carlos b

Apr 15 2024

Thank you for your support. The flags look great. Our veterans at the campground were very surprise and honored.

Ron B

Apr 11 2024

I wish it was printed on both sides. Still looks good.

Gary D

Apr 09 2024

Great flags

Roger W

Mar 30 2024

Super heavy duty flagpole with the thickest aluminum I could find. Got a 23 foot 10 gage pole. This pole is warranted for 15 years. Honestly will last a lifetime. Very good made in the UNITED STATES PRODUCTS!


Mar 19 2024

Thank you

Stephen T

Mar 18 2024

Better than the last telescoping flagpole that I had which was a different brand.

Donald D

Mar 16 2024

Made in America

Kevin C

Mar 11 2024

You are Great and Thanks!

Deborah B

Mar 07 2024

You where so nice to call back. Thank you for your help.

Bonnie A

Mar 02 2024

Very easy to order.

Beverly B

Feb 27 2024

needed clarifcation before submitting order. Left voice message and received call back in reasonable time

Mark F

Feb 18 2024

Bought a flag earlier excellent quality and service so decided to buy a few more recognizing branches of service in our family.

Daniel M

Feb 13 2024

My flags doesn’t get tangled up very often but what I really like is that it doesn’t stay tangled up for very long.

Curtis S

Feb 07 2024

Great place to buy your flags and related equipment.


Feb 03 2024

Shipping cost to much

Donna H

Jan 28 2024

I have been buying flags for my Elks Lodge for quite a while now. The quality is great and there are many options as we have 2 different size flag poles. Everything i have purchased has been quickly delivered and in pristine shape. I have recommended Grand new Flags to many of my friends and fellow Elks.

Anthony R

Jan 24 2024

It seems to be good quality. Time will tell. Mounting bracket requires three screws only received two


Jan 15 2024


Chantel M

Jan 08 2024

We have not been able to put up our new flag yet but the customer service has been great! I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my husband. Shipping was fast and I felt the ordering process was simple. I’ve never purchased a flagpole before so was not aware of all the options. But this process was easy.

Hans K

Jan 02 2024

Would like to see more college, and State flags. Love that your company shows a video of how they are sewn together


Dec 18 2023

Easy peasy. 3 flag family. NFL fun and games coming up.

Jennifer C

Dec 10 2023

Cxxxhjj hhhyhb b i in ggfd

Carly G

Nov 25 2023

Thank you for USA made flags and for honoring our veterans, military, and first responders with a discount.

Robert S

Nov 13 2023

Very well made flag and a very responsive company.


Apr 15 2024

Easy to order looking forward to receiving my order so I can put my flag up.

Mitchel B

Apr 11 2024

I ordered the wrong flag and the folks at Grand New Flag exchanged it right away. They were friendly, helpful and prompt. Would definitely buy from them again.

Jim K

Apr 08 2024

No problems now and I'm hoping it stays that way

Larry S

Mar 24 2024

Very simple and easy to order...

terry h

Mar 19 2024

all good

James M

Mar 18 2024

Quick and easy. Good explanation about the single sided format. I purposely bought from you due to it being made in USA

Dan B

Mar 13 2024

Easy to order. Had all the info I needed and the price was great. Fast order form

M. R

Mar 11 2024

Great website and products.

Scott C

Mar 06 2024

High quality and very quick to receive the product. Thank you

Patrick S

Mar 01 2024

I sent an email yesterday to express appreciation for what you do..."Thank you very much....a well crafted piece, made in America......the flag it now holds, rests in honor." Thank you

Carina D

Feb 26 2024

Received exactly what I ordered. Delivery was prompt and I love the hand written thank you note for supporting a family owned small business! 🖤💙🖤

Mark F

Feb 18 2024

Great job delivered on time and quality packaging direct replacement for my flag light thanks.

Darryl R

Feb 13 2024

Love it!! Nice quality, looks great too! Definitely will order another one!!!


Feb 07 2024

Easy to use site

Dennis S

Feb 02 2024



Jan 26 2024


Angela L

Jan 23 2024

Decided to accessorize our flagpole and these items did not disappoint! The fact that they are Made in USA was a bonus.

william c

Jan 14 2024


janet b

Jan 08 2024

They are very well made. In the U.S.A. The handwritten note was a nice touch. We will buy again.


Dec 31 2023

great flag


Dec 22 2023

Wonderful American made flags


Dec 17 2023

Look forward to receive product


Dec 06 2023

simple ordering process


Nov 25 2023


Liberty B

Nov 07 2023

The flag’s quality is the highest quality flag I’ve bought! We go through a lot of flags that suffer from wear and tear in the coastal winds of North Carolina. This flag is made of thick, robust material with vibrant colors. The D clips made securing it to the rope an easy task. The new flag was immediately noticed, and we received many comments and compliments on it. The website helped me pick out the proper size. The personal note was a nice touch. I will continue to purchase from this company! The personal

Kathy M

Apr 15 2024

Awaiting shipment for review


Apr 10 2024


Bill S

Apr 04 2024

Great quality flag that handles strong winds and doesn’t tangle as well as having vivid red/white and blue! I’ve gone through about six flags and I think this is the first one that will last!!!


Mar 23 2024

Thank you for supporting veterans

Idelsys B

Mar 19 2024

It was a pleasure speaking to Mr. Kauppinen. Very professional and personable. Thank you for your family's service to our country. God bless.

Danny G

Mar 17 2024

It’s always a pleasure ding business with Philip and the Grand New Flag team. This is my fourth purchase of flags or hardware and I’ll be back again. Highly recommend!!

Roger W

Mar 13 2024

The thickst aluminum umbrella I could find in a flagpole. Appreciate the 15 year warranty. Appreciate the Veteran discount.

Timothy A

Mar 09 2024


Scott G

Mar 05 2024

Purchased a Flyin Glory Traditional Flagpole in June of 2022 and it is about time to replace my flags and the website had everything I needed in 4 clicks.


Feb 29 2024

Difficult with payment. Botz process kept sending verification info that I did not receive. Finally decided to check out as a guest. I have a 20 foot flagpole in my back yard adjacent to the Country Club. Winds in this part of Texas can be very hard on flags. This is my first order with Grand New Flags. Hopefully, they will prove durable enough for future orders.


Feb 22 2024

Easy order process. Fair price

Kedon L

Feb 17 2024

thank you for making products in the USA

william c

Feb 11 2024

Everything was as expected, have no problem with flag.

Rodney B

Feb 07 2024

It was great to deal with your company and particularly Mr. Kauppinen. He was great to speak and deal with and had a great personal concern with your order. You're the only place to get a flag from and thank you for the kind of business that you have......bringing more patriotism to the American public.

Carina D

Feb 01 2024

Easy to order, website is easy to navigate and yes 👍🏻 good job

Rick B

Jan 25 2024

I purchased a house mounted pole about three years ago. The hand written personal note on the purchase receipt was totally unexpected and much appreciated! Since then, Old Glory has been able to be displayed constantly. Living in southern costal Maine, the flag can be subjected to heavy rain, snow and winds. The the pole and mount have seen wind gusts exceeding 65 mph and they still stands strong! A neighbor who had a similar pole and mount purchased locally had two mounts break in moderate winds. He has since upgraded to a Grand Old Flag pole and mount which stands up through the most severe weather. This is an outstanding American made product. Grand Old Flag has fantastic products and is an excellent company.

Kevin B

Jan 20 2024

Happy to purchase something actually made in America. Shopping on site was essy.


Jan 10 2024

I’ve been buying my US flags here for a few years now. Best made flag I’ve ever flown. Living on the Space Coast in Florida, displaying it daily, this flag is subjected to lots of wind and sun. Resisting fraying and fading, it holds up months longer than any other flag I’ve ever purchased. Well done!

Chris M

Jan 07 2024

Very efficient website. I found it easy to navigate through the options and find the right flag for me; I cant wait to get it!


Dec 30 2023

It was very easy. Thank you for your company that loves this country as my husband did.

Dale S

Dec 21 2023

So far you've impressed me with your website, and your family history, and your patriotism. I expect I'll also be suitably impressed by your product once I receive it.

Tasha B

Dec 16 2023


Bruce B

Nov 30 2023

Is very rare for me to write a review for a product that I have purchased but the flagpole and flag I received from Grand New Flag is absolutely beautiful. We've always flown the flag but have settled on cheap big-box hardware store flags and flagpoles. The quality and workmanship of your flagpole and the flag itself is incredible and has been described by our neighbors as "stunning". Love having your product hanging outside of our home and will be definitely purchasing our state flag in the near future!

David M

Nov 17 2023

Reasonably priced, vet discountg. American made. Says it all right there.

paul m

Nov 04 2023

I purchased this flag pole for the entrance to our community and it is great. I particularly like that it is 11 gauge and not the standard 16 gauge that others use.

Armando O

Apr 11 2024

Great! Thank you…

Pam P

Apr 10 2024

Phil! The cornhole sets are so epic. So far above my expectations with the enhances graphics you did!! All art work is so clear and clean looking and I couldn't have asked for better results. Thank you!!

Kevin C

Mar 31 2024

These People love what they do . I appreciate their high quality. Now that I know, when I need a flag I will only use them . Unless I need to fly another countries flag then quality doesn't mean much. Thanks Happy Easter


Mar 20 2024

Easy to use website.

Richard W

Mar 19 2024

easy checkout

Joe D

Mar 17 2024

Helped make my purchase


Mar 11 2024

Great service.

Pam P

Mar 07 2024

Grand New Flag has the BEST products and best service!! So thankful to have such a great company offering top notch products made in the USA. Phil is the best.

Joe P

Mar 05 2024

I purchased a 5x8 polyester flag in June 2021 when I relocated a 20’ flagpole at my new house. I haven’t taken it down once since I raised it the day I got it. This flag has been through 3 Buffalo winters to include several blizzards and sever “snow events” as they like to call lake effect storms. Just this year, after a snow storm with 70+ mph gusts did I start to notice some wear. I couldn’t be happier with their product. I will run this flag for another year and absolutely purchase another one then. If I could upload a picture in this review, it would show how well this flag has held up to the elements.


Kenneth W

Feb 27 2024

Very pleased with the product. It was easy to install and looks great (many compliments from neighbors - both before and after I raised a 2x3 Gadsden also purchased from GNF to accompany the included 4x6 Old Glory). Seems quite robust and I'm confident it will last and provide enjoyment and pride for many years. Highly recommend.


Feb 21 2024

Our home is now truly a home to be proud of. This kit was easy to install and the flag is well made. The best part is everything is made in the USA which is what we were looking for.

lynn b

Feb 15 2024

Just fine

Gerard R

Feb 08 2024

Great experience, as always! Amazing quality flags, built to last. Flown with pride! Thanks.

Brandon B

Feb 05 2024

Both flags I ordered look great and are flying proudly. We’ll see about longevity and how they hold up in the elements.


Jan 30 2024

Love the quality! Completes the look...thank you for the outstanding speedy service.

Robert F

Jan 25 2024

As a funeral homeowner I have been searching for a high-quality display case. This product is it! Very nicely constructed, shipped quickly and arrived packaged to prevent damage. If you are looking for a craftsmanship this case is worth the extra expense.

Ricky W

Jan 18 2024

Great flags will be ordering again next week for my state flag needs!

CArl C

Jan 09 2024

Our flag looks stately with the new solar light.

David A

Jan 05 2024

Loved discount

Angela L

Dec 28 2023

We are excited to purchase a flagpole light that is 100% made in the USA


Dec 19 2023

Nice flag pole

David H

Dec 13 2023

I wanted a sewn American made flag. I found it here and the price was right.

Kathleen B

Nov 29 2023

So far, I had to correct my billing address. It did not show the complete address when I started to complete the order.


Nov 17 2023

Philip was very helpful, responding quickly to an email question.


Oct 29 2023