Nov 23 2022

Amazing! Fast! And I got such a great deal!!!


Nov 15 2022

First I want to thank you for re-financing my vehicle.Every step of the way was handle the way a customer expects. Kristi was just simply awesome. Over $50.00 a month certainly will be great in my pocket. Once again thank you! Joel West

Roxanne Eye

Nov 09 2022

Perfectly seamless refinance. Easy and my account rep was so helpful. Thank you for lowering my interest rate considerably and my payment over $100 a month.


Nov 06 2022

It took 2 months to finally get an approval. The paperwork was way too extensive. The only positive part of the experience was the fact that they try to customize your loan to your preference, if possible. Also, they communicated very well through emails, texts, and phone calls.

Amy Stephenson

Nov 01 2022

Nishia was great! She was very thorough and quick to respond to my emails.

Angelica Monsivais

Oct 26 2022

Super helpful!!!

Victoria VandeBrink

Oct 18 2022

Fast, efficient, and friendly. I will definitely recommend.

Jamar Summers

Oct 11 2022

Awesome customer service, very quick from start to finish. The only ones to say yes!!

Deloris McCalpin

Oct 05 2022

The team was very helpful to me, they responded promptly to any questions I had, very courteous any time I called. Jestiny Watkin was so instrumental in helping me understand the process. Any problems was from my end.

Cheri Ramsey

Sep 28 2022

Easy, smooth transaction. Great communication throughout the entire process. There is a reason they are so highly rated! Would recommend to anyone.


Sep 23 2022

Very helpful .

Anna andrade-salinas

Sep 20 2022

Very easy process and staff was very professional and accurate

Nakia Miller

Sep 13 2022

Amera Bailey was great to work with. She kept me updated every step off the way. She is a great representative of your company.


Sep 06 2022

Thank You All

Stephanie Thompson

Aug 31 2022

So far very good customer service

sarah parsons

Aug 23 2022

I thought the whole process took way to long. It cost me a lot of money getting all the needed information to you folks. I thing the amount was about $100.00. but everyone involved remained calm and workable. I am glad I hung in there. Sarah Parsons

Victoria Blankenship

Aug 23 2022

Great service, had a wonderful experience

Maria Rodriguez

Aug 17 2022

Great service quick and professional thank you "

David Lentz

Aug 09 2022

4 stars

Dawn Wollney

Aug 09 2022

I will feel better when it’s completely done but so far it’s been great working with you and having the opportunity to save money each month!!


Aug 02 2022

Great easy experience!

Juan saavedra gonzalez

Aug 02 2022

Great deal

Alvaro Torres

Jul 26 2022

Outstanding experience. Always willing to find solutions for you

Adam Gonzales Jr

Jul 19 2022

Friendly, professional and handled my refinance easy and quickly!

Norman Garbarino JR

Jul 12 2022


Pete Aquino

Nov 17 2022

I commend Becca Perry with the ease and smooth process and approval of my car refinancing. However, I’m somewhat disgusted that until now I haven’t received the written copy of the documents that was mailed. I wanted to have car repair done before the end of the month and I’m still waiting. It’s been more than two weeks since my loan was approved.


Nov 15 2022

Good experience

Martin Curry

Nov 09 2022

Great place will help u lower car payments easy hurry up they are waiting for u


Nov 05 2022

I was very pleased with how everything went so good and quickly .Thank you for being so profesional.


Nov 01 2022

Fast and easy. Very helpful. Thank you!

sharon rogers

Oct 22 2022

This has been one of the easy and best experience I had during a loan process. Thanks ! Sharon

Devonte Oliver

Oct 18 2022

They were great in helping me get refinanced, the process was simple and easy. I would definitely recommend them.


Oct 11 2022

My experience was very good. Awesome to all who helped me

Cedric Hill

Oct 04 2022

Outstanding Service


Sep 28 2022

they were late getting the check to meritrust, causing a payment to be taking out of my account!

Eleanor Hendrick

Sep 21 2022

Everyone was very helpful but Kristi Lucas got the job done I am for ever Thankful for her and OpenRoad

Eric Johnston

Sep 20 2022

Friendly and fast service!

Beverly Rouse

Sep 07 2022

OpenRoad made it very easy to refi my vehicle loan and saved me lots of money. Thank you very much ! you were awesome!!!!


Sep 06 2022

Very nice and answered all my questions that I had.


Aug 30 2022

My representative was in contact throughout the whole process. It was not stress or hassle to get Everything done. Would highly recommend !

Rodney Crawford Jr

Aug 23 2022

Very helpful agents because I'm old school and needed tech help

lisa kiriazis

Aug 23 2022

very easy instructions on how to do refinancing, representative, Kristi, very knowledgeable and explained everything

Richard Patronaggio

Aug 17 2022

excellent people to work with-very helpful-I highly recommend Open Road

Alexa valdez

Aug 09 2022

Very good


Aug 09 2022

Kimberly was amazing in helping me getting everything taken care of. Will definitely recommend.


Aug 02 2022

Whitley was absolutely wonderful. She was there at every phonecall and answered all our questions. Made me feel very reassured when dealing with you. I loved the experience

Latosha Thomas

Aug 02 2022

Very great Paul was always there to help me whenever I need him

Maria Gonzalez

Jul 22 2022

Had the pleasure of working with Jessica She was professional and prompt. Made loan processing very easy. Thank you Ms Maria Gonzalez


Jul 19 2022

Amazing experience, it was quick and easy


Jul 12 2022

so far it has been great. SAHA has been very helpful. haven't got a payment book but I'm in know hurry you guys have been great I recommend you to anyone

Judy Hipkins

Nov 17 2022

OpenRoad Lending was very polite and helpful. I had everything that I needed except access to my husband. He works different hours and it's usually before the banks open or he gets out after they close. He was the problem, not open Road Lending. I don't want to trade my husband in for a new model, he still runs smoothly and trying to break someone else in is a headache. I would have all my family members contact Open Road Lending for their vehicles. Thanks again Open Road for being their for my self and husband Judy

Lisa Stone

Nov 15 2022

Fast and easy process! Saving so much money. Highly recommend!


Nov 08 2022

Great experience, quick and efficient service. Very easy online! Thanks, Irene

Donald Coates

Nov 02 2022

I give open road ending five stars because they were very efficient, knowledgeable and helpful and made things less complicated .

Franklin Obour

Nov 01 2022

Doug Ferrari was amazing person to work and took his time to answer every question I had for him.

Shannon Eaton

Oct 19 2022

I love how Open Road stayed in constant contact. They were quick to answer any questions and made turning in documents and forms super easy!

Benjamin Frazer

Oct 18 2022

Excellent people. They make it a no stress experience and walk you through each step..

Queintina Chisolm

Oct 09 2022

Very easy and fast process! Ricardo was a pleasure to work with!

Evelyn Aguilar Serrano

Oct 04 2022

Third card you guys have helped me with. Continuous help and non stop communication is what keeps me happy with this business. Highly recommend to anyone.

Tessa Pendergrass

Sep 27 2022

Amazing company 100% recommend has the most respectful and polite customer service!

Jose Barbosa

Sep 21 2022

Awesome . Fast service

Mary Carnes-Cundiff

Sep 14 2022

The whole process was very simple and openroad stayed in touch with me throughout the entire transaction.


Sep 07 2022

Still do not have confirmation that my loan was paid off

Diane Rimestad

Sep 06 2022

I was very satisfied with the process of refinancing my vehicle with OpenRoad. They were very helpful and courteous thru the whole process. I would highly recommend you if your looking to refinance your vehicle to give them a try. Diane R

William Branscomb

Aug 30 2022

Everything was very smooth


Aug 23 2022

Fast and reliable

Dawn Hunter

Aug 23 2022

Absolutely had a great experience. Everyone was so nice and helped us.

Samuel Earley

Aug 16 2022

Everything was as easy and very professional thank you

April Boyd

Aug 09 2022

Everyone was prompt and helpful in this process which made it very easy.

Octavia Jackson

Aug 09 2022

was a good experience was nervous at first, will recommend this Company, Thank you Octavia J


Aug 02 2022

Easy to do and saved me money.


Aug 02 2022

Good team fast and efficient good company to do business one of the best thanks to all the people

Lori Wright

Jul 21 2022

Wendy was awesome and provided great customer service. The process of refinancing was smooth and moved quickly.

Bridget Sweeney

Jul 12 2022

I was very satisfied with the experience and so glad all went smoothly.

Gary Terrio

Jul 12 2022

Very friendly, helpful service. Easy process

Major Lee Jr

Nov 16 2022

5 stars

Cheryann Rody

Nov 15 2022

Good would have line the offer I got in the mail but I’m satisfied

jay resnick

Nov 06 2022

Ms. Shada Davis

Marshella Swartz

Nov 02 2022

Great people to work with ,Mr Brown went out of is way to help. Please give Mr Brown a nice pay increase, he is a good man to work with Richard w swartz

Mary Lanzer

Nov 01 2022

I am thrilled to be saving some money on car payments. Thank you so much for being so nice. I would rate your company a #10.

Johanna Mcpherson

Oct 19 2022

It was a little difficult getting all the paperwork together and finding time to get off of work to have 2 of the pages signed and notarized. Everyone I spoke to was extremely helpful and I was told that if I couldn’t find a local notary they would assist me with getting this done. No other complaints. Overall good experience.

Bobby Stovall II

Oct 18 2022

All and all my experience with OpenRoad Lending has been a great experience. If I am correct I have refinanced 3 times with OpenRoad and each time has been pretty simple and straight forward.

Selena Manseau

Oct 06 2022

Aniya was awesome! She made the process quick and easy. I had my car refinanced in just a few days. She was very professional and thorough, I would definitely recommend Open Road Lending to others.

Arline Hoskinson

Oct 04 2022

I was able to complete all the paperwork on line/using docusign. Abram was the rep that worked with me in accomplishing everything as efficient and as prompt as we could. I would recommend them to my family and friends.


Sep 27 2022


Sheryl Davis

Sep 20 2022

So far so good

Jorge Bernal Ramirez

Sep 13 2022

First of all I’m glad I got approved because I sure was struggling to make that high payment ever since I stopped working for the oilfield 2 years ago


Sep 07 2022

Very helpful,friendly customer service. I recommend this company


Aug 31 2022

Quick and easy process. Great communication. Affordable rate!

Susan Ellingwood

Aug 24 2022

Thank so many!!

Susan Cuthbertson

Aug 23 2022

Very helpful and professional.


Aug 18 2022

I am very thankful for what Open Road has done for me. I received the guidance I needed for the application process, which was very much appreciated! Open Road is saving me $95.00 a month on my payments, which will help me tremendously with my financial situation. I will definitely recommend your company to others!

Teresa Thompson

Aug 11 2022

Very good customer service. Very helpful with the refinance


Aug 09 2022

Tim West was an assume representative of your company! Hats off to Tim, and Thank you for a pleasant experience! Larry Shotwell


Aug 02 2022

Very helpful an very kind

David Smith

Aug 02 2022

Very knowledgeable young lady I dealt with. Would definitely recommend!!


Jul 26 2022

The process was very easy and everyone I talked with treated me pleasant and made me feel comfortable and relieved throughout the refinancing.


Jul 19 2022

Easiest and best experience I’ve ever had Refinancing a car

Jose Gonzales Jr

Jul 12 2022

I was well took-in care they were fast an straight to the point definitely recommend this company


Jul 12 2022

Smooth process