Kathy S

Jun 12 2022

Love you guys! Good quality wigs and toppers. I have been purchasing for me and 3 of my sisters. Thank you❤️


Jun 03 2022

I could not be more pleased with Godiva's customer service. It has made me feel comfortable ordering because the return policy is good and quick at refunding. So now I will try ordering wigs (not toppers). I know there is a service charge, but it beats me taking a flight from OH to CA to see the wigs in person. Thank you!

Janet W

May 26 2022

Love love love my mid length topper. Only regret is not ordering it sooner.

Brenda G

May 17 2022

The first one was too dark and I returned it without any problem. I reordered a second one and it was the lightest color but still too dark, and it did not match so I’ll be returning it. More colors would be helpful

Curtistine T

May 14 2022

The medium topper in frosted taupe looks great on my. Matches my hair perfectly. I will need to practice putting on and taking off. I get my hair tangled in the combs but I’ll get better. I love my wigs. At 82 years my hair is thinning so I just decided to have fun with wigs. I get many compliments, thanks, Curtistine Taylor 👍

Anne C

May 08 2022

The topper is really nice and delivered very quickly to the UK. My only disappointment was having to pay customs & taxes before delivery of £64 ($80) which took the shine of my purchase along with $51.93 shipping. Not Godivas fault, just didn’t think it would cost so much to order from UK.

Patty P

May 06 2022

Love this wig. My fave so far. Fast delivery and service. I ordered Moccachino colour in the Cristi and it looks so natural. Wish I had tried this shade before!!


Apr 27 2022

It’s beautiful and I feel sorry that I have to return it because my head small at the back.

Constance Z

Apr 23 2022

I had a great experience with Shannon who helped me. She was very professional, attentive to my needs and made my sale easy for me. Thanks go to Shannon for a great experience!

Thao H

Apr 19 2022

Please keep doing what you do by providing video on your products. It really help, TREMENDOUSLY. I purchased the medium top piece in medium brown. I LOVE IT! My daughter loves it on me. I am looking at the full wig now, will watch your video then decide. You both have made the process fun and exciting 😊 i already recommended couple of my friends. Thank you! Thao

Kathleen H

Apr 16 2022

The wig is perfect. I just need to brave about getting it trimmed just a little.

Virginia S

Apr 11 2022

Quinn really suits my style! I feel very confident & comfortable wearing it.

Bonnie K

Apr 08 2022

I really enjoy the videos about your products. They are entertaining and informative and you both are beautiful! Pros: I received my wig very quickly and then ordered a medium topper which also arrived quickly. I bought the Freedom in Silverstone which has brought great compliments. It matches very closely my own hair. The craftsmanship is beautiful and well made. Cons: I wish you had more choices in the petite size however as I ordered average and am struggling with keeping it secure. I also purchased the wig band in Average but I will purchase it in Petite to see if that helps. I’m also having issues with itching of my scalp. But I watched another YouTube to see what I could do about that and it suggests I get the wig cap attached to the wig band. Does that come in Petite or should I get the cap and band separately?

Carol M

Apr 06 2022

White color was great; however, very scant amount of hair and wefts were showing. Sorry but I had to return it because it certainly was not the quality l was expecting from Godiva’s Secret Wigs.

Deby F

Apr 05 2022

I am Always pleased with the products I receive.. very high quality!

Narcine L

Apr 04 2022

Still trying to see if the topper ill work..I have not had much success yet

Lucy G

Apr 02 2022

Tiffany is so helpful and kind❤️

Catherine S

Apr 01 2022

For my 5 purchases in the past couple of months, I have had no problems, so the check out portion of the website works great. So the five stars are for checkout process. However, I have always experienced a problem navigating from page to page on the individual products. I just got a new iPhone and still have an issue, so it isn’t my phone. I also haven’t been able to find any info on the website on their point system on the website should I am not sure how customer are supposed to know how you can earn points or how you can use them? Catherine Stearns

Shirley R

Mar 31 2022

The only down side is the postal costs to the uk it’s a shame there isn’t an outlet here there wigs are great I have been told I look 10 years younger thanks

Silvia O

Mar 27 2022

Im very happy.


Mar 24 2022

Shipping was outstanding with my wig arriving well before anticipated & in perfect condition! Thank you for exceeding my shipping expectations!


Mar 20 2022

I love the two long toppers purchased. They were 'on sale' with a price affordable for me. They arrived quickly and look great. I'm very pleased with the purchase.

Herbert G

Mar 18 2022

Prompt shipment and easy returns. So thankful for the ability to try in this troubling times.

Kim L

Mar 13 2022

Beautiful! Love the look!!!

Judy C

Mar 10 2022

Fast delivery and great videos demonstrating the various wigs.

Laura L

Jun 07 2022

I called the store to ask a question prior to purchasing a wig. The sales representative that assisted me was very knowledgeable and efficient. I was very satisfied with the experience.

Judith M

Jun 03 2022

I LOVE your hair pieces. I have purchased several nobody, including two hair stylists, have recognized them as hairpieces even when I said "Do you notice anything different about my hair today?" Great mono top pieces and great customer service.

Cecelia L

May 23 2022

The topper was just what I needed, loved the color. It blended so well with my hair.

Cindy R

May 17 2022

I recently purchased my 2nd Medium Top w/ Roots - Iced Mocha. My first one I had trimmed with bangs, this 2nd one I am leaving it just as it came. Both are great! I have very fine hair and this piece gives me style and look I want.

Lani G

May 13 2022

I really like the frosted taupe color. I wanted to try Cristi but it was all white in the front and not frosted at all for most of the wig. I thought I would try Quinn, but it’s out of stock. In general I’ve had good experience.

betty a

May 08 2022

I ordered twice now trying to find the right fit and color for me and although the wigs are very nice and pretty the returns are not so customer friendly. It’s cost me around 40$ because of restocking fees return shipping costs and the refund process is slow. For these reasons I give it 2 stars. I think I will go with Amazon. At least the return process is not costly and it’s fast.

Stella F

May 06 2022

I really wanted to love the 2 toppers I purchased. I am in need of them, I am losing my hair by the droves. I couldn't wait for the day they would arrive. They arrived quickly. I then tried one on and then the other. One with bangs one without. The grey matched my natural grey perfectly. So what can be wrong? Sadly, the quality of the "top" of the toppers. They look very messy and have small hairs standing up straight they don't go with the shiny natural looking bottom. The actual hair looks beautiful, then you look at the top and it looks anything but natural. I am extremely disappointed. As I said I need these toppers they look fantastic in your video's and I was hoping it would be the same on me.

Ann J

Apr 26 2022

What a great company! I received my wig very quickly- only five days - and I live in England! However, it didn’t suit me so I sent it back and ordered another one, which came even faster! I asked for a refund on the first one which I have already received. What an efficient company, not only am I confident about my new wig, but I am also confident about ordering from the USA . A really lovely company to buy from with great ethics. Thank you Rochelle and Danielle! Ann in England. Thanks

marlene H

Apr 23 2022

Enjoy the videos th Enjoy the videos. They give me confidence to place an order. Good communication and fast service.

Martha M

Apr 19 2022

The color was good. I liked the amount of hair. The problem was with the cap. It seemed to be too long for my head, so it stuck up in the back which kept the hair from laying flat.

Sheila R

Apr 15 2022

Love the hair piece that I bought. I couldn't believe it came in less than a week. My daughter loved mine so much that she ordered one as well and loves hers also.

Maggie H

Apr 10 2022

This was my first wig and don't understand many women's how can wear all day. I put it on this morning and now 3:00 PM and under the wig my head wet. The other problem: don't want stay on my head, I tried everything, a tape melt down, pins not because I have a very-very sort hair now, after COVID hair loss, so nothing can hold this wig.I ordered Wig Grip Band, not stay. I ordered not from your shop double sided tape not stay when getting hot. I ordered a glue and remover but I'm afraid use it because I don't want a wig stay on my head one week or more and.I don't have a experience how use every day. This wig wonderful, not heavy and looks like is mine. My friends don't know I have a wig. I'm your good customer because I ordered same wig then before from your shop (I have now 2 wigs)and shampoo, conditioner, hair spray.Wig Grip Band..... I don't know what to do because coming a summer and how can I wear this beautiful wig. Your asking my experience so this is..

Sharon A

Apr 08 2022

I’m returning the piece I bought. It’s way too poufy(?). I part my hair on the left and I was fighting with the piece and it won. I will order another one because I love your pieces but definitely not this one. It looked fake on me while my other looks incredibly natural. I’ll reorder!


Apr 06 2022

prompt delivery - great product

Kristen G

Apr 04 2022

Love your Christi wig - I trim the long bangs and it looks just like my real hair did 5 years ago. It keeps it shape, easy to wash & dry, easy to style, it’s almost shake and go! Love, love, love it! Highly recommend!

Linda D

Apr 03 2022

Tiffany isis so so dear and helpful

Adele C

Apr 02 2022

I did order but had to send back as the cap was too small. My last wig I ordered in a large cap fit perfectly but this one did not. I still like your wigs. Wash and wear.

Erica J

Apr 01 2022

After Covid hair loss and freaking out, I have made quite a few purchases. The orders arrive quickly (whew!) and returns are easy as well. I’m still traumatized but being able to put on a topper or wig and have thick hair when I need it, helps ease my soul. Love the wigs and toppers as they look realistic!

jean b

Mar 31 2022

I keep trying items from Godiva‘s because I’m in love with a mother daughter team, they’re so adorable together and so sincere that I trust their product and I trust their judgment. But the single obstacle has turned out to be how tiny their wigs are. I have a normal frame, at 5’7” am a normal weight, in attire, am a very normal size 6-8, and even Godiva”s few offerings in “large” wigs are all way, way small on my very average size 23” head. Breaks my heart to give up on them but I may have to. Unless they find a different manufacturer that produces wigs designed for European-American sized heads rather than Asian, thus far I’ve not found any GSS piece that will work. :-/ I do appreciate their thoughtful return policy so at least I was able to try a few possibilities.// If you’re head size 22 inches or under, this company makes a wonderful, wonderful top quality product and their synthetic fibers are the better then the big name high-priced brands. As for me, still trying my best to get to through my 65% Covid hair loss, I guess I am still on the hunt. ;-/

Linda M

Mar 27 2022

Bought a topper and it adds just the amount of height to my thinning hair on the sides of my head.

Rebecca W

Mar 22 2022

My shopping experience was fine. I need to send my topper back because the color is too dark, but unable to print address label. My printer isn’t working. Trying to fix my printer.

Paula F

Mar 19 2022

Love the toppers. I thin them out and curl them with safe heated velvety hot rollers. No one knows they’re not my own hair. Beautiful coffee latte color. I buy the rooted ones. Easy to wash with Godiva shampoo and their conditioner by their instructions. They always dry completely overnight. I hang them on a hanger upside down with the clip by attaching the clip to the tag on the topper. Thank you for making these.

lois M

Mar 17 2022

I returned my purchase tge following day after I receive it. I have yet to receive my credit. I would like to re-order with the credit.


Mar 13 2022

Excellent service! Quality wigs! I will continually b a fan.thank you

Stacey L

Mar 10 2022

This is my second purchase, and absolutely love the ease of ordering.

Kim M

Jun 06 2022

Shipping was fast and the wigs I purchased arrived as described. The videos for each helped me make decisions about which might be best to buy, which is a hard thing when you can’t try them on. I wish The color I liked was available in more styles, but I’m having fun experimenting with new styles. I do wish there were more wavy styles available — not so much curly and not so much straight. Most of us have some wave to our hair and it looks more natural, I think. I also wish more styles were available in transitional grey colors, like the Sandy Silver. Brown straight to silver or grey or white is kind of hard for me, personally.

Carol W

May 27 2022

I was born with fine, straight, mousey ash blond/ brown hair and multiple cowlicks. Over the years I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on perms, foils, treatments, and every kind of cut. And as I aged, it only got worse. I found you on YOU TUBE a couple pf months ago. I watched every video and read countless reviews. Dani and Ro, you two are really marvelous! Finally I ordered a topper, which I returned because it was too dark. Wanting to see a color sample, I contacted my local Godiva’s Secret rep, Margaret Webb , who very kindly came to my home with samples that I tried on. I bought a wig from her and ordered my new topper that day. Medium top in Harvest Gold. It arrived a few days later, just in time for my wedding! Let me tell you, I have never felt so beautiful and glamorous! I will never go out in public again without my “ doll hair” THANK YOU!!!! Carol White

Edith P

May 22 2022

I love the topper. The only negative about it is that it is top shiny.

Sheena D

May 14 2022

At first I got the wrong piece sent to me, but when I reached out a lady named Shannon got right on it and sent the correct piece out and it came pretty quickly. Thank you Shannon for the great customer service!

Judith M

May 13 2022

Beautiful long mono top however need it in sandy silver so had to return. Bad color attempt on my part, but it was lovely!

Deborah T

May 08 2022

Love the topper, so light don't really notice on my head. Head...love it..

Judy C

Apr 30 2022

I’ve had no problem chatting with your staff .. They are wonderful as always. I’m new trying hair pieces and did not get the one that looked right on me. I color my hair dark .. I took the hair piece into Sally’s store to match up hair color. It was dark cappuccino.. I’ve used dark brown. Even different shades it will blend ok. I gave thinning on top so the hair piece was too flat and boxed looking. Maybe I should have teased it but it was suppose to be Machine teased. Machine teased wigs is what I wear. My hair is shoulder length and I’m letting my real hair grow longer. My husband loved my long hair. To have long hair again I will need hair pieces to give it some fullness & hide the thinning I have. Thank goodness my hair stopped falling out .. I’m shedding very little now. Just new to hair pieces .. I have never needed to return anything until this last purchase I made. I’ve watched many video’s and I’m excited to have something. I’m hot in the spring and summer and need hair pieces because it’s cooler, lighter, and the right hair piece will be fun .. Just need some help in getting the right pieces .. Thank you kindly, ~ Judy Church ~

Cheryl K

Apr 24 2022

This is a damaged piece.

Ellen N

Apr 22 2022

Love ❤️ thank w


Apr 18 2022

Thank you ladies for posting videos on your hair toppers. It gave me the confidence to purchase one and I absolutely love it! I will definitely be ordering another!

Louise V

Apr 14 2022

This is the second wig. Both the same. I am so happy to find a Large wig. Every time I use it is just like new. Very very happy with it.

Jean S

Apr 09 2022

The synthetic hair in your piece makes me long for the real deal, human hair !

Venius P

Apr 08 2022


Linda S

Apr 06 2022

loved this topper , beautiful colour-- great fit-- will definitely buy again maybe a wig this time

debra t

Apr 04 2022

Great company, great hairpieces. Very happy with my purchases!

Natalie C

Apr 03 2022

I'm happy with Aria in Sandy Silver. I wish the Taylor wig came in Sandy Silver since that is the best color for me. I already have it in the Taylor topper and love it. My husband does too.

Nirmala C

Apr 02 2022

Shanon was very helpful and even called back when the discount amount was incorrect.

Ruth H

Mar 31 2022

I'm new to shopping for wigs, and the first wig I chose didn't look the way I thought it would once I tried it on. Godiva's Secret made it very easy for me to arrange a return, and when I had a question Charlene answered my inquiry in a timely fashion. I have ordered another wig from them, and hope it works out this time. I do feel the people at this company really care about their customers, so I'm going to continue working with them to purchase a wig.

Linda B

Mar 29 2022

Nothing else needs to be said other than absolute perfection in everything you do. I know this is short, but I have been trying to send as a reply to your email and I don't think the messages were received. Blessings to everyone for continued success and good health.

Valerie G

Mar 27 2022

Very great service, item arrived fast! I love wearing it and what it does for my hair! Thank you all!

Sharon S

Mar 21 2022

Really great really great 👍

Gina G

Mar 19 2022

My first topper ever purchased after researching for years. I am so happy with my purchase. My closest friends did not notice, they thought I just had my hair done. Lol. I’m getting a second one. I wear it everyday.

Tammy G

Mar 17 2022

Love love the hair topper. Would give you 10 stars if I could. Thank you

Karen C

Mar 13 2022

TY for the samples. I have silver/ gray hair and need to see the 3 gray color samples to make a decision. I plan to order a long topper soon.

Paul M

Mar 10 2022

Shipping and return experience is quite good. Wig purchased didn’t style anything like was shown in the video and certainly didn’t just shake out and wear. Two colors I tried were really good looking.

Deanne K

Jun 03 2022

Your no hassle return service has allowed me to try several styles/colors until I ended up with a mono topper that initially I never considered, but perfect in the hot, humid climate. My only wish is that they came in more colors. Your videos/client photos are extremely helpful. I’m now waiting for my Alana topper!

Wendy R

May 27 2022

So far, I have bought 3 different pieces. Yes, I like them all. However, if you buy different pieces, and expect the same color, you may be disappointed. For example, I order in Marble brown. My first piece was exact to the photo online, My second piece arrived in a very dark color, and the last piece came and was very light, if you have a small head like me, there is very limited pieces, so buy the average and take it in, wear a wrap under it to hold it in place, it sew clips in it.

Lisa D

May 22 2022

Your wigs are absolutely beautiful. I have 3 freedom and 1 Nina, and 1 Taylor topper. They make me feel good about myself , gives me confidence. Everyone thinks it's my real hair. Thank you for making a wonderful product.

MaryAnn c

May 14 2022

I love Godiva Secret Wig's. I am now the proud owner of eight of them. Each and every one take on their own personality. I often chose them based on what I am wearing. I have gotten more complements from them. I have several friends that I have invited over to try them on --- they are so excited and tell me that they are going to go on line and see what else they have missed. I really believe that they sell themselves -- the constant comment that I get is that they are so-o-o lightweight and easy to make look good, by just running hands thru them and they fall into place. For years I have spent a fortune going to the hairdresser - My husband thinks I look better now, more than ever. Thank you for your video's on line --- I am a committed Client !! MaryAnn Cross

Mary H

May 13 2022

Having experienced temporary hair thinning due to Covid, I Ordered the long top in golden blond and it matches my hair color perfectly and looks so natural no one is the wiser. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making my hair look thick again.

Shirley K

May 06 2022

Love my wig and daughter think it make me look young.

Andrea F

Apr 30 2022

I am amazed at how quickly you are able to ship the wigs. They arrive within two days of putting in the order! I had to return one wig, which you accepted, and then I was able to purchase another wig, with which I am very pleased! I've had many compliments on the color and how natural it looks on me. I was even able to do many exercises that required my head being down for periods of time, and my wig stayed in place: YEY!!

Jane L

Apr 24 2022

Patient seller.

Donna L

Apr 21 2022

Love this wig

Marcy L

Apr 18 2022

Great customer service! Especially if you are shopping online and trying to figure out which wig and which color to choose. Returns are easy!

Laura E

Apr 12 2022

Love my topper. I get so many compliments on my hair.

Olga R

Apr 09 2022

Great products. I wish there was a brick and mortar store in Chicago. I’d probably be there every week!

Susan R

Apr 07 2022

Wished they had the mono long in a lighter color than creamy toffee.

Luci I

Apr 06 2022

I bought the long topper and couldn't be more thrilled about the quality! I have very long fine hair with some thinning on top. This topper is fabulous and blends in flawlessly. Thank you for the awesome product!

Elisa N

Apr 04 2022

I love Godiva Secret Wigs!! They are superb quality and the fit is perfect. The color is true to the pictures. I love all the care and love Danielle and Rochelle put into their videos. I was a little hesitant at first with family, but I finally decided to take the step. Everyone loved the wigs and I got a lot of compliments. I feel more comfortable now wearing wigs, and a lot more confident.

Pauline W

Apr 03 2022

My order arrived quickly and was of splendid quality. I will be ordering again in the future. Thank you.


Apr 01 2022

I bought my first two wigs at an expo in San Francisco in 2010 and I love them. So I decided to take a look at the website a couple of months ago and decided to extend my collection. Watched a lot of your videos which were very helpful. I am in my seventies and my hair has gotten thinner and hard to manage. I added four fun wigs and I now have six! I am all set for any occasion. Thank you Godiva Secret! Barbara

Bettina R

Mar 31 2022

Love color choices and styles! So easy to wear.


Mar 27 2022

Customer service was outstanding prior to my purchase. But missed the mark when I requested support afterwards.

Janice A

Mar 25 2022

I really like my topper and am learning to incorporate it with my own hair!👍😃

Claudia K

Mar 21 2022

Excellent customer service !!!

Bonnie B

Mar 19 2022

I love my 2 wigs I brought from you, I wish you had more wigs in large. I will keep looking, thank you

Tanya S

Mar 14 2022

Still trying to find color and style that works for me. No luck as of yet even though I have purchased and returned 5 different ones. I am going to try one last time. Fingers crossed. Wish there was an App to try before you buy.

Linda B

Mar 12 2022

I am extremely happy with there toppers never has any other product I have used looks as natural and because the hair is a blend of colors it can blend with most shades excellent product will buy more

Lucinda R

Mar 07 2022

The love the hair topper.