Steven Jagerius

Nov 20 2018

Very fast and professional service

Robert Grosvenor

Oct 09 2018

I was very happy with the ordering process and shipping was very fast even though it was from Europe. It installed well and seems to be a very good product so far.

Rob Izzo

Sep 20 2018

Skids purchased for my Grizzly 450 2012 fit well. Directions were clear and overall I am very impressed with Iron Baltic. From the initial communications (I had several questions that they answered timely) to the final purchase and delivery. The skids are very robust and protect the entire underside of my machine to include the footrests.

Sean Fitzgerald

Aug 10 2018

Great product, good experience

GB Marine

Aug 01 2018

Order came very fast. Product well made and fitted very easy.

Steve Horsley

Jul 25 2018

Fantastic company to deal with. Purchased an ATV flail mower which arrived promptly and is an excellent bit of kit. Spares subsequently ordered also arrived without delay and after sales service has been second to none.

Dustin Forington

Jul 10 2018

Installation was easy enough but the fitment was perfect. Protection coverage is amazing.

Brett Davis

Jun 26 2018

I've purchase two skid plates for two different atv's and the delivery, fit and finish are excellent.

Richie Markham

Jun 19 2018

nice and thick skid plates. they should last a while. my only gripe is the design around the foot wells. needs a revision to conform to the newer model angles better and the same area is also a mud trap for the front tires

Mikolaj Maciejewski

Jun 05 2018

Extreamly easy to install. Performed very well on hard rock surfaces by seamlessly gliding off of rocks and absorbing much of the impact. Very satisfied.

Arutyun Vardapetyan

Jun 05 2018

Excellent product. Installation instructions were so easy and clear. Shipping was unbelievably fast. Overall pleased and planning to buy another set for my second atv. Thank you!!!

Morten Ræge

May 30 2018

Fast and easy ! Quality al the way !

Jarmo Kinnunen

May 24 2018

Excellent value for the money. Easy to assemble. Works as expected.

Brendan Barrett

May 11 2018

I already have recommended to my friends. Keep the product the same, there are no other comparable products on the market. Plastic is definitely superior to aluminum when it comes to skid plates, especially for the type of riding I do which is mostly in rocky terrain. Aluminum skid plates will crack and bend, whereas the plastic only scratches but provides better protection overall.

Kraig Heitmann

May 08 2018

Fast shipping, fair price, some of the hardware did not match the description in the instructions. Instructions could be written more clearly. Overall, the product fit well and performs well.

Clifton Kofoed

May 08 2018

If you want the most rugged bad ass skid plate on the market this is it! The thickness and quality of the material blows there competitors out of the water. I was a little concerned about ordering it when I learned it was coming from Estonia Russia due to what I figured would be at least a month wait time. Man was I surprised! 3 DAYS!!! After ordering it was on my door step as promised. I can’t wven buy stuff in the United States and have it delivered within 3 days without paying some crazy over night fee. But I’ll damned if they didn’t find some big ass homing pigeon on crack and have him deliver it! Thanks again guys for an awesome product and great customer service.

Samuel Davis

May 03 2018

Fast shipping, great product

Ronald J. Ignatowski

Apr 27 2018

Awesome service and delivery time! The Track Setter works perfectly. Great price too!

William Speers

Apr 25 2018

earthing was good

Joshua Reade

Apr 25 2018

Fast shipping time. The Parts are packed well. The fit and hardware are great. It made a big diffence in snow and mud.not afraid to send it over logs or rocks. Typical scratches.wish it didnt hold pebble rocks and mud but its the sacrafice to slide over obstacles.

Tim Moon

Apr 20 2018

Great service need to stock some of these products in Australia

Stephen McRae

Apr 18 2018

Cannot believe how fast my order was delivered to my door. Ordered on a Monday and had it on Friday. I can’t get mail going between two provinces in the time frame in my country. The install was quite smooth but I must say that I while I found the instructions provided to be quite clear (except 1 point), but the photos were difficult to clearly see what was being identified mainly because they are dark and out of focus. I used a YouTube install video that I found really helpful produced by; “BillaVista” Iron Baltic HDPE (Plastic) Skidplate Installation - YouTube It helped me see some of the items the provided instructions identified a little more clearly. The only issue I had was when I was installing the rear trailing arm pieces and more specifically how the metal brace provided mounted to the bike. I think I figured it out but this part must be new because it was not part of the YouTube video I used. All in all the fit was great and I am much more confident that my bike is better protected than what was provided by the OEM. Great communication from the company reps, fast shipping, good fitting product and a reasonable product cost considering it came from Eastern Europe. Five Stars. Stephen McRae Belleville, Ontario

Christopher Moore

Apr 17 2018

Fast shipping, high quality products.

Ken Byerly

Oct 23 2018

great service & price

Adrian Karasiewicz

Oct 08 2018

Looks great, I'm concerned that the bracket that fairlead bolts to is too flimsy and will bend when winching at angles

Aubrey Smith

Sep 19 2018

Great quality product. Fast shipping. This is my second skid plate set purchased from this company, and I will buy again if I get a new machine.

David Lobaccaro

Aug 10 2018

Ordering online was so easy and delivered within 2 weeks. I’m so happy that the mower operated as expect and as in the videos. The interesting thing is, unlike weed whacking that leaves a lot of cut grass lying in the field to rot, the mower cuts the tall grass into very little pieces so that you cannot see any remains, even with such tall grass. This was unexpected. The mower is so powerful and with ease cuts the grass and small plants. The time saved alone in cutting the fields was tremendous compared to weed whacking, hours vs. days. It was so much fun I look forward to the next time the grass needs cutting (about once a month). Iron Baltic has an amazing product and professional support. Thank you!!!

Sonya Feaster

Jul 31 2018

The company was very easy to work with. Unfortunately for me the way the website is set up...I did not realize the equipment I ordered was coming from Estonia. This caused a huge mess with our finance and Credit Card manager in our regional office. (I should have investigated this more closely). Also...DHL delivery never contacted me when the equipment arrived and it sat for several days, I believe this created a "storage charge" which I did not pay. The equipment also got hung up in Customs due to some sort of (pallet/snail/poor stamping of certified heat treatment) so I was charged even more to have the pallet destroyed. All in all I did receive the mower, with a flat tire, but look forward to seeing it in use. This mower will be for wildland fire fighting prep and containment line placement. Thank you

Daniel Snyder

Jul 23 2018

Great product, fast shipping

Travis Sullivan

Jul 04 2018

Very happy with their products. Fast shipping, excellent quality, perfect fitment. Ordered hdpe skid plates, worth every penny.

James Selenke

Jun 26 2018

I got the product I ordered in less than a week

Michael Werner

Jun 12 2018

Fast shipping, great fit and very well designed.

Alexander Russell

Jun 05 2018

Despite an unfortunate first choice of courier, the dive belts I ordered arrived safe and sound. Moreover, Lars was incredibly helpful in sorting out the issue with the courier. Thanks Lars!

Mike Ledwidge

Jun 05 2018

Great quality and fit! Directions seem a little overwhelming at first but once you get into it, it rolls along fairly easy.

Omar Olafsson

May 30 2018

Excellent skid plate for my Cforce 520L, fit very well.

Garnet Knight

May 16 2018

Excellent service fast delivery

Dustin Slanec

May 10 2018

Super fast shipping and a great product.

Josh Pennington

May 08 2018

Product was delivered within 3 days of ordering.

Abe Ingersoll

May 07 2018

Excellent high quality product. Installation was easy and all parts fit correctly.

Gary Guinn

May 02 2018

Hello everyone reading this. I never take the time to do these, but I am making an exception to leave my experience in words. I bought a 2010 Polaris 6x6 800 ,my dream ATV from Ebay. Now Polaris quit building this model in 2014 and i wanted some special parts for it. Skid plates and a safety rack over the cargo area. I spent 6 weeks on-line and found them in Estonia of all places.That's like 10000 miles from San Diego California.Some MGR and I'm sorry I don't remember his name went out of his way to help me. Made me feel special and kept in contact with me the entire time from purchase thru delivery.My ATV is exactly as I wanted it and I give Salute to Baltic Iron and the greatest customer service ever. Best Regards Gary

Jordan Johnson

Apr 27 2018

Awesome product. Super strong and lightweight. Well thought out and easy to install. Best kit out there. Way better than the factory one.

Ryan hermary

Apr 25 2018

Great product and fast delivery

Stephen Petersen

Apr 24 2018


Toby Miller

Apr 20 2018

Great Product that went together perfectly. Could not be happier. Instructions are intuitive once you realize how their numbering system works.

Matthew Caputo

Apr 18 2018

Fantasy product! Great customer service and amazingly fast shipping. The IB plastic skids for my Can-am Outlander 1000 XMR fit like a glove and offered the protection I wanted. Best skid plates in the game. Thanks, Iron Baltic!!!

Ben Capoun

Apr 17 2018

Great fit and great product.

Oltean Manuel

Oct 22 2018

Alles hat gepasst. Polaris Xp 1ooo. Schnelle Lieferung. Danke

Rob Smith

Sep 29 2018

Exceptional all around.

Mick Cutler

Aug 15 2018

Excellent product and service. Thanks!

Derik Boucher

Aug 08 2018

Fast shipping. Good fit. Only had one issue with a mounting plate that is tapped for a bolt stripping out.

Aramis Vardanyan

Jul 31 2018

Great product fits my 2018 Grizzly perfect,love the looks and very durable,way better then aluminum,and wow you guys ship fast,fro. Baltic to my door 4 days

Gerhard Weintz

Jul 22 2018

alles war gut.

Donald Wilson

Jul 04 2018

Overall very pleased with your product. Shipping was super fast. All parts were there and instructions were good. I found one very sharp edge on middle section where bolt goes in, I'm healed now though. I have an OEM winch installed and had to cut bash plate to fit. Those were my only two issues though. Thanks for providing plate material options that work on my Honda ATV. Lastly, I would like to see other reviews on your web site.

Everett Kline

Jun 26 2018

What I ordered was a perfect fit. I couldn't be more pleased. As for delivery time , spot on. I will order from Iron Baltic again.

Erkan Simsek

Jun 07 2018

Great. Everything was very Fine

Evan Socha

Jun 05 2018

Great product! Shipped it to the US in 4 days I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

Joey Weeks

Jun 04 2018

Worked perfectly on my new Kodiac 700

Zachi Barel

May 28 2018

I got a wonderful and good service.

Jeremy Viskocil

May 11 2018

Fit perfect exactly what I was looking for

Casey Bittner

May 10 2018

Very well made skid plate for my Can Am 1000 max. Fit is awesome and looks even better

John Martin

May 08 2018

I ordered full plastic skids for a 15 Renegade and they worked great. I have a new Outlander Xxc and am anxiously waiting for you to offer an updated set of skids for my new machine.

Rolloff Express LLC

May 04 2018

Awesome Product..Was suprised how fast i received it.

Quality Window Systems

May 01 2018


Kenneth Shannon

Apr 26 2018

great product and service

Scott Ritchie

Apr 25 2018

Great product, lots of parts to assemble but it seems bullet proof. Very well engineered product. Won’t be disappointed. Shipping was ridiculously fast to Canada. I’d buy again.

Thomas Worrall

Apr 23 2018

Amazingly fast shipping, great customer service, and very easy to deal with. Thanks

Shane May

Apr 20 2018

Great products and awesome service. Highly recommend! By far, the most superior skid plates on the market, 10 fold!

Raymond Guimond

Apr 17 2018

I ordered the plastic skid plates for my Can Am. They were shipped out very quickly and received them fast. Great quality, fit well, and looked attractive. Well recommend.

Douglas Finke

Apr 17 2018

High quality plastic skid plate is indestructible, well made and easy to install

Esa Luukkala

Oct 22 2018

Very good service

Larry Watson II

Sep 26 2018

Purchase to full skid plates for Polaris 2016 Ace 900 SP and Sportsman 850 SP. Great protect as well as easy install. Both arrived within three days. They have be put to the test and hit with large rocks. They work wonderful. Thanks guys.

Sadler Leasing LLC

Aug 14 2018

Unit could be improved; hitch mechanism was faulty.

John Taylor

Aug 05 2018

The Rear Winch Mount I ordered is very well made, I am very happy with it. For the price, this hitch can't be beat. On the flip side, I've never seen a winch mount of this quality. I was also very surprised by the shipping speed; It arrived at my door in two days. Considering the fact that it was shipped overseas, I was very impressed.

Jeff Hoekstra

Jul 31 2018

Great product, fast shipping

Лобанов Александр Васильевич

Jul 17 2018


David E Broadbent

Jul 03 2018

I highly recommend Iron Baltic. They had all the parts I needed for my flail mower and all delivered on time.

David Croteau

Jun 26 2018

The plastic skid plates were well made , instructions were ok . There were several holes I had to drill 2 in each foot well and 1 for Transmission drain plug . Time will tell , so far they are working well and glide or rocks . I wish they had better c.v. boot protection . for rear axles . Oh yah , shipping was very fast !

Matt Rethmann

Jun 07 2018

Great product fast shipping. Awesome company to do business with.

Todd Smith

Jun 05 2018

Everything bolted up great except two bolts where to short on outer a arms. Not a big deal. I am happy with plates. There is a few things that I think need addressing 1 There isn’t enough protection around the cv boots and I am going to add more protection 2. The belly plates should be welded back together so we don’t have to use so many bolts and plates, I think over time they will fail at which point I will just Weld together. For a aftermarket skid plate kit you did a nice job shipped to me very quickly

Aki Ramela

Jun 03 2018

Easy and a quite fast

Krahn Bernd

May 24 2018

Alles super gepasst

Seth J Moran

May 11 2018

These skid plates are amazing. Super thick and slippery so you glide over anything you end up hitting, and having the floor board protectors wrap up and around the floor boards themselves is a great feature. Only drawback is the fact that mud and dirt do pack in between the plates and the fourwheeler.

Scott Furlong

May 10 2018

Very well designed product and shipped fast

Aaron Vollbracht

May 08 2018

Great set of HDPE protection for my CanAm Outlander Max! Service was prompt when I had questions. After many rides now, I can definitely say this product is awesome!

D'Arcy Wooldridge

May 03 2018


Adam Weatherill

Apr 27 2018

Great product and very easy to deal with. I would buy from them again.

Deck Masters of TN LLC

Apr 25 2018

Still new to me but so far it feels like a totally different machine. Easy to adjust for difficult or leisure ride. I highly recommend these shocks! 2014 Grizzly 700 SE in TN

Wade Picard

Apr 25 2018

Fit well

Carl Fulkerson

Apr 23 2018

Have not spent much time with the skid plates (except on installation) but they seem to be a very good product.

James Ireland

Apr 18 2018

Good quality product. Quick shipping.

Adam Thomas O'Donnell

Apr 17 2018

It was great purchase and shipment was fast, would of liked a few free stickers for the amount I spent but that’s no big deal. Thanks again