Eric S

Nov 27 2021

No discounts applied for 1st time buyer (5% discount) and shipping address improperly claimed was in an free shipping zone.

Justin S

Nov 17 2021

Shopping experience was fine. Unfortunately, we’re seeing about 15% of the bags are defective and unusable.

Jessica C

Oct 25 2021

Wanted to use a coupon. Reached out to customer service and they directed me to Damon. He was extremely hard to get in touch with, and stopped answering emails. Claimed only one item was eligible for the coupon and I needed to do two separate purchases. Tried multiple times and did not work. Reached out to Damon again and received no response. Eventually gave up and purchased without discount as it became too frustrating. Customer service should be more helpful and responsive in assisting customers!!

David Beachboard

Oct 07 2021

Good morning, I am redacting my three star review and giving 5 stars due to the response given by the moderator. You are correct that the bag does fill more evenly with a dark roast. I cannot always do a dark roast in which the bag in my opinion has a little too much head room. Bags are quality. Look great with my black and white logo of my donkey Norman. You can see one of them at God bless and have a wonderful day. Best! -David

Carlos C

Sep 28 2021

Very fast shipping!

Curtis D

Sep 16 2021

Great service, quick shipping, and the bag are exactly what I wanted!

Bryan R

Sep 02 2021

The service is always fast, accurate and shipped very quickly!!

Zack K

Aug 01 2021

Extremely fast shipping and friendly customer service; the reason we switched from SBD. And the bags are great. Thanks!

Vasilios G

Jul 24 2021

really like the quality of the bags and how fast they shipped.

Patrick E

Jul 14 2021

I Like the bags

Leonard B

Jul 06 2021

I am still having issues with the one-way valves. We had several bad batches and now even when we get a "good" batch, we are discarding one out of every 15 or 20 bags because they don't vacuum hard.

Nicholas E

Apr 06 2021

Bags are good been buying from here for awhile. The rep seemed somewhat annoyed through our email conversations with my questions.

Christian W

Mar 04 2021

Fast shipping. Great quality.

Mike S

Jan 28 2021

Very friendly customer service.

Liam S

Dec 28 2020

My order was incomplete. I have emailed and have not heard anything back yet.

Carye R

Nov 06 2020

great company

Anicia P

Aug 17 2020

The best packaging company, quick service, my packaging arrived sooner than expected. Spoke with one of their staff and she was courteous and professional, she even offered to take my order on the phone. Love this company, will definitely order from them again.

Glenn M

Jul 08 2020

Neer recived the order!

Nathan S

May 29 2020

Great selection. Just a technical issue where I'm unable to reset my password. The reset link uses and the domain does not resolve.

Grand P

May 17 2020



May 10 2020

The Shipping Service was outstanding 5 Stars , Bag Quality 5 stars , but the Gold Bags are Fricken Lime Green in the sunlight

Tyler W

Mar 26 2020

ordering was easy but I place d the order on Mar 11 (#143764) and have not gotten any updates about when it will ship. Times are challenging right now but it has been two weeks.

Allie I

Feb 24 2020

Great product, quick shipping, and wonderful customer service! Thanks!


Oct 28 2019

hi :3

Bok An

Sep 19 2019

Ordering online is easy…. Website is well organized. However dealing with your customer service department for special order is a nightmare! It will be nice and efficient is someone can actually call and give a personal service.

Jeremy W

Nov 24 2021

Great bags and fair pricing.

Maria B

Nov 15 2021

I received the wrong order, which would normally be fine, I understand that things happen. However, I've reached out twice and still have not heard a response. I'm growing concerned I'm going to get stuck with the wrong item, all the while my business is dependent upon getting the correct item.

Laura M

Oct 20 2021

Thanks for all the kind, polite, patient help with a new customer. We are thankful and grateful.

Christine A

Oct 06 2021

Anthony helped me out and went above expectations to ensure everything went smoothly.

Karianne S

Sep 22 2021

I was looking for a very specific bag and PBFY had it in stock. The shipment arrived quickly and I am very satisfied.

Dylan W

Sep 16 2021

Great product quality and offerings.

Kristoffer L

Aug 21 2021

Easy ordering, fast shipping!

John Q

Jul 27 2021


Matteo W

Jul 21 2021

The customer service so far has been exceptional, which is one of the biggest reasons why I have chosen to buy from y'all as opposed to the other options out there. I understand that I am a small customer, so being attentively taken care of is the sort of practice that is going to ensure my loyalty as my business and purchases from you both grow larger.

James M

Jul 14 2021

Fast shipping, always packaged well, and great price. I get updated of shipping and deliveries from purchase to product in hand.

Chef B

Jul 03 2021

Fast delivery! And, always the best customer service! Looking forward to ordering more often!

Joseph B

Mar 23 2021

Not sure. Items are delayed in route. But I bet the bags are great! If only they were here....


Feb 27 2021

Only had shorter sizes, we need longer. Thank you, anyway

Joe B

Jan 12 2021

Ordering and service were fine. I felt as if the product was not properly advertised. The bags I purchased were sold as 12oz bags, but they're clearly made for 16oz worth of product. They work, but with only 12oz of product in them they look ridiculously over sized. Would not recommend as a 12oz packaging option.


Nov 25 2020

You should change the color of the bag on display because I received a total different one 👎🏻

Christopher B

Sep 29 2020

The bags have been a hit! The color is even better than the pictures showed. Will order them again sometime next year.

... ... ...


Aug 08 2020

Very nice

Brian L

Jul 03 2020

You should not take money for products you don’t have . Absolutely dishonest

Stephen P

May 26 2020

While my service rep does whatever he can to help speed things along orders always take a month to receive. Your website says "Only 10 – 14 days are needed to print, inspect (QC) and ship the average minimum order." In reality, it always takes a month or more to receive my printed bags.

Aubree r

May 14 2020

I had ordered extra ties but i don't know where the extras went, and my shipment had come on two different days....

Mattie B

May 03 2020

The bags are a bit thicker than needed. They also lack 1/4 inch at the top for easier sealing (the coffee beans burst out so it’s fiddly for the packer). They are also a bit wide so if this could be adjusted they would pack better. The bio valve is a bit low so our labels barely fit (although the last batch the cables were higher and it was much better!). There are often pieces of plastic, clear film on the bags at the bottom...seems like static cling and then it gets clingie all everywhere! The bundles with rubber bands are not necessary. If packed snuggly they just get in the way and create waste. Thanks! I needed to pass this info over. Love the east coast location and the nice price and the fast service. And they work! Which is a miracle in itself. They are good looking too.

Joe H

Mar 11 2020

Great service!

Kendra C

Feb 17 2020

Awesome customer service and products. The order shipped quickly and was exactly what we were looking for.

Ana Alejandre-Lara

Oct 14 2019

Had issues with our online account, so I had to order by the phone. It was very easy, and the rep made sure to verify every item we ordered based off of previous orders, which was helpful and greatly appreciated.

Marco Menin

Sep 11 2019

Completely satisfied.

Elbert B

Nov 24 2021

So far really nice pods but I'm still trying to get my lids but I understand with the holidays everyone is busy.

Morgan G

Oct 26 2021

Missing a case of block bottom matte bags. Spoke with a gentleman who was looking into it and would take care of it, but never heard back. Have reached out twice since then to have this taken care of and have not received a response back. This is a shame since I like the product. I will go elsewhere from now on, but fully expect this issue to be taken care of considering it is over $300 of product missing that I have not received.

Gary C

Oct 13 2021

Great Product, Quick Shipping!!

Aaron P

Oct 06 2021

Product is great. The box was slit and nearly beaten to shreds when it arrived though and partially open.

Donovan T

Sep 21 2021

Great stuff

Kavita R

Sep 15 2021

Great service. Fast shipping.

Matthew D

Aug 20 2021

Awsome- Thanks Mike P!

Josh S

Jul 26 2021

Great customer service with explaining their product and even shipping extra samples to show the difference between the bags. Great on following up and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Dave K

Jul 19 2021

Great product, customer service and quick delivery!

Shannon B

Jul 14 2021

The website is easy to use. I love free shipping and am happy to buy two boxes of the products I use to qualify.

Kimberly B

May 05 2021

Awesome product and company!

Cherenet T

Mar 12 2021

It’s good , except delays!


Feb 17 2021

Shipping time seemed slow. Box was beat to crap when it arrived.

Robert P

Jan 05 2021

Items ordered had to be shipped from two different locations but was not indicated at time of order. First item arrived not in a shipping box but in its retail parking box which is not designed for such use. Item had busted thru the box and had been taped back up by UPS. Not sure if it even works at this point. Second item has yet to arrive.

Melvin E

Nov 23 2020

Quick shipping and the Black matte block bottom bags are really specialty coffee! We love them


Butch C

Sep 18 2020

PBFY is new packaging supplier for my business, and the packaging was faulty. While they responded quickly and professionally my reputation was scarred with 'leaky' packages of salsa on my accounts shelves. I'm still reeling from this. I hope to have better results with lot of packaging and will improve the rating score at a later date. Butch Craft Western Spirit Salsa Co Denver, CO

Mikoda M

Jul 21 2020

I am a very satisfied customer. The order was fulfilled and I received my pouches in less than a week.

Alex E

Jun 14 2020

Delivered on time, great variation of products and easy to navigate through website.

... ... ...


May 21 2020

Everything was as ordered. Many thanks to my account person, George Britt, who made everything easy to understand.

jason m

May 14 2020

The coffee bags were packaged in a way that wrinkled them making all 1000 useless. They look very cheap.

Jenna H

Apr 29 2020

I am a coffee roaster and ordered 12 oz black matte stand up pouches. With 12 oz of standard beans the bag seemed empty. I then ordered samples of the 8oz bag and they are too small to fit 12 oz of coffee. I am happy with the bags and the material but I think there should be an 10 oz option. as selling coffee in 12 oz bags is very common now and that seems like it would suit 12oz of standard coffee the best. I understand the density and bean size will impact which bag is best, but regardless of the bean, 4 oz is too big a jump when looking for the proper sized bag.

Cristian B

Mar 07 2020

bad customer service!! I tried to place an order with a representative and he didn't want to help me

Gerald S

Dec 30 2019

Thanks for the good service. Ordered online. No issues...order was correct and on time.

Joshua Merrill

Oct 02 2019

PBFY does an excellent job of not only providing great products at a very competitive price, they also have top notch customer service! I love our whole bean coffee packaging! I plan on using PBFY for as much as I can!

Jeffrey Righter

Sep 10 2019

Thought things were ok. I received a call saying the order proceed twice and a refund was being issued. I just booty my credit card statement and i was charged twice, no refund. So now i have to chase down the refund and waist valuable time.

Rodolfo V

Nov 24 2021

Awesome product

James W

Oct 25 2021

Great product line-up. Super fast customer service response from a real person who is very helpful. Website can be a bit slow, but works.

Benjamin S

Oct 10 2021

Shipped quickly and accurately

Todd B

Oct 03 2021

You had just what I needed and the delivery was prompt. Keep it up

William H

Sep 16 2021

Fast delivery. Great product.

Cassandra T

Sep 10 2021

Super fast shipping!

Xue L

Aug 06 2021

i love it that samples are available. saw the samples and was able to make the right order. very satisfied!

Michael K

Jul 25 2021

These bags are junk. We order from you all the time, we have over 250 bags that the tin tie is either crooked or not centered. When we pull the tin tie off to try to correct it tears the bag. We deserve a refund!!!!!

Anson Chu

Jul 14 2021

The bags were mostly as expected. However, was disappointed to see that the gas valve is on the same side as the resealable zipper. I consider the "front" to be the same side as the zipper, where I would like to apply a large label. But a large label would cover the valve. EDIT: Was contacted by customer service and informed that valve placement can be customized, but cannot be returned if so.

Alexander C

Jul 11 2021

Great quality bags overall

Jeffrey B

Apr 18 2021

Literally the worst experience almost exclusively due to UPS

Karma G

Mar 09 2021

Fast shipping

Jeff L

Feb 09 2021

Very quick turnaround and reasonable prices. I shopped around a lot and kept coming back to PBFY. ONce I finally placed my order, I was shocked at how quickly the products arrived.

Victor E

Dec 30 2020

Great product. Awesome response time for shipment

John L

Nov 17 2020

I've ben waiting for 2 exactly weeks for a price quote on 8000 bags from Anthony. This isn't the first time I haven't received a response from him. I emailed Marcy on Friday the 13th, telling her i was waiting on a price quote from Anthony since the 3rd, thinking she would push him along, butthat didn't happen.

jacob l

Sep 11 2020

site was easy to use and navigate, products are as good as expected, and shipped quickly. I had trouble finding the tracking info, but that was likely due to user error on my part.. I then received a call from my sales guy Mike. He was incredibly informative and easy to talk to. I look forward to working with you moving forward

Robert G

Jul 18 2020

Very happy with the product. Very happy with the fast shipping. Very happy with the customer service rep that answered my questions on the phone. Was nice to be able to call a company and speak with a real person. Have become a customer for life. We are in the process of changing over all of our brands to your packaging.


Jun 12 2020

My package has not arrived

Jonathan L

May 20 2020

The bags were nice quality BUT we thought we were getting matte bags and they were shiny. Our customer was a little upset as we had to use the bags to meet a specific deadline.

Josh S

May 14 2020

Easy shopping process.

Simon E

Apr 17 2020

The bags I got are great! We use them for bagging our fresh roasted coffee and we pull a vacuum on the one way valve and as long as you've heat sealed the top it holds. My only gripe is that the zipper seal does allow air into the bag but that's not a deal breaker. Will definitely be purchasing more bags from pbfy. Looking at getting the 5lb version next. I do wish more bag types were available in the kraft white as it works great for our stamping methods.

John E

Feb 27 2020

I have ordered several items over the past few years from PBFY and have always had a positive experience!

Lesley Saligoe

Nov 10 2019

The bags are perfect and shipped fast. No complaints!

Johnny Escobar

Sep 24 2019

Great quality

Lisa McCready

Sep 03 2019

I am a returning customer and PBFY service levels and shipping response times have always been better than most. Great ordering experience, I recommend!