Kay S

Jul 28, 2021

Friendly and helpful

Ruthann T

Jul 20, 2021

So far we have been quite happy with your service. I am especially pleased that when I call I don't have to wait on hold for forever. My mother hasn't found it necessary to push the button thus far, so I can't give a complete review until we see what happens if she needs the service. Everything else has gone quite smoothly. Thanks.


Jul 13, 2021

Very helpful

Richard M

Jul 05, 2021

Great service. Always a friendly response to calls that I have made over little glitches on our end. If the need arises in the future we will be back.

Connie A

Jun 30, 2021

great service


Jun 22, 2021

Haven’t used yet but was easy to set up

William E

Jun 18, 2021

Your company always answers calls with a person who is patient, knowledgeable and displays great customer service skills.

John W

Jun 10, 2021

Staff explained the need to replace our base unit, when we would get the new one, and a little about the installation process. The message was thoughtful, clear, and well-presented.

Tina M

Jun 07, 2021

Great customer service

George G

May 27, 2021

Works very well

Virginia Z

May 24, 2021

Very polite. Sent me the info I needed promptly

KennyDeen Q

May 11, 2021

Signing up was so easy. We received & installed within a week. Hopefully we will not use your service but we now have peace of mind. That’s more than worth the yearly cost.

Olivia R

Apr 14, 2021

We're very happy with the level of service we received.

Robert J

Apr 01, 2021

My father seems to be happy with the Medical Alert . A true comfort with him . Thank you


Mar 13, 2021

Very knowledgeable and professional staff

Miriam S

Feb 24, 2021

Kept getting low battery messages, called and they are sending new unit to replace.

Marjorie P

Feb 17, 2021

Brian was fantastic. He responded to our request for service promptly and was extremely helpful in setting the system up. I feel confident that my loved one will receive exceptional service if he ever needs it

Trina C

Feb 08, 2021

Medical Care Alert customer service helped us test our new system. They were friendly and explained how the test worked so we would know what to expect.

Sandra P

Jan 26, 2021

With wonderful help and assistance, Debbie made sure that my mom was taken care of!

Cheryl S

Jan 19, 2021

Easy to set up. So far haven't had to use it.

Sharon C

Jan 13, 2021

Mom loves it but ribbon for necklace is too thick and bulky.

Elmer F

Jan 05, 2021

It will take me some time to get used to it

Larry P

Dec 31, 2020

Very nice on the phone, Came on time with no trouble setting up.

Carolyn M

Dec 23, 2020

I needed a system right away and I was treated with respect and I felt the person I was talking to was trustworthy. Unfortunately, it hasn't arrived yet because of delays in shipping with USPS. But that can't be helped.

Eunice E

Dec 11, 2020

Everyone was very helpful

Wanda B

Jul 27, 2021

Love it and feel so secure having it

Twilla H

Jul 18, 2021

This was the first time we have had any experience using a Medical Alert system of any kind. We were educated about the system by very kind people who communicated very well when we called Customer Service. When we were ready to get started, the system was sent, we activated according to instructions, and it was just as simple as we were told it would be. We did need to use the system many times and it never failed to bring a quick response. Having the system game both my parents and part-time caregivers peace of mind that extra help was only a push of a button away!! The system and support behind the system truly lived up to everything that it was advertised to do and be. Thank you.

Henry S

Jul 11, 2021

Extremely helpful and the package was delivered as promised. I would recommend this company to anyone needing this support for their elderly family members.

Edwin W

Jul 03, 2021

Person helping me was polite, informative, and resolved my problem, and was patient with me.

Bradley R

Jun 29, 2021

The system worked as advertised and was helpful to us. You were very pushy and abrupt when it came time to return the equipment.

Kenneth R

Jun 22, 2021

Great product and very helpful and friendly staff. Highly recommend!

Emma B

Jun 17, 2021

Our unit was installed immediately and we felt relief having it installed.

Ilene B

Jun 10, 2021

Very good

Carrie L

Jun 07, 2021

Customer service was great! I received an email reminding me the annual payment was coming up and the CC on file was xxxx and I immediately called to update my credit card information to a different card and all was taken care of right over the phone and a confirmation email was sent to me. I felt very comfortable, confidant and secure speaking with the representative. Carrie

Charles T

May 27, 2021

Very easy setup with clear instructions

Lori P

May 21, 2021

The process was mostly smooth, easy and simple. The unit took only a few days to arrive. Setting up the unit and testing it was easy and well explained. My only concern is the payment options noted on the site are different than what is offered when you call. Monthly option not being available to new customers should be in bold and explained better. I may have missed it and if so, that says it should stick out that only quarterly and yearly payment options are available for first timers. The customer service call also dropped twice.. First time I called and was put on hold the call dropped. Then while we were chatting the call dropped again. Probably not a good sign for an emergency service. Overall though the experience has been good. Thank you.

Ginger B

May 07, 2021

Very friendly person helped me pay my bill with credit card! Thanks, Ginger

Pamela J

Apr 11, 2021

My questions are always answered in a very informative manner.

Helen O

Mar 28, 2021

Everyone we have talked to has been so helpful. The only negative was the amount of errors in the information that was recorded, especially in the home phone number. Getting issues resolved however was very easy.

Anne E

Feb 26, 2021

Positive experience

Sandy U

Feb 24, 2021

Your customer support is always outstanding!

Megan M

Feb 15, 2021

Customer service is top notch!

Stefanie M

Feb 04, 2021

Thanks! You were wonderful.

Renee B

Jan 25, 2021

It was an ok exchange. They didn’t ask any questions about why I wanted to return the equipment. I felt like they should have asked. It seemed they only cared about the business side of it

Terese K

Jan 18, 2021

Explained my options and satisfied my problem....thanks so much!

Lonnie U

Jan 07, 2021

Brian was very knowledgeable about his product, he was patient to answer all my questions and had pointed out features that I had not thought to consider. I basically do not like salesman, but I am sure I would have a better assessment if all were as considerate as Brian.

Robert M

Jan 04, 2021

seem to be ok i have not had to use it as yet and thats a good thing

Maime W

Dec 29, 2020

My sisters and I got this for my mother as she has Dementia and is over 80 years old. She was also staring to fall a bit. We got her the necklace so she could wear it outside. However, she never used it nor did she ever wear the necklace. However, the few times I had to call the call center, everyone was always very nice and helpful.


Dec 22, 2020

Very helpful and professional.

Sharon B

Dec 09, 2020

Very Helpful


Jul 26, 2021

Very comforting and helpful to be able to consult with a professional when one is in need of professional advice!

Mona T

Jul 17, 2021

Very understanding and helpful.

James J

Jul 10, 2021

Excellent product, useful information with no sales pressure. Documentation is clear and complete. Process to order and establish account is clear, easy, and quick.

Beverly S

Jul 03, 2021

I have not used the service yet so I cannot review it yet. The setup is fairly easy. The equipment seems good and sturdy. I chose the wristband which I’m not very impressed with. It looks like a child’s pretend watch.

James S

Jun 24, 2021

It was quick and easy to set up . They were very helpful

Diana C

Jun 21, 2021

I would strongly recommend Medical Care alert to anybody we've been more than patient with me and my disabilities

Meryl T

Jun 15, 2021

The service from the representative (Brian) was OUTSTANDING!! There was no "over selling" or push....just the information and recommendations based on my personal situation. He was professional and a pleasure to deal with.

Alma W

Jun 09, 2021

So far this has been a very positive experience. Great support, literature, and hardware.

Cheryl R

Jun 03, 2021

My experience was very satisfactory.

Corrine S

May 26, 2021

t`s too soon.

Ann M

May 20, 2021

much too brief for a review

Larry A

May 06, 2021

your customer service was very good, thank you

Mark G

Apr 08, 2021

My situation was handled in good time.


Mar 18, 2021

The staff was very helpful in helping my granddaughter get this unit set up for us.

Carol E

Feb 26, 2021

I have been feeling very safe with my med alert. I wear it morning to night and the few timesI have had to use it, the response was immediate. I am telling evey one I know and all my doctors that this is the best. Thank you. Carol dietrick

Laura F

Feb 19, 2021

Very helpful in talking me through set up, sent out a part that needed replacement, and when I called to order, rep was very helpful in guiding me in the right system I needed.

Katherine S

Feb 11, 2021

Medical Care Alert has always been helpful and courteous. Everything was always explained to us well.

Judy O

Feb 03, 2021


Melody M

Jan 21, 2021

Protecting our loved ones is top priority. There are not enough kind words to express my gratitude and satisfaction with Medical Care Alert. We made the very tragic mistake of misunderstanding and purchased Medical Alert. Their product is substandard and never recognized falls. My very elderly mom won’t go anywhere without wearing it. All of her falls have been detected, ambulances have been dispatched and they are available 24 hours a day. The costumers service is excellent:a always pleasant, helpful and well trained. Our family is very grateful to subscribe to this service.

Gisele L

Jan 13, 2021

Can’t read it at this time as one of the phone wires was broken and I have not been able to use it and I’m waiting for a replacement

Alice A

Jan 06, 2021

Professional and kind

David S

Jan 04, 2021


Kari K

Dec 29, 2020

Except for the phone tag we played to get connected, I would say that the experience was extremely easy. All my questions were answered with respect and the process to start the system was very easy.

Pauline T

Dec 18, 2020

Fast and easy transaction when I had to close my account. Thank you for your service you are the BEST.

Cheryl S

Dec 03, 2020

Please let me know when I can expect my account to be credited for returned, unopened product. Thanks.

Beth M

Jul 23, 2021

They were excellent. Great response and answered every question. This is a great team.


Jul 17, 2021

I would truly recommend this company to anyone looking for Medical Alert Assistance. Service was Great, Price was very affordable and Customer Service was GREAT. I have recommended this company to many people and would do again.

Joyce L

Jul 09, 2021

Everyone was to see helpful and understanding. We got my parents systems up and running in no time. Living an hour+ away, it is comforting knowing that someone is always nearby in case of emergency. I especially like the tracking pendants. My parents are NOT stay at home kind of people, so this keeps them safer, and myself saner. Thank you Medical Alert.


Jul 02, 2021

The Medical Alert System gave my family Peace of Mind when I was Alone. it worked well.

Jean E

Jun 24, 2021

I like the smaller charger. My old one was 5 yrs old. The piece you wear is also smaller. But the narrow string between the strap and monitor is too flimsy. Thanks for update of equipment. I wear it everyday.

Graham S

Jun 19, 2021

First-rate throughout.

Dorsay G

Jun 12, 2021


Timothy J

Jun 08, 2021

it was great. they do good work and help you.

Jennifer A

Jun 01, 2021

I'm 74 yrs ole man, just got my first SMART phone and can't understand how to use it. So, when my wife got her new Medical Care Alert, I tried and tried to install the tracking applications and FAILED, so I'll called for HELP myself. Fortunately, the Med Alert person had a TON of patients and slowly but surely, step by step, helped me load the Application and get signed.....THANKS MCA, I don't think my simple little mind could have done it without you!!

David B

May 25, 2021

We were very plesaed with the responsiveness.

Patricia A

May 12, 2021

Very personal, friendly and answered all my question.

Sharon Y

Apr 26, 2021

Bryan was very friendly and helpful answering all of my questions He was not pushy and gave us time to consider our purchase. I appreciate his time and I appreciate this product! The video and instructions were thorough and easy to understand. My 85 year old mother was able to set up the Ultra device by herself. Thank you Medical Care Alert!

Billie A

Apr 05, 2021

Customer service is excellent. All the people I’ve spoken with seem to truly care about providing the best service possible.

Melba P

Mar 14, 2021

So far my experience has been great!

Nancy W

Feb 24, 2021

Awesome all around

Kenneth T

Feb 18, 2021

Awesome system

Tammy R

Feb 10, 2021

My Mom lives out on a ranch & it seems to work in most places in the house but does not reach very far outside of the house - not as far as was advertised but it will be better than not having any fall alert.


Feb 02, 2021

My experience was a good one, All was taken care of and The Representative was Very Courteous and Professional.

Patricia A

Jan 21, 2021

My only complaint is after paying for 2 day shipping, delivery took 5 days....not good.

Vivian E

Jan 13, 2021

Never had a problem with the company and the reps we spoke to were very nice and helpful.

Sandra S

Jan 06, 2021


Brenda S

Jan 04, 2021

Great product

Linda P

Dec 23, 2020

Five Star!


Dec 15, 2020

Good service so far, but we’re not installed yet. Still awaiting delivery of the system.

Jackie M

Dec 03, 2020

so far everything is fine.