Scott M

Jul 30, 2019

Excellent products.

Ernesto L

Feb 04, 2019

I love it! Bright colors, sexy

carla s

Nov 21, 2018

Best undies ever!!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


Aug 18, 2018

Nice fit and support. Love the contrast band on tanned tummy!


Aug 05, 2018

Great products and colors. Always have comfortable and quality products. Definitely some of the best underwear that I own.

Trevor E

Jun 26, 2018

Paid the extra for express delivery but still ended up waiting just over a week - great product though, def one of my favourite brands


Jun 17, 2018

Great products nice sales.

Marvin C

Jun 09, 2018

Excellent product, love the bold colors, true too fit.


May 28, 2018

Website easy to navigate


May 14, 2018

I had always stuck to the classic boxer briefs but decided to purchase a pair of these to try out. Might be the best decision I have ever made. Highly recommended.


Apr 05, 2018

While I love the quality and colors, I find the underwear a bit too small.

Classic guy

Apr 05, 2018

Never quite believed in spending money on drawers but I tried these ones because of their unique yet classic looks. Not disappointed I did! They look sharp under any suits and really boost your confidence as a guy. I'm addicted now. Thanks guys!


Mar 29, 2018

The color is WOW. They fit great, can't wait to show them off!


Mar 29, 2018

Just received these babies. Can NOT wait to wear them on my next Atlantis cruise!!! The colors are WOW!

Steve J.

Mar 28, 2018

I recently discovered them and it's completely changed how I think about my underwear. I used to think it was all the same, but the comfort that Garcon model provides is simply life-changing (weird to say, but true).

Chad K.

Jan 03, 2018

The jock is AMAZING! Fits perfectly, offer lift support to each perfectly round cheek (not that I need it) and looks sexy! This is a winner!


Dec 27, 2017

I got these through Kickstarter and I am very impressed. They fit better than any other brand of underwear I own, and the quality is top-notch. The pink and blue color is great - very similar to the picture. They aren't exactly cheap, but if you're willing to spend the money, they are absolutely worth it. The only downside for me is that they do squish the junk a bit. It's not too bad though, and it does make them emphasize that area.

Chris D

Dec 13, 2017

Amazing! Very pleased with quality and they fit like a glove. Have recommended to friends and now we are all wearing them :)

Happy Customer

Sep 09, 2017

I'm falling in love with that brand. They are very comfortable and light weight. The fit is perfect. I will be buying more pairs. You guys rock!

Nick Baby

Sep 09, 2017

I like the new look of this collection. IT's simple and werable. very cool. Bonus: I love the use of bamboo fabric.

Michael b.

Sep 09, 2017

Truly exceptional unedrwear. Super comfy and fits like a glove. The fabric is very soft, perfect for the gym or everyday wear. I like the black over any colors though. But that;s just my preference.


Aug 24, 2017

quality, fit and look is what I was always looking for! It's classic yet fun and great quality. You guys are now part of my top 5 underwear with Andrew christian, pump, calvin klein , Armani and bikkemberg.


Aug 06, 2017

I received your Brickell trunks today. AWESOME fit. Love it!!


Jul 23, 2017

Just received my order. I just love these trunks that I ordered they feel awesome and look great on. I will definitely be ordering more. Thanks for creating a top notch underwear.

Rob C.

Jul 19, 2017

My new favourite underwear. Bought 7 of them to wear everyday. They feel super soft and let's your jewels breath! The fabric is super light and I don't seem to sweat as much in those. I like the new look as well.

David S

May 11, 2019

Love it great merchandise

Robert B

Jan 16, 2019

Great Products. Your website is buggy.

Fred B

Nov 19, 2018

I have purchased previously due to underwear from Garcon Model that I have received as one of my selections through The Underwear Expert. Subsequently like today I have made purchases directly from Garcon Model underwear due to the quality and styles that are available. I would like to see more color options like red, yellow, blue or green in the newer styles of briefs since I prefer briefs due to the fit and support.


Aug 15, 2018

The fit and materials are perfect! Definitely the most comfortable swimwear and underwear. I'd love to see some new styles.

Fabio T

Jul 04, 2018

Beautiful brief !!

David H

Jun 23, 2018

5 stars


Jun 15, 2018

Garcon Model is a sexy and attractive underwear Brand. I love the waist bands that are metalic and the colours of the Garcon undies. The material is very stretchy and comfortable.

Desmond N

Jun 04, 2018

Love the product, easy to shop, and always had responsive customer service. Hopefully you are not considering dropping the boxer line. Would love to see perhaps a throwback style (the original), and continue to see the color wider/thicker band in the colorful material (The bamboo is cool, but prefer the original)

Brandon B

May 25, 2018

Loved the site. Maybe a little more variety but it was great


Apr 05, 2018

I've had some pairs for close to a year now and they're still in perfect shape and just as bright after many washes. I'm now up to 11 pairs now :)


Apr 05, 2018

My underwear has arrived! I'm already a big fan. These things are amazing and look great. Can't wait to show them off!


Mar 29, 2018

New favourite! Love my undies. Look good and great quality.


Mar 29, 2018

Great customer service. Received my package in no time and the product is really good. Fabric feels like a second skin and the colors are on point. looking forward to more colors and maybe value packs...


Mar 29, 2018

It took a forever to arrive (22 days) but happy nethertheless. These are sharp and feel great. Thanks guys!

Maurio C

Mar 18, 2018

Extremadamente muy bien y este fantΓ‘sticos en la carrera que lleva ooooo

Paul Brian

Jan 03, 2018

Just for home from work and these were in my mailbox! Tried them on and walked around my apartment! In just 4 seconds these have entered my Top 3 brand. I can not wait to purchase more! Keep up the good work! See you on Instagram


Dec 26, 2017

I got these through Kickstarter and I am very impressed. They fit better than any other brand of underwear I own, and the quality is top-notch. They aren't exactly cheap, but if you're willing to spend the money, they are absolutely worth it. The only downside for me is that they do squish the junk a bit. It's not too bad though, and it does make them emphasize that area.

Eric C

Nov 30, 2017

I love it! Very comfortable fit. I love how it drys very fast after washing it and looks super sexy too. Wish they had new designs too though

Canyon Runner

Sep 09, 2017

They fit just a touch larger than the original boxer briefs and they also stretch really easily. So if you're between sizes like me, go with the smaller size. Otherwise no complaints.


Sep 09, 2017



Sep 09, 2017

Nice colors but fits tight. Too bad but the company was nice enough to allow me to exchange it, so thanks for that.


Aug 24, 2017

Workout nut here. I sweat and exercise a lot and I used to always have to change underwear for my workouts. These are simply perfect. they keep your stuff in place and you don't even feel the fabric. sweat drys off instantly it seems. Truly the best and I have tried all the other athletic brands (under armour, saxx, CIN2, etc.)


Aug 06, 2017

You guys rock! Your product is much better than Pump! underwear or Andrew Christian in quality and design. #Classier. Good job!!

Nick J

Jul 21, 2017

I love it, I wear mine almost every time I go to the gym. Just make sure you get the right size....I got a small but it was a tiny bit too big. Going with a medium next time; but other than that, great and keeps you cool.


Jul 19, 2017

I work retail and walk all day, stand, go up and down stairs. These are my favorite underwear out of all. The fabric really wicks moisture and I don't feel sweaty after a day at work. the look is nice too. definitely a winning pair!

Christopher D

Apr 13, 2019

Best quality and feel !!! Love them!!

Henry R

Dec 22, 2018

Thankyou for all your help and customer service . Wishing you all a very special holiday blessing. Super Great; Sincerely Henry Rippe πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€

Taiyo O

Sep 07, 2018

The item I got perfectly fits me. I like the design, color, and the feeling of the material. Thank you! I was able to enjoy the last days of summer.

Michael C

Aug 12, 2018

Excellent jockstrap. Phenomenal exciting colors. Great fit and great quality.

Carlos P

Jul 02, 2018

Love you products, hope you get a bikini brief format with more interesting patterns :)

Jonathan P

Jun 20, 2018

Love the fit.


Jun 15, 2018

Like to see more colors in the Elite collection.

Alan L

Jun 02, 2018

Fast delivery but too expensive delivery cost


May 25, 2018

Very easy to find and order what I want :)


Apr 05, 2018

What a great brand! I loved the fit which showed off all my assets to their best advantage. I loved the color selection and the wide wait band. I'm a satisfied customer and will purchase more. Wearing these brief is definitely an attention getter.


Apr 05, 2018

I don't usually buy brands that I don't know but these really stood out for me. Their look is like nothing else you can find elsewhere, and let me tell you that I'm not disappointed! They fit perfectly and look as good in real life as the pictures (maybe even better). Definitely would recommend this brand to anyone.

Paul in NYC

Mar 29, 2018

Like the classic white. Great quality and cut. Would definitely recommend.


Mar 29, 2018

My wife bought me a couple of the boxers. These are my few obsession. They feel like nothing else I have in my drawer. Would buy more but pricey!


Mar 29, 2018

Bought these on Gilt during a sale and now I'm back! Very happy with my purchase. Please make packs and/or more sales!

S. Davis

Feb 08, 2018

I literally just wanted to take the time to let you all know how much I love this company. I have admired you all's commitment to your brand and the way that you guys stay true to the brand. If I could my entire outfit would legitimately compose of your clothes every single day. I wish I could eat sleep and breathe this amazing brand β€˜cause it makes me feel all fuzzy inside EVERY time I see it online or in a store. Your clothes is literally my weakness and I just wanted to let you guys know that you all are doing an amazing job, keep up the great work.


Dec 29, 2017

These are the sexiest briefs I've ever owned and my boyfriend definitely agrees but enough said I've got three pairs now amazing


Dec 13, 2017

I love trying new brands of underwear and, so far, you guys have impressed me the most :) I will definitely be ordering more.


Oct 14, 2017

My first order arrived on Monday and I wore my first pair yesterday. I am very pleased. Great quality and perfect fit. Love them! Can't wait for my next order to arrive.


Sep 09, 2017

Classic boy

Sep 09, 2017

Like the grey and blue color combo. Fabric is super light and soft. Very pleased with my purchase.

Patrick TO

Sep 09, 2017

Super sexy! This jockstrap is my lucky pair right now ;-)


Aug 06, 2017

I really love your brand. Can't wait for the new season. I think Watson and Masion are my favourites so far!

Petr K

Jul 28, 2017



Jul 19, 2017

After owning many pairs of the Model briefs and loving them, I tried the new "bamboo" brief. One thing that was unclear in the photos or description was the pouch. The Bamboo Front has a slit fly opening rather than a closed Pouch. The waistband on the Bamboo is mucher thinner and not quite as "stiff" as the previous models. I prefer a stiffer waistband. The rear end is also not quite as "Elastic" Allowing for a more drooping butt look, not quite the "tight ass" look and feel of the model briefs. The entire garment is extremely soft and the "looser" elastic makes for a more "lounge" feel rather than a "sport " feel. I like the new bamboo style, But I still prefer the Original Model fit.

D .

Jul 18, 2017

Fabric feels amazing, supportive, and breaths well. The waste band has structure, but is still soft against the skin. These run a little small, so don't be surprised if they are a bit snug. Slightly larger fit, would have given 5 stars.

samuel c

Feb 15, 2019

I can’t buy any other boxer than Garcon Model, i love this mark and will keep buying.

Henry C

Dec 16, 2018

Super selection and great specials I will continue your store ; many thanks and happy holidays...😊😊😊😊

Julien-pierre H

Aug 20, 2018

Good quality fast shiping ty

Jeff B

Aug 07, 2018

Hi I just received my order Really nice underwear very soft and comfortable . Very quick service great product . Thank you


Jun 28, 2018

I love Garcon Model, I love how it looks, it's simple, colorful and eye catching. Would love to see the swimwear look more like the underwear's color scheme's.

Jonathan P

Jun 20, 2018

Love the fit.

James D

Jun 11, 2018

Great underwear, but it’s quite expensive to wear every day. Running more promotions would entice buyers to be able to buy (and wear) more.

Jarrad D

May 29, 2018

The products are great and made very well. I have really liked everything I have bought. More colours or patterns would be cool but otherwise keep doing what you are doing!


May 14, 2018

Had these for 6 months and just buying another pair. This is really one of the best brands out there. The look is distinguished and the quality is top. LOVE it!

Marc C.

Apr 05, 2018

You guys make a great product and have excellent customer service. You guys solved my issue and I couldn't ask for more. I hope it gains you the customers you deserve.


Apr 05, 2018

Not a fan of flashy colors, so was happy to try these on. Love the masculine high-end look and feel. The fabric feels like butter, super soft and comfy. GREAT brand!


Mar 29, 2018

My fav' jocks ever. Never seen jocks that colorful. Really fun to go to the cluuub!!


Mar 29, 2018

Thank you Garcon Model for these GREAT undies! You guys are the best!

Marek V. (London)

Mar 29, 2018

Seriously. I tried them all and these are the best in style and comfort. Rooting for this new brand!

Felix M

Jan 27, 2018



Dec 28, 2017

I have recently received both pairs of underwear and they far surpassed our expectations!! We will definitely continue to be future Garcon Model customers!!

Tobias J

Dec 13, 2017

I love this brand! Customer service is great, product is very flattering and eye catching! The only qualm I have is with sizing options for swimswear. I'm an avid soccer player and have ample junk in the trunk and thick legs. I find that the underwear always fits good as it has a decent amount of stretch; however, I find the swimwear to be less elastic and also cut tighter. As such I cannot wear any of the swimwear as it will fit my waist but will not get over my butt. Would love to see a little more give in the swimwear or something made for guys with big legs/butts as I find most of it made to fit model size men. Other than this frivolous wish I have no issues and my issue isn't really an issue but the swimwear is pretty and I want to wear it but can't haha. Thanks!

Geras F

Sep 22, 2017


Sporty Jeff

Sep 09, 2017

I have 2 pair of them and they're the absolute best! Better than any other brand for that matter. I had the hardest time finding cool undies with a front pouch and the fabric is super soft and breathable. Definitely recommend to anyone.

Moschino Addict

Sep 09, 2017

Was offered this pair of underwear for my birthday and so glad!! I love them so much that'i'm buying some more. Love the feel of the fabric. The fit is super sexy. You guys should do some prints too!


Aug 24, 2017

The best pair of undies I own so far. Tried them all. Will buy more for sure!


Aug 06, 2017

Vos sous vetements sont vraiment super. Depuis le premier que j'avais gagne avec le concours homdiz , j'adore !


Jul 23, 2017

Your underwear is amazing. You should do swimwear also!!


Jul 19, 2017

I tried these because they're bamboo and I absolutely adore them! very light and soft. super comfy!! thanks guys!

James R.

Jul 18, 2017

I was skeptical, but the color has been calling me for some time now. When they finally had my size in stock, I ordered them! Shipping was faster than the earliest estimate and I am so pleased! I was expecting a typical tighty whitie fit, but it is much better than that. I feel amazing in these and I will be ordering many more!