May 30 2020

Customer service responded quickly to my email.

Matt R

May 26 2020

Awesome strap

Tony T

May 14 2020

Very easy to navigate and find what I needed.

Andrew C

May 01 2020

My department is really happy with the straps and holsters. Super quality craftsmanship. Thank you.

Curtis W

Apr 23 2020

I contacted sales with a question via email and they immediately got back to me. They told me what I could expect and they delivered right on time. The whole setup is just as advertised. I love it and look forward to using the radio strap.


Apr 21 2020

Excenllent service

Jaimie B

Nov 29 2019

After an extensive search for a radio strap, & leaning towards a custom made leather strap, I finally decided to go with Homeland Six. Why? Because it is machine washable! Leather is porous & no matter how many times you wipe it down with our wipes, it just didn’t appeal to me. Making that decision, I bought a Homeland Six strap & I was even more pleased than I thought. I love the little pocket in the strap for an emergency set of gloves. I love the molle straps to keep my mic cord, pen and other necessities in place. I love that it has room for patches, I can switch it up & customize it however I want. I recommend this strap to everyone around me who is on the hunt for one!

David D

Nov 27 2019

I purchased my H6 radio strap and caddy about a year ago, when I had to decon my old leather type rig. The leather was ruined in the decon process, and I wanted something that I could decon, and I really like the Molle spaced webbing to attach any other tools. Great product!

Troy S

Nov 27 2019

Absolutely the best radio strap out there! I’ve tried other straps and they dig into your shoulder or just don’t fit correctly. It’s also adjustable to make sure it’s outside your tog jacket. This strap feels padded compared to others and not only that after a fire just throw it in the washing machine! With all the cancer risk out there this is perfect. Also plenty of different places to hook a mic on or knife. I even have a small flashlight hooked on mine and use it all the time. Can’t say enough about this strap! Just another added note... I was one of the guys that hated wearing the radio strap and tried to “read up” on advantages and disadvantages of having a radio strap... now I’m sold! Would never want to go back to putting it in my “radio pocket”.

Jesse S

Nov 27 2019

Very nice strap. Ive had all kinds of leather straps and this one is by far the most comfortable.

Joaquin M

May 29 2020

Purchase was straightforward and easy.

Ed H

May 24 2020

Quick easy service. Just received my radio strap but it is comfortable so far. I chose this strap when replacing my leather strap due to the ability to wash it more easily.

Robert W

May 10 2020

Will buy from again, already have on at work, getting a second one!!


Apr 28 2020

Best radio strap and custom embroidery definitely would recommend this product.

Chris S

Apr 23 2020

Great customer service and great product

Jeremy C

Apr 17 2020


Richard H

Nov 28 2019

I found you through a guy I work with and he said I Would more than likely like your straps. Well i ordered one as I have always since getting my full time job carried my own personal radio. Well we no longer were using them radios and now have to use department radios, the silly lime green ones. Any way, bought a basic strap and holder with the department letters and my badge number embroidered. The width of the strap took me a little to get use to( but the reason I didn't want to use the others is because the straps were worse as in too thin ) but once worn in a bit LOVE how comfortable it is. Also love how the sewn in pieces to hold what ever you want including the mic, holds it tight and no chance for it to slide out. You guys make an AWESOME product and always tell people to look at yours if they want their own.

Josh J

Nov 27 2019

I have used this radio strap for the last 2.5 years. It may be a little expensive to buy at first, but I have not had any problems with mine. If you want to wear it under you bunker coat, I would buy the extended strap. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a radio strap!

Travis K

Nov 27 2019

Great strap. Couldn’t be happier.

James R

Nov 25 2019

Great strap. Light weight, comfortable, and I got alot of compliments from fellow firemen which led to them ordering and purchasing as well.


May 29 2020

Like the fact that its firefighter owned

Luke D

May 19 2020

Great quality product that "looks cool and doesn't suck"

Aaron G

May 06 2020

I have had several different radio harnesses for work radio. I had a structure fire at my residence that destroyed my radio holster and am replacing with this harness. It’s the best I’ve ever owned. Website is easy to navigate and get this order in. Let’s see how long it takes to get this harness, but regardless I’ll be back for a replacement when (I mean if) I have to replace it.


Apr 27 2020

This is my second H6 radio strap. The weight as well as the maneuverability is second to none.


Apr 22 2020

Very easy website to shop!

Jose R

Apr 17 2020

Awesome experience for it being my first time shopping from this website!!!!

Daniel R

Nov 28 2019

I love this strap! It's lightweight and built well. I've been using it for over a year now and I get a lot of great comments and "Where did you get that?" from other firefighters and paramedics. I know of at least one firefighter that just purchased one of your straps after seeing the one I had. The molle system is great and I have been able to attach other molle devices easily and securely. I haven't been able to find a good glove pouch that attached in a practical way, but I recently added a CAT tourniquet to my strap. Thank you, Homeland Six


Nov 27 2019


Patrick H

Nov 27 2019

Love it!

Byron D

Nov 25 2019

Great customer service

Michael C

May 27 2020

Process was very easy and quick.


May 16 2020

Very Easy to order. Cant wait to get it


May 06 2020

Set apart from the rest!

Travis A

Apr 25 2020

nice products

Allen S

Apr 22 2020

Easy to use site. Can't wait to get the strap.

Luis M

Apr 15 2020

Excelent I have already one radio strap from couple years ago I give it to a fellow firefighter here , so I want I another one

Jeremiah S

Nov 27 2019

Work in Virginia. Got this strap in Red upon promotion. The thin leathers always cut into my neck and shoulder whereas this product does not. Product has held up fine over 8 months utilizing Motorola brand portables. Length is good. Radio and antenna sit just under coat. I do have to use a caribeener for the hand mike so I can quickly transfer it to the outside of my turnout when donning.

Mark C

Nov 27 2019


Tyler k

Nov 27 2019



Nov 13 2019

The best strap on the market! Leather radio straps are the thing of the past. The durability of the H6 radio strap is military grade and very rugged, easy to clean. Thanks H6!