Andrew Steinberg

Aug 19 2019

I think that it is deceptive that the product page for the tin tie bags states that there is Free Shipping for qualifying orders of $550 but you need to click through to the fine print to find out that it does not apply to the tin tie bags. It would be much more clear if the Free Shipping information did not appear on product pages for which is does not apply.

Sabrina Ali

Jul 24 2019

Great sales rep and customer service

Eric busuttil

Jul 09 2019

I was lucky enough to run into you guys in Boston at the SCA Conference. You guys rock!

Michael DeJoseph

Jun 19 2019

Good price. Shipping cost is only downside to purchase. I have bought from Amazon & always get free shipping.


May 24 2019

Great service, product received as advertised

Anna Maria Pouchet

May 13 2019

It was easy to choose the bags pics and dimensions were available. Shipping was hassle free

Fadia Alchaar

May 03 2019

Very nice and good quality

Steve Yi

Apr 12 2019

Excellent 4oz and 8oz bags. The material is solid and the degassing valve securely in place with the proper hole punctured on the bag. Ordering online was easy and straightforward. Will order again but this time with some hot stamping. Leveling up!

Stacy Kliner

Mar 31 2019

Great bags and reliable service!


Mar 19 2019

The thickness of the bags is very bad. I called them and say I need a different quality and need to return the one I got and they said ok but we have to charge you 20% restocking fee.

David Snider

Feb 21 2019

Great service!

Maryann Cook

Feb 15 2019

Good product fast delivery

Tyler McCarty

Feb 01 2019


Rick Wheaton

Jan 17 2019

Good website, easy to navigate and excellent product.

Michelle Manon

Jan 16 2019

I placed the order with the automated system and it worked perfectly. Thank you!

Christian Hemberger

Jan 09 2019

Fast shipping, solid products.

Melvin Esh

Dec 31 2018

The service was great and the bags look great as well! Everything was prompt and we look forward to buying from you again!

Michael Hatfield

Dec 15 2018

Ordered three boxes of product and only two were shipped, after contacting PBFY they said they would ship the third box and send me tracking info. No tracking info was sent. Had to contact again for tracking info. Two trips to the U S border in order to pick up my complete order.

Shelly Ross

Dec 06 2018

Liked being able to compare various free samples. Very pleased with our purchase.


Nov 28 2018

Great staff and great product. Very satisfied

Christie Jamison

Nov 23 2018

I paid extra to have expedited shipping. It still took a long time to get my order.

Robert Marten

Nov 15 2018

Exactly what we needed and fast. Lady on phone was a nice help.

Andy Hayes

Nov 08 2018

always fast shipping!

Mauricio Mova

Oct 22 2018

Great services and fast delivery

matthew cox

Oct 11 2018

Great product and excellent support! PBFY made finding the right product easy.

Christopher Bayer

Aug 15 2019

every thing was as ordered and arrived very fast!

William Clark

Jul 21 2019

Had a great experience at PBFY. Their selection is amazing and their prices are good. I will be purchasing my bags from them from now on.

Preetinder Bhullar

Jul 05 2019

Please Replies to mails

Chaim Gross

Jun 13 2019

Very good customer service. Fast and reliable.

Chris Francis

May 22 2019

Easy to order. Easy to talk to someone when you need help. PBFY made it happen. Perfect.

Jasmine Stine

May 11 2019

Product was great and came quickly. Thank you.

Grant Schoenlein

Apr 22 2019

Awful experience thus far. Sent incorrect parts. Sales rep has not contacted us back. Technician has not contacted us back. Keep your 10% off coupon. Not interested in shopping from you all again.


Apr 05 2019

Delivery was on time.

Kevin Adams

Mar 31 2019

Delivery was quick. Description accurate.

Tom Smith

Mar 13 2019

it was good

Kay Philips

Feb 20 2019

The bags were great quality! They were shipped right away.

Margaret Nyamumbo

Feb 12 2019

Easy to navigate.

Chad Pomerleau

Jan 27 2019

Great bags, good prices.

Jerrod Degarmo

Jan 17 2019

Always good quality bags.

Sandra Bosben

Jan 15 2019

The packaging is perfect for my product! So glad to finally find the perfect container that reflects the values of my company.

Compradores Britt Brands

Jan 04 2019


Joshua Rosen

Dec 27 2018

Beautiful rice bags with silk like threads weaved throughout! The small window in front leaves buyers enough room for a peak at your product, but not enough to give away the prize! Sturdy and resealable, these bags are a perfect addition to our store.

Lance Roper

Dec 15 2018


Gary Sicignano

Dec 05 2018


Seth Fischer

Nov 28 2018

Pricing was great! Quality was great! Shipping was quick! What's not to love?

Liz Satterly

Nov 21 2018

Site is buggy and wouldn’t let me use my email or address for shipping

Gayle Johnson

Nov 15 2018

The coffee bags we ordered in red foil, are beautiful and the ordering process went smoothly and we relieved the products in a very short shopping time!

Julia Webb

Nov 05 2018

Always quick to ship. Responsive phone reps.

Taylor Holliday

Oct 20 2018

I’m very happy with my rice paper bags and fast shipping. Thank you!

Raymond Lemaire

Oct 04 2018

The product itself is good. I hope that they are not affected by the trade conflicts that are being imposed. On the downside UPS levies an expensive brokerage fee that is many times more than the USPS charges. Perhaps the increase in the import minimus will greatly diminish this problem. It remains to be seen how the GST will be collected.

Jerry Hegarty

Aug 04 2019

Outstanding service and products, great support too !

Juan Arroyave

Jul 19 2019

Great support and I received the order sooner than expected

Robert Pirie

Jul 04 2019

It was amazing.

Lauren Ramsey

Jun 06 2019

It was very easy to work with the team and to order from the website. Great customer service.

sean litke

May 21 2019

Had a 2 package shipment, one was delivered to a house about 2 miles away and the other was delivered about a week after I went to the house to ask them for our package.

Jan Slezak

May 10 2019

great bags, choices, customer service and pricing. love the fully compostable ones, since many customers require this.

michael troast

Apr 17 2019

Way better than our previous bag suppliers. Quality great and delivered in timely fashion.

Vincent Fiorello

Apr 04 2019

Easy browsing, fast shipping, and quality products.

Joey Samelak

Mar 28 2019

I am extremely pleased with the pouches I received. Great customer service, and I love that they will send you free samples before you purchase. I will definitely be ordering more through PBFY.

Fletcher Souba

Mar 08 2019

My order arrived very quickly without hassle which is great. But the sizing was not accurate. The bags I ordered had a note saying that 12oz of coffee would fit. These bags are MUCH larger and I can get about 18oz of coffee. They work but they look large and awkward and were not accurate to the description.

Joseph Lazzari

Feb 19 2019

Arrived on time and product arrived as advertised.

Benjamin Marsh

Feb 06 2019

Fast, friendly, and high quality!

Lisa Foggin

Jan 25 2019

I knew what we needed and was able to find it on the website and order it easily.

Christina Milford

Jan 17 2019

Have had issues with sales staff not returning calls or emails in the past. Hope that will change with the new rep we have been assigned

Crystal Colley

Jan 15 2019

Excellent selection with great prices

Deborah Karr

Jan 03 2019

Products fine. Prices good. Shipping fast. But deeply resent having my email address given to some unknown third party. What other information have you given out? AND even though they replied 2 months ago that they were un-subscribing me from their SPAM list, they STILL SPAM weekly!

Kevin Kaeuper

Dec 21 2018

Awesome customer service and product quality!

Lori Randall

Dec 14 2018

Wonderful to work with, fabulous product!

sarah freeman

Dec 04 2018

easy and simple

Tyler Soria

Nov 27 2018

your website won't let me log into my account. I have reset my password multiple times and still nothing.

Kaitlyn Brown

Nov 21 2018

Really appreciate your fast and helpful service. Was thrilled and surprised when my order was shipped out the same day!

Bryan Barrett

Nov 09 2018

Betty is great!

Stephanie Lostocco

Nov 01 2018

Great Service

Brett Griest

Oct 20 2018

Outstanding products and never a problem till my last order when the wrong product was shipped. How they handled this problem was seemed like very disorganized. And they were more concerned about getting their product back than getting me the right product. Silly when the wrong product cost was probably less than the freight to ship it back. In the men time I waited an extra week to get the right stuff

Byron Lindley

Oct 03 2018

My package arrived quickly, I received emails in a timely manner, for order confirmation and shipping. Thank you for your efficient service!

Dustin Benes

Aug 01 2019

Waiting to hear back from someone regarding labels

Cia de la Mar Dulce Cafe Las Flores

Jul 17 2019

Excellent service but need to improve on communication.

Elaine Shadid

Jun 27 2019

Very easy to order. I am very pleased with the quality of the bags. Bags are strong and thick to keep my spice fresh. perfect size. Love the professional look.

Felicia Tappan

May 29 2019

PFY has greta products & easy online ordering with fast shipments.

Santa Sauceda

May 14 2019

I am sorry I am usually not one to complain but your website said package would be delivered on a certain date and it wasn't. When I called to check the status the rep helping me was rude and hung up on me. I couldnt get a word in before she gung up on me. Never again will I use this company.

Holly Snow Canada

May 04 2019

Quick and easy!

Joseph Thomas

Apr 16 2019

You guys are great!

Laura Brehm

Apr 04 2019

I love the compostable bag I buy from you guys! Comes quickly too!

Aaron Fekete

Mar 20 2019

It was perfect site for our need, and generous size.! We are happy for the purchase and definitely going to re-order more.!

Michael Trojanowski

Mar 06 2019

The bags we ordered were perfect for our coffee and they were shipped very quickly. No complaints.

Benjamin Shaum

Feb 18 2019

I haven't been very happy with my experience with PBFY. We've purchased 12 oz and 4 oz bags and I've had quality issues with both products. Several of our 12 oz bags were sealed improperly and we had to throw them out, and others in the same shipment were sealed crooked leaving our bags lopsided and awkward looking. With the 4 oz bags, I've found numerous bags with the zippers crooked and they won't even zip up. I reached out to a sales rep and he offered to refund me for 7 of the bags that were sealed improperly. You all can handle your customers the way you want, but I would have been a little more apologetic and offered a realistic amount of compensation for the product and the trouble of having a bad experience in the first place. Being offered $8 compensation was kind of a joke and I won't be buying from PBFY again.

Cassie Ruhlman

Feb 01 2019

Great quality and quick delivery!

David Shreves

Jan 18 2019

Easy ordering, great selection

Carole Colvin

Jan 17 2019



Jan 09 2019

No thanks

Alanna Group/ Jocelyne Gallardo

Jan 02 2019

Good experience and great quality.

Coral de Camps 001-077707

Dec 19 2018

Hello. I received the wrong pouches for a part of my order. I ordered 4oz kraft pouches and received 8oz clear plastic pouches.

Robert Behlke

Dec 14 2018

The order arrived quickly as always and the bags are of high quality.

Sebastien Aurelus

Dec 01 2018

Excellent service, easy to use, and hassle free

Kyle Herman

Nov 26 2018

Great experience. Good product at a good price. Delivered on time and was as expected.

James Clark Jr

Nov 15 2018

Easy to work with. Quick delivery, especially now that they have opened a warehouse closer to east coast, and in my state even. Willing to work around software limits to continue to get savings needed.

Dee Cairoli

Nov 09 2018

Product arrived as expected and with great advance communication. Bags were exactly what we needed. Thanks

Paul Large

Nov 01 2018

Order was fulfilled quickly and everything was great

Lisa Deju

Oct 15 2018

Great products, exactly as promised, quick shipment & delivery. Very happy with PBFY.

Anthony Sullins

Sep 27 2018

I ordered the 12 oz stand up pouch (Kraft) along with a manual heat sealer. There was a mix-up with my order, which was immediately rectified by a customer service representative. I have not used the heat sealer yet but the bags seem to be of good quality. I do wish the bag was a true 12-ounce bag as it easily holds a full 16 ounces, which makes the bag seem over-sized and/or under-filled. As it stands, I may need to seek another option for my application and hope to find a use for these bags in the future.