Mar 18 2023

The red strap is cool. Would like to be able to order that one since you have it displayed on the website.

Andrew H

Mar 04 2023

Easy to find what you need and fast shipments.

Brandon S

Feb 12 2023

Ordering was very simple. Can’t ask for much more.


Jan 28 2023

Very easy process. The gallery helped with ideas.


Jan 25 2023

Easy to order

Chaplain, B

Jan 15 2023

I love and trust HL6 products, however the site needs work. I feel like I’m buying from an “As Seen On TV” website. I’m 24 and I know younger firefighters who do not trust the product solely based off the site design. Respectfully, look into site design.


Jan 06 2023

We will see when i actually receive them


Dec 29 2022


DeAngelo M

Dec 23 2022

Site very easy to use! Can't wait to get my new radio strap and accessories!


Dec 20 2022

Great products! Perfect Christmas present for my firefighter nephew!

Carolyn G

Dec 15 2022

Very easy to buy products


Dec 14 2022

Good so far

Greyson H

Dec 09 2022


Lillian m

Nov 27 2022

User friendly


Nov 17 2022

would've liked paypal as an option


Nov 15 2022

I've heard very good things about this company, so I decided to try a radio strap and holster myself


Nov 02 2022

Quick and easy to order, hoping it will be equally as quick and easy to ship.

john v

Oct 23 2022


Elijah S

Oct 19 2022



Oct 06 2022

It was easy to choose everything I wanted for my fire fighter!


Sep 28 2022

Good experience!!!

Randy F

Aug 01 2022

Great company

Robert R

Jun 23 2022

Great experience with placing my order, Thanks so much.

Philip G

May 28 2022

Cannot wait to use this product! Hopefully it’s here soon. Been looking around for a while and this one seems just what I want.


May 06 2022

Contacted on Instagram replied back in about an hour. 2day shipping at a great price.

Matt S

Mar 15 2023

Easy to order. Waiting on product

Bill J

Mar 03 2023

Great radio strap, have had mine over a year, just ordered a set for my wife!

Paul H

Feb 08 2023



Jan 27 2023

Sent at least 2 emails over the course of a week that were never answered

Greg J

Jan 25 2023

The discount code I was given did not work with my order.

David S

Jan 10 2023

Great product! Great Company! Easy checkout!

Daniel C

Jan 03 2023

Awesome so far. Looking forward to the product. Hard to take the price at first but everything tells me to risk it and see if the reviews are all correct. I really like the idea of being able to clean. Looking forward!! Thank you!!

tom p

Dec 29 2022

Great site, great products

Mark L

Dec 23 2022

The item I ordered was on backorder. They quickly offered alternative available option and rushed it to me. I still got it by Christmas to give to my son. Thank you!!

Mike D

Dec 19 2022

would have been nice to have a phone number to call to ask a question

Donald S

Dec 15 2022

Quick & easy purchase!

Amy S

Dec 12 2022

I’ve had the same radio strap for 5 years. It’s comfortable, holds my pens, ID badge, flashlight, you name it! Everyone asks where I got it from! Bought one for my boyfriend too!


Dec 04 2022


John F

Nov 26 2022

Excellent products!


Nov 17 2022



Nov 14 2022

Excellent company!! Very happy with my strap.


Oct 30 2022

Great product

Brian W

Oct 20 2022

Great site and easy to use. 6 stars

Scott M

Oct 18 2022

Very good

matt s

Oct 04 2022


Nate F

Sep 12 2022


Ashlee M

Jul 09 2022

Great quality stuff, fast shipping and great costumer service! 100% recommend!

David S

Jun 17 2022

Good website


May 23 2022

Good Company, Good Folks to deal with!

German S

May 02 2022

Very efficient and easy to navigate.

Patrick W

Mar 13 2023

Very easy site to navigate


Feb 26 2023

Easy site to navigate!


Feb 02 2023

Seems excessively expensive, but I’ll update my review after receiving the holster if it’s somehow worth $80


Jan 27 2023


Jonathan G

Jan 25 2023

Great experience

Everette j

Jan 07 2023

Amazing product


Jan 03 2023

It was a good experience


Dec 28 2022

Awesome products!

Karen W

Dec 22 2022

Great product

Glenn A

Dec 18 2022

Perfect, just what I was looking for. website was very easy to navigate, everything was clear and direct.

Luisa a

Dec 15 2022

We have order from homelandsix before and have been satisfied. Excellent products great prices

Shannon F

Dec 12 2022

Website was user friendly. I easily ordered what I needed. The checkout process was quick.


Nov 30 2022

very easy to understand the process.

Lisa D

Nov 20 2022

Easy process

Longhorn 5

Nov 15 2022

Found exactly what he wanted for Xmas and it was on sale.


Nov 10 2022


Michael C

Oct 27 2022

I’ve been using my HomelandSix radio holster for around 4 years now. It has seen a lot of use. It’s held up just as well as my leather one. It’s nice that I can just throw it in the gear washer and clean it. I will be using these for the rest of my career. Thanks for a great product.


Oct 20 2022

I really like the products and site. The mobile site is a little glitchy at times but no major issues.

Daniel L

Oct 17 2022

Very quick and easy

James D

Oct 01 2022

Good quality

Kevin B

Aug 15 2022


Ken L

Jul 08 2022

Top shelf!

Jerry P

Jun 06 2022

appreciated the promo code

Anthony D

May 23 2022

Easy to order.


May 01 2022

Quick and easy!!


Mar 11 2023

Easy to order

Pedro E

Feb 23 2023

Ive seen this strap with my fellow firefighters and i liked it so much I bought one!!

Mark B

Feb 01 2023



Jan 26 2023

Love this product

Billy G

Jan 23 2023


Chris D

Jan 07 2023

Easy to navigate

Grady M

Jan 01 2023

Awesome product!!!!

Santonio C

Dec 26 2022

Thanks for the best service and products to make me look like the coolest kid on the block🤙🏽🤙🏽

Nino S

Dec 22 2022

Thanks for the notification.


Dec 17 2022

Web site is user friendly! We can’t wait to get this gift for our son.


Dec 15 2022

My radio strap has withstood 3 years of use and abuse and it's still in great shape.


Dec 11 2022

Wish you had a size chart.


Nov 29 2022

Wish there was a way to see your custom order before you buy.


Nov 19 2022

Great customer service


Nov 15 2022

Great strap

William R

Nov 02 2022


Jeremy S

Oct 25 2022


Jason G

Oct 20 2022

Web site was a little confusing to place an order.

Darren A

Oct 08 2022

Easy and very user friendly.

Brian H

Oct 01 2022

Love it very convenient site to navigate. I just would like better descriptions of what radios fit what carriers

Stephen V

Aug 06 2022

Great product

Zaire A

Jul 04 2022

Took forever to get my confirmation email

Brad W

Jun 05 2022

The website is great, it’s easy to navigate & your product is top notch. But when ordering the embroidery it only asks for one color. I’m still not sure if it’s asking the color of the patch or the color of the print on the patch..

Chris M

May 06 2022

Easy check out and order !

Pat F

Apr 20 2022

Easy to navigate and find what you want