Dustin Isaacs

Nov 22 2020

Awesome good quality good fit good price fast shipping

Ben Jensen

Nov 14 2020

Impressed with the quality and thickness of the skid plates for my canam outlander. Fast shipping and a great product, what more could you want!

Gregory Chamberlain

Nov 04 2020

I appreciated the timely response to questions and the quick delivery. Had one piece from original order that was for larger machine. When I pointed this out the error was immediately addressed and within 4 days I had replacement. Everything went together as described and looks like a quality product. I will hitting the trails soon to try it out.

... ...

Zach Galey

Oct 28 2020

Customer service was great! Quick to respond and they were able to ship out my order the next day and arrived way sooner than expected! Skid plates look well made but we won’t be able to try them out till next summer but we are looking forward to it!

Voldemārs Mellups

Oct 28 2020

все в порядке. всему доволен.

Seth Price

Oct 12 2020

I purchased a UHMW full skid plate for my 2018 yamaha grizzly. I would say that where I moose hunt in Alaska is some of the roughest terrain that you can put a wheeler through. This skid plate performed flawlessly and I am very happy with it. There are some deep gouges in the UHMW from rocks but no damage is being caused to the structure of the wheel because of this product. Thank you very much. worth every dollar spent!


Oct 09 2020

Very sturdy, well built.

... ...

Nick Di Marco

Oct 03 2020

First time ordering from Iron Baltic, didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised with the efficient shipping took only 3 days total from ordering to receipt at my door. I was impressed!

Vincent Bauer

Sep 24 2020

This is my 3rd full set. The first two were on a previous Polaris RZR 800 and a 2010 700 Grizzly. Each Spring we head down to Tennessee to do extreme trail riding... the ones where they post "No Trucks, No Jeeps, No Buggies, Ride at your own risk" and inevitably we end up winching over, or sliding down all manner of rocks, ledges, boulders, and even short drops of 10-15ft with the machines hanging in the air by their winch line. These skids are quiet and, at least at low speed, have no issue whatsoever with sliding over the most jagged of rocks and surfaces. It's a great feeling of confidence when you know you literally can't hurt the bottom of your machine regardless of what you're trying to get over. I imagine if you hit this stuff with some speed you'd find a way to damage the skids and the machine, but then you're kinda asking for it, aren't you? My friends have purchased the same skids for their machines after seeing how well I could slide over obstacles and come out unscathed. The only thing I could fault the product for would be (maybe) having cheaper hardware that seems a little too easy to strip or break, and on this install I finally got smart and put a little anti-seize on each bolt so that removal doesn't become a headache with corrosion. Grade 8 bolts and antiseize.... that should make this kit 100/100 instead of 99/100. Oh... and free shipping...at your door from the Baltic Sea area within about 3 days after ordering??? That's insane. I can't get a small package from two states away in that amount of time. Buy with confidence! You'll love these. VB, Detroit Michigan area.

... ... ...

Kevin Renaudette

Sep 02 2020

Skid plates arrived sooner than expected and fit perfect. Very happy

... ... ...

Paul Henson

Aug 06 2020

Quick shipping, great product. Skid plate instructions could be a little clearer but after some adventuring everything was installed.

Richard Eckert

Jul 31 2020

Lightning fast shipping and delivery. I purchased an aluminum complete skid plate for an Outlander and the fit was perfect.... all parts were there... and everything installed very well. I couldn't be happier. Communication was different than what I have experienced in the USA but delivery was just amazingly fast. Quality of the product itself is simply the best. Very high quality, fit and finish was perfect.

Anthony Tavolazzi

Jul 09 2020

Awesome skid plates. Great chainsaw mount. Excellent customer service. Thank you!

... ... ...

Līvānu bioķīmiskā rūpnīca SIA

Jul 07 2020

Thanks! Everything was very good.

Leslie Fischer

Jun 21 2020

The order arrived much earlier then anticipated and the product was by far the easiest installation I have ever had. The quality is amazing!!

Bryan Sabean

Jun 10 2020

These skid plate are awesome. They might be expensive but worth every penny. They take awhile to install but they definite protect everything on your wheeler. I really like how they come out past your foot wells for the extra protection and the whole underneath is completely cover you cannot bottom out on anything without hitting the skid plate. I will definitely be buying again for another wheeler.

Richard Cory Smith

May 27 2020

I’ve now had these skid plate on for 3 good solid rides very pleased with them ! My 2 brothers are also getting them installed on their machines !!

... ... ...

Oak-Burl Industries

May 15 2020

Great product. Fits great, had to grind out clearance around the rear diff bolts so the rear plate could sit flat against the frame and I added some extra clamps on the footwells to be safe... I will definitely purchase again if I get a new quad

Liam Vallence

May 13 2020

perfect and quick delivery!

Gregory Marcum

May 11 2020

Love your stuff

James Glendenning

May 07 2020

Great product

Gregory Fedora

May 04 2020

Great product fast shipping and installed relatively easy

James Blair Kelloway

Apr 30 2020

Amazing product. Really fast shipping. Highly recommend!

James Presson

Apr 19 2020

Quick Shipping and easy to install. So far they have worked great!!!

Paul Pisano

Apr 09 2020

Excellent, I had 2 atvs cfmotocforce 500's and originally had rival ordered, but they managed to send me the incorrect ones of which one order was front brush guards?? then asked for me to purchase them at a discounted rate and see if they could fit? huh? skid plates being modified isn't the customers responsibility. Being said, IB got it right the first time, better price, GREAT instructions, went together easily in the garage! Highly recommend.

Luka Rojnik

Nov 20 2020

Wonderful parts, really makes riding atv safer

... ... ...

Robert A Mick

Nov 14 2020

Bought it for my 2021 rubicon bolted right up in stall was fairly easy. The only thing the U-Bolts were short by about a 1/4” and could not install the washers on top. Other than that love the product well built like that I can have a winch on the back!

Blaine Bynuck

Nov 04 2020

In the world we live in today there is no more customer service except for Iron Baltic. I’m not one to write a review but this company deserves it. Any questions I had by email because we’re half a world away , we’re answered promptly and honestly. I ordered skid plates , from the time I ordered to the time they arrived at my house was an amazing 5 days. The product is awesome, I got the plastic skid plates ,couldn’t be happier.

Tyler Lihou

Oct 28 2020

Absolutely fantastic service! Item showed up faster from overseas then stuff ordered within Canada. Great product and service! Referred a friend and he’s just received his skid plate for his Can-Am. Cheers, Tyler Lihou

Corey Groves

Oct 28 2020

Great product shipped very fast.

Charles LeBlanc

Oct 10 2020

very good

Barry Aldrich

Oct 09 2020

Awesome skid plate

Dale Forrester

Oct 03 2020

High quality, easy to fit and fast postage, 5 days from Estonia to Australia even in corona virus postage delays.

Jens Petermann

Sep 17 2020

Sehr gute Qualität. Passgenau! Bin sehr zufrieden . :)

... ... ... ...

Gilles Rochon

Sep 02 2020

Service was exellent

Bonnie-Jean Brooks

Aug 06 2020


Michel Lapointe

Jul 31 2020

Fast shipping and great product!

Robert Knobloch

Jul 09 2020

Your installation instructions need to be rewritten by some body with a college degree. They look like a 12 year old took pics and wrote the instructions on how to install your skid plates for a 2017+ polaris. Make an installation video on youtube or something if you cant write better detailed instructions.

Scott Bereth

Jun 30 2020

Great product brilliant service

Adam Lariviere

Jun 10 2020

Nice skid plates! Purchased for 2020 Polaris Sportsman 570 utility edition. They provided the most protection for my machine compared to the other brands on the market.

Jill Downey

Jun 04 2020

Great and fast service

Schulheim Geisswiese Rolf Grun

May 27 2020

Perfect, fast delivery. Thank you very much.

Gerardo Santos Rodriguez

May 15 2020

Excelent service and faster delivery, I will buy again Gerardo

Todd Mathis

May 13 2020

Good product, fast shipping.

Nicholas Hudson

May 09 2020

The team at IB have always been superb in responding to any queries I have made. Ive run their skid plates on various different atvs over the years and the quality and service is excellent. Postage from them to myself in the uk is amazing , 2 days from door to door!!! Highly recommend, great company with great service and products.

Carl Beauregard

May 07 2020

Order arrived FAST! I did have issues with the installation, I had to notch parts to get screws and grommets to fit properly. Otherwise it is a good, solid skid plate. If you could send me some of the hex screws that hold on the outer edge of the side skid sections, that would be good, as mine stripped. Thanks

Allen Vanier

May 04 2020

Purchased aluminum skid plate. Received in 5 days. Super product. Only complaint is some mounting holes off center very slightly, just made bolting a little tight.

Jeff Pollock

Apr 29 2020

I am very happy with the kit....... the instructions could be clearer, just make sure you take the time to figure things out

Mark Herndon

Apr 17 2020

Product was very good quality, instructions was good, however part identification was not good at all id sticker were not legible due to very faint or no markings at all. (Maybe stamp out of ink) this made installation lot harder trying to I’d parts, bolts, screws, etc.

John Wolff

Apr 08 2020

Excellent product, ultra fast delivery, great fit,

Dean Burry

Nov 17 2020

Awesome product. Fast shipping. Would definitely buy from again!

Michael Meyer

Nov 04 2020

Well engineered product and great customer service. Fast shipping.

Matthew Regan

Nov 01 2020

Great seller good communication , wonderful product fit perfect looks good nice easy experience

Michael Murphy

Oct 28 2020

fast shipping to canada! great service.

Pascal Gaudreau

Oct 28 2020

Fast shipping, good products and fit perfectly. Really satisfy.

Jason A Smilie

Oct 10 2020

Great full/complete aluminum skid plate ($750) for my 2019 Can Am 1000 6x6. The only negative is the hardware kit provided lacked some bolts and washers. I live in remote Alaska and unique hardware like recessed washers cant be found. I contacted Iron Baltic via email and listed what I was short and received no reply. I ended up paying $89 plus shipping for a complete hardware kit from Iron Baltic so my Can Am was ready for my moose hunt.

Sabine Metternich

Oct 07 2020


Jason L Smith

Oct 02 2020

Well made product

William Kupfer Jr

Sep 14 2020

Dealing with Iron Baltic was a pleasure. Awesome product, well manufactured.


Cameron Nesselbeck

Sep 02 2020

Quality product and fit my quad perfectly. Can't stress enough how much better this product is over OEM.

Juhani Satta

Aug 06 2020

Veri kuud


Kevin Mooney

Jul 31 2020

That’s one hell of a skid plate you folks sell! I ordered online, was kept up to date at all times until it showed up at my local store. The installation was a tad more involved than expected, took me and my neighbour an afternoon to get it installed, an extra set of hands is a real Big Help. Good thing I have it, my new Outlander Max is really nose heavy with soft shocks, I’ve hit more than a few things already! Thanks for a great product and service. Kevin

Anže Pavlin

Jul 08 2020

it is ok. it didt go on ass it describe but anyway it is ok protection. but too expensive

Matthew Horner

Jun 30 2020

Looks great easy to install super fast shipping


Adis Fazlija

Jun 10 2020

Fits perfect and fast shipping

Rok Rebernik

Jun 03 2020

fast delivery, good price and quallitty

Benita Dziatlowicz

May 21 2020

Everything on top level. contact and email responses on time, automatic shipping, articles as described and well made. Wszystko na najwyższym poziomie! kontakt i odpowiedzi na maila na czas, wysyłka automatyczna, artykuły zgodne z opisem i dobrze wykonane!

Vt uotila oy

May 14 2020


Tomas Škerget

May 13 2020

very good product


Tyler Scarabotti

May 09 2020

The whole process of buying, receiving, and install was way too easy! Discounted price and fast shipping as well! These skid plates are tough and made for years of abuse.

Brandon Mullin

May 06 2020

On sale and it was shipped the same day


May 01 2020

I was blown away with the speed in shipping. Second the quality of my aluminum skid plates is fantastic. They contour and matte up well! The instructions were pretty decent and it took me an hour to get them on.


Gary Nohrenberg

Apr 24 2020

Reasonable price, high quality and quick delivery.

Tim Cothern

Apr 17 2020

Great product, great customer service. I'll definitely use Iron Baltic again.

John Huston

Apr 06 2020

Prompt service, knowledgeable staff, very fast delivery, highly impressed..

... ... ...

Hemsworth Homes Ltd

Nov 16 2020

Excellent response time and delivery on my online order.

Jefferson County Weed

Nov 04 2020

You have an amazing product. Our 4 wheelers are used heavily in rough terrain and the armor helps keep them from being ripped up by the sagebrush and other obstacles.

... ...


Oct 29 2020


Christopher J Toussaint

Oct 28 2020

Great product, great support. Instructions for the 2016+ Kodiak were a little challenging to follow along with

Ian Moore

Oct 27 2020

Prompt customer service.

Paul Shifrin

Oct 09 2020

Quality product, fast shipping.

Robert Weiß

Oct 05 2020

Pefect job made, real and fair prices. Top-products. Certainly the next time.

Jon Thompson

Sep 28 2020

Excellent customer service and a high quality product.

Gary Grant

Sep 03 2020

Great built product

John Plaster

Aug 07 2020

The polymer skid plates are excellent for my Polaris 570. The package arrived with the contents well wrapped. Installation on the 570 is generally straight forward with the exception of a few fasteners on the center section that are tough to get on.

Mico Gotovac

Aug 02 2020

So good

Seebe Rohrreinigung

Jul 30 2020

Super Ware, schnelle Lieferung, bin sehr zufrieden!👍👍👍👍👍

Marty Griffith

Jul 07 2020

Product works well AFTER you modify it - the opening is not wide enough for a standard bar and chain. My top handle saw fit fine but my Stihl MS310 and MS440 would not fit at all. I had to disassemble the unit and cut about 1/4" off of each side of the middle sandwich section to widen the opening enough for a standard chainsaw. Seems like the designer used bars without chains when determing the measurements.


Kenneth Willard

Jun 29 2020

Great product made of heavy material. Everything needed was included with kit. Shipping was lightning fast. Ordered on Sunday afternoon and got it Thursday. 4 days!

Caroline Bishop

Jun 10 2020

Very good clear service and speedy delivery of a good product even in quarantine all the way from Estonia to Southern Spain

Daniel Baumann

Jun 03 2020

Never have I seen a skid plate with so many parts. At first it looked like a huge job and made me a little nervous. The instructions were great and almost everything fit perfectly. Just hoping none of the bolts fall out over time since there wasn’t any spares.

Raymond Weston

May 15 2020

Fast delivery and perfect fit. My only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 Is hardware could be made a little better. I ended up stripping a few of those plates due to only having 2 threads. None the less great product. Can’t wait to try it out.


Robert S Snazuk

May 14 2020

Excellent company. Quality service, quality products.Good iron.

Troy Watts

May 11 2020

Shipping was super fast. The skid plate fit like a glove.

Tim Rancourt

May 08 2020

Awesome product

Mark Goodhind

May 06 2020

Skids fit Great, shipping was amazing. Went on in 2 hours with help from my 17 year old. Smacked the hell outta em first go around the next morning, but I didn't cringe ad i used to

Kevin Brown

May 01 2020

Fast shipping easy install

Chad Whittaker

Apr 20 2020

Great product great service. Bolts could be a little longer to make install easier.

George Robinson

Apr 13 2020


Neal Gearinger

Apr 02 2020

I am impressed that it came from Estonia to outside Columbus, OH in six days. The price was very competitive as well compared to other options on the market. I have not installed the skid plate on my ATV yet, so if there are problems my opinion may change, but up until now I am very pleased.