Kevin B

Aug 15 2022


Ken L

Jul 08 2022

Top shelf!

Jerry P

Jun 06 2022

appreciated the promo code

Anthony D

May 23 2022

Easy to order.


May 01 2022

Quick and easy!!

johnny g

Apr 13 2022

Great quick service

Charlene R

Mar 21 2022

Easy site to get around and find what your looking for.

Terrence R

Mar 02 2022

Very easy process. Great Radio Strap

Mike G

Feb 20 2022


rich w

Feb 06 2022

Quality products!! Easy purchase!! Just buy you one already.

Tim P

Jan 17 2022

Very easy! Thanks!


Jan 11 2022

Thanks for a great product


Jan 04 2022

Good website. Equipment seems good

joe w

Dec 25 2021

She loved it. She said it’s a great strap


Dec 22 2021

So far very good just purchased haven't received product yet.

Rachel H

Dec 18 2021

Locating the item I was looking for and ordering it was very easy. Good selection.


Dec 14 2021

Easy and simple

Willie F

Dec 10 2021

I am in 2 different fire departments and I like the product so much I am talking to my chiefs about getting them for our 800 radios on the trucks.


Nov 28 2021


Jason P

Nov 24 2021

Very nice easy to use sight

mathew e

Nov 17 2021

Prices are a little extreme but very easy to access the web site


Nov 11 2021

Easy formatted website and user friendly.

George T

Oct 22 2021

web site was easy to use


Oct 18 2021

Great gear. I need another strap for my second job, and I didn’t even consider another company.


Oct 11 2021


Stephen V

Aug 06 2022

Great product

Zaire A

Jul 04 2022

Took forever to get my confirmation email

Brad W

Jun 05 2022

The website is great, it’s easy to navigate & your product is top notch. But when ordering the embroidery it only asks for one color. I’m still not sure if it’s asking the color of the patch or the color of the print on the patch..

Chris M

May 06 2022

Easy check out and order !

Pat F

Apr 20 2022

Easy to navigate and find what you want

Christian F

Apr 13 2022

I like all of the items that you sell

Max G

Mar 16 2022

Very easy to navigate


Mar 01 2022

Great to work with. Offered to help speed up my order by offering another strap.

Gwynne W

Feb 18 2022

Awesome company providing great products!

Kathy B

Jan 31 2022

Sherryl was absolutely great!

Clint J

Jan 16 2022

Looking forward to receiving this product.

Gregg G

Jan 07 2022

Saw a chief in the department have one of these and he raved about the radio strap so I am excited to receive mine.

Sherwin S

Jan 01 2022

Fire department

Victor Z

Dec 25 2021

Easy purchasing


Dec 22 2021

Website is clean and easy to navigate! I love the idea of the strap and it will be useful for me but the radio holster itself is overpriced. Can’t imagine spending nearly 70 bucks on a holster that has no useful benefits to me.

Timothy O

Dec 18 2021

Thank you

joel r

Dec 14 2021

Bought some stuff for my firefighter husband and the site seemed good, just wish there was more stuff to buy

Gary S

Dec 02 2021


John H

Nov 27 2021

Amazing durability and quality product


Nov 20 2021

I can't wait to get my very owe strap for work.

Steve H

Nov 14 2021

Easy selection and checkout process

Zachary W

Nov 09 2021

Used before

Maximiliano G

Oct 20 2021

Process wasn’t bad ordering from them, very straight for ward.


Oct 14 2021

Easy to order.

Leeland r

Oct 10 2021


Randy F

Aug 01 2022

Great company

Robert R

Jun 23 2022

Great experience with placing my order, Thanks so much.

Philip G

May 28 2022

Cannot wait to use this product! Hopefully it’s here soon. Been looking around for a while and this one seems just what I want.


May 06 2022

Contacted on Instagram replied back in about an hour. 2day shipping at a great price.

David G

Apr 15 2022

My radio strap holster only lasted me a year and 4 months due to the holster strap to secure the radio broke.

Jonathan P

Apr 07 2022

I have had my strap for over 4 years still doing great

Honzik F

Mar 05 2022

Can`t wait to get my radio strap. amazing Product.

Coleman W

Mar 01 2022



Feb 10 2022

So far so good, have heard nothing but great things about your radio straps and can not wait to get mine in


Jan 24 2022

great quality product this is my second time ordering

carlos l

Jan 14 2022

Amazing product second time purchasing long lasting straps

DeWane M

Jan 06 2022

Great website. Easy to use.

Matthew D

Dec 31 2021

Great product

Derek R

Dec 25 2021

Best strap I have ever had. Very comfortabl!


Dec 19 2021

Awesome improvement from leather straps. Excited to work with it!

tena g

Dec 18 2021


Justin E

Dec 12 2021

Great site I am excited about getting this new strap a Capt. at my dept. has one and he loves it.

Sheri S

Dec 01 2021

My nephew is a firefighter!!


Nov 26 2021

Great Company


Nov 19 2021

Mark answered all of my questions in Facebook messenger! He was awesome!


Nov 13 2021

Great price. Easy ordering.

Bryce S

Oct 28 2021

Super reliable and local company!

David K

Oct 20 2021

Great Website and Good Prices

Bill M

Oct 14 2021

This is top notch quality and great customer service. Had to wait a few extra weeks because like every thing else on back order but it is worth it.

Alex S

Oct 08 2021

The website was very easy to use and navigate

Ashlee M

Jul 09 2022

Great quality stuff, fast shipping and great costumer service! 100% recommend!

David S

Jun 17 2022

Good website


May 23 2022

Good Company, Good Folks to deal with!

German S

May 02 2022

Very efficient and easy to navigate.


Apr 14 2022

Very easy to complete order

Jesse b

Mar 27 2022

great customer service and amazing product

Kris P

Mar 03 2022

Love your site

Jon J

Feb 21 2022

Fast and Easy!


Feb 06 2022

Much more functional and lighter then traditional leather radio straps.


Jan 21 2022

Very nice and smooth

Christopher E

Jan 12 2022

Rapid customer service


Jan 05 2022

great radio strap. it would be nice to reinforce where the strap connects to the radio holster. haven't had it for no longer than a year and it has torn there.

Bryson H

Dec 28 2021

It was good


Dec 24 2021


J. T

Dec 19 2021

Great products

Samuel M

Dec 17 2021

Good experience. It would be nice to see all the embroidered colors.

amy m

Dec 10 2021

All good. But, I feel that after spending almost $160, my shipping should have been free.

Paula C

Nov 29 2021

easy purchase

Stephanie P

Nov 26 2021

Great job


Nov 17 2021

Simple website, right to the point. Great product.

Phillip B

Nov 11 2021

Great Website

Edie W

Oct 26 2021

I had Mark M. Help me. Thank you Mark for your support! I only have one issue… Now I appreciate the discount for my purchase, BROTHERHOOD may not be the most appropriate code. There are many high ranking Women in Fire Departments across the US. Today. Trust me… I have the much respect for my brothers that I have worked beside for 35 years. Please do not disrespect the women that deserve the same.


Oct 20 2021

Great quality! And looks really sharp! And most of all customers support is on top of things!

Jeff H

Oct 13 2021

I have been using my Homeland six radio strap for two years and it is the best strap I have ever used. It is comfortable and not bundle some like some radio straps I have previously tried.

Brandon C

Oct 07 2021