luisa mendoza

Nov 14 2017

Recomiendo US NATIONAL CREDIT SOLUTIONS totalmente, su efectividad es muy buena, y sobre todo el apoyo brindado.

juan ramos

Nov 06 2017

Estuve estresado con todo esto de mis deudas de crŽditos, pero desde que US NATIONAL CREDIT SOLUTION tomo mi caso, todo ha cambiado de forma positiva. gracias por el apoyo!


Nov 02 2017

Llamar a US National Credit Solutions fue una de la mejores decisiones que pude tomar. Es excelente saber que me estan ayudando y siempre estar informada a cada paso del programa.


Oct 24 2017

Every time I speak to Ricardo I feel 100% better about trusting US National Credit Solutions with my financial issues. He finds a way to help me understand the current process and allay my anxiety. I recommend US National to anyone in need of assistance in an attempt to avoid bankruptcy.


Oct 18 2017

They have kept their word on everything they said they would do. And the people are great to work with and keep you updated on how things are going and where we are at with progress.

Norberto Luciano

Oct 17 2017

Great job great service thanks for your help

Ana Rosa Ruiz

Nov 10 2017

Gracias US National por ayudarme. Como madre soltera era muy dificil pagar mis tarjetas. Estoy muy feliz con el trabajo que estan haciendo.

maria arango

Nov 06 2017

Muchas gracias por toda su ayuda y atencion. Todas mis cuentas fueron negociadas como me dijeron que iba a suceder desde el principio. Maria Arango

Carlos Rodriguez

Nov 02 2017

Me encanta el servicio de US National. El asesor financiero que me asistio hizo el proceso de enrolamiento muy facil. Que alegria que voy a poder salir de mis deudas!


Oct 24 2017

After many hardships, I found myself consumed in thousands of dollars worth of debt. Overwhelmed with the massive interest rates from the different financial institutions I banked with for many years, I felt hopeless and with little direction for how to overcome this hurdle. I found out about US National Credit Solutions through a friend, who used their services in the past, and I was immediately apprehensive about the idea of debt consolidation. I'd heard horror stories about people finding themselves worst shape then what they originally started with, by choosing this route. It was not until my friend had fully paid his debt off, and continued to rave about their services, that I decided to take action. Boy was this a life changing decision! The minute I spoke to the representative, she took the time to listen to my needs, and throughly explained the process. It was at that point that I knew I had come to the right place. All my concerns regarding the impact on my credit score, the repercussions for choosing this route were carefully and thoroughly addressed. The company takes over the negotiation with your banks, and as a result of their expertise, I was able to reduce my debt by almost half. After close to 2 years with their services, I can officially say that I am months away from being debt free. I will continue to share my success story with everyone passing through a similar situation. Had it not been for the continuous support, guidance, and expertise of US National Credit Solutions, I don't know where I would be today.

Shernette Bailey

Oct 18 2017

the information provided was complete and accurate and the customer service after I enrolled has been great so far. This is definitely what I was looking for!

Balbi perez

Oct 17 2017

Love the customer service. You are never left not knowing what is going on. I'm very happy so far

Sonia Victoriano

Nov 09 2017

Fast honest results!! I had my doubts at first but not anymore... I'm very thankful for being in this progrm with you guys

Francisco Henriquez

Nov 03 2017

Mi esposa y yo entramos al programa juntos y US National logro reducir todas nuestras deudas. Se lo recomendar’a a cualquier amigo. Estamos muy agradecidos.

Ramirez Luis

Oct 31 2017

Estaba muy asustado porque no queria irme a la bancarrota. Solicite la ayuda de UsNational y logre salir de mis deudas, y estoy satisfecho con el resultado obtenido. Gracias


Oct 19 2017

Getting signed up with us national has been a very easy process. My debt consultant was very knowledgeable and very reassuring throughout the entire process. I feel that I'm now on the right path

Paul Fombershteyn

Oct 18 2017

Great service and honest with the product, I liked the fact that they did not try to just sell the service, but also showed me the different options. I felt at ease with the experience as a whole. They weren't pushy like some other companies I've dealt with in the past. Highly recommended!

Paola Mejia

Nov 06 2017

Nunca pense que iba poder pagar el dinero que debia. US National Credit Solutions lo hizo fÌÁcil para mi con su programa. Ahora puedo dormir sabiendo que mis deudas son menos con cada dia que pasa. Gracias a US National!

Ray Figueroa

Nov 03 2017

Me siento muy seguro con US National Credit Solutions. Siempre son muy amables y se encargan de ayudarme con cualquier pregunta que tengo. Y quŽ bueno que hablan espa–ol!

Alfredo Rolan

Oct 31 2017

logre salir de mis deudas, y estoy satisfecho con el resultado obtenido.


Oct 19 2017

Absolutely exceptional service. I feel like they really care and genuinely are helping. They are helping me eliminate my delinquent debt and are very reassuring in these difficult times. Professionalism at its finest, I thank my friend for recommending me to them. Keep up the great work. A++


Oct 18 2017

USNCS USA, is amazing. From their Debt Specialist who are well informed in the industry, to their client services who are available to me at all times. TheyÕve cut my debt in half and have been a tremendous help to my everyday living by consolidating all of my debt into one low monthly payment. If youÕre tired of getting the run around, try them out.