Eric Fox

Jun 28 2022

The skid plate for the Polaris 6x6 Big Boss is beefy! The trails in my area are very rocky and this is the perfect solution to protect our Atv. Very happy with it.

Brandon Gill

Jun 20 2022

Easy to install and seems bomber. So far very impressed.

Marc Auclair

Jun 12 2022

One of the best quality products I’ve purchased in a long time! I purchased a full poly skid plate set for a 2021 sportsman touring, and I was blown away by the fitment and the quality. Keep up the great work, and I will definitely recommend you to other people looking for excellent protection for their atv and utv needs.

Jason Corriveau

May 30 2022

Excellent, well built product. Have no worries about the under side of my ATV is protected.

Rick E Hammons

May 30 2022

this my second skidplate both on honda rubicons, they are bombproof and add much needed protection

Timothy Rice

May 14 2022

Very nice kit with super protection

Randy Scott

May 06 2022

We were very impressed with the quality of this product. The customer service was great as well. We definitely recommend this company and product. Will use again!

Jeremy Smith

Apr 26 2022

Communication was perfect shipping was fast!!!

Daniel Hojnacki

Apr 21 2022

Very fast shipping and these are the absolute best skid plates money can buy! I will be putting these on all my quads.


Apr 11 2022

Excellent service and product. Thank you

Guy Weiers

Apr 08 2022

Great piece of equipment, that fit perfectly.

Scott Danelski

Mar 27 2022

I live in a really rocky area. My neighbor told me to only get Iron Baltic. When the skid plates were installed and went for a ride I knew from then why only Iron Baltic. My grizzly slammed down on rocks where if I didn't have them I would of cracked the case. From the stock plastic skid plates to the new ones insane difference. Best investment I ever made.

Chris Hammond

Mar 11 2022

Quick shipping and skid plates are awesome.


Brennan Bennett

Mar 04 2022

Excellent quality, this will last forever. Works great. Thanks from Sask.

Iman Zand

Mar 04 2022

Looks tough. It is light weight. Can't wait to put it through some heavy use.

Andrea Mutti

Feb 24 2022

Excellent products, good assembly instructions provided and the packaging is great for added protection during transport..

Larry Milligan

Feb 02 2022

The team at Iron Baltic, Thank your for your expertise and speedy delivery of my CF Moto Cforce 500 skid plate. I ordered it and within like 3 days it was at my front door 2 days ahead of schedule. (Shipped 28 Jan, arrived 31 Jan). I put the skid plate on in about 3 hours, the only hang up I had was I had to figure out where to attach the main bolts for the front plate. When I realized I had to undo the winch cover plate to attach the skid plate everything went smooth. Thanks again for your awesome skid plate. VR Larry Milligan Fayetteville, NC USA

... ...

Mike MacSween

Jan 05 2022

Very good customer service and quick delivery. Product is really good.

John Quade

Dec 28 2021

ATV Bale Trailer works well as intended. Large round bales tax it, but it works!

... ...

Myriam Coursol

Dec 06 2021

Tout était ok

Greg Premny

Nov 20 2021

Everything was absolutely perfect would highly recommend

William Kupfer Jr

Oct 14 2021

Awesome product, easy installation, delivered on time

Keith McCarron

Oct 04 2021

Perfect fit, great protection for 21 sportsman trail

... ...

Patrice Trudeau

Sep 16 2021

Very good service! Quick response and shipping Parts fit perfectly Thank you

... ... ... ... ...

Jean-Francois Boivin

Aug 27 2021

fits well on my Canam Outlander Max XT 850 2021 and protects it very well!

Jayson BeDunnah

Jun 28 2022

The iron Baltic HDPE skid plate for my Can Am MAX fit very well. There were a TON of fasteners but the amount of fasteners should make this skid plate kit stay tightly fastened to the four wheeler. Everything in this skid plate skit was very high quality. I would recommend to anyone for their 4 wheelers.


Jun 15 2022

5 stars

Daniel L Ross

Jun 09 2022

Iron Baltic is great. I have the aluminum plates on all my ATVs. Their customer service is world class. The delivery is quick and the plates go on easy and fit just right the first time. I can't imagine buying them anywhere else. My last purchase was for a 2022 Can AM Outlander Max 1000 XTP. I got the plates way before I got the ATV. When it was time to install, I unpacked them. They were beautiful, the hardware was good quality and all there and the instructions made it easy. I would buy from them anytime and I recommend them to everyone.

... ...

Niklas Dalecki

May 30 2022

perfect service👍

David Libby

May 30 2022

Awesome to deal with! Answered all my questions and fast delivery to Canada! Very happy with it, wish the skid plates were a little easier to take on and off because they don't let the mud and stuff wash through very well, have to pop them off after a messy ride

Justin Dyson

May 14 2022

Great fast shipping and product looks good. Still have yet to install the skid plates and try them but will leave another review once they are on and tested

Robert Wheless

May 05 2022

I really like the skid plate set upgrade for my rancher. Stout thick plastic. It’s made to fit a stock rancher perfectly. If you have changed the front bumper to an aftermarket style be prepared to make extensive mods to make things fit. I trimmed the front skid plate and used a heat gun to reform the skid plate to where i needed it then added a simple bracket to attach front of skid at a different point than original.

Michael Gibson

Apr 25 2022

Awesome product, great customer service!

Joseph J Ruvane III

Apr 17 2022

Looking forward to using the XC tracker next time we have enough snow.

William Bowman

Apr 08 2022

The best money can buy

Michael Dodd

Apr 08 2022

Great product, and always great service.

Chewy's Tool & Supply, LLC

Mar 26 2022

Wow is all I can say. This plow is built like a tank. It really looks like it was made after a big city dump truck plow. It is real heavy duty. The service from Iton Baltic was great too. Unit arrived much faster than stated and from half way around the world. I was very impressed all around. Don't bother with some cheap made in China junk. Yes they are more expensive, but you will never need to buy another plow. I mean it, this thing is really professional grade. I guarantee it will outlast the four wheeler it was purchased for. We have a dirt drive, and in sub-zero Minnesota temps, it is hard on plows. I was constantly fixing my old "top of the line" plow. And my side tilt mechanism would always clog with snow, making it very difficult change the blade pitch. This Iron Baltic v-plow is designed perfectly. Even in a foot of snow, none of the parts you need to move while plowing clogged with snow. And the attention to detail is second to none. Using a snatch block means your rope will never jump off the pulley. I went through 2 ropes a year with my old plow because of this. Now I could drag my winch rope 20 ft behind me, and it centers up and lifts the plow every time!!! Even the pin holes are chamfered so the pins slide in easily, and they are not directly behind the blade to clog. No more cursing and yelling trying to put in pins with thick gloves on. And the v-design really helps cut down clean up times by helping to control blade run off. I would like to see about edge wings to help even more in heavy snow days, but this thing is already far superior to anything else on the market. Don't waste your time on some junk toy plow. Just buy yourself one of these, and never worry about your plow again. Thank you Iron Baltic for making a truly superior product. I have already told everyone I know how awesome it is.

Mark Abrams

Mar 11 2022

The only complaint was that there was no communication about the brokerage/duty that I had to pay.

George Bullion

Mar 04 2022

I could not ask for better customer service. I would not hesitate to order products from them in the future.

Chad Hunter

Feb 28 2022

Shopping on site was very easy and my skid plates showed up on time. I haven't installed them yet though

Doug Price

Feb 19 2022

great fit, quick delivery, very strong!

william mousseau

Jan 31 2022

Product came faster then I thought for delivery. Easy to install

Dean Tripp

Dec 29 2021

Great Communication and awesome product. Protects my wheeler like a champ.

Dave Chovan

Dec 28 2021

Has been a great product. Preforms well. Well thought out engineering with sturdy construction.

... ... ...


Dec 02 2021

Absolutely amazing communication. Wicked awesome product.

Tim Jones

Nov 19 2021


Edward J. Tonero

Oct 13 2021

I am a small sole owner company and I need to do a lot by myself. The Log Hauler is perfect for me. It is simple to use and allows me to move heavy logs. I have a wood mill and a lot of trees are being removed from my property and I can easily get the logs to the mill. Thanks, Ed

Robert C Follett

Sep 27 2021

There was some miscommunication it the start and the wrong product was sent to me the first time. Iron Baltic took care of the matter right away and they were easy to communicate with. It took 3 months to finally receive the correct skid plates. All in all I am happy with the transaction and the aluminum skid plates are the best in the market. I am so satisfied with their product.

William Shinn

Aug 31 2021

Heavy duty and easy to install.

Bill Couch

Aug 14 2021

Very professional and prompt in responding to inquiries. Great value for the price. Item arrived within 8 days of completing order.


john rucker

Jun 23 2022

Great product and customer service accept for the fact they advertise a free t shirt with the product and I did not receive one. Grand it's just a t shirt but still would have Ben nice

OPG Kod Korita

Jun 15 2022

Top Company!

Christopher Mayer

Jun 07 2022

Good service quick delivery.

Carlos Gil Velez

May 30 2022

Profesionales, serios y buena calidad.

Dan Dixon

May 26 2022

This atv trailer is the most versatile, best constructed, heavy duty trailer I have seen. So lucky we found this company. Great product, fast delivery.

Arthur Francis

May 12 2022

Skid plates came quickly as described Taken through many very rough technical trails Extremely durable & reliable Strongly recommend Best skid plates I’ve seen or owned

Trevor Brdaric

May 01 2022

Item arrived in a few days. Very easy to install. Instructions were a little difficult to figure out. Had to reach out to customer service for better instructions. Skid plate appears solid and well built.

Ricardo Velez

Apr 22 2022

Great product

Michael Farland

Apr 17 2022

Very quick delivery!

David Sadowski

Apr 08 2022

Fitment is very good. Instructions are a little difficult. Great quality.

Chauncey Proctor

Apr 08 2022

Very well bulit and straight forward instructions. The free t shirt was nice also. Overall great product

Jonathan Hurst

Mar 26 2022

Product arrived on schedule. Works great. Able to groom an entire ski hill for my kids! Side wings are a little weak and get bent up pretty easily


Brandon Arita

Mar 05 2022

Excellent service, excellent product. The spreader works well and is made of quality materials.

Mathias Engler

Mar 04 2022


Kump Srečko

Feb 25 2022

I'm very pleased with your products and services.

Clayton Hunter

Feb 15 2022

Could have been better engineered. material was very good.holds mud in .

Ed Maynard

Jan 24 2022

Great product! Installation was good after figuring out the instructions. Would definitely recommend this skid plate! Also, great customer service as well.

Pierce T Ferriter

Dec 29 2021

Awesome skid plates!! In the past I bought aluminum skid plates from another leading manufacturer and these are far better with performance and fit & finish!

James Goble

Dec 19 2021

Staff is very friendly and helpful. I ordered a full aluminum skid plate and it took a while to put it together but was very impressed with it when I got it installed. Although the a arm plates were weak and broke off first trip out the main body pan skid has proven very reliable.

William Bekiers

Nov 26 2021

Only real issue is how much mud and leaves and crud gets jammed up on top. Typical for body armor I'm sure

Jason St Pierre

Nov 19 2021

Same as my first review

Drew Wilkey

Oct 12 2021

Hpde plastic skid plate kit would be 5 stars if the directions weren't terrible. Once you finally figure out how to assemble they're a fantastic product. But the trial and error it takes to actually get things assembled is absolutely infuriating.

James R Bechtold

Sep 27 2021

Every thing fit just perfect.

Philippe Blais

Aug 31 2021

Delivery was quick after ordering. Good quality and perfect fit for my 2019 CFMOTO CFORCE 600. Easy installation as well.

... ...

Jason Dickinson

Aug 14 2021

Good product, good customer service, prompt shipping, and a good fit. The IB skid plates are tough and should last for many years to come!

Neil Lowes

Jun 21 2022

Awesome Product. Good Fitment. Instructions could be better.


Dave French

Jun 15 2022

Straightforward to install, protects the entire bottom and is very rugged! Very happy with the purchase.

Michal Banovský

Jun 05 2022


Nathaniel Brecht

May 30 2022

The skid plate came very fast, instructions were clear. And the fit was great. Look forward to hearing it down the trail for years to come.

David Sutherland

May 16 2022

5 star. Now leave me alone

Joseph Iannucci

May 12 2022

The skid plates are high quality and the instructions are very clear. I did have a fitment issue on a 2022 Honda Rubicon however. The front A-arm guards had to be trimmed on the outer edges to allow the caliper guards pass by while turning. Still giving the product 5 stars because it is a brand new machine and the product listing did not actually include 2022, they fit in all other areas. My only suggestion would be to replace the Allen bolt hardware with something higher quality. In conclusion, these are fantastic skid plates at a fair price. Well done!

... ...

Laura Turnage

Apr 27 2022

Great item fast ship

Jason Brewer

Apr 21 2022

Awesome skid plates. Fitment is absolutely perfect

Jason Lenigk

Apr 11 2022

High quality product and super fast shipping!

rex mitchell

Apr 08 2022

Transaction was great, the installation was pretty straight forward. I had to modify the braces for the front due to irregularities with my machine. Looking forward to giving it a thorough test.

Dion Russi

Mar 28 2022

Excellent product, good fit.

Randy McIntyre

Mar 17 2022

Good stuff

Stephen Luciak

Mar 05 2022

Exceeded my expectations

David kulyk

Mar 04 2022

Excellent products, shipped quickly for a reasonable price. A pleasure to do business with and would recommend them to everyone!

Sascha Jermis

Feb 25 2022

Everything works great :)))

John Pandolfi

Feb 11 2022

I would definitely advise others to install these skidplates. And customer service and delivery was amazing and quick. Love the Tshirt!

Ethan Coats

Jan 24 2022

Fast shipping. Solid product. I’m very happy with my purchase.


Adam Bona

Dec 28 2021

Upon receiving these and opening the package it was very obvious that they were very well thought out and engineered. Install can be slightly tricky for the inexperienced but still very much doable. If IB continues to make a quality product at a reasonable price, I'll likely never purchase another brand of skid plate for any machine I have. Approximately 72 hours after ordering, the skids were on my doorstep. Some may not think that's a big deal, but consider this... they shipped all the way from Estonia (think Northern Europe, bordered by Latvia, the Gulf of Finland, Russia and the Baltic Sea) to my doorstep just outside of Halifax, NS, Canada in 72 freakin' hours! Thats remarkable if you ask me.

Anthony M Sprovero

Dec 07 2021

Awesome product, have it on both my atvs


Nov 20 2021

A high quality thick skid plate system. Went with the plastic model and couldn't be happier with the fit and look of the system. Can't wait to drive it on some deeper snow on the ice when winter fishing, I have a feeling it's going to slide over much of the deeper snow instead of it getting packed up in the frame.

Alexander Tikhonov

Nov 19 2021

Great company to deal with and very sturdy product. Highly recommend

Ahmad Emneina

Oct 08 2021

Incredibly easy and painless to order the product. I had the shipment scheduled within a week and delivery was seamless. Couldn't ask for a better experience. Can't wait to use my new equipment.

Mikele T. Waldron

Sep 26 2021

Fast shipping, easy installation and these skid plates work great! Believe me, we have thoroughly tested them on some of Eastern Pennsylvania's toughest trails. Ride with confidence without worrying about damage to vital components.

Adam Zambelli

Aug 27 2021

easy to install on my 2021 king quad 750. light weight and able to handle the rocks and trees. instructions were easy to read. would recommend 100 %

John Pennington

Aug 14 2021

The skit plates for my 2018 outlander fit perfect and cover great. They seem more than strong enough and I could not be happier.