Terri P

Sep 25 2023

Great gift ideas

Matthew C

Sep 08 2023

The website worked well.


Aug 28 2023


Brian W

Aug 19 2023

Very impressed and eager to receive my purchase

Darryl B

Jul 24 2023

easy to work with

Ronald W

Jul 21 2023

Easy to manuver.


Jul 16 2023

Amazing products

Strojan K

Jul 08 2023

Quick and easy. Information and feedback sold me to purchase!


Jul 03 2023

Great job 👍. Looks good.

Travis T

Jun 28 2023

Loved the experience and appreciate you all supporting us first responders.

Michael J

Jun 23 2023

It’s been 15 business days since I place my order for a custom radio strap. It said to allow for 7-10 business days due to the custom embroidery. However I have yet to receive any email regarding my order and its current status. I also sent an email on June 20th requesting information and have not gotten a reply to that. Upset that I haven’t heard anything and don’t have my radio strap to use.

curtis w

Jun 15 2023

not user friendly website could be better.

Kiara C

Jun 06 2023

I work in EMS and it’s a popular brand among my coworkers, looks like good quality!


Jun 04 2023

Quality gear


May 16 2023

great service

Joshua T

May 09 2023

Ordered on the 4th of May and still hasn’t shipped.


Apr 27 2023

I have tried to get in touch with someone to figure out where my order is and no one will answer me. I ordered it 4 weeks ago.


Apr 11 2023


Mitchell S

Mar 30 2023

I ordered a complete radio strap kit two weeks ago still have not received it shipper lost the package and customer service will not return any emails and there is not a phone number published to be able to call them. I will not be ordering from this company ever again, and will not ever use their products. Worst customer service I have seen in a long time.

Matt S

Mar 15 2023

Easy to order. Waiting on product

Bill J

Mar 03 2023

Great radio strap, have had mine over a year, just ordered a set for my wife!

Brandon S

Feb 12 2023

Ordering was very simple. Can’t ask for much more.


Feb 01 2023

Very poor customer service. They will not communicate with the buyer. It has been two weeks since I ordered my equipment and have not received anything nor will they reply to my messages. Additionally they have no listed phone numbers.


Jan 26 2023

Love this product

Billy G

Jan 23 2023


Theresa P

Sep 24 2023

Get great ideas for grandson who is fireman/emt


Sep 01 2023


Grace S

Aug 24 2023

great radio gear!


Aug 18 2023

Used a FF’s and loved it


Jul 24 2023

Paid for faster shipping order gets delayed by 4 days…

john a

Jul 20 2023

No problems


Jul 12 2023

so far i can’t make a review of the actual strap and parts , i placed a order on 06/04/23 today is 07/12/23 and i haven’t received any of the items, at the beginning Sean was replying to my emails saying that there was a delay on custom orders. Now he is not even answering there is not a phone number or anything more than a email so i have almost $200 purchase and he cant even tell me what is going on with my order! that i will keep waiting cause is a gift for my son ? Yes i will, that i will purchase again or tell someone about it on a positive way? NEVER!


Jul 04 2023

Great quality. Many attachment spots. Fast shipping.

scott m

Jul 02 2023

Very easy ordering process

omar s

Jun 28 2023

Great company!!A+

Nicholas B

Jun 21 2023


Hillary D

Jun 13 2023

Placed my order over a month ago have not received it . Have not received communication from your sales department in over a week.

joey l

Jun 06 2023

I see my invoice showed two radio straps, but I only got one. Not sure what that’s about?


Jun 03 2023

My radio strap is amazing and so comfortable. I just ordered one for a friend.


May 15 2023

High quality gear, reasonable pricing, excellent service.


May 04 2023

I have fully equipped with Homeland Six. Equipment and service are seco

Nate H

Apr 26 2023

Great site.


Apr 08 2023

Good experience

Edward N

Mar 30 2023

10% coupon code they provided didn’t work

Patrick W

Mar 13 2023

Very easy site to navigate


Feb 26 2023

Easy site to navigate!

Paul H

Feb 08 2023



Jan 28 2023

Very easy process. The gallery helped with ideas.


Jan 25 2023

Easy to order

Sidney G

Jan 21 2023

I’ve been waiting over the business days that it says for my strap. I’ve been almost a month and haven’t heard anything. I’ve email and asked about my purchase and provided order number and didn’t hear anything back so why even tell us to contact if we have less than 5 starts. Should have just ordered elsewhere.

Nevin H

Sep 21 2023

Can’t wait to order more

Karl W

Sep 01 2023

I sent a email about the IdentiFire &Refiective w/Glow&Reflective Silver radio strap and getting it in the XL size But no reply. So I’m settling for the 3m silver reflective one.

Jeff F

Aug 21 2023

My holster I have had for 3 years broke today.

Phillip L

Aug 15 2023

First time using the site. Very user friendly and liked that I could get the bundle which had everything I was looking for.

Harold O

Jul 23 2023

Easy to order and looking forward to trying it out.


Jul 19 2023


Leigh S

Jul 11 2023

Fast and easy service

Aaron T

Jul 04 2023


Kelly D

Jul 01 2023

Very efficient ordering process. Good prices.


Jun 26 2023

Finally ordered a custom strap as our department uses H6. Excited for my order to come in!

Aaron K

Jun 20 2023

Slow shipping and no communication. It’s just unacceptable in today’s business environment


Jun 08 2023

Placed an order over a week ago, and it’s still processing. Not even an update. Very disappointed and dissatisfied


Jun 05 2023

I ordered a strap on 5/18. I sent an email to find out what the delay is all about. I still have not heard back.


Jun 01 2023


erica F

May 12 2023

Just wish there was more options to add more embroidery options.. like Maltese cross or something else

Thomas C

May 01 2023

Saw you at FDIC, did some comparison shopping and decided you were where it's at. Website made ordering a breeze, looking forward to my gear.

Justin M

Apr 22 2023

Site was good


Apr 06 2023

Easy friendly purchasing process.


Mar 27 2023

Great product


Mar 11 2023

Easy to order

Pedro E

Feb 23 2023

Ive seen this strap with my fellow firefighters and i liked it so much I bought one!!


Feb 02 2023

Seems excessively expensive, but I’ll update my review after receiving the holster if it’s somehow worth $80


Jan 27 2023

Sent at least 2 emails over the course of a week that were never answered

Greg J

Jan 25 2023

The discount code I was given did not work with my order.

Chaplain, B

Jan 15 2023

I love and trust HL6 products, however the site needs work. I feel like I’m buying from an “As Seen On TV” website. I’m 24 and I know younger firefighters who do not trust the product solely based off the site design. Respectfully, look into site design.

Amanda H

Sep 18 2023

Selection is ok. However I’m short, 4’9” and the strap hangs off of my thigh. Smaller options in the future will be great for responders my size.

Michael D

Aug 28 2023

Awesome Product!

Kevin R

Aug 21 2023

Good easy

Max C

Jul 30 2023

Looking forward to receiving my new strap. Had an old leather strap that finally broke and I'm retiring from the fire service to continue on into EMS and wanted a new strap for my 50th birthday and retirement gift so thank you. I've heard great things from others I work with.

Kevin C

Jul 22 2023

Great company! EGH! FTM-PTB! Leather forever!


Jul 18 2023



Jul 11 2023

so far so good

David B

Jul 03 2023

user friendly

Jason M

Jun 30 2023

Super easy!


Jun 24 2023


Rex R

Jun 16 2023

Haven’t received it yet


Jun 07 2023

No one has gotten back to me to let me know when approximately my order will ship:(

Albert A

Jun 05 2023

Love this Radio Strap!!! This is my second Radio Strap and it's completely comfortable...


May 22 2023

Horrible communication (expected when a site won’t even list a phone number, like they know they’re bad) and poor production time. Sad as I could refer tons

Tyler E

May 11 2023

Great products

Joshua G

Apr 29 2023

Great Product this is my second one in 7 years. Still using the other one just keeping another at my Part-Time Dept.


Apr 14 2023

Failure to communicate

Roy L

Apr 03 2023

I'm familiar with your product. Very pleased with the items by way of what my department provides. Look forward to shipment


Mar 18 2023

The red strap is cool. Would like to be able to order that one since you have it displayed on the website.

Andrew H

Mar 04 2023

Easy to find what you need and fast shipments.

Jesse M

Feb 12 2023

Its been nearly 4 days since placing my order and I still haven't gotten an estimated shipping date... if i knew it would take this long i would've paid the extra $9 for express delivery...

Mark B

Feb 01 2023



Jan 27 2023


Jonathan G

Jan 25 2023

Great experience

vincenzo m

Jan 14 2023

You took my $140 payment, never sent my product and refuse to respond to my 5 requests for refund or product. You are thieves.