamin Cotto

Jul 29 2021

I did not receive my full order. I emailed them three times and they did not respond. I texted three times and they did not respond. Terrible customer service. I should have read the reviews before I purchased items from them. They are known for sending incomplete items and not responding. If this is how their customer service is then I am certain their products aren’t legit.

James Mulrine

Jul 08 2021

Horrible I never got one of the bottles I ordered and have been calling and texting for two weeks and no one has replied. I would love to give a good review on the product if I actually received it or heard anything back but for now I cannot say anything positive.???

Manuela Fankhauser

Jun 06 2021

Hi dear Vaxxen Team Usually I‘m very happy with your services. In the last delivery NOREX was missing, but I got two ANDROX instead. Could you send me 1 NOREX pls to complete the 3 Wisemen. Thanks alot and kind regards. Manuela Fankhauser

Christopher Eichler

May 14 2021

I ordered the kingdom come stack, the norexx wasn't included. I've tried several times to reach out to your company, many emails, a dm on Instagram, 2 texts and nothing. I'm very frustrated with vaxxen labs

Susan Gookin

Apr 16 2021

Great tasting protein will be ordering again


Mar 16 2021

Customer service is zero -I emailed the company 2 or 3 times and never received a response!!!! This company sucks ! I placed my order back in January and just received it March 11. I will not ever order from here again !!!!

Trish Alonso

Nov 26 2020

Very happy with the product delivery was fast certainly ordered again

Tim Matuska

Aug 28 2020

I wasn't sure after my initial purchase because I didn't receive a confirmation email, but I did have my order number. Two days after my purchase I got a confirmation email saying my order had been processed and would arrive by the following Monday. To my surprise it arrived on Saturday, and thus I began my cycle. It's too early to provide an update on how the products work for me. I will try and provide an update after completing my 1st month. About me: I'm 59 yrs old, I've been training/lifting for almost 40 yrs. I've tried many different supplements and even did the ultimate supplements for three yrs. I don't expect them to work that good, especially at my age, but I hope I do get some results, hopefully not road rage. :-)

John Kinnaird

Jul 09 2020

I want to give this company a good review, however I’m unsure if the company or the post office is at fault for my package acceptance delay. It has had the same status for a week now.

karli weller

May 06 2020

Placed order on April 15, order has still not arrived... tracking shows package in Ohio for the last 10 days!! No response from customer service, no chat, email, phone call, Facebook page.... nothing!! I’m not holding my breath for my package to arrive .

mark sestak

Mar 20 2020

Still early with the trio of products but I do notice quicker gain these days. I do take a whole host of products as well as the three wisemen from Vaxxen but I am happy with the gains that I see. I never put all of my hopes in just one manufacturer and look at the ingredients more than I do the claims. I am sure I will purchase again when needed. Also, the products arrived within a week of ordering. I had read reviews to the contrary but this was my experience.

William Vittitoe

Feb 19 2020

Ordered Axxis and Pillar fantastic products.

Larry Jones

Jan 06 2020

The Vaxxstane I ordered arrived in a timely manner since I am Canadian. It cleared Customs with out any duty or HST. All total it took 10 Days to arrive. I would not hesitate to order again as long as the product works. Early days yet as far as using it as a PCT after a 6 week LGD-4033 cycle. It has only been 5 days since I have started using it and it works just fine.

susan Sandberg

Sep 18 2019

Very easy to order, great product.

Robert Carr

Apr 04 2019

Absolutely amazing products. Great taste, fast results.

Melody Gary

Jan 17 2019

I love this stuff!! I’ve tried several different kinds and they have by far had the best flavor and palatability. All three kinds are great! They work really well 30 minutes before a workout or during intermittent fasting. A must have!!

Melvin Keyes II

Dec 25 2018

Greet product and received my products in a timely manner. Awesome tracking system of shipments too.


Sep 16 2018

I love the flavor the added electrolyte and a bit caffeine to boost my energy. It tastes good and does suppress my hunger to help intermittent fasting.

Shane Jarrett

Jul 23 2018

The experience was very pleasant. The website is very easy to use and customer support is always ready to assist with anything that’s needed.

Roger Alcaparras

Jul 20 2018

My experience was great. The customer service and the products absolutely awesome.

Michael Chabries

Jul 20 2018

I am an aging athlete - now in my 50 somethings. I cycle 6 days a week and have just started to lift and stretch 3 days a week. Androx has made a distinct difference in both body composition and performance. Along with adding carbs to my diet (tried Keto last year) I have increased my average watts from 240 to 260 (sustained) during a 2 hour period. Additionally, although I have not really lifted weights in almost 30 years - I can now bench press 315 6 times and my dead lift using a trap bar has increased 70 lbs after four weeks of using Androx. I don't have any verifiable data regarding body-fat - but notice a distinct difference in body composition - more noticeable veins in my arms and cuts to my abs. Thanks Vaxxen! Michael

Darren Zola

Jul 17 2018

Love using the products from Vaxxen labs.... I just recently earned my pro card with United States Strongman- and I have these products ( along with a ton of hard work in the gym ) to thank for it. Not only are the proteins and aminos great tasting - they products do what they claim. Axxis helped me gain more strength and energy over the past 2 months then anything I’ve ever used, looking forward to trying a stack on my next cycle. Using Fulcrum on competition day kept my mind focused and ready to go all day long, it’s much more then just a pre-workout drink. Don’t hesitate to try all their products !!!!!!

... ...